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  1. Henrik Ståhl

    Henrik Ståhl

    The whole area was designed so people might never have to drive. "A big goal of ours was to get people out of cars," Murcott says. In a study, the team found that if people had to walk more than 12 minutes to a destination, they drive. So the developers put public transit stops within 12 minutes of every apartment building or business. Everyday errands can be accomplished on foot.
    Henrik Ståhl
    Inside Songdo, The City Designed From Scratch To Be Sustainable
    www.fastcoexist.com Can this Korean development outside of Seoul be the standard for how we build new cities in the...
  2. Sanghamitra Mandal
    Sanghamitra Mandal
    A look at the growing dark side of call centre industry - The Economic Times
    economictimes.indiatimes.com "Our performance was determined by how much we could scam. Initially, incentive was Rs 1 per dollar," says Jignesh Verma, who had a stressful...
  3. ProducerHayley Bruce

    Hayley Bruce

    A limitation of technology; it can't admit mistakes
    A limitation of technology; it can't admit mistakesLast week, the pound suffered a dramatic drop known as a 'flash crash' and nobody knows why, but it has been suggested this was a computer algorithm but obviously a mistake as the pound sky-rocketed back up. However, this has made people question...
  4. ProducerHayley Bruce

    Hayley Bruce

    Communicating to get what you want...
    Communicating to get what you want...I am currently researching communication to see if I can find ways to make people better at communicating…here is what I have so far:I am currently researching communication to see if I can find ways to make people better at communicating…here is...


    Hayley Bruce
    10/10/2016 #5 Hayley Bruce
    #4 Not really, other than the green ones are the more positive. Thank you for your feedback.
    Charles David Upchurch
    09/10/2016 #4 Charles David Upchurch
    Aha! You changed the graphic! Much better, now. Do the colors have specific meaning?
    Charles David Upchurch
    09/10/2016 #3 Charles David Upchurch
    #2 That's not what I meant, @Haley. The graphic would be fine if you removed those axis lines. The rectangle in the center was fine, for example.
    Hayley Bruce
    07/10/2016 #2 Hayley Bruce
    #1 Hi Charles, thank you for the feedback. I know I have to work on the graphics, a new skill I need to acquire.
    Charles David Upchurch
    07/10/2016 #1 Charles David Upchurch
    You're onto somethong good here, @Hayley Bruce.

    Overall, most of these ideas have been presented before (with different words), but that's fine! I like that you didn't just use the typical jargon like CTA (call to action). After 6,000 years of development in human communication, it's not easy at all for us to come up with something totally novel.

    One suggestion: you might want to convert your graphic of communication quadrants by leaving out the lines which appear to be (but are not, I think, intended to be) vertical and horizontal graphing axes. If a reader thinks about how those axes might be labeled, or how the two axes relate, vertically vs. horizontally, that would be a distraction from your main point. Without the "axis" lines your point (about good communication being the result of an intentional process) would be more clear.

    Ironically, you actually DID one thing at several points which was a great answer to your ending question of
    "How do you know this communication technique will work?"
    That is, you asked us, your readers, for feedback along the way.

    Asking questions is one of my favorite ways of engaging audiences in what I am communicating. Just be careful, especially if your communication is live, that you don't only ask questions where you expect one specific answer.

    Listeners, and readers, will often surprise you with their answers. That's another thing that I like about asking genuine questions: I always have the opportunity to learn from the answers!
  5. ProducerMd. Nazrul Islam
    6 transformations in communication you might have missed
    6 transformations in communication you might have missed6. SMS (Short Messaging Service) vs. IM (Instant Messaging)Instant Messaging has become one of the most popular communicating methods to us nowadays. Mobile SMS has not yet vanished in communication, though. But you probably have noticed some...
  6. Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Feel Like Smiling: Right Blog
    www.bebee.com Fun Alert... If you don't want to smile, don't want to kick off your shoes and hold that broomstick (or pen) like a microphone If you don't want...
  7. Md. Nazrul Islam
    Before and After Bees Md. Nazrul Islam
  8. Tom Peine

