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  1. Producerrob allott

    rob allott

    Global Sustainability
    Global Sustainability Every day each one of us make decisions that have an impact on the environment, from our shopping choices and how we dispose of our household waste to our use of water, gas and electricity in our homes. With 7 billion people on the planet, we...


    David B. Grinberg
    30/11/2016 #2 David B. Grinberg
    Nice buzz, Rob. You make some interesting points and observations. I've shared this in three hives for the environment and sustainability. I'm also following you now. Keep buzzing!
  2. ProducerClaire Cardwell

    Claire Cardwell

    What you need to know before installing a rainwater harvest system
    What you need to know before installing a rainwater harvest systemWater is vital to life and is such a precious natural resource that it makes sense to collect every drop of rain and re-cycle grey water and back-washed pool water. In fact you can reduce your water bill by as much as 90% by harvesting rain...


    Claire Cardwell
    30/11/2016 #12 Claire Cardwell
    Thanks for the share Mohammad!
    Kirsten Horner
    29/11/2016 #11 Kirsten Horner
    Thanks Claire. We live with water saving and water restrictions here in Queensland, Australia - in between the floods! The larger water management infrastructure is under pressure and hasn't been planned or managed well for future supply, so everyone has to do their part on their own property.
    Claire Cardwell
    29/11/2016 #10 Claire Cardwell
    Thanks for the share Elizabeth - we can all live for a while without electricity, but now the water cuts here in Joburg are a reality - you simply can't take clean drinking water for granted anymore.
    Elizabeth Bailey
    29/11/2016 #9 Elizabeth Bailey
    Something all property owners should think about.
    Claire Cardwell
    29/11/2016 #8 Claire Cardwell
    Thanks for the share @David B. Grinberg!
    Claire Cardwell
    29/11/2016 #7 Claire Cardwell
    #4 Thanks Rod, you are certainly right about being a lot more aware of water usage when you rely on stored water.
    Claire Cardwell
    29/11/2016 #6 Claire Cardwell
    #5 Thanks @David B. Grinberg! I am certainly a lot more careful with water these days..... Part of the problem here in Joburg is a badly maintained old infrastructure, apparently about 40% of all our potable water is wasted through leaks....
    David B. Grinberg
    29/11/2016 #5 David B. Grinberg
    Thanks for an awesome post, Claire, which is informative and educational. Water conservation is certainly a high priority public policy issue in California and the Middle East, among other places around the world. Keep buzzing!
    Rod Loader
    29/11/2016 #4 Rod Loader
    A good post Clair. Here is Australia, virtually all rural homes have rain water tanks. I have four 20,000 litre tanks, which supplies all my household water (drinking, showers, etc) and water for my gardens, pool etc. I also have a bore, which is not as nice, but still drinkable, as a backup. When you rely on stored water, you are a lot more aware of water usage.
    Claire Cardwell
    28/11/2016 #3 Claire Cardwell
    #2 After a severe drought in SA last summer followed by the usual 6 months of dry season water restrictions and cut offs are a way of life here. It's certainly made me wake up and use water a lot more carefully. I recycle water where-ever I can.....
    Lada Prkic
    28/11/2016 #2 Lada Prkic
    "Water conservation needs to be a way of life.“ I second that Claire. Your article is a very good reminder of the importance of water. My homeland, Croatia, is water-rich country and also one of the countries where you can safely drink tap water. But despite this, many people in rural and suburban areas, and especially people who live on islands are collecting rainwater to reduce their bills when using water for agriculture.
    In addition, several scientific studies propose to refurbish numerous abandoned traditional rain collectors (impluviums) in the Dalmatian area of Croatia to collect rain and dew water, which could provide a significant amount of water, especially during the dry season.
    Claire Cardwell
    28/11/2016 #1 Claire Cardwell
    Thanks for the share @Lada Prkic
  3. ProducerKen Boddie

    Ken Boddie

    Gut Feeling Heralds New Generation Lithium Batteries
    Gut Feeling Heralds New Generation Lithium BatteriesCambridge Uni and Beijing Institute of Technology researchers have reportedly collaborated to develop a denser and potentially much longer lasting lithium battery. The concept is seemingly intestine-inspired. More details, for the bioengineering...


    Lada Prkic
    26/11/2016 #11 Lada Prkic
    #4 Meanwhile, I will look carefully in all directions. :)
    Ken Boddie
    24/11/2016 #10 Ken Boddie
    #7 so what you're saying, Dean-san, is that bright sparks won't 'stop' until they have a flaming good idea? 😂
    Ken Boddie
    24/11/2016 #9 Ken Boddie
    #8 historically, Kev, those with the best renewable energy ideas have been bought out by the industry magnates who do rule the world, then the ideas shelved.
    Kevin Pashuk
    24/11/2016 #8 Kevin Pashuk
    Back in 2001 NYT Journalist Tom Friedman (author of The World is Flat and no relation to @Phil Friedman) stated that the first one to come up with a cheap, reliable, renewable power source will be the one to rule the world, regardless of politics. (My paraphrase).

    Looks like we are still working to rule the world. Interesting concept, and better than putting a mini nuclear reactor in your pocket.
    Dean Owen
    24/11/2016 #7 Dean Owen
    #6 it wasn't that long ago when Teslas were spontaneously combusting and Toyotas were not braking... Happens to the best of them.
    Ken Boddie
    24/11/2016 #6 Ken Boddie
    #5 ..... and the best spontaneous combusting phones? 😄
    Dean Owen
    24/11/2016 #5 Dean Owen
    #3 it wasn't that long ago when we said that about Korean quality control and now the Koreans make the best TVs in the world.
    Ken Boddie
    24/11/2016 #4 Ken Boddie
    #1 You can take a technocrat to water but you can't make him drink. He's too busy trying to redesign the tap to enjoy the magnificent fluid coming out of it, Lada. There's a world of readers out there, Lada, queuing up to read our buzzes. Sometimes engagement comes from the least expected direction.
    Ken Boddie
    24/11/2016 #3 Ken Boddie
    #2 You may be correct Dean-san but decades of very poor quality control will prevent me from jumping on that bandwagon with my hard earned cash. 🙁
    Dean Owen
    24/11/2016 #2 Dean Owen
    This is very interesting. Back in 2008 i concluded that there was no doubt in my mind China would have car companies to rival Toyota and Ford. Chinese cars back then were shoddy rip offs. They have improved tremendously. There are a few contenders like Great Wall, but I saw promise with BYD who were producing electric cars. Legend has it the Chairman of BYD bought a Mercedes S Class then told his workers to disassemble it to see how it was built. They refused to take apart such a beautiful new car, so he got out his key and scraped all along the side of the car and said, "now do it!". BYD has since been at the forefront of lithium battery, and electric car production. Their cars are still pretty bad, but getting better. Warren Buffet has had a stake in them for a while now. I believe he bought at around RMB 20, it went up to 90, and is now around 46. With the development you mention above, I would suggest BYD is a good buy right now. Seeing how Japanese, and now Korean cars have improved, I have no doubt Chinese car makers will produce high quality cars within the next decade.
    Lada Prkic
    24/11/2016 #1 Lada Prkic
    Another interesting article regarding new technologies that remained unnoticed by engineering community on beBee.
  4. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Living on the Edge of Challenge
    Living on the Edge of ChallengeIt amazes me, and may be you too the reader of this buzz, that we tend to go the extremes and swing from one extreme to the other. Is this the call of nature? We find many trees living in arid zones, or water logging areas, but very few trees...


