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  1. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith
    Forbes Welcome
    www.forbes.com Despite a record increase in renewable energy use in 2015, and a drop in coal consumption, a rise in oil demand drove overall fossil fuel consumption up by 0.6%, and global carbon dioxide emissions once again set a new all-time record...
  2. nagesh CY

    nagesh CY

    Do you know that the Terminal Automation System Market for Oil & Gas would be worth $4.4 Billion by 2020? To Know more read this

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    Oil and gas terminal automation market is a fast developing market, which includes eight product segments; namely DCS, SCADA, PLC, PSS, HMI, blending controller, automatic tank gauging, and security.
    Terminal Automation System Market for Oil & Gas is known for its ability to manage and analyze data with the aid of its advanced technology. Terminal automation provides various benefits to the oil and gas industry, especially, the betterment of the processes and real time data management. The overall transportation of the oil and gas terminal automation is segmented into two sub segments, which are truck and pipeline. While, geography-wise the market is segmented into Middle East, the Americas (North and South America), Europe, APAC, and ROW.
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    There are a few factors, which are significantly impacting the Terminal Automation System Market for Oil & Gas in positive way; these factors are helping the terminal automation systems to grow and match the needs and demands of the customer. In other words, these are the market elements, which are supporting the oil and gas terminal automation market, so as to bloom it in the current market scenario. The major driving factors for the global terminal automation system market are: - growing concern on safety, security & accuracy at the terminal areas, upgradation of old terminals to automated terminals, increasing interest in advanced operational activities, and the need to integrate the entire terminal system.
    nagesh CY
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  3. ProducerCristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it   Randieri.com
    Industrial And Oil&Gas CCTV Security Videosuirveillance
    Industrial And Oil&Gas CCTV Security VideosuirveillanceIntellisystem Technologies formed in March 2003 as an independent research team and designed to generate innovative proposals, cost-effective, sustainable and avant-garde is a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in research and...


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  4. ProducerCristian 🐝 Randieri, PhD Founder & CEO of Intellisystem.it   Randieri.com
    Thermography for Oil & Gas application
    Thermography for Oil & Gas applicationThermography plays an important role within the petrochemical, chemical, and power generation industries. With the current global energy crisis, these energy-based industries must continue to meet high volume demands while reducing operational costs...