    Tom Peine

    Tom Peine
    IPhone Users Urged to Update Software After Security Flaws Are Found
    www.nytimes.com Apple has patched its mobile operating system after investigators found flaws that were exploited to spy on dissidents and...
  9. ProducerRenée Cormier

    Renée Cormier

    Nine neat ways to recover from a bum news release
    Nine neat ways to recover from a bum news releaseBy: Veronica Magee & Renée CormierIt happens all the time; and these days, more than ever. You send out a news release and it falls flat. You go through your PR checklist: the content was newsworthy, grammatically flawless, written in CP style...
  10. ProducerLisa Gallagher

    Lisa Gallagher

    Facebook Memories Can Stir Up A lot Of Emotion
    Facebook Memories Can Stir Up A lot Of EmotionMany times I love Facebook's memories and there are times they hurt. A few day's ago a memory came up and it was a photo of my mom. I took the photo of her. She decided on August 10, 2013 she wanted to change her profile picture on Facebook. Mom was...


    Lisa Gallagher
    22/08/2016 #63 Lisa Gallagher
    Thank you for sharing this buzz @Federico Álvarez San Martín, I just found your share!
    Lisa Gallagher
    17/08/2016 #62 Lisa Gallagher
    #59 Thank you @Paul Kearley and thanks for taking the time to read this!
    Lisa Gallagher
    17/08/2016 #61 Lisa Gallagher
    #57 Hi @Pamela L. Williams, it's funny, there were times I thought my mom and I were so different but since she's passed I've realized that we were more alike than I was willing to admit. I'm glad you can hear the healing, it's been slow but with support from my family (for each other) we are doing it. Your right, her spirit will always live on and that's reassuring. She will always be in my heart! Thanks Pam.
    Lisa Gallagher
    17/08/2016 #60 Lisa Gallagher
    #56 Hi @Deb Criveau, I love how you put it, "she would battle a pride of lions," wow you read her well. I think she would have! Thanks to her, the strength of family and love of family lives on through all of us. The anxiety, well... it does come like waves and with help from good people, I think I've got this. It will never leave but I won't let it win. Thanks for your thoughtful and kind comment!
    Paul Kearley
    17/08/2016 #59 Paul Kearley
    @Lisa Gallagher once again you have stirred the honey jar with your authentic thinking and writing. Thank you!
    Eileen Doyon
    17/08/2016 #58 Eileen Doyon
    #30 :):):)
    Pamela L. Williams
    17/08/2016 #57 Pamela L. Williams
    You were truly blessed to have a mother you were that close to. My mother and I seem to be from different worlds.
    Sharing memories like this are wonderful Lisa and I can hear the healing in your words. You'll always miss her physical body, but the spirit of her is always with you.
    Deb Criveau
    16/08/2016 #56 Deb Criveau
    This was so touching, not to mention, profoundly moving to read, @Lisa Gallagher. I share the tears of loss, as well as those of joy, that this photo stirred within you. Looking at the picture of your Mom, I see a beautiful, strong, resilient and confident woman, who looks like she would battle a pride of lions for her family. Wanting to take a current photo of herself proves that she was able to accept who she was, despite her illness, and, despite her anxiety. Anxiety is an invisible demon, it lurks inside where nobody else can see, and feeds off of all the negatives that we try so eagerly to bury deep in our cores. It can come on like a tidal wave, or it can linger there, always poking at you, creating self doubt, lack of confidence, and mental anguish. I wish you the best in your journey to betterment, and hope that you share that journey with us here, we're all rooting for you!
    Lisa Gallagher
    15/08/2016 #55 Lisa Gallagher
    #54 Thanks @John White, MBA! Very appreciated :)
    John White, MBA
    15/08/2016 #54 John White, MBA
    @Lisa Gallagher, another buzzworthy post! It has been promoted via beBee's FB and LI pages.
    Lisa Gallagher
    15/08/2016 #53 Lisa Gallagher
    #52 Great way to put it @Donna-Luisa Eversley, "Strength in mothers cannot be defined easily." Hope your having a good day!
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    15/08/2016 #52 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Thanks @Lisa Gallagher...I waited to read thinks knowing its contents would bring inspiration and tears..strength in mothers cannot be defined easily, especially when you have lived and loved with them.
    Lisa Gallagher
    15/08/2016 #51 Lisa Gallagher
    #48 What a profound and eye opening comment you left @CityVP Manjit! You're right, I'm still going through the healing process. We took a few months off (my counselor and myself) due to scheduling conflicts and we are resuming this week. I only just began the journey of EMDR when I last wrote, so I have a long way to go- but from what he tells me it won't take a year to work through like many therapies.