    Ali Anani
    19/11/2016 #42 Ali Anani
    #41 You never make useless comments and even if we differ sometimes you always prove you have a solid point. Thank you @David Navarro López for the comment and the link to your buzz. I repeat the link here as this buzz is so rewarding to read:
    David Navarro López
    19/11/2016 #41 Anonymous
    #40 You read my mind, dear Ali. Will do. Just read it, and "ruminating" about it. As you well know, I dislike to make useless comments........
    Ali Anani
    19/11/2016 #40 Ali Anani
    #39 Dear @David Navarro López- I will do now
    I wish also your time would allow you to read my last buzz as it is inviting for many great discussions. I need your view on there.
    David Navarro López
    19/11/2016 #39 Anonymous
    Dear Ali, your provoking posts always awaken my will on commenting.
    Please have a look here https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/businesses-living-in-the-edge-of-challenge View more
    Dear Ali, your provoking posts always awaken my will on commenting.
    Please have a look here https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/businesses-living-in-the-edge-of-challenge
    as comment space was too small to answer to your post. Close
    Ali Anani
    18/11/2016 #38 Ali Anani
    #37 @mohammed khalaf- what a wise comment! I enjoyed it tremendously. Yes, we need watering distinctions. Your metaphor is brilliant.
    mohammed khalaf
    18/11/2016 #37 mohammed khalaf
    ok Dr Ali People who believe in the power of dialogue usually abhor either/or distinctions. Few things in life are same of the trees if cut the water from it will died , cut and then dry, and when it comes to mitigating differences between people we need watering these distinctions .
    Ali Anani
    18/11/2016 #36 Ali Anani
    #35 You honor me @Joris Plaatstaal. Thank you
    Joris Plaatstaal
    18/11/2016 #35 Joris Plaatstaal
    #33 Phiew, that is version 2.0 .... Advanced class...

    From what I have seen from you, you are like the farmer.
    Ali Anani
    18/11/2016 #34 Ali Anani
    #32 I love drinking from your "wisdom well" @CityVP Manjit. The more I drink, I more thirsty I become for more.
    Ali Anani
    18/11/2016 #33 Ali Anani
    Thank you for the lovely link @Joris Plaatstaal. It is a lovely video. I haven't seen before, but this wisdom-packed video I have seen and surely it is worth viewing:
    CityVP Manjit
    18/11/2016 #32 CityVP Manjit
    #26 Yes! Dear @Ali Anani for what is transformation other than the love of learning and to know fully what it is we then have learned, and this knowing becoming the core contribution to our collective act of living.
    Joris Plaatstaal
    18/11/2016 #31 Joris Plaatstaal
    #26 "Conformity is not learning @Joris Plaatstaal" So now I know why you are here @Ali Anani, thank you.

    It proves that if one needs an answer to a question one just have to ask.

    To go on-topic about trees and roots and us... Well, I am sure you know this, but nevertheless I link it.


    I like this, though it can be misunderstood.
    Ali Anani
    18/11/2016 #28 Ali Anani
    #27 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman- loved the way you associated the roots of trees to huan roots which enable humans to connect and communicate. Lovely thoughts
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    18/11/2016 #27 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Trees have roots to assist them in grasping the ground and holding on to life. Humans have roots to assist them in connecting with others and holding on to life. Unfortunately, humans don't always appreciate their roots and lose touch with life and all it has to offer. Humans can benefit from learning about trees and the challenges they face. Learning to adapt to uncontrollable or controllable circumstances is a major advantage in how humans can cope with challenges.
    Ali Anani
    17/11/2016 #26 Ali Anani
    #25 I am here mostly for what you wrote towards the end "I need to learn. I will learn". Conformity is not learning @Joris Plaatstaal
    Joris Plaatstaal
    16/11/2016 #25 Joris Plaatstaal
    #13 @ Ali Anani. "yes, we humans have choices, but do we select carefully?" .... I think not. They majority of people I know, just go with the flow. They need to conform to the public mind. They need to be part of, some, society.... I give you that, trees just live or die. Can humans live without conformation? I doubt it, I think we need it. I think we are so desperate in need of just that, conformation. Are we willing to ignore the entity we are in order to receive conformation?

    Loose yourself in order to fit in the virtual hive? To be accepted? To be what some idea wants you to be?

    I entered beBee to question us and myself. Why are you and me here, in this domain? Why do we even spent time here? Is being on social media a conformation to the rest?

    I need to learn. I will learn.
    Ali Anani
    14/11/2016 #24 Ali Anani
    #23 No question I am going to spend this evening pondering on this idea "Our barter system of time/intelligence for money should act like the grove of trees. Learn, stabilize and grow.......But for some reason the need for volatility is strong in the human psyche". This is sheer brilliance @Harvey Lloyd. I shall be back with more elaboration of my understanding of this great and provoking idea.
    Harvey Lloyd
    14/11/2016 #23 Harvey Lloyd
    #20 The hurricane within the metaphor is our current political climate to humans or the opportunity for the sapling to grow is when the grove becomes damaged and the canopy opens.

    Our economic system benifits from volatility, it shakes the leaves of money lose from one group and allows another to flourish. The system can be played, but to what end? Our barter system of time/intelligence for money should act like the grove of trees. Learn, stabilize and grow.......But for some reason the need for volatility is strong in the human psyche. We have to shake things up.

