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  1. George Touryliov
    Look closer at LinkedIn survey results and there’s more evidence that too many businesses are simply paying lip service to sales and marketing alignment: only half have mapped out their buyers’ journey – and only just under a quarter are consistently working together through all stages of it.
    George Touryliov
    Is your business just talking the talk on sales and marketing alignment?
    business.linkedin.com New research from LinkedIn shows there’s a big gap between the perceptions and reality of sales and marketing alignment. Here’s a simple measure that can help deliver double-digit increases in sales and marketing...
  2. Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza 🐝
    Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza 🐝
    China says its world-first ‘exascale’ supercomputer is almost done.
    grendz.com If you’ve never heard of an exascale computer before – known unofficially as a super-supercomputer – don’t worry, it doesn’t even exist yet. But 2017 could be the year that all changes, because China just announced that its world-first exascale...
  3. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    Content Animator

    Create your own webmercials
    animate Content Animating Made Simple with...
  4. ProducerVenita Crow

    Venita Crow

    IT ONLY TAKES ONE TWEET…Really?Corporate Communication International Normally I would address revenue cycle needs or payer denials and appeals. This is a different story. During an unusually quiet evening at home, I had the opportunity to watch the early network national...


    Mike Rana
    20/01/2017 #2 Mike Rana
    The destructiveness of the tweet is dependent on the reach of the user. You can have a following of 200, but if your position in life is someone who is 'important,' your tweets could mean more than say, if I did.

    On the other hand, I with just over 400 followers could tweet something (and I have recently), and I get nothing. Not only do I not have much of a network to connect with, but I'm honestly not that important to anyone.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    20/01/2017 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Depending on WHO produces the tweet- eg, Twitter Verified, A Person posts a breaking news story, A person with a large following, the short answer is YES. One tweet can go viral. Say a verified tweet goes out that we aren't going to pay our National Debt as another example... Now that would be highly unlikely that that tweet would go out on twitter before the news reports it but that would cause our Market to drop quite fast if the news was true. There are many tweets that could wreak havoc and have. If a President tweets information to the Country (which other countries see) before the news grabs it and that tweet is RE: National Security (one of the worst case scenarios) - again, that's problematic to put it politely. Tweets can be destructive.
  5. ProducerKevin Roblin

    Kevin Roblin

    How to Use the ‘Rule of Three’ to Create Engaging Content
    How to Use the ‘Rule of Three’ to Create Engaging ContentWhat’s so magical about the number three?It’s no accident that the number three is pervasive throughout some of our greatest stories, fairy tales, and myths.It’s also no coincidence that some of the most famous quotes from throughout history are...


    John Kirish
    20/01/2017 #4 John Kirish
    Interesting read
    Harvey Lloyd
    20/01/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    I read or heard a few years ago about our "quick memory". The theory went that we have a section of our brain that stores approximately 10 seconds of our current senses. Senses are kicked out as new ones come in. The premise was that in order to get things from the ten second section to long term memory we had to do something to make it transfer. Write it down or say it out loud or some form of recognition beyond just sensing the information.

    I would think the rule of threes allows for this to transfer from this ten second memory chip onto the hard drive easier. A rhyme if you will.

    Good stuff.
    Sara Jacobovici
    20/01/2017 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Well written, good information and practical suggestions! Thanks @Kevin Roblin.

    @Milic Bogdanovic, what do you think of the number 3?
  6. George Touryliov
    There's a massive opportunity for sales enablement teams to have an impact on your bottom line. The study identifies top training strategies that are key to sales enablement success but need more attention -
    George Touryliov
    Top Strategies For Sales Enablement Success in 2017 [Infographic]
    www.salesforlife.com More and more companies are assigning dedicated sales enablement functions—but only 36% have a formal...
  7. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Finding the Needle of the Compass
    Finding the Needle of the CompassKnow your direction and where to go is a basic concept of strategy. If you don't know where to go then you may end up anywhere. We need a compass to show us the direction. In our highly unstable and volatile world we may have a compass to show us...


    Ali Anani
    17/01/2017 #54 Ali Anani
    #51 You are truly a wonderful strategist @Devesh Bhatt as evidenced by your reference to double accounting and by giving a real example to explain what you mean "..One is marketing dept and one is planning dept...Don't isolate...Structure and simplify functioning 8 hrs in office is an extremely long time". Great thinking...
    Ali Anani
    17/01/2017 #53 Ali Anani
    #50 I truly love your comment @Devesh Bhatt and in particular "Is rational acceptance of our senses, The second step hence must be experience of the senses, effective modules for sharpening our senses...". I wonder what @Jeet Sarkar would say!
    Ali Anani
    17/01/2017 #52 Ali Anani
    #49 I thank you dear @Jeet Sarkar for your mind-challenging questions. As I said before in a response to a comment here, sometimes having many choices may be confusing to the mind. The birds utilize fixed facts to take fixed directions such as the position of the sun and the magnetism of the earth and this way they may use simple rules in this complex world. We need sometimes to have fixed rules to follow to limit down our options and find a simple direction to follow.
    We may also recall that the magnetized beaks, for example, are not permanent magnets; in fact hey are only magnetized under certain conditions so that the molecules within may be magnetized under certain conditions. How about a similar thinking? We are not magnetized, but creative enough to learn from nature.
    Devesh Bhatt
    17/01/2017 #51 Devesh Bhatt
    Followed by sounds and then smell.

