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Neuroscience in Business - beBee

Neuroscience in Business

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  1. Paul Frank Gilbert
    Worth a read .... and some thought
    Paul Frank Gilbert
    Cambridge Scientists: We Shouldn't Define Intelligence According to Humanity
    futurism.com Maybe the definition of intelligence needs a rethink; a Cambridge scientist has a few ideas. Intelligence may be expanded to encompass, not merely human thinking, but the thinking of other primates, certain bird species, and even machines and...
  2. Paul Frank Gilbert
    Life is more complex than Yes or No. Right or Wrong. Too many people find themselves trapped by their own inability to see options. 1 or 2 A or B ... these are sometimes only the easy/lazy way out ... even with time constraints. Be sure you are looking at all options .. even a coin toss has more than a heads or tails answer! Paul Frank Gilbert
  3. Paul Frank Gilbert
    Paul Frank Gilbert
    You Can Train Your Brain for Trading
    www.bloomberg.com Research finds that traders use parts of the brain associated with reading other people when looking at...
  4. Paul Frank Gilbert
    Paul Frank Gilbert
    Brain Basics: Neuroscience in Business | Hppy
    www.gethppy.com If we can understand the brain, we can have a better understanding of ourselves and the people we work with. Find out more about neuroscience in...