    We call this our best system to satisfy the masses the best way possible. Trees show us a different path. But the path is not special, exciting or glorifying. Humans have to make that part work.
  5. Javier beBee

    Javier beBee

    Javier beBee
    Why bees are the most invaluable species
    www.theguardian.com A public debate this week saw five scientists putting their case for saving one endangered species. Alison Benjamin on why the audience were right to save the...


    Federico Álvarez San Martín
    08/11/2016 #1 Federico Álvarez San Martín
    ¿La imagen? Lo analizo
  6. ProducerJustus Kay

    Justus Kay

    How to change the image of Energy's Black Sheep?
    How to change the image of Energy's Black Sheep? Investments in R of green technologies by the oil and gas industry is a good start to change the negative perception compared to other industries.While Renewables will continue to grow rapidly, fossil fuels is expected to remain the dominant form of...
  7. ProducerPaul Walters

    Paul Walters

    Monkey Business; The Disappearing Habitat Of Boneo’s Orangutans.
    Monkey Business; The Disappearing Habitat Of Boneo’s Orangutans. The title for this piece is perhaps a little ambiguous as it will revolve around the orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra, rather than the Gibbons or the Proboscis monkeys of that region. The monkey business reference in the title refers to many of...


    Aurorasa Sima
    08/11/2016 #25 Aurorasa Sima
    #23 It´s possible but it´s a chore at first. I used to stay so long in supermarkets when I first tried to change that they often asked me if they could help. The link I posted has a barcode scanner app.

    That´s one of the reasons I hate shopping. With the exceptions of a few sins (PIZZZZZZA), I also avoid GMO and MSG´s and sugar.

    Shopping for cigarettes is so much easier (:
    Claire Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #24 Claire Cardwell
    #22 Thanks @Aurorasa Sima
    Paul Walters
    08/11/2016 #23 Paul Walters
    @Aurorasa Sima Methinks it is almost impossible to find any products these days devoid of palm oil!
    Aurorasa Sima
    08/11/2016 #22 Aurorasa Sima
    #19 I´d use the up. The damage for those is done anyway. Making your own is not an easy job. Two things I use:

    A messy alternative are Indian shampoos that just consist of one ingredient or a few herbs/plants. It takes time and is a real mess. http://amzn.to/2eHnubX

    And http://media.mercola.com/assets/pdf/product-labels/shampoo.pdf and the conditioner. It takes about 2 weeks for your hair to get used to it. Your hair might look greasy for the first short time. After that, whatever problems you might have will get better. Conditioner and shampoo last very long, so that it´s even super cheap.

    Might not be perfect but as close as it gets while still offering the same features as the bad stuff.
    Claire Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #19 Claire Cardwell
    #18 Now I am in a quandary, do I throw away these products or do I finish them off and in the meantime source ethical alternatives? Am considering making my own.
    Aurorasa Sima
    08/11/2016 #18 Aurorasa Sima
    #17 I only knew it because I already tried to remove every single product containing palm oil. Even many organic brands are trying to cheat on you and use only some organic ingredients.

    Marketing departments go through great lengths to make up so many words for sugar, palm oil and and and that it´s hard to keep up. "Sustainable shopping" is a time-consuming nightmare in the beginning. You´re not at fault when you did not know.
    Claire Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #17 Claire Cardwell
    #16 @Aurorasa Sima - just lost the bet! V. pissed off, I deliberately chose SA products that were not tested on animals and stupidly assumed that they would not be killing animals and destroying forests in the production phase. Will have to do a search to find products that are ethical and organic.
    Aurorasa Sima
    08/11/2016 #16 Aurorasa Sima
    #14 I will take a bet that your bathroom is not clean, even if you just check for two names: Sodium laureth sulfate and glyceryl.
    Nick Mlatchkov
    08/11/2016 #15 Anonymous
    I guess Borneo ....
    Claire Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #14 Claire Cardwell
    #12 Hi @Aurorasa Sima - that's quite a list re Palm Oils - I think my Shampoo is OK and most of my food products as I generally don't eat processed food. I've reposted your link.
    Aurorasa Sima
    08/11/2016 #13 Aurorasa Sima
    #11 If you check your bathroom, you´ll find it in your shampoo .. and, and, and.
    Aurorasa Sima
    08/11/2016 #12 Aurorasa Sima
    #11 You might want to sit down before investigating this list: http://www.deforestationeducation.com/products-that-contain-palm-oil.php

    Cell phone is yet another topic. I stopped using Iphone for a few years after learning about the horrific conditions for the workers.

    Then I learned the others are not better.

    I´m planning on this as my next phone: https://www.fairphone.com/en/
    Lisa Gallagher
    08/11/2016 #11 Lisa Gallagher
    #9 I need to pay more attention, just when I think I'm paying attention to all icky ingredients, something new comes my way. I'm not sure what has palm oil in it that I may be purchasing?

    Great idea for an app- App with ingredients on labels to stay away from. It would be beneficial to carry that around on one's smartphone.
    Deb Helfrich
    07/11/2016 #10 Deb Helfrich
    We simply have to start cherishing our whole planet and every single lifeform right now. There will always be some level of give and take and predators and prey; but no natural lifeform stands a chance - us included - if we don't severely curtail the industrialization of the world immediately. Our machines are more advanced than our understanding of the havoc they ensure.

    A nice cuddly reason, @Paul Walters, to really start speaking up about non-sustainable industrial practices.
    Claire Cardwell
    07/11/2016 #9 Claire Cardwell
    @Paul Walters thanks for the reminder about how terrible palm oil is and the devastating effect the producers are having on the environment. I have cut out creamers that contain Palm Oil - but from now on will check the labeling on packaging a lot more carefully.
    Lisa Gallagher
    07/11/2016 #8 Lisa Gallagher
    #7 I think I remember seeing that on the news back in 98 @Dean Owen, that had to be scary! Oh if I were younger... it would be fun to volunteer at the Sanctuary.
    Dean Owen
    07/11/2016 #7 Dean Owen
    The recurring haze, almost an annual event since the late 90's, is a travesty. I remember moving to Singapore in 98 when the haze was the worst it had ever been. All passengers on that flight from Japan disembarked with facemasks. Back then we only thought about our own health risks and not about the loss of habitat for numerous endangered species. If anyone has a few spare weeks and are looking for an adventure, you can volunteer for 2 to 12 week stints at an Orangutan sanctuary here:
    Lisa Gallagher
    07/11/2016 #6 Lisa Gallagher
    As much as I enjoy being able to see a variety of animals in zoo's, I also get very sad knowing they were taken from their natural habitats. I didn't know about human diseases and they can contract them. Wow, the fires... insane and to have to wear a mask for that long, actually scary. Orangutangs are really cute. They can play video games? I'd say, they are highly intelligent! Thanks for tagging me Paul!! Always enjoy your pieces.
    Aurorasa Sima
    07/11/2016 #5 Aurorasa Sima
    #3 No, thank you for sharing and another well written piece.