    I say smell as the third because if you observe the 24 HR cycle, rarely do both nostrils operate simultaneously in a lifestyle where we are usually seated in AC environment.

    But eyes and ears usually operate together.

    If we equate with the human body, why do we assume sight as one input, why not assume two parralelly functioning eyes...I compare it with operational and accounting double entry...In strategy we look at accounts but often are lazy to view operational entries simultaneously... The linkages behind the numbers.

    Similarly two ears not exclusive in inputs but outputs...Factual and hearsay...Outputs being same..Outlook

    2 nostrils, for risk and opportunity simultaneously...One is marketing dept and one is planning dept...Don't isolate...Structure and simplify functioning 8 hrs in office is an extremely long time..These things can be done in under 20 mins with practice.

    And yes, practice to sharpen the senses.
    Devesh Bhatt
    17/01/2017 #50 Devesh Bhatt
    Talking about paradoxes

    Evaluating inputs of our senses is done by the brain. This evaluation is not within the realm of our conscious rationality, but serves as an input.

    Our body evolves as per experience, senses improve with higher variations in the environment, and rationality improves with sensory inputs and practicing rationality.

    So the best method of sharpening senses is through varied experience, which can be natural or experimental as prescribed by rationality.

    The very discussion of senses tilts our evaluation towards the rational side and we are conditioned to assume rationality and sensory inputs as exclusive and a matter of choice and not complimentary.

    Hence the first step as reflected in your posts ..Is rational acceptance of our senses, The second step hence must be experience of the senses, effective modules for sharpening our senses...The easiest being sight
    Jeet Sarkar
    17/01/2017 #49 Jeet Sarkar
    Evolution is the key by virtue of which fins of a fish are able to modified into the wings of a bird, this evolution makes the aves group very special. They have some outstanding abilities. The comparison and the metaphors you used are as usual beauty of your post. But I wonder if the human eyes and nose , two critical sense organs, are magnetized then what will happen about viewing and sensing the the decisions and strategy? How human beings will reciprocate it?because magnet can only work with the limited number of metals. An intriguing post by the way sir @Ali Anani I must say! enjoy reading . Thank you very much for sharing it sir .
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #48 Ali Anani
    #46 This is the irony @Alan Culler- we are still not sure of how birds do it. How birds sense their direction? As I mentioned in the buzz- nearly all the methods you summarized in your thoughtful talk. I myself believe like molecules send messages in our bodies, there are also molecules in birds that make them aware of direction. How? I am still trying to understand. The journey is a long one my friend.
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #47 Ali Anani
    #45 Thank you dear @Alan Culler. As much as I appreciate your comment; equally I am thrilled by the questions you ask. You got me engaged in my own buzz. What a challenge for me!
    Alan Culler
    16/01/2017 #46 Alan Culler
    In the US a few months ago we were treated to the annual migration of the Canada Geese - a great 'V' of birds in the sky flying South. It is tempting to thing that they all follow a leader at the point of the 'V'. On further observation, one sees that the point position is rotational -the leader drops back to the position on one of the wings of the 'V."

    The ornithological hypothesis is that the point position encounters greater wind resistance and is therefore very tiring -therefore the rotation. But how do the geese all know the direction?

    Is it visual based upon landmarks?

    Is it sound based -communicated by that incessant honkink as they fly overhead -or when the gaggle mills about chaotically on the ground?

    Or does the magnetism of the poles and lines of longitude and latitude speak to them all?

    Or is it memory -individual and species memory that directs them?

    Or all of these things?

    And how would we as humans learn from this -seeing -feeling- connecting- talking -joining and moving together.

    Thank you, Ali -I always enjoy the mental adventures you lead.
    Alan Culler
    16/01/2017 #45 Alan Culler
    As usual, Ali Anani a beautiful post tapestry with so many threads:
    Personal purpose, inner direction and vision direction

    Strategy -understanding direction and over-coming the "conflicts and frictions" that will get in the way of execution.

    The how of purpose or vision detection -Magnetic perceptions -. or sense driven -sight and sound -more concrete -but just as hard to understand.

    And the collective behavior of the flock -all moving in the same direction.

