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  1. Robert Bacal

    Robert Bacal

    With all the changes on LInkedIn, it should be occurring to you that you may be at the mercy of social media platforms that are not that interested in what you need.


    Social Media Not Enough For Small Business: You Need A Website

    These days most small businesses jump into the social media space -- primarily on Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebee and other similar platforms.

    They lose out on the power of running their own websites on their own domains.

    It's really not surprising. It takes no great technical skill to jump onto social media. Create an account, do a profile, and post and comment. That's it.

    It's about as simple as it gets, while creating and running one's own website, if one doesn't have any background in doing so, is daunting, and after all, there's hundreds of millions of social media users, just ripe and eager to read your message (or so goes the belief).

    Not only is this like running a business on one cylinder, and expecting eight cylinder power, but there are real and substantive risks associated with being dependent on the good will and policies of a third party (social media platform) when that third party has NO contractual obligations to you.

    Bacal and Associates celebrates 25 years in business in 2017 In this series, and as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations for Bacal & Associates, I'll be sharing with you a number of hints and tips on small business.
    Robert Bacal
  2. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    This is the difference between management that understands the desire to be understood.
    Every one invests them selves in their content marketing.
    Every one deserves recognition to various degrees which is determined by who reads the content, not the writer.
    So where do you go to find that your not any different regardless of your following numbers etc.

    In 29 yrs , yes since the internet went public in May 1987 I have not seen this before.

    Here is how anyone can do a simple feedback test of your reach.

    Pick any title of your producer articles.
    Go to your search engine and look for it.

    Example Title
    Life Without Lackluster
    We did this on 6 major search engines.
    Most of them showed my article here on beBee as #1
    The others I still found on page one.

    You have to give recognition where it is earned.
    Social sites are not a one way street.
    Kevin Baker


  3. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    beBee, an engagement-based community
    beBee, an engagement-based communityRemember โ€“ relationships matter We can use community engagement processes that help build or strengthen relationships rather than undermine themย .ย  Having introductions, working in small groups, having tea and coffee are very basic ways we...


    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    22/02/2017 #24 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Keep up the great efforts here @Juan Imaz & @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee. Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself's to, we know that Juan Imaz & Javier are responsible for a team of people called "Bee's", you know that its important to raise the bar even higher as you do by reading & commenting on posts, being involved with media in print & social areas . Your business at beBee.com and its employees(Bee's) are a reflection of yourself Javier & Juan, and if you continue to make honest and ethical behavior a continuing key value, your team of Bee's will follow suit. I am very fortunate to have known both of you & our calls/contacts that we have made through your participation. I enjoy helping you further in any way & am available for both of you 24 x 7. Both of you & any bees here reading my post are welcome guests at any time should your visits take you to Savannah, Georgia. I invite everyone here to come see me for the St Patrick's Day Parade Next month, your first green beer is on me. Thank you & all the Best by Bstankiewicz@portfreshlogistics.com, Office: 1.404.750.3200, post shared with 125,000 business contacts from Bill Stankiewicz, Savannah Supply Chain Guy.
    Jerry Fletcher
    21/02/2017 #22 Jerry Fletcher
    As a departed friend once told me, "Your Network is your true Net Worth." Here at beBee it is all about real worth. Thank you Javier and Juan.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    21/02/2017 #21 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    The Medium is the Message - said Marshall McLuhan! I believe beBee is an apt example that quote. A Medium that is also a Message. A loud and clear one. Of INTEGRATED & INCLUSIVE, ONLINE PRESENCE. With its seamless integration of the Personal and Professional brand that every Individual is. It has pioneered a shift from Social Media to Society Media with its predominant characteristics - of Affinity, Accessibility, Association, Acknowledgment and Authenticity.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    21/02/2017 #20 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Very moving buzz @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee. Couldn't agree more, most of us learn from our mistakes and we will continue to make them. By learning from past mistakes and not repeating them are key to growth. I feel as you do, most people act with good intentions and I honestly try to keep that in mind. I actually try to think of the 'why's' behind a person's possible motives and in the end most times I can conclude, we are all human and no one knows what is going on behind closed doors. It's always my hope that others see the person in me beyond my words, I try to be a fairly open person. I have met so many wonderful people on beBee who would give the shirt off their back to help others and that puts a big smile on my face. What we share in common does lead to deeper relationships. Thanks for this!
    Ali Anani
    21/02/2017 #19 Ali Anani
    Engagements have many forms. The rime of them is writing a buzz on a buzz. beBee has been for me a truly fertile land as this form of engagement "buzz on a buzz" resulted in writing more than 20 buzzes by me and other bees. No platform is equal to beBee.
    Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    21/02/2017 #18 Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    For me, these two paragraphs, are the vital essence. And to say that I am immensely happy because it is a reality.
    Once again thanks for this wonderful network, in which respect, regardless of cv or position, we are all bees and we all have something to say and our opinion is valued.
    Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    21/02/2017 #17 Irene ๐Ÿ Rodriguez Escolar
    1. beBee gives everybody a voice, regardless of your what is says on your CV or the position you hold. We all have interests and talents, and beBee enables us to demonstrate our expertise.
    2. Mistakes teach us to clarify what we really want. Mistakes teach us about ourselves and how to tell our truth. Mistakes teach us to engage in our lives โ€” to live fully. Mistakes allow us to inspire others.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    21/02/2017 #16 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    The stand out line from the buzz for me is this one :

    " We can create processes that promote a cooperative approach to differences rather than processes that encourage argument from entrenched positions."

    In the present culture swaying to populism and Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame, this is one of the central challenges of our time.
    Virag Gulyas
    21/02/2017 #15 Virag Gulyas
    "Keep on telling stories" - I certainly am. Who is with me?
    Phil Friedman
    20/02/2017 #12 Phil Friedman
    Kudos, @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee, an absolutely first-rate mission summary and manifesto for beBee. Speaking for myself, I'll take Javier over Zuckerberg every day of the week. What this demonstrates, moreover, is that beBee ownership, management, and membership are open to learning, thinking, refining, and evolving as a community. Which, IMO, is reason for great optimism concerning the future of the platform. Cheers to all!
    Kevin Baker
    20/02/2017 #11 Kevin Baker
    All excellent suggestions of keep your focus. Especially to diversify. With out conflict and discussion we all become a regurgitated robotic mush. I especially like the part of own your mistakes. Nobody is of perfection. And until you make a mistake and own it with humility trust is always guarded with the what if. If you can expose your mistakes before anyone notices, trust is imminent.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    20/02/2017 #9 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #7 thanks @๐Ÿ Fatima Williams. beBee should help us to learn from others and to teach. We need to be unselfish. We are learning daily.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    20/02/2017 #8 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #6 thanks @Gert Scholtz. I tried to explain what beBee brings to us.
    ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    20/02/2017 #7 ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    Excellent buzz @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee

    We can learn from our mistakes and from our successes .
    We also learn from others mistakes and successes.

    beBee is where one learns from oneself and from the other bees. An intelligent, insightful community ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ๐Ÿค— #beBeesforever

    A community that thrives on authenticity ๐Ÿค—
    Gert Scholtz
    20/02/2017 #6 Gert Scholtz
    @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee Excellent post Javier. Shared on LI and Twitter
  4. Jim ๐Ÿ Cody
    Best selling truck in history.
    Jim ๐Ÿ Cody
    7 Facts You Probably Don't Know About The Ford F-Series
    gearheads.org As the most popular vehicle in America, you'd think we'd all know more about Ford F-Series pickups. Here are some secrets about the F-Series we've...
  5. ProducerRobert Bacal

    Robert Bacal

    Why Censorship and Content Moderation Are Essential For Effective Social Media
    Why Censorship and Content Moderation Are Essential For Effective Social Media(Note: Since this is a controversial topic, I'd appreciate it, if you want to comment, that you read the entire article before you put in your 2 cents.This appeared originally on my website for small business and stresses the importance of staying...


    Nicole Chardenet
    21/02/2017 #25 Nicole Chardenet
    The trolls and abusers have been asking for censorship for years now. While I support extremely unpopular views (mine or others'), I don't support out-and-out abuse like what we've seen on Twitter (I haven't seen it on beBee so far but I don't monitor all ten million+ users). Many mass media comment sections have been eliminated just because it's impossible to keep up with all the abusive and violation of the rules posts.

    The ones screaming about it the most are the ones generally most in violation of the rules.

    I for one am not losing sleep over Milos Y's lifelong ban from Twitter. He wasn't a thoughtful commentator, he is a bile-filled ragebaby whose only purpose is to make other peoples' lives miserable for no good reason. Fortunately, he seems to have jumped the shark this week with his comments appearing to support pedo- and paraphilia. Lost his book deal and several engagements and the good news for him is that he has something new to tantrum about.

    In this day of fake news and idiots easily led by ridiculous stories about Hillary Clinton promoting pedophile pizza rings, it's time to have a new debate on censorship. When some moron walks into a pizza shop with a gun looking for perverts, it's time for censorship.
    Robert Bacal
    20/02/2017 #24 Robert Bacal
    #23 Lots of great snippets here, @Aurorasa Sima On banning by IP, that will only work if the abusers have static IP's which is quite uncommon in Canada (don't know about elsewhere). I get a different IP address each time I boot up. MAC addresses will work, since they are associated with devices, but I don't "think" they are available to the platforms.