    If my struggles can help others to realize this is a real illness, not something we would wish on our worst enemies, then that makes me feel more motivated to write more. In numbers there is strength for all of us who experience this. So many people send me private messages because they fear retribution or the stigma that can be attached if they were to post openly online. Our society has a long way to go yet because no one should have to feel inferior or embarrassed for having an illness they have no control over.

    You wrote, "and this sharing is not something that you have conquered and something that you are looking back at, this is right in the middle of your own healing process" I never thought of it that way, thank you. I believe that is true. I was asked to journal and maybe this is my way of journaling. Thanks so much for your kind and wise comment!
    Lisa Gallagher
    15/08/2016 #50 Lisa Gallagher
    #46 I need to watch the weather channel again @Gerald Hecht since you wrote this 9 hrs ago. Hoping things are letting up a bit. 9 years isn't long when we shared a lifetime of love and many experiences with our parents. That had to be hard on all of you, neurodegenerative disease is very tough for family members to watch their loved one's experience. Hugs!
    Ben Pinto
    14/08/2016 #49 Ben Pinto
    Thank you so much.#47
    CityVP Manjit
    14/08/2016 #48 CityVP Manjit
    Dear Lisa, having read your post on EMDR http://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/ last month (I can only locate your original posting at LinkedIn not the one I read at BeBee https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/suffering-from-anxiety-disease-social-implications-lisa-gallagher ) I can only appreciate how powerful and healing this buzz is for you., It must be a nightmare for anyone to experience of a mind that gets locked into a thought simply from brain processes that were meant to help us and the EMDR journey is a long transition and hopefully.

    In many ways the combination of you being invovled in EMDR and expressing these thoughts are very strong forms of healing, though I don't experience the terror of anxiety in the way that it triggers in your mind - I can FEEL the healing in you from these words because they are not only absolutely charged with deep meaning for you, but you are unpacking the kind of thoughts that perhaps once were bottled in, where they whirled and whirled and turned natural anxiety into monstrous anxiety - and where the slightest trigger can unleash a new storm, and I have great empathy for that kind of experience of terror.

    I am very honoured to be a witness to this journey because ultimately you are still on this journey, and this sharing is not something that you have conquered and something that you are looking back at, this is right in the middle of your own healing process, and I deeply encourage that. Along the path you have discovered those who share the cognitive storms you face and just knowing that must prove to be an additional form of healing because it means you are not alone in this suffering, and this journey is conquered with every helpful step. Yet this journey is still on-going so I will not be presumptive other than congratulate your courage to walk with personal meaning and and respect your buzz as an ongoing process of healing. My deepest respect.
    Fatima Williams
    14/08/2016 #47 Fatima Williams
    #45 Sure Ben just joined the hive and I can see it's already buzzing with honey. It's great to connect with you as well. Thank you :)
    Gerald Hecht
    14/08/2016 #46 Gerald Hecht
    #35 @Lisa Gallagher Thank you for the kind thoughts, the water still rising; much more damage to come, but, yes, safe for now. It' was nine years ago when my dad was finally released from the long, horrific demon of Neurodegenerative dementia
    Ben Pinto
    14/08/2016 #45 Ben Pinto
    Fatima, thanks for connecting with me. You should turn that into an easy graphic and post Ian's join the hive 'quotes.' I also joined the hive for quotes that Bees authored. You will find that I love Acronyms, especially ones with double meanings like MOM or if you include the ambigram WOW it becomes a triple. #44
    Fatima Williams
    14/08/2016 #44 Fatima Williams
    #41 Thanks @Ben Pinto I love making up Acronyms and this is what I feel about my MOM :) and every other MOM in our world.
  11. Stephane Fenner