    Wow @Don Kerr what an extraordinary boy!
    Don Kerr
    07/11/2016 #4 Don Kerr
    My eldest son Gabriel, who is nine, inspired his school to ban serving Oreos because they contain palm oil and so Oreos were destroying the habitat of orangutans. Very proud of him and must share your story @Paul Walters View more
    My eldest son Gabriel, who is nine, inspired his school to ban serving Oreos because they contain palm oil and so Oreos were destroying the habitat of orangutans. Very proud of him and must share your story @Paul Walters with him. Close
  8. Javier beBee

    Javier beBee

    Elon Musk Unveils Tesla's New ‘Solar Roof’
    Elon Musk Unveils Tesla's New ‘Solar Roof’ Filmed on Oct 28,...


    Mamen Delgado
    29/10/2016 #1 Mamen Delgado
    Pretty impressive! As Musk says, let's create the world we want.
  9. John White, MBA

    John White, MBA

    Today's post on Inc:
    John White, MBA
    Here Are the Sustainability Marketing Tactics Your Startup Should Be Using Now
    www.inc.com Sustainable business practices are generating profits in many companies. Is your company...


    Keith Bare
    28/10/2016 #1 Keith Bare
    @John White, MBA I'm amazed at what some monster companies are spending and their plans on #Sustainability, #HomeDepot, #Walmart, and #Fedex amaze me with their plans......Fedex plans on eliminating 50% of their diesel and gasoline by 2030 and of course #Hydrogen will be a main cog in the wheels
  10. ProducerGordon Pye

    Gordon Pye

    Energy From Household Waste !
    Energy From Household Waste ! Environmental NGOs preach Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, yet it would appear that the business plan of most of the companies trading in ( particularly the Plastics sector ) involves filling their warehousing to capacity then paying a third party...


    Gordon Pye
    27/10/2016 #2 Gordon Pye
    I couldn't resist including http://www.clitheroeadvertiser.co.uk/news/transport/shopkeepers-unease-about-major-road-works-1-8199905

    Chatburn is also being attacked by the Corporate equivalent of the WW2 Luftwaffe but I have no sympathy for Clitheroe traders who voted the incumbent town council in, you made your bed and must lie in it. If you had listened to me back in the late 1990s we could have had plenty of sustainable well paid full time jobs at Barrow, not insecure minimum wage seasonal often part time jobs in a tourist industry on the point of implosion ! Close
  11. Claire Bridges

    Claire Bridges

    Here goes... my first general Buzz, @Andrew Porter...

    There are some amazing things happening in industry and business right now, that go way beyond greenwashy, sustainability policies. Whether we are business owners and influencers, or 'consumers' and users, we all have a role to play in bringing about the shift Ellen MacArthur talks about here.

    If this video excites you, come and join the Circular Economy* hive I started. Learn more, share stories, get inspired.
    *Maybe I could have linked that, I have no idea how.
    Re-thinking the Future: Ellen MacArthur meets Jon Snow
    Re-thinking the Future: Ellen MacArthur meets Jon Snow Channel 4 Newscaster Jon Snow talks to Dame Ellen MacArthur about the circular economy and rethinking the future, in a short film looking back on the first...


    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    22/10/2016 #4 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #3 Thank you, Irene. I am noting the new hive. I love this discussion and looking forward to learning more about it.
    Irene Hackett
    21/10/2016 #3 Anonymous
    Love the concepts discussed here. Great first buzz and I shall join your new hive! @Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Claire Bridges
    21/10/2016 #2 Claire Bridges
    #1 Oh, it's way more than a concept. It's happening (supported at global governmental levels) and it's extraordinarily exciting. As a horticulturist, it probably seems blindingly obvious that this is how things need to go, but the fascinating thing is that the drivers behind a lot of the progress being made has very little to do with protecting the environment, and far more to do with financial opportunity.
    Andrew Porter
    21/10/2016 #1 Andrew Porter
    This is an interesting concept, certainly one to watch to see how it progresses and develops over time, in business and with government, thanks for the tag Claire!
  12. ProducerAndrew Porter

    Andrew Porter

    Teasel....I Teasel You Not!!
    Teasel....I Teasel You Not!!Whilst browsing beBee last week I came across a picture of a plant that had been shared by Kevin Pashuk, and I commented that it was a wonderful picture with some great detail...anyway Franci Hoffman also commented, and it was mentioned if I may be...


    Andrew Porter
    18/10/2016 #10 Andrew Porter
    Thank you @Alexa Steele, @Pamela L. Williams, @Donna-Luisa Eversley, @debasish majumder for all your appreciative comments I am pleased you all enjoyed this post about teasel.
    Nearly caught you out with this Donna!
    Pamela I'm not sure about that title, although it does come across quite well!
    debasish majumder
    18/10/2016 #9 debasish majumder
    lovely post Andrew Porter. enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the wonderful post.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    18/10/2016 #8 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Andrew Porter hey this is some great information on a prickly looking plant. Did not realize it was real initially! Wow, thanks!
    Pamela L. Williams
    18/10/2016 #7 Pamela L. Williams
    #3 What a wonderful bit of poetry to compliment the post. Your skills amaze me.
    Pamela L. Williams
    18/10/2016 #6 Pamela L. Williams
    You are just a fountain or horticulture knowledge Andrew! You need to be dubbed the pollination aficionado of beBee! Very interesting post! I'm glad it was requested.
    Alexa Steele
    18/10/2016 #5 Alexa Steele
    This is why I love beBee. This post is affinity marketing in action :) cc: @Javier beBee
    Andrew Porter
    17/10/2016 #4 Andrew Porter
    Well thanks @Franci Eugenia Hoffman I thought you would appreciate the post, and i love your little ditto it goes quite well with the post!
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    17/10/2016 #3 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    This is very interesting @Andrew Porter, and thank you for writing a post on Teasels. The flowering Teasel is quite pretty and looks more delicate than those without the dainty little blooms. And how fun you can make things with them.