    As for keeping sites abuse free and whether they want that....good point. When a celebrity feud breaks out on Twitter, I'm sure they get HUGE boosts in readership (lord knows why)

    I don't know what kinds of technology platforms have for automatically taking care of some of these problems, I guess we'll see what BeBee unveils.
    Aurorasa Sima
    20/02/2017 #23 Aurorasa Sima
    #22 I am not sure that any of the sites have the intention of keeping their sites abuse-free.

    I believe that LI, Twitter and FB would have the technical possibility to block serial abuserยดs IPยดs and they know who is only there to spam or insult people.

    Obviously, they donยดt mind as long as it makes the bride look prettier in terms of higher user numbers. CNET estimates that FB has 9 % fake profiles. Together with about 20 M dead people thatยดs 1B. Even for FB an interesting number.

    Looking at the mined data they are offering to sell their ads, there is no doubt in my mind that they know that fake profiles tend to be more abusive. They know who stalkers are. They know how beats up people and posts cell phone videos.

    They know "Heil Hitler" is neither legal nor could be in a "positive" context.

    They do censor ads. Try to put up an ad for a weight loss or money making product. They do censor boobs. They do not censor death threats, insults, words that discriminate minorities etc.

    Especially women are a favorite prey of those sad trolls. And why not in a zone without laws.

    Imagine a Kindergarten would allow child molesters. UNACCEPTABLE. Or someone would steal your mail. Wait in front of your door and scream insults at you.

    But on the www? Open door policy for sickos.

    Germany is suing FB for the continued refusal to remove illegal, abusive posts. Little Germany ... I can imagine how much FB will care.

    Giants fall slowly.

    #15 Youtube punishes false abuse reports and serial reporters.
    Robert Bacal
    20/02/2017 #22 Robert Bacal
    The short take

    Platforms like BeBee need to moderate content to) benefit the platform itself to make it sustainable, and b) to benefit all users.

    Group/HIve owners need to be able to moderate content for the good of all members and to keep things topical.

    Article posters should not have the ability to moderate comments on their articles, since their articles are for their own self-interest.
    Robert Bacal
    19/02/2017 #21 Robert Bacal
    Just posted this on the other article that appeared after this one:

    I have a relatively straightforward approach to the issue of who should be able to do what, based on the idea of creating common good.

    Bebee's responsibility is to themselves, and therefore to foster a productive environment on the entire platform. Hence, they get to, as owners, decide what happens where.

    Hive owners, because of their sweat equity and also because they are stewards of the hive then get to decide what stays and what remains in that hive. Otherwise, it all goes off topic.

    Individual posters do NOT get to decide what comments remain, since their primary concern is readership, and they have no obvious obligation to contribute to the common good. Any obligation of that type is secondary.
    Robert Bacal
    19/02/2017 #20 Robert Bacal
    @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee posted the following: https://www.bebee.com/content/1239991/1125737

    "beBee will be the first platform where we will be able to auto moderate ourselves"

    It's not clear what that will mean except that it is supposed to appear in the next platform update.

    If it involves filtering one's own feed, that is a good thing, of course, but if it puts the honus on the many millions to filter out things like obscene posts, hate speech, etc while continuing to allow posters of spam, junk etc to post, then I'm not sure it addresses the problem of the "bad" driving out the "good".

    Looking forward to seeing the next generation of Bebee, though because LinkedIn content and hatred seems to increase every day.
    Robert Bacal
    19/02/2017 #19 Robert Bacal
    Just came from LinkedIn where I sadly stumbled across several post attacking family members related to the candidates from the past election.

    None of it is relevant, none of it is even political discussion. Which makes the point:

    The Bad crowds out the good, until nothing good is left, and people give up on the platform.
    Kevin Baker
    19/02/2017 #18 Kevin Baker
    Our intentions create our futures. This energy comes with what you say knowingly or not and there is no fooling instinct. What you publish is forever.
    Martina Baxter
    19/02/2017 #17 Martina Baxter
    Seems like this topic pops up a lot....tons of stuff via google search
    Rob McNaughton
    18/02/2017 #16 Rob McNaughton
    @ Aleta Curry - no, perhaps not more generous. 'Out' means out of the platform and barred permanently - brooking no argument. I perhaps would put one error down to linguistic differences and colloquialisms (yes, I have been caught that way myself) especially between English speakers as a native language and those who have English as a second language. (So through the use of a common and harmless local colloquialism I lost a very good contact/colleague). After the first well ....
    Robert Bacal
    18/02/2017 #15 Robert Bacal
    #14 Brian the use of the report button has potential problems, depending on how its used. I don't have much more to say on that at the moment. I can say that if I had a facility on a blog that I might host, I'd look at the post/comment reported, and decide using my own judgment, which would be my perogative. I would also spell out clearly what the report button should be used for, and make sure that it isn't used by the same people over and over again with little consideration for the other people around.

    While report buttons are anonymous to regular visitors, it is not anonymous to those running the blog/platform. Use of it when it's unwarranted wastes time, and I wouldn't take kindly to that.
    Brian McKenzie
    18/02/2017 #14 Brian McKenzie
    #12 and the cowardly passive aggressive #%*& with their finger on the REPORT button that finds my decorating offensive in my rented unit that I created? I like loud oranges, brash patterns, and will often park the motorcycle in front of the couch
    Robert Bacal
    18/02/2017 #13 Robert Bacal
    #11 @Aleta Curry It's difficult for people who haven't had the responsibility of moderating forums, etc, to understand or see things from that perspective. I've found that it's fairly easy to tell, from one post, whether a person is there to disrupt, spam and for selfish purposes, or whether they are there to participate in good faith.

    On my performance management group on LinkedIn, I post the rules, and it's not uncommon for me to turf someone after one spam message. Positive participants display different interaction patterns than do the people who basically end up destroying the forum/group.
    Robert Bacal
    18/02/2017 #12 Robert Bacal
    #8 Interesting question Brian. How bout Bebee owns, and the group owner rents. Kind of like the carpenter who framed my house. S/he doesn't own the building.
    Aleta Curry
    18/02/2017 #11 Aleta Curry
    #7 You're more generous than I am in this regard, @Rob McNaughton!
    Aleta Curry
    18/02/2017 #10 Aleta Curry
    #6 That, and whether or not you want the project to succeed, @Dean Owen. I've seen two great projects ruined by bad moderation. All that effort gone to waste!
    Aleta Curry
    18/02/2017 #9 Aleta Curry
    #7 Not from me. I don't even allow it on my social media threads. You abuse or swear at people, the post is removed. A couple of times I've been accused of simply not liking what the person had to say, but I trust that anyone who knows me knows that that's nonsense.

    I'm not even averse to the milder swear words. You write 'life's a bitch', I don't care. You write 'you're a bitch', post is summarily deleted.

    If people use really bad words (but not directly at any of the other kidlets) I'll privately ask them to rephrase.
    Brian McKenzie
    18/02/2017 #8 Brian McKenzie
    And if you Created, OWN, Maintain and are often the majority contributor to the Hive? (Or SOLE Contibutor) Whose house is it?
    Rob McNaughton
    18/02/2017 #7 Rob McNaughton
    Two free strikes and out?
    Dean Owen
    18/02/2017 #6 Dean Owen
    "It is NOT an issue of free speech or constitutional protection." - I agree. It is about good manners.
  6. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    The Hidden Marketing Forces
    The Hidden Marketing ForcesNature has a treasure of hidden marketing forces. They are to be uncovered or made use of. This buzz tries to reveal some hidden marketing secrets. I may call them "The Green Marketing Forces" because they are derived from nature. Let me...


    Ali Anani
    21/02/2017 #45 Ali Anani
    Dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit responded to this buzz by writing a great buzz on "The Water of Life".

    I urge readers of this buzz to read Manjit's buzz as well.
    Ali Anani
    16/02/2017 #44 Ali Anani
    #42 I look forward to reading your forthcoming buzzes dear @Deb๐Ÿ Lange. My "remote sensing" say they shall be very sensible. I Trust My Senses as much as I trust yours.
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange
    16/02/2017 #43 Deb๐Ÿ Lange
    Ooops I needed to write the title @Ali Anani " Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age" https://www.amazon.com/dp/0995437203
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange
    16/02/2017 #42 Deb๐Ÿ Lange
    #16 Dear @Ali Anani you are so generous & so inspiring. Thank-you for suggesting to post my book here. There are some bees on BeBee who are enjoying discovering connecting to their senses.This is the link https://www.amazon.com/dp/0995437203 I will be back to write some more posts soon - I have been creating an online live experience to explore the senses with readers - I will be sharing about that soon.
    Ali Anani
    16/02/2017 #41 Ali Anani
    #38 Thank you so much dear @James Olcott for your kind words and elaboration๐Ÿ˜Š. Your comment is also of further elaboration on my response to the comment by @Devesh Bhatt "My comment #36"
    Ali Anani
    16/02/2017 #40 Ali Anani
    #37 My ears are listening to the music of your wonderful words and "tolling" words dear @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    Ali Anani
    16/02/2017 #39 Ali Anani
    #36 Fill an urgent need for people that is not costly and give for free dear @Devesh Bhatt. This is a high value action. For a thirsty person in a hot area a drop of water means a lot. For the giver if he can supply it free and at low cost then you are delighting the customer at a loc pain for you. Yes, it can be done. I have many other examples.
    James Olcott
    16/02/2017 #38 James Olcott
    After reading this, I find myself covered in pollen and nectar. :)