    Stephane Fenner

    Facebook just ruined Instagram

    Interesting read
    Stephane Fenner
    Facebook just ruined Instagram
    mashable.com Get your Snapchat outta my...
  12. Renée Cormier

    Renée Cormier

    Looking forward to networking with other buzzing professionals. @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, @Ben Walker, @Dave Bookbinder, @Aretha Perkins, B.A., @Peter Pinfold, it's nice to be part of your network!
    Six Ways You Can Use Internet Marketing to Maximize Your Brand
    Six Ways You Can Use Internet Marketing to Maximize Your Brand Having trouble marketing your brand/product in the ever-growing world of the internet? This video will show you six ways to get your brand/product noticed...


    Mamen Delgado
    07/09/2016 #5 Mamen Delgado
    So nice to listen to you and see you "in movement"... 😉
    Thanks for the tips Renée!!!
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    07/09/2016 #4 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Academic medicine can certainly use this example as a woman's manner extraordinaire on a motivational video. And just at 3 min without sounding rushed, but in fact quite calm. We should strive to be like this.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    07/09/2016 #3 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Shared to beBee English, Women Entrepreneurs, Women Leaders & Tweeted, etc. etc. etc. @Lisa Gallagher, @Franci Eugenia Hoffman, @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian, @Dean Owen, @Matt Sweetwood, @John White, MBA, @Juan Imaz, this is a gem.
    Renée Cormier
    07/09/2016 #2 Renée Cormier
    Thank you for sharing and commenting, @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    07/09/2016 #1 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    I think this is Simple and Classy, @Renée Cormier. I'm sorry I didn't see it before. Feel free to Tag me more than once if I don't leave a Comment, as that is not like me. I always have a Comment on anything I read.
  13. ProducerOlivia Adams

    Olivia Adams

    10 Lessons I’ve Learned Working At A PR Firm
    10 Lessons I’ve Learned Working At A PR FirmWhen I started my new PR job back in February, I thought I knew what I had signed up for. After all, I am a passionate PR professional who has completely immersed herself in the world of PR since day one. Little did I know, however, that this job...


    Nida Asad
    04/08/2016 #7 Nida Asad
    I want to start a freelance PR firm with one partner! How should i go about it?--
    mohammed khalaf
    20/07/2016 #6 mohammed khalaf
    If you show that you like the way the company works, your boss and your boss's bosses will be happier to make you an important part of it. Also, get to know your co workers. If you seek to understand your co workers, you may avoid potential disagreements.
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    20/07/2016 #5 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    These are very helpful tips Olivia Adams. Thank you for your post.
    Anees Zaidi
    20/07/2016 #4 Anees Zaidi
    A good and helpful sharing @Olivia Adams. These tips are as essential in PR as in any other Domain. Thanks for a reminder.
    David Brown
    20/07/2016 #3 David Brown
    These are valuable lessons @Olivia Adams of course #10 being the most important and vital for any PR success.
    Elizabeth Harris
    20/07/2016 #2 Elizabeth Harris
    I like number 3, I think it is important to work ahead of time, because in that way when something unexpected comes your way you'll have enough time to make it through and also your tasks won't make you feel overwhelmed. Thank you for all the suggestions @Olivia Adams
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    20/07/2016 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    After all, PR in a sensible, straightforward manner is always a learning experience!
  14. ProducerRenée Cormier

    Renée Cormier

    Is social media marketing enough?
    Is social media marketing enough?Content! Content! Content! When it comes to marketing, that’s all you ever hear about. In the business version of the Brady Bunch, content is Marsha and everything else is poor Jan (who, incidentally, I always thought was much prettier). The fact...