    I'm thinking a lot about that -Thank you.
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #44 Ali Anani
    #43 Thank you my friend @Glenn Melcher. Love the way you put it "the condition of our heart....". I wonder if you believe that the condition of our hearts is related to our intuition!
    Glenn Melcher
    16/01/2017 #43 Glenn Melcher
    Wonderful insight again @Ali Anani if I could add this thought that our condition of our Heart ❤️ is what matters most in finding this elusive needle..
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #42 Ali Anani
    Great reminder @Mohammed Sultan
    Mohammed Sultan
    16/01/2017 #41 Mohammed Sultan
    #40 King Suleiman was taught the logic of birds.
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #40 Ali Anani
    #39 Dear @Mohammed Sultan- thanks again for engaging my mind. When scouts of bees find a good resource they waggle dance to let other bees find out the new location and the direction how to get there. The bees need to know not only where to go, but also the direction how to get there.
    As for birds that migrate to the same place annually they know the destination well ahead of time. They could travel more than 1000 km to get there. They need now more the direction how to get there because they know the destination.
    So, I agree with you and your son if birds were to migrate to different places they need first to find the destination. This what bees do as they scout different flours . They send scout bees to find a new source. The destination in this case comes first.
    Mohammed Sultan
    16/01/2017 #39 Mohammed Sultan
    Birds immigration or businesses journey is not set for specific direction,so both need focus to dwell in promising areas that worth the energy and attention given to their long journey.Setting a proper direction without focusing on what you do better than others will keep you floundering or at best just a runner.The journey often comprises a set of milestones with objectives,and with ever stopping a new direction may need to be set.Just as people may become lost,adrift,and aimless once they have reached a goal.My son, a diplomat, has once told me that- we are like the immigrating birds, every year in a different duty station, so many of us suffer from what we can call it an "arrival syndrome" or "immigration syndrome".It's not the direction itself that's important.it's the challenge to find what you thrive for.
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #38 Ali Anani
    #34 I thank you heartedly dear @CityVP 🐝 Manjit for writing a lovely comment. Till now scientists are not sure how birds do it. We know birds and animals do it, but how is still a challenging question in most cases.
    You bring two hugely relevant points. Yes, Serendipity has played a major role in our lives and has led to great discoveries. So many chemical and other discoveries weren't planned for; through serendipity they emerged. X-ray is one example.
    As for the rational thinking of man- yes, and this is an asset the man forgets to use and I feel sometimes it is better than have it and neglect it is worse than not having it at all. As I mentioned in my response to @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman how much rational thinking goes in the stock markets when greed becomes a dominant force and all lessons and data are burnt by greed.
    Inner compass and inner motivation- and now inner compass and outer compass- a great point to expand on my friend.
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #37 Ali Anani
    #33- I am very glad you referred to the instinct as Donald Grandy did as well. Your lovely comment and definition of intuition supports the idea this issue merits a buzz on its own. I thank you @Kevin Baker View more
    #33- I am very glad you referred to the instinct as Donald Grandy did as well. Your lovely comment and definition of intuition supports the idea this issue merits a buzz on its own. I thank you @Kevin Baker for visiting and commenting. Close
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #36 Ali Anani
    #32 @Devesh Bhatt- I remember engaging in a hot discussions on the JBR on LI on whether intuition is dependable or not. This was two to three years ago. THis is a great suggestion and I am considering it seriously.
    Ali Anani
    16/01/2017 #35 Ali Anani
    #31 Thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman. We make irrational decisions and emotional ones even though we have data such as the behaviors we observe in the stock markets. We do. The same mistakes are repeated regardless of space, place or time. However; you add a great point that learn from our mistakes where we gain great experiences. @CityVP 🐝 Manjit and @Devesh Bhatt both mentioned same in their comments, but with a different approach. Your comments make us all think, Franci.
  8. ProducerMartin Tolovski

    Martin Tolovski

    Why Do You Need A Website?
    Why Do You Need A Website?“Why?” is one of the most profound questions that every top notch entrepreneur has on his mind and asks his employees the same. Especially when it comes down to innovations and transforming their business.But “why” is not a question that is reserved...


    Martin Tolovski
    17/01/2017 #6 Martin Tolovski
    #5 I love the minimalistic approach on your website, looks great :) Is it WordPress?
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #5 Sandra Smith
    Would appreciate your feedback on my website Martin - from a fellow content marketer :)
    Martin Tolovski
    15/01/2017 #4 Martin Tolovski
    #1 Yes. I'm drafting a post about social media too, it's a must.
    Martin Tolovski
    15/01/2017 #3 Martin Tolovski
    #2 Good point. Social media drives traffic, but website is the pillar.
    Randy Keho
    15/01/2017 #2 Randy Keho
    Creating a website is only the beginning. It's useless if nobody knows it exists. It needs to be promoted.
    It's not a "Field of Dreams," where you simply "Build it and they will come."
    It needs to be continually updated, too. It can be a central command. Think of your LinkedIn, Twitter, beBee and/or Facebook pages as allied products.
    Link them to your website and vice versa. The content can be virtually identical, reinforcing your message.
    Mike Rana
    15/01/2017 #1 Mike Rana
    People also need to be on social media: Facebook and LinkedIn at a minimum. If you're a business and you're not on LinkedIn, and your business doesn't have a Facebook page, you won't go anywhere in 2017.
  9. ProducerEddie Garrison

    Eddie Garrison

    Social Media Automation Dos & Dont's
    Social Media Automation Dos & Dont'sIn the day and age of technology, time consumption and running a business ... We of course turn to tools that will help us work smarter, faster and more efficiently.Nowhere is that more true in the Social Media marketing world and what, where and...


    Eddie Garrison
    16/01/2017 #2 Eddie Garrison
    Thank you, Kevin!
    Kevin Baker
    16/01/2017 #1 Kevin Baker
    Great advise. We follow the same process's .
  10. Javier 🐝 beBee
    beBee is a Personal Branding Platform. The network was created to allow people to showcase and share their personal brand and market themselves to employers, clients, customers, vendors and media in their respective industries. beBee allows users to network with each other through common personal and professional interests. Javier 🐝 beBee


    Alvaro Alvarado Pozuelo
    15/01/2017 #5 Alvaro Alvarado Pozuelo
    Yo lo recomiendo @Javier 🐝 beBee y espero de resultado.Un saludo a todos/as
    Ali Anani
    15/01/2017 #3 Ali Anani
    As an author and honored Brand Ambassador to beBee I testify with the contents of this buzz as it reflects my own experience. Thank you @Javier 🐝 beBee
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    15/01/2017 #2 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    beBee. com = Successful Personal Branding