    Measles and weasels give me the queasles
    but, they don't dare come my way
    when I'm armed with my Teasels
    It's going to be a good day!
    Andrew Porter
    17/10/2016 #2 Andrew Porter
    Great Kevin thanks for the link up, this will be most beneficial for those who are not aware why this post was written.
    Kevin Pashuk
    17/10/2016 #1 Kevin Pashuk
    Love it Andrew. I'm going to put the link to this post on my Flickr, 500px and beBee accounts. For those who didn't see the photo that started it all, it's here: https://www.bebee.com/content/871152/846159
  13. Producerdebasish majumder
    NATURE, THE ULTIMATE PATTERN MAKER!Nature has many patterns We are mere intern to comprehend its manifestation How uniquely it has woven Myriad of inanimate and animate are nicely arrested in their domain Nature dictates our configuration We helplessly subdue to...


    Yael Mendez
    17/10/2016 #8 Yael Mendez
    self-similarity is amazing
    Sushmita Thakare Jain
    15/10/2016 #7 Sushmita Thakare Jain
    @debasish majumder such a lovely poem filled with the simplicity of the virtue of the natural patterns. The image with the poem takes the connection to a different level. Thanks for sharing and last but not the least what a way to provide a tribute! :)
    Ali Anani
    15/10/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    Thank you dear @Lisa Gallagher and you truly have done the same.
    Lisa Gallagher
    15/10/2016 #5 Lisa Gallagher
    #3 @Ali Anani, you've sure made an impact on many, myself included. Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful poem and tribute to Ali, Debasish!
    Lisa Gallagher
    15/10/2016 #4 Lisa Gallagher
    Beautiful poem @debasish majumder. This stood out, "Life become enigmatic with its colorful expression

    Pattern and its enigmatic soul" Just like the butterfly who gained it wings and learned to fly!
    Ali Anani
    14/10/2016 #3 Ali Anani
    #1 It amazes me dear @Franci Eugenia Hoffman how the same poem influences us differently, but beautifully. This is evidenced y the two extractions you and I selected from the poem.
    Ali Anani
    14/10/2016 #2 Ali Anani
    Patterns has a significant say To make an array with graceful spray Whether zebra, snake or frog Nature displays unique colors with amazing knock Yesterday, today and tomorrow Nature entwine all with an infinite row Inevitable for all to come across the design to grow Nature thus maintains her pattern with a pristine blow! I love these extracts from your lovely poem dear Debasish Majumder. With amazing knock you knocked my heart and passions for patterns and you know that for sure. Keep going. I warmly appreciate your generous dedication
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    14/10/2016 #1 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    This is a lovely dedication to our dear @Ali Anani, Debasish and I especially like these flowing words.
    "Some may hibernate with amazing gesture
    Nature orchestrate all with a unique mixture
    A lovely hype with grandeur in rhythm
    Nature guide is as an anthem, an enigma of paradigm
    Where we all synchronized in an inevitable sync of jovial gleam!"

    Beautifully written.
  14. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Nuggets of Wisdom
    Nuggets of WisdomI have been honored by a considerable number of comments on my buzzes. Some comments carried gems with them. I extracted some gems and compiled them as Nuggets of Wisdom. I have plans to write Part 2; however I wanted first to probe your...


    Ali Anani
    15/10/2016 #84 Ali Anani
    #83 Your contribution is judged by its value and it is of tremendous one dear @David Navarro López. I am the one who is thankful to you
    David Navarro López
    15/10/2016 #83 Anonymous
    Dear Ali, I am honored to be on your listing, at the look of so much talent and wisdom here, even if my contribution is so small. Wish I would have made more comments to your last posts, but as you already know, I do not use to make comments unless I did not understand firstly, and meditated about the running issue, and it will take some time for me to be capable to understand them, as your posts are lately out of the bounds of my possibilities. Sorry for that.
    Ali Anani
    14/10/2016 #82 Ali Anani
    Thank you @Aurorasa Sima and you gave been a great source of inspiration
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/10/2016 #81 Aurorasa Sima
    Great collection, dear Ali. Please do keep inspiring us!
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #80 Ali Anani
    #79 And very proudly you have been a great and positive influence dear @Jean L. Serio, CPC, CMC. I included one quote from you because of space, but more to come in subsequent nuggets.
    Jean L. Serio, CPC, CMC
    13/10/2016 #79 Jean L. Serio, CPC, CMC
    A beautiful roundup of inspired, thoughtful and profound ideas and comments from your incredible group of followers, Ali Anani. Thanks for taking the time to share them.
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #78 Ali Anani
    Clarisse Nigaud

    Dr. Anani, your post is appreciated profoundly. Most peoples would go online fishing for ideas, rebuff them and post an article under their names. You show in reverse, appreciate great ideas into a pot of gold! Warm Regards.
    This comment was made on G+. I find it very relevant to share here. WE learn and progress by digesting ideas and not by stealing them. I am profoundly grateful to Clarisse as much as I am to everyone of you who helped me move forward. The least I could do is to say thank you and this is the nugget of wisdom that helped me improve.
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #77 Ali Anani
    #76 Much obliged to your nugget of comment @Don Kerr
    Don Kerr
    13/10/2016 #76 Don Kerr
    Brilliant compilation of a few of the beBee's greatest hits.
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #75 Ali Anani
    #70 AT least you made me feel I am rich with your great appreciation dear @David B. Grinberg. Thank you
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #74 Ali Anani
    #69 Yes, the beautiful thinker @Sara Jacobovici- believe me I am enjoying this round of comments so much because I feel the value of collecting gems such as many of yours
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #73 Ali Anani
    #68 May be I shall start my next compilation with this comment @Paul Walters. This is profound kindness from you
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #72 Ali Anani
    #67 Thank you @Lisa Gallagher- your comment is as sweet as your beloved grandson
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #71 Ali Anani
    #64 #66 Thank you again @James O'Connell- thank you for your sharing and giving more life to the idea of compiling comments. The question now is how to mote coherently select comments around few topics each time.
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #70 David B. Grinberg
    Ali, your buzz is always filled with many nuggets of wisdom for which all bees benefit greatly. If I had one dollar for every nugget of wisdom you provide, I would be a rich man by now! 🙏🐝🐝✌️️
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/10/2016 #69 Sara Jacobovici
    "This is what beBee is for... All the comments from all the Bees bring in so much learnings and perspectives ! Everyone is a Star here in the galaxy of gems!" - @Ali Anani
    Paul Walters
    13/10/2016 #68 Paul Walters
    @Ali Anani Note to self. " Write something profound so as to make Ali's list!!! Thanks , great piece as always !
    Lisa Gallagher
    13/10/2016 #67 Lisa Gallagher
    @Ali Anani, this is just beautiful and flows. I want to thank you for quoting my comment. Your awesome!! CC; @Donna-Luisa Eversley @Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    James O'Connell
    13/10/2016 #66 James O'Connell
    I'm sharing this into Digital Marketing Hive for the reason that I think this approach of compiling comments given to a produce could enable fresh insights into the audience and their reactions. It also allows growth to the original article/produce (' ' ,)
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #65 Ali Anani
    #64 Well, I accept and love the potential of your comment @James O'Connell. I shall write Part 2 and try to make the comments more lively. Your support is lively
  15. ProducerAndrew Porter