    Renée Cormier
    20/07/2016 #4 Renée Cormier
    #3 My pleasure!
    Javier beBee
    20/07/2016 #3 Javier beBee
    thanks for sharing it ! @Renée Cormier welcome to beBee !
    Renée Cormier
    20/07/2016 #2 Renée Cormier
    #1 Thanks, Graham!
    Graham Edwards
    20/07/2016 #1 Graham Edwards
    Really good insight @Renée Cormier
  15. ProducerVivian Chapman

    Vivian Chapman

    GENESISAcrylics on hardboard bath panel 1200 x 600Not sure if you can share a painting this way?  Using visual language instead of verbal?...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    04/08/2016 #2 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    I do not normally 'like' abstract art...only because as a humanitarian and scientist, physician and traumatologist, I need art to 'speak' to me. Social significance, not just 'a dot on a page.' Having said that, I'm implored to adore the conjunction of "Genesis" to the ink blot-ish dark blue sky of either the twilight or the early morning, sunset or sundown. Like looking at a cloud, or the man in the moon, I swear I see a human body hidden and outlined scatteringly. The lines are like prisms, the physics, gravity, and math; the circles speak of nature, symbiosis, photosynthesis and it's all buried in front of my face. I could stare at it, knowing the Book of Genesis, and it continues to implore..
    Greg Rolfe
    12/07/2016 #1 Greg Rolfe
    I like this one!
  16. Renee Rosenmann

    Renee Rosenmann

    Renee Rosenmann
    Psychological Strategies to Increase eCommerce Sales
    strongsocial.ca If you're an eCommerce brand, you know the struggle of trying to get into your customers' minds to understand their purchasing habits. From developing a sales calendar to making...
  17. ProducerVivian Chapman

    Vivian Chapman

    British Democracy in Crisis
    British Democracy in CrisisBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigns because the EU referendum didn’t go the way he expected. The LibDem Party have decided to start a campaign to rejoin the EU. The Scottish National Party is trying to block our exit from the...
  18. ProducerVivian Chapman

    Vivian Chapman

    The Relationship of Divorce
    The Relationship of DivorceWhen I was a teenager, I worked in the British Civil Service, helping people with their Retirement Pension claims. One day, a very attractive 60 year old came into the office. She was in a state of dread over her impending retirement. This...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    04/08/2016 #10 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #1 #2 #4 Beautiful flow of fractal thought and angular, curving bifurcations that know no bounds, just as love can climb mountains and swim over the seas. You have turned the Buzz into very sweet, thoughtful honey, glowing in the moonlit night. Love leading to resentment and unforgiven chards of the heart with self-loathing and diminishes one's soul. It is only in forgiveness that we truly find ourselves, and then this is when the soul can love again. The value of forgiveness cannot be overstated, as we too shall be forgiven, just as we forgive. Muaaah! Bringing in @Salma Rodriguez to get a full load to explode!
    Ali Anani
    24/06/2016 #9 Ali Anani
    #8 Bifurcation or branching out is a widely used word in fractals to show the variation of paths unpredictably. Yes, we learn every day something Vivian
    Vivian Chapman
    24/06/2016 #8 Vivian Chapman
    #7 Blimey I've never heard that word before Ali! "Bifurcate" - learned a new word!