    This story is a great example of how the shop keeper correctly read an external message -- people demand water -- and it to his credit he was able to supply it with synergistic impact. A+!
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    16/02/2017 #37 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    You are truly an asset to beBee and I think of you as our gentlemen bee, @Ali Anani. "The earth has music for those who listen." unknown
    Devesh Bhatt
    16/02/2017 #36 Devesh Bhatt
    the bees and the flowers have natural purpose for these systems. i wonder how kindness becomes a natural aspect of business?
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    16/02/2017 #35 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #33 Enrique welcome to beBee! Look forward to your contributions on this platform
    Kevin Baker
    16/02/2017 #34 Kevin Baker
    #27 great idea thank you
    Enrique Collada Sรกnchez
    15/02/2017 #33 Enrique Collada Sรกnchez
    #32 You are welcome! I really enjoyed it. I hope I will keep learning with your new posts. It seems I am going to like my "adventure" through beBee.
    Ali Anani
    15/02/2017 #32 Ali Anani
    #31 Thank you so much for your first and very encouraging comment @Enrique Collada Sรกnchez
    Enrique Collada Sรกnchez
    15/02/2017 #31 Enrique Collada Sรกnchez
    A really interesting comparisson between bees and flowers behaviors and a marketing strategy. I recommend it!
    Tausif Mundrawala
    15/02/2017 #30 Tausif Mundrawala
    #28 You are always welcome, Sir.
    Ali Anani
    15/02/2017 #29 Ali Anani
    #25 SUperb comment is your s dear @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich. I loved this " If we feel the exchange of goods, services, and human energy is equal it elevates the interaction beyond the ordinary and creates a lasting memory". What a revealing statement tis is! I pondered on and the more I did, the more I liked it.
    I am also very happy that you gave beBee and both @Juan Imaz and @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee the merit they deserve.
    Ali Anani
    15/02/2017 #28 Ali Anani
    #24 I can't thank you enough dear @Tausif Mundrawala. I do do appreciate your comment and your wonderful understanding of the buzz. I noticed just now your buzz and I shall be reading it as soon as I finish responding to comments here.
    Ali Anani
    15/02/2017 #27 Ali Anani
    #23 @Kevin Baker- what a powerful statement is your writing "The creation of empathy by acknowledgment of our basic human needs". This could be your next buzz if you wish.
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    15/02/2017 #26 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #12 #11 You are a very rare elixir, @๐Ÿ Fatima Williams. I still find it hard to put the feelings into words of your sincere marketing gesture for my book.

    As an author, to know that just one person read the book and felt what I wanted to convey, brings me joy and satisfaction. Even though I hadn't met you when I wrote the book, I feel in a certain way that I imagined you when I was thinking of my ideal reader. What an example of gravitational power of the human spirit - the power of words.

    What you write about, you bring about. Just as long as you put the words out into the world where they can do their work!
  7. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    FindingTheRightBiz.com is available should you be looking for a great mlm domain. Kevin Baker
  8. ProducerJuan Imaz

    Juan Imaz

    Personal branding, your differentiation and value added for your professional life
    Personal branding, your differentiation and value added for your professional lifeWe often get confused about what our personal is and its value for our professional life. Which social networks is it appropriate to post material for one or the other? How do you keep the two as separate as possible? Should our private, personal,...


    Wayne Yoshida
    17/02/2017 #25 Wayne Yoshida
    @Juan Imaz - excellent article on personal branding and the beBee affinity networking concept. I'd like to add how powerful one's brand can become if personal interests intersect with professional interests.

    For example, in my current job as technical writer for a natural gas fuel systems company, I am always working with "automotive technology" and "mechanics" which are also personal passions of mine.

    I am also very involved in electronics and radio (RF) technology and have enjoyed my career in those industries.

    And finally, I enjoy teaching and helping others, so I am involved with educational plus hobby activities such as Maker Faire. I am blessed with actually enjoying my work and loving my job.
    Virginia Silveira
    16/02/2017 #24 Anonymous
    #23 It's a good idea @Donald Grandy!
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    16/02/2017 #23 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    @Donald Grandy very interesting !! we will do it ! CC @Juan Imaz @Virginia Silveira @Marta Carretero Garcia @Rafael Garcรญa Romano
    Juan Imaz
    16/02/2017 #22 Juan Imaz
    #20 thanks Donald . We will certainly do it in the future! CC @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    15/02/2017 #21 ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    Our online presence is becoming more noticed every day and beBee is our road to successful branding. Very true @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman

    Our personal online presence is key to success - This says it all :)
    Donald Grandy
    15/02/2017 #20 Donald Grandy
    Very informative and helpful post @Juan Imaz. Have you considered offering a "beBee Personal Brand Certification On-Line Course" for marketing and sales professionals? beBee is on the leading edge of Personal Branding. Thanks for sharing.
    Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell
    15/02/2017 #19 Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell
    Great post @Juan Imaz! I agree entirely with "Why donโ€™t you showcase a complete and interesting you so that next time you are Googled you will be the one that shines from the crowd?" Have shared this article across my platforms.
    Jerry Fletcher
    15/02/2017 #18 Jerry Fletcher
    Thank you! I now have the extra goodie I try to put into my weekly updates of BrandBrainTrust. This will play nicely with next weeks Blog as well.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    14/02/2017 #17 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    Well structured and informative post, Juan. Our online presence is becoming more noticed every day and beBee is our road to successful branding.
    debasish majumder
    14/02/2017 #16 debasish majumder
    enjoyed your elaborate explanation of the gravity of this beBee platform nicely @Juan Imaz! thank you for the share.
    Andrew Young
    14/02/2017 #15 Andrew Young
    Great post @Juan Imaz!
    Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    13/02/2017 #13 Larry Boyer, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Great information on #personalbranding. The chart on the difference in perceptions and reality of job seekers is shocking for the US.
    Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood
    13/02/2017 #12 Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood
    This is the definitive reason why you need a powerful personal brand. Great read.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    13/02/2017 #11 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    beBee is a great place to meet new people through your interests and passions. You can easily showcase your personal brand while connecting with other like-minded people.
    David B. Grinberg
    13/02/2017 #10 David B. Grinberg
    Thank you, Juan, for sharing your exemplary insights and advice about the importance of personal branding and how to enhance one's personal brand in today's ubiquitous mobile, digital and virtual information age. This is most helpful, as always, and I've shared in three hives: "Social Marketing Solutions" and "Social Media Marketing" and "Personal Branding."
    Again, your brilliant buzz is most appreciated, Juan!
    Robin Barton
    13/02/2017 #7 Robin Barton
    love the buzz Juan!
    Robin Barton
    13/02/2017 #6 Robin Barton
    Excellent insights and great graphics!
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    13/02/2017 #5 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    "Your personal online presence is key to success" It is as simple as that. And the more you participate in social media as a whole person, showcasing who you are right alongside what you do, the more likely you are to run into the sorts of opportunities that will bring joy and fulfillment into your life.
  9. Paul ๐Ÿ Kearley
    On February 15, 1965 our national flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Every year since 1996, when Parliament declared February 15th as National Flag of Canada Day, we celebrate our beautiful flag. Paul ๐Ÿ Kearley


    Kevin Pashuk
    15/02/2017 #1 Kevin Pashuk
    I'm old enough to remember the raising of the red maple leaf (but just....)
  10. Producergaรซl Chatelain
    KINDNESS : THE FUTURE OF MANAGEMENT!This article is a translation of myย articleย that originally appeared in ย French, which has reached over 470 000 readers to date."My God, what a joke." I know, that's what you might think when you see this title. A pinch of naivetรฉ mixed with a dose...


    Harvey Lloyd
    13/02/2017 #7 Harvey Lloyd
    Management needs a story. Your points are excellent. A manager without a story of leadership that is larger than the team will usually meander into command and control. I have been there many times. The time/needs can outweigh the need for kindness establishing a tail spin to of mediocrity or worst.

    Managers almost always lack the inputs that leaders used to develop a story of success. They have to create their own or ask for a glimpse of what lead to the targets. Without these we can only guide in the short term.
    Aleta Curry
    10/02/2017 #6 Aleta Curry
    #4 Management has always been a bit of a 'court', well yes, you're right, @Robert Cormack, but isn't this mainly because all human beings in the spotlight tend to gather a 'court' round them?

    As to this ' Like your sentiments, but I've watched management operate for 38 years and it won't change.' Well, I believe you, but where will they be in another 38 years? Pensioned off or dead. Then again, things will never change; I'll never see a Black American president in my lifetime....
    Kevin Baker
    10/02/2017 #5 Kevin Baker
    So on the mark of our ever evolving awareness. Kindness generates positive energy. All energy must balance. A suggestion empowers, a subjection denotes.
    Robert Cormack
    10/02/2017 #4 Robert Cormack
    Good post, @gael Chatelain. Management has always been a bit of a "court," with people surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals. There's a certain "normalcy" to this, showing support for the "likeable" and criticism for the "unlikeable." Unfortunately, the "unlikeable" are often the ones who can't find traction being "chums" or "like-minded." Managers will never accept this, regardless of the articles telling them it's just "good business." It's not good business for them. Surrounding themselves with "accomplices" is what they know and understand. Like your sentiments, but I've watched management operate for 38 years and it won't change.
    Chas โœŒ๏ธ Wyatt
    10/02/2017 #3 Chas โœŒ๏ธ Wyatt
    All too often, I find myself in the midst of the management style described quite aptly in #3. Although this kingdom is in the dark ages, it is still all too prevalent.
    gaรซl Chatelain
    10/02/2017 #2 gaรซl Chatelain
    #1 thanks for sharing it :-) Have a great day !
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    10/02/2017 #1 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Congrats @gaรซl Chatelain on reaching such a large audience. Excellent article full of great tips. Kindess sure does send out positive energy!
  11. Robert Bacal

    Robert Bacal

    Eight MORE Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website: Social Aint' Enough.