    Andrew Porter

    Controlling Weeds without using Pesky Chemicals!!
    Controlling Weeds without using Pesky Chemicals!!With our bees and pollinators struggling at the moment, I thought I would resurrect this post which is about how you can keep weeds under control in your gardens without having to use any of that stuff made by Bayer, Syngenta, Basf, Monsanto and...


    Keerthy Jayachandran
    15/10/2016 #7 Keerthy Jayachandran
    We would always accept experienced and old ones suggestion because they have seen the world than us!
    Andrew Porter
    12/10/2016 #6 Andrew Porter
    #3 Yes Brian Coca Cola....works wonders especially if you have ever burnt a pan black, just add it to the pan above all the black and boil it up then simmer the result is amazing, just like a brand new pan!!
    Andrew Porter
    12/10/2016 #5 Andrew Porter
    #2 Thanks Aurorasa thought you would like it....yes as for hoe well there is a slang definition for it but we won't go down that road!!
    Keerthy Jayachandran
    12/10/2016 #4 Keerthy Jayachandran
    Brian McKenzie
    12/10/2016 #3 Brian McKenzie
    Grandma used to spray Coca Cola on her garden to keep bugs and weeds away. And after seeing what it does to rust on metal, I would never again drink it.
    Aurorasa Sima
    11/10/2016 #2 Aurorasa Sima
    AWESOME! So many natural options that do not harm the environment. I had to look up "hoe". I was pretty sure there must be another meaning when I read that running one through the soil helps against pests.
    Andrew Porter
    11/10/2016 #1 Andrew Porter
    @Aurorasa Sima this is the buzz I mentioned, which I will be following up with one about unwanted pests and how to deal with them by not using pesky pesticides!
  16. ProducerKevin Pashuk

    Kevin Pashuk

    Hurricanes, Floods and Other Disasters
    Hurricanes, Floods and Other DisastersI live in South Central Ontario. What that means is while millions of people were preparing for the onset of Hurricane Matthew, I was mowing my lawn. We were not in the path of the beast. Image: www.thestar.com In spite of my nice, dry location,...


    Mohammad Azam Khan
    05/10/2016 #7 Mohammad Azam Khan
    Thanks for the buzz @Kevin Pashuk, I did read a Real Strategy article on it the other day of a State Governor declaring a state of emergency for Hurricane Mathew. Yes to IT and all their efforts, be they good and safe.
    Mohammad Azam Khan
    05/10/2016 #6 Mohammad Azam Khan
    Prayers and preparedness and best wishes to @Phil Friedman and @Donna-Luisa Eversley that I know of now and everyone and all else as well.
    Robert Bacal
    05/10/2016 #5 Robert Bacal
    I wish all those in the path, a whole lot of safety, but we're not immune up here in Canada. Hurricane Hazel in 1954 heavily affected Toronto, and of course we have our ice storms. Good luck all.
    Phil Friedman
    05/10/2016 #4 Phil Friedman
    Shuttered up, battened down, and waiting. Stay safe @Donna-Luisa Eversley.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    05/10/2016 #3 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    #1 Thanks @Kevin Pashuk...been preparing..but this is hurricane season....it floods the roads soo fast, but we're ok so far...just lots of rain....my bones feel the changes hahaha...show be telling the weather now 😊... Hope those folks in Miami , like @Phil Friedman are okay..stay blessed everyone 😉😇☕☕drink lots of coffee
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    05/10/2016 #2 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    I appreciate what you do @Kevin Pashuk. You have your work cut out for you, especially when there is a threat of inclement weather. I wish all bees that may be impacted by the storm to be safe and dry.
    Kevin Pashuk
    05/10/2016 #1 Kevin Pashuk
    For my fellow bees including @Phil Friedman, and @Donna-Luisa Eversley who are in the path of the beastie. Stay safe and dry.
  17. ProducerMichael Eisman

    Michael Eisman

    What’s the story with sustainability?
    What’s the story with sustainability? Avoid the hype and make informed decisions I am sure most of you have noticed the latest buzzword in the apparel industry, “SUSTAINABILITY”. But how many of you know what this term means, and what it means to the apparel industry, in...


    Sushmita Thakare Jain
    02/10/2016 #1 Sushmita Thakare Jain
    Michael Eisman I agree with your statement 'Respect is not earned. Whoever has the most money gets the most respect, regardless. Managers are supposed to be “Yes men”. This is the culture in Asia.' can't say about Asia but you are definitely correct bout India.
  18. Miguel López de la Oliva
    "Bees are like a little symbolic representation of what is going on in the world. It is a reminder that often the small things are the most important when it comes to conserving our environment."
    Miguel López de la Oliva
    Wildflowers to encourage more bees in the city
    i.stuff.co.nz Local businesses are helping to promote bee conservation...
  19. ProducerAshley Jones

    Ashley Jones

     Go green with an alternative roofing solution
    Go green with an alternative roofing solutionWhen it comes time to replace your roof, you have a lot of options to consider. The typical go-to choice is asphalt shingles because they’re inexpensive, easy to install, and can last 15-20 years when properly maintained. The major downside to...


    Robert Cormack
    31/08/2016 #1 Robert Cormack
    I like the option of being able to play croquet on the roof. Thanks for the post.
  20. ProducerPamela L. Williams
    World Honey Bee Day
    World Honey Bee DayAs a site where the users refer to themselves as Bees I believe it appropriate that we should align ourselves with efforts to protect the bee populations of the world. An environmental scientist by education I try to stay apprised of environmental...