    Useful comment about it applying to our own opinions as well.
    Ali Anani
    24/06/2016 #7 Ali Anani
    #6 Yes, Vivian and I go along with you. When bees get crowded in a hive they move out. Sometimes affecting change comes by making the current situation so appalling that leaves people with one choice- separation. Sometimes this extends to long-held opinions when we find them jailing us. What comes next is either more hate or change. These events may cause us to bifurcate into two different alternatives with each preferred by some people.
    Vivian Chapman
    24/06/2016 #6 Vivian Chapman
    #5 I don't know that these people deliberately thought: I will choose to love. Yet the goodwill was there and it happened. In theory, we should always choose to love and let our grievances go, but in practice, how much easier it is to do this when we escape from the chains of an awful situation. But both of those people must have been in love once, so they must have valued their partners before they married. That may have acted as a motive in the back of their minds.
    Another point is, that when you get situations where one person is being bullied by the other, they are usually both in a prison. The bully would like the chance to escape from his behaviour too.
    Ali Anani
    24/06/2016 #5 Ali Anani
    #4 ! "I am amazed at the ability of many people to leave their grievances behind and choose love". This is a super illumination @Vivian Chapman. I love it and it could could be the theme of a great storyline. I wonder what were the motives behind such change in behavior? Were they the same? A lot to ponder on
    Vivian Chapman
    24/06/2016 #4 Vivian Chapman
    #1 Thank you for your lovely comment Ali. Perhaps in answer to your question, where you are talking about romantic love first, it could be like this:
    Intimacy > enmity > a different kind of love. In other words, intimacy experiences enmity, then chooses unconditional love, hopefully and eventually to become philia (friendship love) as well. The people I've known, like the woman I mentioned, had to be willing to give up their dream of love and move into a different kind of love. There was also an issue about giving up pride. There were genuine reasons for enmity in this woman's case, and in another case I know, where total hatred had developed when a husband forced his wife to have a baby (by repeatedly cutting the ends of the durex!) and the wife consistently performed self abortions at home. What a situation. Yet they became friends after divorce! I am amazed at the ability of many people to leave their grievances behind and choose love. This world is full of new beginnings from seemingly impossible situations. Love is the only way.
    Vivian Chapman
    24/06/2016 #3 Vivian Chapman
    #2 What an intelligent comment - many thanks @Sara Jacobovici
    Sara Jacobovici
    24/06/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    I thank @Ali Anani for bringing my attention to your wonderful Buzz @Vivian Chapman. I do see the connection with your image and Dr. Ali's Buzz and discussion. I love the way you tell your story and flow from the individual relationship to the global discussion. You provoke in me the image related to boundaries in relationships; holding, imprisoning, opening, transforming, breaking though a boundary, expanding and so on. I felt like your story was first seen on ground level and then a zoom took me up higher and higher to an aerial view. Relationships between individual and global ones are both identified through the formation of boundaries. One of the aspects of the relationship that deserves attention is to look at what we carry into the relationship from a previous experience or boundary; a spouse came from the boundaries of family dynamics and needs to either reproduce those boundaries or transform them. We often describe boundaries as healthy or unhealthy, depending on the impact of our ability to function. The feelings that you describe are in reaction to or result from the impact of those boundaries. I appreciate your optimistic outlook and how you see the potential in changes for the better.
    Ali Anani
    24/06/2016 #1 Ali Anani
    The image of your post and then the title prompted me first to read this beautiful buzz @Vivian Chapman. The image because it hints at orbitals hybridization, which was part of my response to @Sara Jacobovici in response to her brilliant comment on my last post what Is Love? Then Vivian you got me soaked with your storytelling style and attracted my attention heavily. I couldn't find a better augmentation to my post than this one. I asked at the end what happens when intimacy turns to enmity in my post? You opened a new window: it could be love> What love is then?
    Vivian- I consider your post as the gift of the day.
  19. ProducerVivian Chapman

    Vivian Chapman

    Please Don't Leave Our Poles in a State of Uncertainty
    Please Don't Leave Our Poles in a State of UncertaintyI awoke this morning at 5:00am, to the news that Britain has voted to leave the EU. I reached for my smartphone, and turned onto the BBC where a correspondent from Poland was talking about how insecure the people there felt, and how uneasy...