    Here's just one of the reasons.

    #9 Categorizing Your Content
    If you write articles or provide other kinds of content, this is a huge advantage for websites.

    When people search for information, they are looking for specific topics, but social media platforms are not oriented towards content, but towards the PERSON.

    They display your content, usually in chronological order and there's no way to have that content display in categories by topic. So while a visitor can browse all the content, they can't see just the content on a specific topic.

    On a website, you can arrange your content any way you like. If you have a plumbing site, you can have a page for buying faucets, and a page for bathtubs.

    Not only does that make it easier for people to find exactly what they need by topic, but it makes it easier for search engines to "know" what each page is about.

    These days, content marketing is an essential way to create credibility in your field, and well arranged, categorized articles/content is huge in making that happen.
    Robert Bacal


    Robert Bacal
    09/02/2017 #4 Robert Bacal
    #1 Exactly @Aurorasa Sima I think we are seeing the consequences unfold over the last year on LinkedIn with its multitude of changes. But Facebook has also had a lot of changes, features removed, etc.

    They won't look after OUR business interests, only there's.
    Robert Bacal
    09/02/2017 #3 Robert Bacal
    #2 @Randy Keho What you said seems spot on to me, and is the essence of content marketing, or branding, or...well almost everything online.

    Providing valuable content that can be easily accessed, preferably all in one place about something - let's say a coffee maker, means that you attract a pre-qualified audience, presuming you sell coffee makers.

    ...or consulting services, or almost anything.

    The key, and I suspect you'd agree is create material that helps visitors, and at the same time, introduce yourself to potential customers. The Internet used to be that way.
    Randy Keho
    09/02/2017 #2 Randy Keho
    Making it easier to search for content related to a product or service is paramount in today's marketplace.
    I'm in the process of proving it to a number of related businesses who are in search of the same customers.
    Traditional advertising outlets are becoming obsolete.
    They must create and maintain a presence online, where their message is available 24/7/365. A smartphone is their best friend, not the newspaper, radio, or television.
    Aurorasa Sima
    09/02/2017 #1 Aurorasa Sima
    Donยดt build your castle on borrowed ground. Solid advice, Robert.
  12. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    Oh yes you can. The time will be when you decide.

    Some stories tickle, some move your soul.

    Every one of us has this uniqueness
    Kevin Baker
  13. George Touryliov
    Whether you agree with Googleโ€™s business model, the fact remains that itโ€™s demonstrating that the business of mass interruption is coming to an end. Learn how Google personifies the future Go-To-Market model.
    George Touryliov
    Why The Business Of Interruption Is Coming To An End
    www.salesforlife.com In the not too distant future, the connection economy will crush lazy brands . The traditional reach these brands have typically enjoyed will...


    Andrew ๐Ÿ Goldman
    06/02/2017 #1 Andrew ๐Ÿ Goldman
  14. George Touryliov
    Salespeople sell. Anything that interferes with that โ€” excess paperwork, poor leads, bad habits, distractions, whatever โ€” must go by the wayside.
    George Touryliov
    Stop Wasting Time with These Sales Productivity Killers
    www.salesforce.com Experts agree: most salespeople waste half their time on non-sales-related tasks. Read how to identify and stop these sales productivity killers...
  15. ProducerJerry Fletcher

    Jerry Fletcher

    Brand is a Conversation. Are You Listening?
    Brand is a Conversation. Are You Listening?Less is less. John said, โ€œmake it short and sweet. Copy these daysโ€ฆalmost any information needs to be bullet points. Everything has to be quick because people donโ€™t have time for a lot.โ€ Early that afternoon I was meeting with a clientโ€™s...


    debasish majumder
    08/02/2017 #8 debasish majumder
    #2 Please don't address me as sir @Jerry Fletcher. i am an ordinary folk. i feel embarrassed. i am an admirer of your post sir.
    Jerry Fletcher
    08/02/2017 #7 Jerry Fletcher
    #5 Aleta, I too am older that dirt but we leave youngster ins the dust when it comes to experience!
    Jerry Fletcher
    08/02/2017 #6 Jerry Fletcher
    #1 Thank you! I hope to keep everyone thinking about brand.
    Aleta Curry
    04/02/2017 #5 Aleta Curry
    Well, I certainly like it better. But then again, I love words, and to hear this youth-centric culture tell it, I am apparently almost as old as dirt.
    Aurorasa Sima
    04/02/2017 #4 Aurorasa Sima
    Very good points. Shared to Story Seekers
    Devesh Bhatt
    04/02/2017 #3 Devesh Bhatt
    Atleast I won't people the person to be reading a script.

    The introduction sounds natural.

    Brevity is good for recollection or an intro when people lack time.

    But people actually require an understanding , why not initiate asap.

    Enjoyed and learnt something.
    Jerry Fletcher
    04/02/2017 #2 Jerry Fletcher
    Thank you sir! T
    There's a great deal more to come.
    debasish majumder
    03/02/2017 #1 debasish majumder
    wonderful post @Jerry Fetcher! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.
  16. George Touryliov
    Did you know that there's thousands of organizations worldwide that have kickstarted their very own social and digital selling methods? That's exciting. As the programs in these organizations progress, eventually they are going to have to address reinforcement.
    George Touryliov
    13 Clear-Cut KPIs for #TeamRevenue To Measure Social Activity
    www.salesforlife.com Every aspect of our life is being invaded with a digital technology. So what can we do at work to enable this at scale? For many organizations, change begins at the...
  17. ProducerDeb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    Commenting on beBee โ€“ An Uncommon Way to Build Community
    Commenting on beBee โ€“ An Uncommon Way to Build CommunityThere are a lot of people talking about how the 'new' key to networking is to add value. I've read it dozens of times in the last couple weeks. But how often do you hear about what to do to demonstrate your value?A thoughtful comment or question...


    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    17/02/2017 #109 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #108 There is never any pressure, Mike. But I like to think of beBee as the platform where everybody knows your name and is ready to give a hearty shout-out anytime you drop by. The thing that is most impressive is how well the welcoming concept ripples. The secret honey sauce is the way people feel noticed on beBee in a way that doesn't exist on other platforms. That builds engagement, which leads pretty quickly to loyalty.
    Mike O'Connor
    17/02/2017 #108 Mike O'Connor
    Thanks for tagging me in this thread @Aleta Curry. I appreciate all the help that I can get. LOL! @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich, it's been more of time thing really. I have a little more time to investigate it now. #106
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    17/02/2017 #107 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #106 Awww, thanks, @Aleta Curry. I was just chatting with a friend over dinner and of course beBee came up. Even just scrolling around for the first time, people seem to feel how different the energy is and how we tend to just strike up conversations all over the place. I was also sooo proud of the bees. She had been mentioning how hard it is to visit fb because of the challenges of the dis-united states, and scroll as far as we went and not a mention.

    I thought about it and probably less than 50% of the people I chat with in any given day are in the US. The global nature of this site is really my absolute favorite bit, as I now get to imagine being in the heat of an Australian summer while safely tucked under the cloud cover of a typical Seattle February day.

    And thanks for mentioning Mike - I've been subtlety encouraging him to check out the hives and it would be so great to have him find a home here.
    Aleta Curry
    17/02/2017 #106 Aleta Curry
    Wish I'd seen this article months ago, though I kinda stumbled onto most of the techniques because a) beBee's User Interface is pretty intuitive, especially since b) I've been on social media for a long time and c) people like @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich View more
    Wish I'd seen this article months ago, though I kinda stumbled onto most of the techniques because a) beBee's User Interface is pretty intuitive, especially since b) I've been on social media for a long time and c) people like @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich were so kind and helpful and I could learn by example.