    Let's bee who we want to bee!
    César de Souza
    15/01/2017 #1 César de Souza
    Estou divulgando o beBee no meu Instagram e Facebook, correiodocesar, todos os dias. Amo essa Rede Social por Afinidade. Parabéns, @Javier 🐝 beBee.
  11. ProducerMikkie Mills

    Mikkie Mills

    Doorbell Mobile Apps And Why They're Useful
    Doorbell Mobile Apps And Why They're UsefulThe invention of the doorbell made receiving visitors much easier and much more dignified. When homeowners started installing doorbells in their homes their guests no longer needed to knock on the door. If a homeowner was upstairs far from the door,...
  12. ProducerKevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    How Ten Cents Saves Me Hours
    How Ten Cents Saves Me HoursContent marketing must have multiple streams of out put access.Writing articles is an art that takes many perceptions and forms.There is what works and what does not.Pay a dime saves you time.Benefits are multiple indexed link access points and...
  13. ProducerJuan Imaz

    Juan Imaz

    beBee; the platform to create, showcase, and share your personal brand
    beBee; the platform to create, showcase, and share your personal brandPersonal branding is becoming a requirement for successPersonal branding is becoming a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business; get a better job; or take their career to the next level. In business, everybody uses social media for work...


    Paul Burge
    16/01/2017 #37 Paul Burge
    Perfectly articulated buzz about what beBee's ethos is @Juan Imaz! How we view ourselves and how others view us is the personal branding space which we occupy and the unique space that will continue to fill to help everyone build and develop their own personal brands...Success beckons!!
    Teresa Gezze
    16/01/2017 #36 Teresa Gezze
    This is a great buzz, Juan!!
    Sergio Martínez
    16/01/2017 #35 Sergio Martínez
    Juan Imaz
    15/01/2017 #34 Juan Imaz
    #33 sure! Please go ahead Jerry!
    Jerry Fletcher
    15/01/2017 #33 Jerry Fletcher
    Well done! With your permission I would like to publish it in the resources pages of www.BrandBrainTrust.com and promote it and BeBee to my Blog readers and in concert with the BrandBrainTrust Face book pages and weekly updates there. Let me know.
    Mohamed Amroussi
    15/01/2017 #32 Mohamed Amroussi
    Your brand is your face
    Michele Williams
    15/01/2017 #31 Michele Williams
    Excellent @Juan Imaz! Welcome @Renata Jakielaszek. This article is a great intro to the power of beBee for your personal brand. Glad it is among the first you have encountered here.
    Elizabeth Bailey
    15/01/2017 #30 Elizabeth Bailey
    Great explanation @Juan Imaz I particularly enjoyed the venn diagram. My question is how do we see ourselves as others see us? Shared on other platforms.
    Renata Jakielaszek
    14/01/2017 #29 Renata Jakielaszek
    I'm at the start here, but joy is in the journey. Thank you.
    Mohammed Sultan
    14/01/2017 #28 Mohammed Sultan
    It's a great idea to use beBee as a positioning platform for job seekers and for the employers who are seeking a synergy with employees passion and core interests.This idea can encourage everyone to stick around the idea of branding themselves.Branding doesn't mean presenting your core skills or core interests but instead positioning the output of both and sticking it in the hiring manager's mind.Unlike presenting your past ,positioning means telling your story from the employers point of view .Here, I understand that HR are going to treat employees as brands and therefore will be headed by Chief Employee Experience Officers! That's a great concept with good payoffs on both sides.Thank you @Juan Imaz.
    Kevin Baker
    14/01/2017 #27 Kevin Baker
    Great summation of the available venues to create social growth.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    14/01/2017 #26 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    I held my stomach when I first saw Brand You 20 years ago but I can certainly live with it today. There is room in the 21st Century for 20th Century marketing because people readily identify with it and it is a perpetuation of a belief system which one can argue voraciously for. I am a heretic when it comes to personal branding but I am also a student of what brings us to embrace image and where we can find safe harbour and refuge from a society that is very image bound and where identification is important.

    Tom Peters - Brand You [1997]

    The Church of Personal Branding has grown substantially in the last 20 years so as a positioning device it works and will continue to work over the next few years. I recognize the rise of branded properties and acknowledge the 'great brands" and also superstars who deploy branding strategies to manage their public image, but Brand You is "personal brand" for the masses.

    I neither wish to view myself as product, nor do I see value in my subscription to what can amount to a personal idolatry, At the individual level "brand you" can turn into a virulent form of group-think because it is an idea virus, and in that form it is well worth studying as a social and group phenomenon.

