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  1. Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    studying a little bit of Codeship. Lets try make a best enviroment of integration continuous
    Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    Continuous Delivery with Codeship: Fast, secure and fully customizable.
    codeship.com Codeship is a fast and secure hosted Continuous Delivery platform that scales with your...
  2. Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    A good vídeo tutorial of ecma6, I recommend watch this vídeo, worth it . =)

    Essential ES6 / ES2015 JavaScript
    Essential ES6 / ES2015 JavaScript Learn the essentials of the next version of JavaScript, ES6 or ES2015: let, const, class, extends, super, arrow functions, template string, destructuring,...
  3. Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    Building a Nginx API. Nothing better for a quick test with #nodejs #mocha #chai #instanbul, 98.2% of coverage! have fun =) Thiago Zilli Sarmento
  4. Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    Um exemplo basico com socket.io e nodejs
    Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    How to Create a Resumable Video Uploader in Node.js - Tuts+ Code Tutorial