    There are some good tips here for you @Mike O'Connor. Close
    Gerald Hecht
    04/02/2017 #105 Gerald Hecht
    #104 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli well, there is still hope --It seems that increasingly, the sheer ubiquity of cameras ๐ŸŽฅ will inevitably lead to at least one catching me in "full improv, infotainment mode"!
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    04/02/2017 #104 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #103 well that's another trait of spontaneous authenticity. Preparing a lecdem and rolling it out as the cam rolls, is a different ball game i know. Too bad some things go undocumented and unarchived for posterity! If i was living close by, I surely would have come along on a Sunday and shot a few sessions with you...Q&A kinda. ;)
    Gerald Hecht
    03/02/2017 #103 Gerald Hecht
    #102 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli For some reason--I have to be live; I guess I'm more of a "live theater performer" than a "movie star"...maybe it would work if someone got it on video without me knowing...
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    03/02/2017 #102 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #97 Wow Gerry! You are a hot professor from the many cool testimonials there! :) Hey what's stoppin ya from recording some lectures and lessons and having em up in cyberspace? You could still teach folks over Skype if you wanna. Or you could simply start a series here on beBee...live buzzes on Psy...a series of ten 7 min lessons to cover one topic or some such arrangement. We will push it through our networks surely!
    Gerald Hecht
    03/02/2017 #101 Gerald Hecht
    #98 Exactly @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven ...for instance; what could be more priceless than a glimpse of Barron Trump's most adorable "Behind The Scenes At The White House" Moments?
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    03/02/2017 #100 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #96 Always great to hear from you, @Praveen Raj Gullepalli. I am so excited to see what 2017 will bring to the hives. So many new bees, so much great writing to read, it will be a fast-paced, human-powered adventure.
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    03/02/2017 #99 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #98 Appreciate your comment, @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven - I think it is the energy of communication in the comment boxes - the actual human interactions - that set the tone of any given platform. And on beBee, the sense of community is loud and clear.
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    03/02/2017 #98 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich Agree 100%. Humans number one goal is to find a purpose. When we communicate with others in in group it fills part of this desire. This is why isolation is so hard. Yet, just small social groups on a post like this can fill a inner desire greater than any product that anyone can sell. I, myself, write alot about sharing Valued content. I agree with you that creating relationship is the most value you can give others. Yet, beware. What may take days to months to create can be gone in seconds due to what we share online.
    Gerald Hecht
    03/02/2017 #97 Gerald Hecht
    #95 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli I remember how some time ago...a failure of all --to add their voice; had tremendous consequences...at least the students...the voices of the future; spoke out:
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    03/02/2017 #96 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Out here on beBee, we are feeding off on each other's honey, buzzes and responses, getting inspired and adding to the engagement. It all adds up! We know how information adds value. Discussion, interchange only adds more to it. And we thankfully have the freedom to choose what we engage in! And who to target.With such a user-friendly platform, the Buzz simply must go on!
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    03/02/2017 #95 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #34 Your're danged if u aint right there Gerry! ;)
    Gerald Hecht
    02/02/2017 #94 Gerald Hecht
    #91Helena; I believe you may be overqualified!! Please participate anyway! Please!
    Cyndi wilkins
    02/02/2017 #93 Cyndi wilkins
    #91 Don't be intimidated by the language Helena! These are some of the friendliest honey bees in the hives;-)
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    02/02/2017 #92 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #91 I am so pleased you felt comfortable enough to join this conversation, @Helena Jansen van Vuuren! Really glad to meet you.

    beBee is truly a place where age is just a number. We have some of the friendliest folks on the web and I have to agree with you - I don't think it matters when you were born - technology can feel like magic when it is at its best..

    I am constantly astounded at the marvelous people I get to have conversations with every single day - on so many diverse topics.

    There is something for everyone around here. The best place to get started is the beBee Cheat Sheet hive which has a bunch of posts targeted at Newbees: https://www.bebee.com/group/bebee-cheat-sheet

    Let me know if I can answer any questions, Helena!
    Helena Jansen van Vuuren
    02/02/2017 #91 Helena Jansen van Vuuren
    Great tips - have been reluctant to comment - might be because I feel slightly intimidated by the 'speak' in some articles or that being a fair bit older that maybe I do not have anything relevant to add. But maybe I do...started my working life with old manual typewriters and handwritten ledgers and the best thing about now is the knowledge/education available at the push of a button but 'surprised' that we people have not really changed that much.
    Gerald Hecht
    02/02/2017 #90 Gerald Hecht
    #89 @Wayne Yoshida "performance intimidation art"...or something.
    I still don't know if he was trying to be funny or not... I still have to go with "not"...based on some of his actual "Executive Decisions"...
  18. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Better to Focus or not?
    Better to Focus or not?To succeed you need to focus. To fail, just focus on one thing. Companies that focus on one niche may fail. This happened to many companies such as Kodak. These companies got so immersed in what they do well only to find their blindness to...


    siraj shaik
    02/02/2017 #98 siraj shaik
    #94 Well said, we reached right customers in return got good customer response which gave ways-in for loyalty development.. I was like a cross-link to my friend, his employer and customers. On 5th day went and collected my documents, also it was good to see the employment confirmation duly signed "Mr ... appointed as Area Manager .....". In return as focusing on my loyalty I was offered assist region manager, had to refuse as I hadn't completed graduation some subjects were yet to finish to get my degree.. More my focus was to establish a small workshop, so as to generate provisioning a half dozen employment at least. "It's inhumane tendency of power packers to crush the larvae, else the caterpillar knows journey of transformation to Imago".
    Ali Anani
    02/02/2017 #97 Ali Anani
    What a lovely surprise dear @Isabella M Wesoly to meet you here. You are most welcome to beBee as an outstanding thinker and person.
    You read my next buzz before writing it. It is related to complexity. I appreciate your good words as much as I am happy to welcome you here.
    Ali Anani
    02/02/2017 #96 Ali Anani
    #93 Very interesting story @siraj shaik. I agree with the comment of @Mohammed Sultan. Loyalty development od customers is a topic on its own and merits more attentin.
    Isabella M Wesoly
    02/02/2017 #95 Isabella M Wesoly
    Thanks for this delightful read Ali. I feel that a willingness to view complexity from multiple perspectives can allow a greater understanding of emergence. We could all make time to focus on what's outside 'the box', even nothing is something.

    Thanks again Ali, great to be here.. at last!
    Mohammed Sultan
    02/02/2017 #94 Mohammed Sultan
    #93 Focusing on the right customers whose loyalty can be developed is a good strategy.Thank you.I enjoyed the story.
    siraj shaik
    02/02/2017 #93 siraj shaik
    #62 from realties of life sharing an experience from early 1990's. One of my friend applied for a sales person job (matching as per qualification and experience), showed us the ad. Taking a peep on info, asked him why not apply for "Area manager or Team lead". Response from other friends to my suggestion was more negative. Following day I accompanied along, evening after the interview finding an opportunity greeted the General manager and asked if it's ok to share few words and evaluated the team tree maybe the sales in a month should be of this value? and if my friend fulfills the total sale equivalency (quantities equal to 16 sales persons "under the area manager 4 Team supervisors and under each team supervisor at least 4 salesman" then will they be willing to offer my friend Area Manger position? GM agreed and stated conditions (prove it and get placed in position along with an additional bonus. Else not a single Paise will be given nor expenses occurred will be paid). My friend signed the appointment took advance (gave copies of my license and moped document plus myself signed a promissory stamp paper as security). Later next day asked some friends to join us to accomplish sales, rather taking four weeks to lessen time in a week. Guided them with what and what not's, showed the market places. Within four weeks six months sales had been achieved. Used simple strategy by focusing on market. At that time I was just out of college and was working in a factory.
    Ali Anani
    02/02/2017 #92 Ali Anani
    #91 "we delink micro and macro, the link is broken"... and therefore I go for creative imagination to envisage the future.
    Devesh Bhatt
    02/02/2017 #91 Devesh Bhatt
    #80 true. In a company which has lived a few years I.e. survived and grown, it is true.

    Here strategy mplemented within context of the vision and objectives.

    But then we are back to focus. Vision and objectives as points of focus.
    Many times within a year a person finds vision and objectives to be redundant eg Start-ups, new governments, even individuals.

    Then it returns focus and spread of focus, embodied by points of focus.

    True vision can be all encompassing, but everybody cannot apply it that way. Vision/objective is for the future, our capacity is in the present and often Vision and objectives are precieved with very few elements of the present, we delink micro and macro, the link is broken.

    You and I already know our methods of application , here we look at a metaphorical context to seek replicable method.

    Suppose if we were to define the vision and objectives of this buzz by @Ali Anani in one line each. How would that be?
    Ali Anani
    01/02/2017 #90 Ali Anani
    #88 This is a wonderful elaboration @Gert Scholtz. I truly enjoyed your comment and its dynamism. The way you linked the Pareto Rule to the oscillation between wide and narrow is simply fantastic. This could be the theme of my ext buzz.
    Ali Anani
    01/02/2017 #89 Ali Anani
    I celebrate your first comment @MPORANYIMIGABO Gerard with joy. It is as precious as time is.
    Gert Scholtz
    01/02/2017 #88 Gert Scholtz
    @Ali Anani To your excellent post I might add that I think the Pareto Rule is dynamic - what is the profitable 20% today may be part of the unproductive 80% tomorrow, and vice versa. So it is important that company focus oscillates between wide and narrow so as to keep up with the continuous change in the Pareto mix.
    01/02/2017 #87 MPORANYIMIGABO Gerard
    Thanks Ali for your article, time is precious
    Ali Anani
    01/02/2017 #86 Ali Anani
    #85 Your comment increases the scope in front of our eyes @Kevin Baker. Thank you for the illumination and for sharing the buzz.
    Kevin Baker
    01/02/2017 #85 Kevin Baker
    I so agree that time is the only currency that can be spent once only. I also agree that remaining in our own perception develops tunnel vision and the more perceptions we are aware of the larger the scope of our minds vision.
    Ali Anani
    01/02/2017 #84 Ali Anani
    #82 Thanks for the link. Shall watch tonight
    Ali Anani
    01/02/2017 #83 Ali Anani
    #80 @Devesh Bhatt- just to inform you that @Mohammed Sultan tagged you (comment #80)
    Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    01/02/2017 #82 Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    #81 Here is the video where he talks about it.

    Ali Anani
    01/02/2017 #81 Ali Anani
    #79 Thanks for the explanation and I am going to check the work of Russell Targ
    Mohammed Sultan
    01/02/2017 #80 Mohammed Sultan
    #63 You raised a good point on the justification(the why) of cross-linkage as a focus strategy(the how).Cross-linkage or the relationship among different businesses will be more credible and justified by the "synergy'' that might exist between their objectives and when the strategy is implemented within the context of the org vision and mission.Thank you @ Devesh Bhatt.I wish the answer would satisfy your thoughts.
    Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    01/02/2017 #79 Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    #78 We are all as human as all of us are. i Might be an awakened human however it makes me no more human and makes no one else any less human.