    At a personal level personal brand has never been a personal requirement but it is worth playing with because social ideas are playthings that are seeds for personal innovation. Personal brand is required as a form of control since we are still evolving as a human society, and as long as we remain living in a broadcast culture - this evolution will be the slow path towards renaissance.
    Virag Gulyas
    14/01/2017 #25 Virag Gulyas
    LOVE IT: "Personal branding is becoming a requirement for success" go bees!
    Juan Imaz
    14/01/2017 #24 Juan Imaz
    #21 many thanks @David B. Grinberg
    David B. Grinberg
    14/01/2017 #21 David B. Grinberg
    FYI Juan, I've tweeted and pinned to top of my Twitter page for retweeting https://twitter.com/DBGrinberg
    Okay, bees: let's swarm with RTs and build more buzz for Juan and beBee!
    Milos Djukic
    13/01/2017 #20 Anonymous
    Kudos @Juan Imaz. It's ME who aspires to become WE, effortlessly and seamlessly. In doing so, ME remains authentic and effortlessly united with WE. It is a social transformation that will change the reality and lives of all of us for the better. This is the process, but not like Kafka's process. What is important is the time. This is more like the creation of a new value by WE and not just a personal brand by itself. Future leadership is about social complexity with a growing trend of social encounters and exchanges. You are the one and we'll be back.
    debasish majumder
    13/01/2017 #19 debasish majumder
    beBee is equally great platform for me, having affinity with hives where i feel my composure. wonderful post indeed @Juan Imaz! enjoyed your lovely insight! thank you very much for such prolific share.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    13/01/2017 #18 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Ditto others comments @Juan Imaz, well laid out buzz and very helpful! Sharing.
  14. ProducerAurorasa Sima

    Aurorasa Sima

    Did the executive coaching industry fail?
    Did the executive coaching industry fail?The dose makes the poison Currently, terms like authenticity, emotional intelligence, mindfulness are trending. We want to optimize the way we communicate, we want to be mindful, we want to grow and become more efficient and productive. Companies...


    Mohammed Sultan
    15/01/2017 #34 Mohammed Sultan
    #33 The concept has been developed specially for top management who are going to qualify for leadership positions and have no time to deal with everyday routine affairs.The intervention is done to widen the time window of the trainees based on a vision building exercise and how could they relate the current vision with the rapidly changing conditions in the marketplace.
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/01/2017 #33 Aurorasa Sima
    #31 That´s an interesting concept, Mohammed, thank you for sharing details. I will admit that I still did not fully understand - that´s probably owed to my lack of English language skills, or that I am not sure which industry/job roles you work with.
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/01/2017 #32 Aurorasa Sima
    #30 Thanks for clarifying, @Phil Friedman, that makes sense to me and I agree. Also ... often, coaches do things intuitively, but they need formal training to understand how they can make what they do intuitively accessible to others.
    Mohammed Sultan
    13/01/2017 #31 Mohammed Sultan
    #28 In "time leadership" we help the leader investigates h/his relation with "time and decisions" in a different way based on h/his "core interests" not his "core skills".The time horizon of time leadership will be stretched more beyond the traditional leadership tasks of operational visioning to the philosophical part of their org vision which includes its identity and purpose.Time leadership will lead to the emergence of a new set of an organizational "core competences" based on the common interests of its people and rooted in the success moments in which they have done things differently.Time leadership,at the end ,will help create an org "common intuition" and expand the cognitive span of its executives beyond the norm and the logic of the traditional leadership tasks.
    Phil Friedman
    13/01/2017 #30 Phil Friedman
    #29 Aurorasa, not saying that training is completely irrelevant. However, it is well known that practitioners who are successful with one approach in a coaching or clinical counseling field are very often successful using other approaches as well. While some are not successful using the same approaches, no matter what. Leading to the conclusion that the contribution made by the practitioner him- or herself is often the key to success. When it comes to dealing with human needs and frailty, you can't just read a book or take a course, and, wham bang, become good at helping people. In your case, for example, I personally perceive a level of empathy and sympathy that cannot be taught but must be nurtured and developed.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #29 Aurorasa Sima
    #20 Hmmmm .. I think it´s a mix of experience and training you receive.

    After your "coach the coach" class you have to go out there and find clients to gain experience. After a while, what you have learned in theory and praxis will melt together into "your thing".
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #28 Aurorasa Sima
    #22 Could you expand on "time leadership", please? It´s not my area of expertise, but I would like to learn more about the concept.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #27 Aurorasa Sima
    #19 I think I was more aiming at the delivery (including follow-up) than the quality of coaches.

    I have to say that I started coaching only 3 years ago (and not exclusively executives) so that I have definitely not seen it all or know it all.

    What you are saying about prices seems to be a good point. Maybe we should negotiate from the beginning on that follow-ups are necessary.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #26 Aurorasa Sima
    #18 Well, that´s an interesting tax construct.

    I´m not saying that I think the quality of coaches is not good. Often it would help if there would be a follow-up after a training.

    What is difficult, especially if you can´t bill the time, is keeping people motivated to repeat whatever information has been shared until it became a skill or habit.