    Paul Walters
    18/10/2016 #35 Paul Walters
    @Pamela L. Williams Great stuff Pamela, thanks
    Pamela L. Williams
    21/09/2016 #34 Pamela L. Williams
    thanks for the thought David, I'll consider it.
    Charles David Upchurch
    20/09/2016 #33 Charles David Upchurch
    #32 That's a startling revelation, @Pamela L. Williams. Perhaps you could write a separate article about that?
    Pamela L. Williams
    20/09/2016 #32 Pamela L. Williams
    #31 Agreed Denita. People don't realize just how much of that poison is going into our environment. I know; I used to work for a company that manufactured it.
    Denita Dickson
    19/09/2016 #31 Denita Dickson
    Agreed, and don't forget about Glyphosate surprisingly found in the honey. I think Glyphosate will be this generation's DDT.
    Andrew Porter
    23/08/2016 #30 Andrew Porter
    #27 No need to thank me Pamela, credit where credits due....it is a really good article, we are having the same problems with Bees, and the main problem which has now been highlighted is constant use of pesticides on oil rapeseed crops, which is one of the main attractions for Bee's, but there's still someway to go yet, hopefully the links will be of use for anyone wanting to help our embattled Bee's!
    Pamela L. Williams
    23/08/2016 #29 Pamela L. Williams
    #22 I have to admit; it didn't take a lot of research to do this, most I had from a previous post and a research paper I did for my Masters. Is that cheating LOL!
    Pamela L. Williams
    23/08/2016 #28 Pamela L. Williams
    #23 Thanks for stopping to visit the Bees Jim! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
    Pamela L. Williams
    23/08/2016 #27 Pamela L. Williams
    #26 Thanks Andrew! I knew you'd find your way here! Bees and flowers just have to go together! It makes me proud that someone as knowledgeable as you approves of my post. I want to reshare so everyone will see your links!!
    Andrew Porter
    22/08/2016 #26 Andrew Porter
    What an excellent Buzz @Pamela L. Williams highlighting the plight of one of our main pollinators the humble Bee, for those that may be interested here are some links, this first one is for using plants as natural remedies for repelling insects.... http://bestplants.com/plants-that-repel-mosquitoes/ this second link is for best plants that attract Bee's.... http://honeylove.org/top-30-flowers-for-bees/ and if people are unfamiliar with the terms of half hardy, annual or perennial for the best plants to attract Bee's then follow this link to a Buzz I did yesterday which should enlighten every novice.... https://www.bebee.com/producer/@andrew-porter/perennial-biennial-annual-a-quick-guide-for-the-novice I am always available if anyone may have any questions.
    Charles David Upchurch
    22/08/2016 #24 Charles David Upchurch
    #15 @Rebecca Brockway, I applaud you and your family for not becoming apiphobes, despite your very real anaphalactic concerns. I, too, have an Epi-kit (2 pens) for my son. Respect of real danger is far better than paranoia or unreasonable fears.
    Jim Cody
    22/08/2016 #23 Jim Cody
    Wow! @Pamela L. Williams fun and interesting facts. 🐝🐝🐝 Bees pollinate approximately 80 percent of our flowering crops.
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    22/08/2016 #22 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    A beeworthy post @Pamela L. Williams. Thank you for researching your subject and presenting a well written and informational article.
    Pamela L. Williams
    22/08/2016 #21 Pamela L. Williams
    #20 Aha, read below the video; I give suggestions :-) # 1 plant NATIVE wild flowers. The packets of wildflower seeds you can buy do not consider native flowers for a particular region.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    22/08/2016 #20 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Pamela L. Williams ...this is an incredible story. Something needs to be done to save the bees...the videos and research material have expressed urgency and it would be great if we can find a way to make a difference. Thanks for this.
    Lisa Gallagher
    22/08/2016 #19 Lisa Gallagher
    #18 I don't mind bats as long as they aren't in my house LOL. They do look like gremlins and yes, how fitting beBee and your interest in Bees!! Love it Pam!
    Pamela L. Williams
    22/08/2016 #18 Pamela L. Williams
    #17 The disease is called White Nose. I follow an national bat organization :-). I like bats too...There are some that look just like Gremlins! they're so cute.
    I'm glad you like my post. I've enjoyed the engagement. I did something similar on LI last year and nada, zilch, nothing. I'm so glad I'm on beBee! My interest in Bees seems so natural all of a sudden :-)
    Lisa Gallagher
    22/08/2016 #17 Lisa Gallagher
    What an important message @Pamela L. Williams and I love the video Cheerios put out. We planted a lot of wildflowers the past 2 years and don't use only organic pesticides, we also grow vegetables and herbs (like dill, oregano, basil, parsley and more). We use organic on our veggies too. Bee's are vital to our ecosystem just like brown bats which became diseases and we've lost most of them in the NE States. I forget the name of the disease? Thanks for posting this!!
    Pamela L. Williams
    22/08/2016 #16 Pamela L. Williams
    #15 Why thank you Rebecca! Though I would have some stiff competition for Queen on this site. So many brilliant Queens to be found here.

    My nephew is allergic as well. He was stung for the first time while visiting me (about 5 years old). When he suddenly said he wanted to take a nap (he hated naps) and laid down and covered up with a blanket (it was 90 degrees outside) I got suspicious and went over and lifted his shirt. He was covered in welts. It took us all of 10 minutes to rush him to the hospital and he 'slept' until they gave him a shot of adrenaline. He was actually unconscious. He still carries an Epi Pen and this has been many many years.
    Thank you for sharing on FB! We all need to spread the word about Bees and beBee :-)
    Rebecca Brockway
    22/08/2016 #15 Rebecca Brockway
    Pamela: When my son was seven he decided to bee-come a "bee petter." Unfortunately, while engaged in this pastime, he was stung several times. We discovered he is very allergic to the sting of the honey bee. Consequently, my son now carries an Epi Pen. Nevertheless, we still love and value bees! I loved your very informative, well-written post about the plight of the honey bee! I shared the bee-autiful video on my fb timeline. I nominate you to bee-come beBee's official queen bee!
  21. Miguel López de la Oliva
    A cheaper, naturist and new way to fight against global warming.
    Soil Solutions to Climate Problems - Narrated by Michael Pollan
    Soil Solutions to Climate Problems - Narrated by Michael Pollan Narrated by Michael Pollan To learn more visit: http://soilsolution.org A powerful solution to the climate crisis can be found right beneath our feet—in the...
  22. ProducerFranci Eugenia Hoffman
    My Friend, the Tree
    My Friend, the TreeThere is a magnificent tree outside our back porch.  It's dressed beautifully for summer in mint green leaves, providing shade and comfort from the hot sun. I adore sitting on my back porch and enjoy the mornings with my friend, the tree. As I...