    It's a different state of being human.

    The line you referred to is not opinion, it happens to be how it works. It's the only explanation as to why I can reach out to people on the other side of the globe and feel them instantly. It's why remote viewing works. There is a video from Russell Targ who worked n this for more than 2 decades with the CIA and was he was joined by physicists in this work. They proved it as scientific fact.
  19. ProducerMark Tillman Davis
    Goodbye, Internet Friends: Why Iโ€™m Turning Off LinkedIn and Facebook
    Goodbye, Internet Friends: Why Iโ€™m Turning Off LinkedIn and FacebookLetโ€™s face it. For most of us LinkedIn and Facebook have become part of our daily routine. We check them multiple times per day. When look in the morning while having coffee. Sneak in a few looks during the day at work. After dinner we take...


    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    01/02/2017 #20 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #19 @Mark Tillman Davis fully agreed !!!! That is the reason why beBee is focused on the US and our HQ are in NYC. CC @Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood @Virag Gulyas @John White, MBA. We will have also offices in Silicon Valley soon ! beBee US Ready to Swarm worldwide !
    Mark Tillman Davis
    01/02/2017 #19 Mark Tillman Davis
    #17 America drives the global economy.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    01/02/2017 #18 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #16 @Mark Tillman Davis yes. Me too. I admire his innovation and creativity. ! And he is going on disrupting social media. beBee is working to be on the top ! DREAM BIG :-)
    Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    01/02/2017 #17 Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    #16 America is part of the global economy and community... or at least it was :)
    Mark Tillman Davis
    01/02/2017 #16 Mark Tillman Davis
    #14 Mr. Zuckerberg is a globalist. Not sure that makes for a good advocate for Americans. I do, however, respect his innovation and creativity.
    Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    01/02/2017 #15 Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    #zuckforpres2020 ;)
    Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    01/02/2017 #14 Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    Ps: I also am 99% sure Mr Zuckerberg has political aspirations, so it doesn't surprise me he uses his media platform and massive influence to drive home his POV
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    01/02/2017 #13 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #7 @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven bees will care about quality content.
    Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    01/02/2017 #12 Sandra ๐Ÿ Smith
    And I thought this was going to be an article about how both sites are virtually useless for social *networking* nowadays... especially if you are a business (which you hint at in the first parag.). Personally, I feel Mark has a right to sound off on a topic on Facebook he feels passionate about. He's donating his life worth to good causes, and he pretty much built FB from scratch. Mr Weiner on the other hand... could not care less what he thinks / feels. LinkedIn is a joke these days if I'm honest.
    Jim Murray
    01/02/2017 #11 Jim Murray
    This is an interesting point of view.
    Jim Murray
    01/02/2017 #10 Jim Murray
    Interesting. I backed off LinkedIn a couple of years ago, when I discovered beBee and shut down my facebook account and started over with only people I knew personally last year. I totally agree with your sentiment that just because you own something, it doesn't give you a bully pulpit to preach to your connections. Social media, however has managed to flip the real world on its ear a bit. Maybe that's by design or maybe it just sort of happened. But lately a lot of people are catching onto it and walking away. The real world beckons. Thanks for posting this. I'll pass it around, @Mark Tillman Davis
    Mark Tillman Davis
    01/02/2017 #9 Mark Tillman Davis
    #8 I was going for something else ;-) !
    Zacharias Voulgaris ๐Ÿ
    31/01/2017 #8 Zacharias Voulgaris ๐Ÿ
    Funny how if you arrange the letters of the logos of these social media in a different way (in + f), the result is a common computer notation of the time you spend on them over the value you obtain (i.e. x / 0, where x is the amount of time you spend on them) :-)
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    31/01/2017 #7 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    This was a great Buzz and you hit some great points. Yet, one point that @David B. Grinberg made is that the average user of Facebook is 50 minutes. Since my goal is to get my content in front of viewers, it is a great tool if used correctly. I just don't browse it.
    Message those you want to share with. What is great about this tool is you don't need to have an active conversation. You can see if and when someone reads your messages and vice versa.
    But, I still enjoy the beBee platform better for building relationships. I do fear that within 5 to 10 years, this media site will be full of bee not understanding how to Hive system. They will put irrelevant posts in hives.
    Kevin Baker
    31/01/2017 #6 Kevin Baker
    It is clarifying to see others reiterate my inner thoughts. What brings you to success keeps you there and the biggest destroyer of any relation ship is to make something about you into something about others. This renders your audience invisible.
    David B. Grinberg
    31/01/2017 #5 David B. Grinberg
    I enjoyed reading your post, Mark, and have shared it on three hives, "Social Media" and "Facebook" and "LinkedIn." I'm also following you now and hope you can follow back.
    With that said, I have an admission to make that may come as a shock to some of those who know me:
    That is, I have never (ever) had a personal account on Facebook. However, my employer does have a company account on FB for which I periodically contribute. Why no personal account on FB? Here are a few reasons...
    1) Time consuming, as you artfully articulate above. The average daily time spent by FB users on the site is 50-minutes, according to a comSCORE. FB tops the list of all social platforms on this metric (LI is almost last at under 5-minutes).
    2) Bucking the trend, being rebellious and staking out my own social ground elsewhere.
    3) Not wanting to connect with some relatives, ex-girlfriends, friends from home town/high school, etc. (who flooded me me with invite requests).
    4) Privacy issues, which have been ongoing. And not just with operational issues and the FB user experience, but also because I don't need 1-2 billion people knowing my personal business, nor do I feel the need to showcase/showoff how my life is purportedly better than everyone else (per all the grandstanding and bragging).
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    31/01/2017 #4 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #3 @Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell thank you very much for your support ;)
    Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell
    31/01/2017 #3 Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell
    @Mark Tillman Davis - I am also disillusioned with the dumbing down of LinkedOut and Facebook and the constant white noise and unwanted advertising in my stream. Despite constantly cleaning up my contact lists and page likes etc. I am having to sift though a lot more dross to get to where I want to be. beBee is now my main platform.
    Stefan Musat
    31/01/2017 #2 Stefan Musat
    You are a very determined person. :) I have about the same feelings regarding FB and LinkedIn but until now I couldn't close my accounts but I'm seriously thinking about it. Somehow I still hope for all things to straighten up again. Congratulation for your decision. The sooner, the better. In Romania we have a saying: "a longer disease means certain death"
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    31/01/2017 #1 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    @Mark Tillman Davis beBee will do the best to satisfy your needs ! Thanks for your support !
  20. Jaime Contreras, MBA, CISM, CISA
    Jaime Contreras, MBA, CISM, CISA
    Technologyโ€”not life expectancyโ€”drives up healthcare costs | FierceHealthcare
    www.fiercehealthcare.com Even though Americans are living longer and often spending more on healthcare services later in life, pervasive use of new technology is to blame for burgeoning health costs, according to one economist. Austin Frakt writes in The New York Times that...


    Kevin Baker
    02/02/2017 #1 Kevin Baker
    Makes a lot of sense with constant innovation as the base protocol
  21. George Touryliov
    Ever been on a call with a prospect when they bring up an objection you have no idea to answer? That's why Salesforce created this awesome infographic. It covers everything from active listening, responding to the most common sales objections to techniques for handling them. Enjoy!
    George Touryliov
    How To Effectively Respond to Sales Objections [Infographic]
    www.salesforlife.com Ever been on a call with a prospect when they bring up an objection you have no idea to...
  22. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Open Minds Vs.  Closed Minds- which is better?
    Open Minds Vs. Closed Minds- which is better?The questions that occupy my day are considering open vs. closed situations. Examples include: Do you prefer open-minded or closed-minded people? Do you opt for open systems, closed systems or both? Example: Windows vs. Apple Do you...


    Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    20/02/2017 #106 Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    Regarding thermostat-like managers/leaders: You can take this from the standpoint that a thermostat can produce heat (when you raise it higher) and cool when you turn it lower. Thus a leader or manager could be one moment hot (ready to share with employees), the next cold (distancing themselves from employees. If the thermostat method is the one a leader/manager employs, the group or department will be like spinning tops - one minute required to complete one project and the next moving on to another. In short, nothing ever is actually completed nor do they make any positive headway. Once again thank you for an interesting share my friend.
    Ali Anani
    15/02/2017 #105 Ali Anani
    #104 My dear friend and author @Edward Lewellen- first- it is my genuine pleasure to read your comments again. I hope your health is great as much as your brainy ideas are. Your example of open offices reflects on a real life experience and I share your point of view entirely. Yes, sometimes when we have only two choices we rush into selecting one without considering consequences, as your story example pointed out. I wrote in a later buzz that having choices may generate new choices. You again revealed a great example. You mentioned introverts started building walls of books.
    You enrich my my mind my friend.
    Edward Lewellen
    15/02/2017 #104 Edward Lewellen
    My dear friend, @AliAnani, your ongoing use of nature to teach inspires awe of creation! You correctly write that we quickly jump to this binary decision, open or closed. I found myself doing exactly that! As in most things, to make a generalization of "all" or "none" seems to find exceptions to the rule. I recently became aware of a company that went to an open-space environment for most of their people. The executives thought, as you pointed out, that it would increase interaction, response time, camaraderie, etc. The executive I was speaking with asked me, "Do you know what happened?" I said, "let me get my crystal ball out and tell you. The people who are Extroverts loved it. They ended up engaging with each other more than before and wasting more time than before. The people who are Introverts started building walls for themselves with books, file hangers, pretty much anything they could find." His jaw dropped and he said I have pinpoint accuracy of the reactions from the employees. Unfortunately, executives have what they think is a great idea and then they generalize it into "one size fits all". People are too variable to make something good for all the people all the time.
    Ali Anani
    03/02/2017 #103 Ali Anani
    #102 I thank you @James Olcott and you are a mind reader. My post of today discusses choices and I wonder what you think
    James Olcott
    03/02/2017 #102 James Olcott
    It's important not to be "automatically" open or closed when presented with a choice. Your intuition should provide guidance for the appropriate orientation to make choices that emphasize grace and beauty.
    Ali Anani
    02/02/2017 #101 Ali Anani
    Dear @Netta Virtanen- you are truly one of my main discoveries on beBee. I love your writing and so a comment from you weighs a lot for me. I appreciate greatly your support and encouragement.
    Netta Virtanen
    02/02/2017 #100 Netta Virtanen
    Interesting buzz, it leaves the reader to ponder and think. Well written and thought out Ali.
    Ali Anani
    31/01/2017 #99 Ali Anani
    #97 I published the buzz dear @Sara Jacobovici. I wonder if it would be to your taste!
    Ali Anani
    31/01/2017 #98 Ali Anani
    #97 Very true @Sara Jacobovici. Strikingly, you wrote this comment while I am writing a buzz on focus or not? Two choices that sound easy to select from. In reality, the choice isn't easy. You keep reading my mind.
    Sara Jacobovici
    31/01/2017 #97 Sara Jacobovici
    #95 Thank you to @Ali Anani for bringing my attention to your comment @Donna-Luisa Eversley. I appreciate you saying that being open to one perspective does not close you to the existence of another. I like the way Dr. Ali worded it by saying that "open and close coexist." Maybe making a choice is often difficult when someone can not imagine being able to hold both that which has been chosen and that which was not.
    Ali Anani
    31/01/2017 #96 Ali Anani
    #95 You never amaze me with your sharpness @Donna-Luisa Eversley. I enjoyed your comment immensely. Your writing "I will relate open and closed to choices and how we share our point of view. If I am open to sharing good thoughts and kindness, I can't be closed off from the fact that bad, negative, and hate exist. For one to be highlighted the other must be present". So, open and close coexist. You are a pioneer in your thinking and your observation that hugging was accompanied with hate in some comments is the proof.
    Because of @Sara Jacobovici is writing a buzz on similar issues I invite her to read your comment Donna. I have no doubt dear Sara shall enjoy reading it.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    31/01/2017 #95 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Well I guess because I snore I will prefer open, Hahaha.. Quite an interesting topic. I will relate open and closed to choices and how we share our point of view. If I am open to sharing good thoughts and kindness, I can't be closed off from the fact that bad, negative, and hate exist. For one to be highlighted the other must be present. I shared a post on hugs and was surprised that it could elicit hate in some comments. Yet, there I was looking at the thoughts of another. I'm okay with choices once it does not become abusive or obscene. Thus by all means keep your mouth closed when sleeping, but I'll keep snoring with mine open and give you some earplugs ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Much food for thought @Ali Anani
    Ali Anani
    31/01/2017 #94 Ali Anani
    Thank you dear @Donna-Luisa Eversley for your sharing the buzz.
    Ali Anani
    31/01/2017 #93 Ali Anani
    #92 @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher- My mouth is open with amazement because of your concise comment. Thank you
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    31/01/2017 #92 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I prefer a person with an open mind, a mouth that stays closed when it's unnecessary to open it and closed mouth during sleep ;-) Great questions @Ali Anani
    Ali Anani
    31/01/2017 #91 Ali Anani
    #90 SMiling morning for me because of your sweet comment @Mohammed A. Jawad. Thank you
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    31/01/2017 #90 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Ah, frankness is such a fine element, but where wisdom is widely wanted, either you've to be tactical or mum.
    Milos Djukic
    30/01/2017 #89 Anonymous
    #84 My pleasure dear @Ali Anani!
    Ali Anani
    30/01/2017 #88 Ali Anani
    Love your mention of the tipping point @Donald Grandy. This gives the image that open/close are not on the opposite ends of a straight line; rather on a curve. This possibility opens my mind to many new thoughts and possibilities. I therefore greatly appreciate your illumination and sharing of the buzz. Thank you.
    Donald Grandy
    30/01/2017 #87 Donald Grandy
    Excellent post @Ali Anani. I am for the most part open minded, however, have found myself on many occasions in the middle. The tipping point for the open/closed decision for me, was the value of the risk. Thanks for opening up this great topic. I will be sharing.
  23. ProducerPreston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    Would you rather have Perfect Sight or Clear Vision?
    Would you rather have Perfect Sight or Clear Vision?Article from Blog FreedomThis might be a confusing question for some people, but I want you to look at this from a certain point of view. Most people live their days either looking forward or looking backwards. This is Sight. They may be so good at...


    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    31/01/2017 #5 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    #4 Great Point. Consistent Action is everything. It will achieve any goal, negative or great. So we must pay attention to what our daily habits are.
    Mohammed Sultan
    31/01/2017 #4 Mohammed Sultan
    Having sight is important to inspire a vision.A vision is not a vision unless it's inspired and acted upon.If you stand by a "window" ,whenever you change your position at the window you will see things differently.Having a transparent window will help you stretch your vision beyond the norms and the business logic of many others and become more strategic ,while a dark or one - way mirror window can restrict your vision and make you more tactical or depend on your feel gut.If you have a good vision and also changed your position at the window and can't see things differently ,you either change the window or have a magnifying lens to see things differently.Your window(sight) will to great extent influence your vision and the one-way mirror will determine the impact of your vision.
    Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell
    31/01/2017 #3 Claire ๐Ÿ Cardwell
    @Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven - great post - Love the Helen Keller quote where she was asked once โ€œWhat would be worse than being born blind?โ€ to which she replied โ€œHaving sight without a vision.โ€ Napoleon Hill - โ€œWhatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.โ€ So, if there is an idea that keeps popping up in your mind, you may want to take a long hard look at the possibility of achieving it. This is Vision. I've got note books that I keep with me to jot down ideas. I must check them out and see if there is a common theme anywhere that I should attend to.
    Kevin Baker
    30/01/2017 #1 Kevin Baker
    Awesome candid prose. So true if we view our past as โ€œhow could it have worked?โ€ . My vision is " if everyone takes care of everyone, everyone is taken care of ".
  24. ProducerLiesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    From Goal To Reality: 12 Steps Into A New Future
    From Goal To Reality: 12 Steps Into A New FutureStep 1: Decide to map the future todayMost of us have goals. Big ones. Little ones. We do not always act on them. For several reasons. That is sad. However, everyone of us has the power to create the life he or she is longing for. There is no...


    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    30/01/2017 #2 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    #1 oh @Devesh Bhatt that is a precious saying, love it, thank you so much.
    Devesh Bhatt
    30/01/2017 #1 Devesh Bhatt
    The sun and stars will give you light.

    The trees and rivers will lead you right.

    Walk on till the inner glow is bright

    Share the warmth to a friend's delight.

    Translated from an old village saying we have here.

    Good luck to you.
  25. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Asking Questions- limitations and scope
    Asking Questions- limitations and scopeThe biggest reality in life is people. Understanding what motivates people to do what they do through questioning them might seem the solution. In reality, this isn't the case always. I would even dare to say that some questions increase the fog...