    Often, we go back to our stressful jobs and forget about the training/coaching right after it ended, even though we felt the content made sense and can help us.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #25 Aurorasa Sima
    #21 Thank you for pointing that out and joining the conversation.
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/01/2017 #24 Aurorasa Sima
    #23 Thank you, dear Emilia. Your support and kind words are much appreciated!
    Emilia M. Ludovino
    12/01/2017 #23 Emilia M. Ludovino
    Great article @Aurorasa Sima, with great points and full of insights. It's always a pleasure to read something that I can relate and written based on years of experience. A big thank you for such a refreshing and real post. Best wishes!
    Mohammed Sultan
    12/01/2017 #22 Mohammed Sultan
    @Aurora Sima. The problem with leadership coaching is that many executives are trained on "core skills" not "core interests".Every executive based on his or her core skills wants to be a leader,but the question is ;are they really have deep interests in creative thinking and the instinct of taking risks rather than the ambition and the prestige of being leaders by the title?Nowadays, leadership training should go beyond "time management" to "time leadership" Executives are in a more need to be trained on how they conceive their leadership role for the future and in different boundaries.The more the coach can expand the cognitive power of the trainee ,the more the individual will be able to stretch his or her thinking beyond the norm, and the more the trainee will be able to pay attention to what's left unsaid or what else question? "Time leadership" training will surface the moments when the trainee has made something different.The more you analyze them you will find the themes or the threads that run through them, and the more you can help him/her to shape their core interests.Thank you for your insightful article.
    Robert Bacal
    12/01/2017 #21 Robert Bacal
    #20 Within each of the professional areas you highlight, there exists models and schools of thoughts that are student centred, client centred, and NOT practitioner centred. Of course, you'd have to have more than a passing knowledge about these disciplines to know that.
    Phil Friedman
    12/01/2017 #20 Phil Friedman
    #19 Pascal and Aurorasa, what People have to realize is that coaching -- like teaching, clinical psychology, and counseling -- is practitioner-centric. Methods, schools of thought, techniques all matter less than WHO THE PERSON IS who is doing it. Effective coaches grow organically, not made. And paying to take and complete a course doesn't turn someone into a coach. Of course, neither does standing on a rock and proclaiming oneself the leader of the next evolutionary level of mankind. Caveat emptor. Cheers!
    Pascal Derrien
    12/01/2017 #19 Pascal Derrien
    too many coaches are kill the coaching industry, in Ireland there is an abnormal ratio of coaches, consultants per square meter it is actually frightening. The excellent ones get shafted by the mediocre ones who offer great prices.....and average service delivery, they all worship gurus like Tony Robbins to a point of obsession.

    It is an industry that need to reset itself but is not homogeneous so maybe it is only a phase.... but I am tired and sometimes cynical when I hear the same things form interchangeable consultant. So to your quesiton, has it failed probably not but the edge is not too far either:-)
    Devesh Bhatt
    12/01/2017 #18 Devesh Bhatt
    One shoe doesn't fit all. It's not an excuse to deny core issues.

    It is derived from bad policies, bad processes, bad communication or bad people.

    I don't think it's a failure, it overperformed and is now normalising to the genuine people when people have become aware .

    They may not know your field but they certainly know how to evaluate coaches better.

    Funny thing in India, Hiring Executive coaches can save companies' tax but hiring an operations/business consultant gets both of us taxed. Clients want to hire an executive coach who teaches their manager operations in the guise of leadership. I don't pick up such assignments because the label would be very restrictive unless they mention my scope in the contract.
    Don 🐝 Kerr
    12/01/2017 #17 Don 🐝 Kerr
    @Aurorasa Sima It's great to see you active. Now, I don't know if it's IQ, EQ or FQ (careful pronouncing that last one) but I entered the professional working world in 1977. In the ensuing 40 years technology has made the great leap forward. From what I can see, human resource management (a misnomer if ever there was one) hasn't changed one goddamn bit except for the adoption of new jargon, lingo and buzz. For all of the corporate world's claims to care for the well being of their most valuable asset they continue to give short shrift to supporting the real humans who work for them. Wall Street, Bay Street, or The City - they demand quarterly results and if those are put in jeopardy by the collateral damage of human kind - too bad. Perhaps there are some shining examples that disprove this - Google, Aetna, Apple, Manulife? Not sure. That would be an interesting track to follow and maybe I shall for another day. In the meantime, thanks again for provoking thought in a meaningful way!
    Aurorasa Sima
    11/01/2017 #16 Aurorasa Sima
    #10 Thank you Harvey!
    Aurorasa Sima
    11/01/2017 #15 Aurorasa Sima
    Good point, Ian. Anything that has to do with changing your ressourceful brain is tricky. The approach you suggested would definitely be the way to go.

    I could see smaller companies with wise leaders adopting it. Large corporations, public companies not so much. It´s not easy to show the ROI on gratitude. Respect ends when sales targets are not met.

    And if companies adapt it ... I´m working on an article "mindfuless to go". Some companies ARE adopting mindfulness programs. But it´s more a play on the old game of increasing productivity and helping people who are suffering from too much pressure to endure even more.

    I deliver my EI training over a period of 30 days and then two more components on days 50 and 80. Supporting people after the initial motivations fades is the hard part.
  15. ProducerCristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it   Randieri.com
    Computer Science Pills by Expert: What does mean Backbone ?
    Computer Science Pills by Expert: What does mean Backbone ?Part of a network that acts as the primary path for traffic that is most often sourced from, and destined for, other networks. We are looking for worldwide resellers, partners,...