    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    27/07/2016 #39 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    I love the conversation generated by my post. Thank you everyone! 🌼 🌸 My friend, the tree is planting seeds! 🌱🌱
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    27/07/2016 #38 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #36 #37 #30 Isn't this so wonderful to see? The birth of yet more seeds!
    Anees Zaidi
    27/07/2016 #37 Anees Zaidi
    #36 Dear @Praveen Raj Gullepalli you deserve much more. Keep it up..
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    27/07/2016 #36 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #35 Thank you both very much! This is so very generous of you.
    Anees Zaidi
    27/07/2016 #35 Anees Zaidi
    #32 @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, @Praveen Raj Gullepalli wrote a beautiful poem as a comment on my last buzz 'My Name is Chinar and I am a Tree". I have shared it now. Yes his work deserves much better view.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    27/07/2016 #34 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #32 Hey thanks a ton Margaret! Never thought about doing an exclusive buzz with it as it kinda happened on the read, but sure, I shall! Obliged for the invite and the suggestion :)
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    27/07/2016 #33 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    @Franci Eugenia Hoffman: I am beset and perplexed to choose whether I like the prose, the trees, or the crunch of the leaves, pumpkins abounding in glee. Astounding piece, historical for beBee...timeless, fractal, emanating the "To beBee and Beyond" synthesis that @Ali Anani sucked out of his writings and the very same atmosphere, too. Beautiful, so beautiful that I shall continue to muse on what I like best, as it is a wonderful, enchanting test. Thank you!
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    27/07/2016 #32 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #10 Sweet @Praveen, the beauty of the tree, its four seasons encaptured by @Franci Eugenia Hoffman do great justice to inspire this poem! It lies buried in the sea of Comment, and encouraging you to do a Cut & Paste (if you haven't already) and truly do your poem justice by making it a Buzz on nature and all things above. Your poem simply deserves a better view, both for itself and for ourselves to renew. Encouraging you! And inviting you to spur your writing skills on by joining us here: 🌺Starting Line: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@margaret-aranda/starting-line-writing-challenge-memoir-madness-is-on ! You belong!
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    27/07/2016 #31 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #29 Now, that explains the bluegrass lawn and pecan trees. Beautiful, peaceful and fond memories - nothing better.
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    27/07/2016 #30 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #27 Yes they are. The tree outside our porch has a continuing pattern which changes with the seasons. With that said, the pattern is present reflecting the change of each season. Does this make any sense?
    Rebel Brown
    26/07/2016 #29 Rebel Brown
    #22 I could take a turtle's head out of the lake at 50 yards:) I grew up in the southern tip of the boot called Indiana. Small town called Rockport. About 1000 people. County seat too:) We had 200 acres and raised angus, corn and tobacco. I was a little cowgirl from my first steed at 3 YO. Clementine, a burro. no matter what I did, she sat still. Such a magical way to grow up. Thanks for the memories @Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Andrew Porter
    26/07/2016 #28 Andrew Porter
    #21 You are welcome @Franci Eugenia Hoffman and here a some magical trees to name but a few; Teapot Baobab, Rainbow Eucalyptus and Silk Cotton Tree...definitely worth looking up, or you could have a look at this: https://youtu.be/A7v7sIlrP2A
    Milos Djukic
    26/07/2016 #27 Anonymous
    #14 Trees are pretty fractal :)
    Milos Djukic
    26/07/2016 #26 Anonymous
    #25 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman, I carefully choose my friends here and elsewhere. Your words and actions speak a lot. Thank you.
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    26/07/2016 #25 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #24 Thank you for claiming me as your friend, @Milos Djukic, my friend.
    Milos Djukic
    26/07/2016 #24 Anonymous
    My friend, @Franci Eugenia Hoffman :)
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    26/07/2016 #23 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #18 🍵 ☕️ 😀
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    26/07/2016 #22 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #19 Wow, @Rebel Brown, you must be good with that rifle! I'm glad my buzz rekindled a happy memory. Where did you grow up?
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    26/07/2016 #21 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    #18 Thank you @Andrew Porter. There is something about magical about trees. They have so much personality.
    Andrew Porter
    26/07/2016 #20 Andrew Porter
    Wonderful @Franci Eugenia Hoffman as are trees....for they are the lungs of the planet, and there are some really remarkable trees around the world.
  23. ProducerAndrew Porter

    Andrew Porter

    More than 600 species of British Flowers were in bloom on New Year’s Day 2016
    More than 600 species of British Flowers were in bloom on New Year’s Day 2016It’s unheard of....after the warmest and wettest December on record, more than 600 species of British wildflowers were in bloom on New Year’s Day 2016, a major survey has shown. In a normal cold winter, botanists would expect no more than 20 to...
  24. ProducerMarki Kranthi

    Marki Kranthi

    Nature's Management
    Nature's Management How nature manages things? A glance at the dry leaf in the picture tells you so many things and the most important gist of all those tellings is that 'nothing gets wasted by nature'.A leaf takes its birth on a tree. As it grows, the parent tree...
  25. Aaron Skogen

    Aaron Skogen

    Fellow Bee's, please help me give @Andrew Porter a swarmin' warm welcome to beBee!
    Aaron Skogen
    Andrew Porter - beBee
    www.bebee.com Public profile of Andrew Porter on beBee. beBee is the only social affinity network specialized by sector. Join and get...


    Andrew Porter
    08/07/2016 #6 Andrew Porter
    @Aaron Skogen thank you for the amazingly warm welcome to beBee, its taken me quite by surprise!
    Andrew Porter
    08/07/2016 #5 Andrew Porter
    Thank you for the welcomes @Catalina Serrano @Javier beBee @Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Ferreiras Vinicius @Catalina "Cat" Galvez Urrutia they are much appreciated, and I do expect to have an amazing time here on beBee.
    NO one
    08/07/2016 #4 NO one
    Welcome to beBee Andrew! I hope you have an amazing time here!
    Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Ferreira
    08/07/2016 #3 Anonymous
    Welcome @Andrew Porter!
    Javier beBee
    08/07/2016 #2 Javier beBee
    Welcome to beBee @Andrew Porter !
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