    Ali Anani
    29/01/2017 #38 Ali Anani
    #36 Again, synchronicity in acton between us dear @Sara Jacobovici
    Ali Anani
    29/01/2017 #37 Ali Anani
    #35 @Sara Jacobovici- this is a comprehensive response to your comment.
    Sara Jacobovici
    29/01/2017 #36 Sara Jacobovici
    #35 Thank you so much @Mohammed Sultan for your kind words. I appreciate your elaboration and examples. Definitely these insights reinforce the concept.
    Mohammed Sultan
    29/01/2017 #35 Mohammed Sultan
    #33 I Well said Sara,questions reflect more than the answers...and your wisdom also reflects more than the administered questionnaires !,this's why we always advise researchers to get out and talk to people.Researchers who don't get out and meet with customers are not real researchers,but data collectors or databasers. Data is collected by different ways depending on the purpose and context of the study through questionnaires in quantitative studies and topic guides in qualitative studies or focus groups.Because qualitative focus groups are more concerned with revealing people's attitudes,behaviors,perceptions and aspirations,we often advise R&D scientists,and both marketers and advertisers,particularly those in creative jobs, to get out and observe the course of the group discussions through one-way mirrors.If a copywriter attends such groups,it will expose him to the possibility that a "chance remark" may suggest the germ of a new idea.The same with a R&D scientist,he/she will be exposed to "observe and design" situation.Exposing the lively minds of those people certainly will lead to a relative creative and innovative breakthrough,and confirm your conclusion of "questions reflect more than the answers" and also my remark of ; " your wisdom reflects more than the administered questionnaires."
    Ali Anani
    28/01/2017 #34 Ali Anani
    #33 I am so glad that you find the buzz relevant dear @Sara Jacobovici. Your comment counts heavily because and as usual you understood me very well. Yes, I do agree with you in that collecting ideas just for the sake of it serves no real purpose. If the purpose of asking is defined well, then we may be able to construct the right questions. I appreciate your kind words and these words make my writing journey purposeful. I need assurances that what I write adds some value and I am glad this buzz did no matter by what margin.
    Sara Jacobovici
    28/01/2017 #33 Sara Jacobovici
    Ironic that the system measures your buzz as a 1 minute read @Ali Anani. Not only did your buzz make me reread a few phrases like, "I would even dare to say that some questions increase the fog in front of us and we even become less understanding of what motivates people and how they make choices", but reading the comments and your replies kept my interest for much longer! It's great to see you moving from Flavio's buzz that asks existential type questions to focusing on human behavior and especially motivation. Both types are just as complex. There is a real reason why the Socratic method of learning through questions is so valuable. Questions reflect more than the answers. And that is why I feel, returning to your engaging perspective of surveys, that it may not be the questions that increase the fog but the choice of the questions and how they are administered. The success of your surveys reinforces that for me; you were thoughtful about the questions, how to word and construct rather than just ask questions to produce an answer for purposes of collecting data. There is an art to asking questions and your buzz demonstrates that.
    Ali Anani
    28/01/2017 #32 Ali Anani
    You said so beautifully @Mohammed Sultan that I have nothing to add. I mean "."In effect,research and planning are made to fill the gap between a perfect formal knowledge and the need to act in state of imperfect knowledge,away from depending on our past held beliefs". Even when we think we know, soon we realize there remains so much more to know.
    Mohammed Sultan
    28/01/2017 #31 Mohammed Sultan
    Research ,in general, is not and can't be,a precise measuring instruments ,despite its scientific base.In addition,surveys underestimate the complexity of human behavior and attitude.But,the merit of research lies in its ability to keep org and researchers in close contact with people.The human approach is what's matter in research.Research,more than any other org discipline,is concerned with the thoughts,feeling and attitudes which influence people perceptions ,behavior and response which they may be un aware of or an able to articulate.What's also unique about research is; its association with strategic planning.Formal research studies is the proper alternative of the past held belief that makes organizations captives of the past.I have repeated in many of my previous comments and still this statement on the role of research "It has to be conceded that knowledge about people is not necessarily of scientific nature,not only that ;possibly the phenomenon of humanity will never be susceptible to the kind of dominating prestige of social science."In effect,research and planning are made to fill the gap between a perfect formal knowledge and the need to act in state of imperfect knowledge,away from depending on our past held beliefs.
    Ali Anani
    28/01/2017 #30 Ali Anani
    #29 This is truly a wonderful comment dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. I love it because it reflects forward thinking "I don't want to fight with people who are still experiencing the past and have no inkling that the future is what is seeded in their present". I love the restaurant example. It shall reside in my memory.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    28/01/2017 #29 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Marketing like everything else is evolving. A relative from in-laws in Leicester has a catering business where he too offers free dishes and actually does ask people to select three dishes. I consider him, like you to be more evolved on the evolutionary tree. He is beating is competitors hands down - so this kind of evolved thinking is beginning to reveal itself.

    Even if one could explain this as process, if we have not learned to see this way - we will continue in the old way. I don't want to fight with people who are still experiencing the past and have no inkling that the future is what is seeded in their present.
    Ali Anani
    28/01/2017 #28 Ali Anani
    #27 Dear @Mohammed Sultan- thank you so much for your comprehensive comment and highlighting what to do and not to do in an interview. Interviewers with high EI avoid embarrassing interviewees. Your comment is truly a guide to good interviews. This is a topic of its own. I salute you for sharing your vivid experience in this regard. My buzz focused on asking revealing questions whether in print or face-to-face encounters. No matter what how good the interviewers are or healthy the environment still asking the right questions is a necessity. I do appreciate your elaboration.
    Mohammed Sultan
    28/01/2017 #27 Mohammed Sultan
    Dear @Ali Anani PhD.Interviewers have to be trained not only for his role in asking questions but also on how to put the interviewee at ease to build trust and express his views freely.To gain the interviewee cooperation the interviewers are generally encouraged to use their own words ;the words that often printed on the questionnaire.Even any tiny changes in wording can affect the interviewee perception.If an interviewee seems to have misunderstood or misinterpreted a question the interviewer should not try to explain it in different words or guide the interviewee to specific answer.Also,it's often difficult to keep the interviewee to the point .If for any reason the interviewee starts to answer one question by giving information that's asked for in a later question the interviewer should politely stop him,explaining that the point is going to be covered later.If the interviewee wishes to go back to a previous question to change or add to his answer ,the interviewer should take a note without changing the sequence of the questions.To add informality to the interview by using link phrases,it's important that these phrases have no bearing on the answers given and thus can't bias the results.Interviewers should also be trained on how to avoid any bias resulting from the interviewee faulty memory or distraction or embarrassment about sensitive issues and also be trained on probing their questions particularly when the interviewee use ambiguous words.
    Ali Anani
    28/01/2017 #26 Ali Anani
    #25 First, I thank you heartedly dear friend @David Navarro Lรณpez for sharing your personal story. I think this story is a buzz on its own because it is a perfect example of how the environment and circumstances change the emphasis. Your response differed because the passion in your answer to your mother differed from the passion to the company's owner.Variable circumstances require variant responses. All of them were true, but the priority changed.
    However; if you had three interviews for three different companies may be then your response would not have changed that much. My last point is that the question influences our responses. If the question was phrased differently then you would have answered it differently. This is what I tried to highlight in this buzz.
    David Navarro Lรณpez
    28/01/2017 #25 Anonymous
    Once again, a very challenging post, my admired friend. Would like to bring some sand grains to it.
    I have been in many interviews, on both sides of the table. How the questions are done is certainly a big issue to consider. But in my opinion there are other components can not be ignored, like the environment or circumstances, the momentum, and the feelings between the two parties.
    On my most recent job interview, I was asked by the owner of the company why I wanted to work for his company. Answer was, because I wanted to work for a company that makes great machines, which is my passion. My mom set the same question, and my answer was, because it is a german company, so I will have a safe work within a country that gives great social benefits. To my friends, the answer was that I was tired of wasting my talent in a job/country where it was no longer possible to grow as a professional. To my daughter and sister, because I thought it was the time to make a big change in my life, challenging myself to continue my personal growth, now that my family responsibilities had changed.
    All the answers are true. The question was the same in all cases.
    Ali Anani
    27/01/2017 #24 Ali Anani
    #23 @Kevin Baker- you "baked" my emotions elegantly with your concise and motivating comment. Thank you
    Kevin Baker
    27/01/2017 #23 Kevin Baker
    Love this example. Ask yes/no you get a jaded result. Ask what if or an open ended metaphor and you get motivation of intentions. Bravo post.
    Ali Anani
    27/01/2017 #22 Ali Anani
    #21 Because I trust your evaluations and ingenuity ans equal as I trust the quality of your buzzes @Gert Scholtz your comment means a lot for me. You fill me with positive energy and I am deeply grateful to you.
    Gert Scholtz
    27/01/2017 #21 Gert Scholtz
    @Ali Anani I find your post stretching my mind in a good way. There is the ability to talk well, to write well and to listen well. Your post illuminates the ability to question well. Thank you.
    Ali Anani
    27/01/2017 #20 Ali Anani
    #19 Obivously you have a deep understanding of surveys dear @Mohammed Sultan. Your comment is superb and highlights the role of surveys n completing a feasibility study. I agree fully with you.
    Unfortunately, many times the survey asks questions with the wrong wordings and style. They provide answers, but not to the need of the feasibility. It is a repeating problem because when we do surveys we ask questions that either affect the position of the interviewees or their behavioral direction and motivation. We can't know precisely the position and direction simultaneously and we end up confusing ourselves.
    You must have a reason to mention the 65%. I don't have the statistics, but it seems a valid one. Again, I thank you my friend for writing such a comprehensive comment.
    Mohammed Sultan
    27/01/2017 #19 Mohammed Sultan
    Questionnaire design is the context of the questions asked.Questionnaires come in many varieties.We regularly resort to ask questions or depend on surveys to fill any gap in our knowledge resulting from secondary sources.We sometimes conduct qual research or focus groups to add insights to the numerical data obtained from quant.surveys.The type of questions asked depend on the nature of the study which differs according to its purpose; whether it's on the basic attitudes and behaviors of the interviewees or concerned with the "context"in which the research is conducted(ie.trade vs consumer,retail vs non-retail).
    They also differ according the application or the purpose whether it's on ad targeting and segmentation,NPD,pricing,image ,motivation or employee motivation and satisfaction surveys.

    Questionnaires come also in many shapes and sizes ,from postcards to be filled in by interviewees to multi-page documents to be filled in by the interviewer.
    A good questionnaire and the question asked have to be designed to suit the study objectives and the nature of the interviewee.

    As long as food is always concerned,to give marketing justifications for opening a new restaurant,the proposal should be the document on which the researcher should determine the objectives and the methodology of the study.For the requirements of any feasibility study the proposal should include three waves ;Desk Research ,Trade Research and Consumer Surveys(qual then quant).Surveys are always conducted to fill any gaps resulting from the Desk Research.Based on the findings of these three types of researches( 65 % of the feasibility)the researcher will be in a position to give a decision of whether( to- go or not- to -go) with the project.As for the types of questions asked and which is suitable for which context it can be discussed according to the development of the discussion,if there's a necessity.Thank you dear @Ali Anani PhD.for your insightful post.
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