    Riccardo Marciani
    11/01/2017 #8 Riccardo Marciani
    #7 They are UNuseful terms, and he repeat always the same article changing some word on the title... It means is SPAM!
    Clelia Rizza
    10/01/2017 #7 Clelia Rizza
    #6 I don't think it is spamming.... they are useful computer science terms that can enrich the beBee contents
    Cristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it   Randieri.com
    10/01/2017 #6 Cristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it Randieri.com
    #5 At first look yes i can understand... but our friends Riccardo esagerate a little bit... i think...
    John White, MBA
    10/01/2017 #5 John White, MBA
    Ok, but when you post the same title and image over and over it looks like spam.
    Cristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it   Randieri.com
    10/01/2017 #4 Cristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it Randieri.com
    they are different posts... if you read them you can understand...#3
    John White, MBA
    10/01/2017 #3 John White, MBA
    Ugh, @Cristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it Randieri.com, you're posting the same thing over and over. Why?
    Riccardo Marciani
    10/01/2017 #2 Riccardo Marciani
    #1 Yes Paul. He never sleep!
    Paul Burge
    10/01/2017 #1 Paul Burge
    Urrrgh MORE spam!!??
  16. ProducerRenata Jakielaszek
    Your benefits.
    Your benefits."The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun. When they are concentrated, they illumine." - Swami VivekanandaThe choice is yours: to accept one's fate or to be its master Culture, Control, and Workplace Choice. By practicing mental...


    Devesh Bhatt
    10/01/2017 #2 Devesh Bhatt
    everytime :)
    Kevin Baker
    10/01/2017 #1 Kevin Baker
    I enjoy reading any renditions regarding manifestation. Especially manifesting commitment. Seeing how you finish is the beginning of success. The commitment to keep that vision as intent and the patience to build forward.
  17. ProducerSara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    A sense of organization.
    A sense of organization.Image credit: Robin Bramman International Introduction: We are constantly cutting off our noses to spite our faces! Whether we like it or not, we are sensory beings. If you associate this with...


    Sara Jacobovici
    10/01/2017 #13 Sara Jacobovici
    Thank you for the share @Paul Burge. Much appreciated.
    Sara Jacobovici
    10/01/2017 #12 Sara Jacobovici
    #11 Thank you @Devesh Bhatt for taking the time to read the buzz and for your contribution to the discussion.
    Devesh Bhatt
    10/01/2017 #11 Devesh Bhatt
    Functional, precise, understandable to those who suppress everything for rationality, I.e. curing the worst affected.
    The only extension to this is for authority to yield for the organisation, but if it doesn't , the employee should not feel suppressed to yield for the self.
    Someone must figure it and/or feel it and start applying.
    This is wonderful, I was a bit slow to comprehend it :)
    Sara Jacobovici
    10/01/2017 #10 Sara Jacobovici
    #9 Dear @Deb🐝 Lange, you are investing much quality work and effort in pursuing your passion. I agree that our common sparks are igniting each other to do more. Your idea of getting corporate sponsors to host a conference is great!
    Deb🐝 Lange
    09/01/2017 #9 Deb🐝 Lange
    @Sara Jacobovici brilliant! you have done such a good job of connecting business and our senses and our humanity! I love it! as you know I am very passionate about this! wouldn't it be great to find corporate sponsors who would like to host a conference on this topic! I am so excited Sara. I know there are many things I am passionate about - but this really is an area that I love and I sense is so significant in this era of transitioning from our beliefs that the rational is everything to sensing there is much more to being human and creating our world than the rational and logic, which is only one way of perceiving the world. thanks so much for sharing your passion for this area as well - as our passions ignite one another! :)
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/01/2017 #8 Sara Jacobovici
    #7 Thank you for your contribution @Kevin Pashuk. Always appreciated. Thanks, too, for the share.
    Kevin Pashuk
    09/01/2017 #7 Kevin Pashuk
    Too often, humanity (and being human) has been disassociated from our organizations... Thank you Sara for the reminder that ultimately organizations are made up of people. In Christian scriptures, the church is defined as a body... made up of many parts, with different purposes, some hidden and others out in front, but ultimately each piece brings their value to the complete 'whole', working for a purpose larger than any one of the parts can independently accomplish. I think that metaphor has been extended well in your post.
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/01/2017 #6 Sara Jacobovici
    #4 Well said @Steve Brady. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/01/2017 #5 Sara Jacobovici
    #3 Wow! What a kind and generous comment @🐝 Fatima Williams. Your response and support is very encouraging. I must admit I have been advised to write an ebook and am making my way out of my comfort zone to do just that. I look forward to keeping you updated. Thanks for sharing the link. It offers a very valuable perspective.
    Steve Brady
    09/01/2017 #4 Steve Brady
    Sarah, thank you for this buzz. As I read it, I saw it as a manifesto calling us back to being human. Our world has so many abstractions that it's easy to lose contact with "real reality".
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    09/01/2017 #3 🐝 Fatima Williams
    @Sara Jacobovici Can you please tell the whole world what you share with beBee. You should be doing some TED talks on this topic, Is there an e-book ?
    This is class from the beginning to the end. One cannot break it down more clearly than what you have . "Through seven figures come sensations for a man - Through these come knowledge or lack of it." This is the best corporate quote of 2017and the way you explain it with quotes is like a mind click to remember.

    We often only hear and forget to listen. We do it with the people around us, Managers to their team members, Teacher's to the students , husbands to the wives and vice versa. Don't hear BUT LISTEN and absorb and gain the sense of balance that is needed.

    If organisations were to have CEO's like yourself, then employees attrition rate will go down and productivity will go through the roof ! Thank you for an excellent buzz Sara You will be an asset to any organisation.

    All I can think of is the submarine video which I had shared once with my team .(Inno-Versity Presents: "Greatness" by David Marquet - https://youtu.be/OqmdLcyES_Q)
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/01/2017 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    I couldn't be more grateful for your response @Ali Anani as it is your work that I mention that has focused on the senses and the relationship between nature, human nature and business and has clarified and integrated this relationship. Thank you for highlighting the ideas that stood out for you. Thank you for sharing and for your support.
    Ali Anani
    09/01/2017 #1 Ali Anani
    This buzz is sheer beauty @Sara Jacobovici. I enjoyed reading it immensely. You gave sesses a "business image" by providing great examples supported with great logic, quotes and facts. I believe this ranks among your top buzzes. I find the flow of the buzz so smooth that I blamed myself to pause and select few lines from the buzz that captured my attention. Here they are:
    The irony is that our higher cognitive brain depends on information it receives through the sensory system.
    If a leader of a company or a team receives information which has been deprived in any way of his visual sense, then the information he passes on will be incomplete
    If the Corporate Body is not exposed to a variety of tastes; sweet, spicy, tart, bitter, salty and so on, then everything begins to taste the same. This bland experience prevents growth.
    The Corporate Body needs to experience the rough and smooth, the sand and the water, the soft and prickly. What we walk on, sit on, the door we grab when entering the building, the handshakes, the pat on the back.

    I haven't read a buzz as influential as this one relating senses to business. You did it beautifully. That I have a mention in your buzz is a source of pride for me. Sharing..
  18. beBee in English
    beBee. Successful Personal Branding beBee in English
  19. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    How To Make Money With Digital Photography

    By:Samantha Knowles

    Kevin Baker
  20. ProducerDara Lin

    Dara Lin

    The Best Practices for B2B Business Calling for Consulting Businesses
    The Best Practices for B2B Business Calling for Consulting Businesses“What’s wrong with calling prospects and offering them solutions and options that would improve and benefit their business? “ Such rhetorical question connotes truth on some businesses that have become and remained pessimistic towards B2B...


    Kevin Baker
    09/01/2017 #1 Kevin Baker
    When I was brokering in what became known as wheelestate. I cold called 100 apartments every morning. Tone and intention being the forefront brought results.
  21. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    The future is becoming more clear.
    Kevin Baker
    Implantable Bionic Lens could give you lasting, perfect eyesight
    www.cbc.ca Imagine being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision without wearing glasses or contacts — even at age 100 or more — with the help of bionic lenses implanted in your...


  22. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    Product match game very popular for UX and customer retention. Uses any images.
    Gives option to enter monthly prizes.

    Kevin Baker
  23. ProducerJesse Angeles

    Jesse Angeles

    The Spaghetti Factor in Marketing
    The Spaghetti Factor in Marketing“Let’s just try a bunch of stuff and see what works?” said the frustrated and lost business owner when looking at their marketing. As I have called this the Spaghetti Factor in Marketing, we as marketers are all too familiar with the idea. Throw it...


    Jesse Angeles
    05/01/2017 #5 Jesse Angeles
    @Mohammed Sultan. I completely agree on the more junior brand managers do make this mistake more often than not. On the other side of the coin, I have seen and worked with companies that start to show that the continue to implement older marketing ideas and not paying attention to where their current clients are looking and responding to their messaging.

    The ideas and saying of "Wheres the beef?" cannot be recycled and used in today's market. It's plain and simple. Today's customers (beating a dead horse here) are so informed and cannot be swayed with ideas that might work. This is what I have been seeing as of late. Companies messages, websites and other marketing collateral for themselves and not for their customers. This is why the Spaghetti Factor is not just used by smaller inexperienced companies but by experienced marketers that cannot pull themselves away from what made them successful in days of past.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/01/2017 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Thanks @Jesse Angeles, very useful tips for Clients and Marketers
    Mohammed Sultan
    05/01/2017 #3 Mohammed Sultan
    @Jesse Angeles.The Spaghetti situation is often created by more junior brand managers,and agencies whose comfort zone is in reaching a win-lose deals with their clients.The more senior brand managers know which agency to call on asking for a creative proposal.The agency which is not a generalist or offer full service,but which accepts the responsibility of its position in the market,providing a more focused and high level concerned service, a great depth of thoughts translating the research insights into tangible results to help meet clients' objectives of more sales and profitability.
    Venita Crow
    05/01/2017 #2 Venita Crow
    Thank you for this article
    Taylor Griffith
    04/01/2017 #1 Taylor Griffith
    I especially like point #3: Know when to tell the client “I don’t do that." In those cases I like to add "but I can connect you with someone who does!" whenever possible. Keep it up!
  24. ProducerKevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    Hard Wired Short Urls
    Hard Wired Short UrlsThe very core of search engine marketing is the building of natural links back to your domain.If you are posting links that redirect you are promoting another domain and the link will never be indexed.When to use short urls only makes sense if there...


    Kevin Baker
    04/01/2017 #2 Kevin Baker
    Have a look at this article directory. MyArtSubmit.com . This directory promotes them for you including as images, rss and text
    Mike Rana
    04/01/2017 #1 Mike Rana
    So, using links from Bit.ly to promote my articles works against me?
  25. Jaime Contreras

    Jaime Contreras

    Jaime Contreras
    The Urgent Need to Recruit More Cybersecurity Pros
    www.careersinfosecurity.com As cybercriminals continue to wage more sophisticated, well-funded attacks, it's more urgent than ever to attract qualified professionals to careers...
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