    Vivian Chapman
    11/07/2016 #7 Vivian Chapman
    #5 Hi Thomas. Hope you are behaving yourself. (but why break the habit of a lifetime!) Actually, I voted to leave the EU, but not because I want all the Poles or other immigrants to leave. I like having Poles here, and of course they have been a welcome part of the UK for - I think centuries. A lot of people don't seem to understand that there are lots of reasons for wanting to leave the EU and you don't have to be anti-poles; anti europeans; anti refugees; or anti anyone. It's the system I can't stand. You are of course right about referendums being too democratic to hold them often! I don't suppose Britain will ever have another because we all actually dared to vote and voice our opinion. I do, nevertheless, worry about the brutish minority persecuting so called "foreigners". We need those foreigners!
    Tomasz Urbanski
    11/07/2016 #5 Tomasz Urbanski
    Dear Vivian, I appreciate your input. Its very ... altruistic of you to think about polish community right now. DO not worry to much though, it is not said that GB is leaving EU, there are already voices calling for the result of referendum to be somehow ignored, which I personally believe sooner or later is going to happen. After all referendum is far too much of a democratic process to make a habit of it. What would happen if people start to call for a referendum every time there is a war to attend? A world without wars? Really? Never the less its very kind of you to say such a think. Tom from work
    Joanna Hofman
    24/06/2016 #4 Joanna Hofman
    Vivian, thank you for the wise post. Some of my relatives survived WWII leaving Poland in the last moment. Some of them also stayed in UK and brought theirs experiences and knowledge to this country.
    Dean Owen
    24/06/2016 #1 Dean Owen
    Well said @Vivian Chapman. My grandmother was Polish named Cohen and when my father moved to Britain during the war he changed his name to Owen and essentially became the quintessential British gentleman. Three cheers for the Poles !
  20. ProducerVivian Chapman

    Vivian Chapman

    The Return of Democracy
    The Return of DemocracyBritains have just voted to leave the EU. I think our Members of Parliament should sit up and take notice: turnouts in General Elections have been dropping like a stone over the last few decades. The main reason for this is that we are no...


    Dale Masters
    28/06/2016 #11 Dale Masters
    #8 @Timothy Wall If you support any of them, you're supporting the central banking system. Want to be truly free? Get rid of the central banks by minting a coin double that of what your country owes + interest, enforce your payment (and theirs...with payment in gold bullion) with your military, charge the central bankers with treason (they collapse economies at whim)...and you're home free. There's a reason the first Presidents fought the establishment of a central bank...and it's why Truman later felt like a traitor for allowing one to be established.
    Vivian Chapman
    26/06/2016 #10 Vivian Chapman
    #9 Great comment John
    John Valledor
    25/06/2016 #9 John Valledor
    Hours after a majority of Britons voted, the sobering reality that is beginning to emerge is the collapse of elitism. Be it British or dare I say from the fat cats in Belgium. One only needs to travel to the heart of elitism--Brussels--to see just how wrong anti-sovereign policies have hurt many in Britain. For decades a plularity elected politicos promising to establish laws (economic, security, etc.) aimed at improving the lot for everyone but, in fact, have never truly followed thru on their promises. In reality, we've seen the rise of political ideology favoring a niche segment of society. Now politicos in the UK are waking up to the fact that a majority of the population has been ignored too long at their peril. This phenomena is equally bulging in the US as well. The media and political intelligentsia is in self-absorbed denial ignoring signs pointing to techtonic change in the status quo. There's even a popular name for it, "the echo chamber." Our society has taken a very sharp turn left when the default setting in the ignored majority remains centrist. As a sign of self preservation, look for the media elites to paint "populism" as toxic--especially when it is threatening the cushy, comfy bubble economy that has favored a few at the expense of the many. This phenomena will not stop with Brexit. Far from it, the majority of Britons have shown other equally frustrated majorities that the time of reckoning is here. Global cultural, socioeconomic resets can be painful. Strap in, lots of turbulence ahead.
    Timothy Wall
    25/06/2016 #8 Timothy Wall
    Regardless of the outcome... you still live in an Oligarchy, as does the USA etc. NOT a Democracy. One could have a revolution, and the same thing would happen eventually. Bribes are just too seductive for most people, legal or otherwise. If you really want to crush a government, stop buying from corporations, and ONLY buy locally made goods and services. There are obvious exceptions like pharmaceutical companies etc. I takes a Canadian/South African to flip the automobile and oil industry on it's ass. Elon Musk is the new "Environmental Entrepreneur", and it is these types that one should be supporting once the economy of scale comes into play.
    Raymundo Teixeira Filho
    25/06/2016 #7 Raymundo Teixeira Filho
    Catalina, gostaria de fazer parte de seu grupo.
    Vivian Chapman
    25/06/2016 #6 Vivian Chapman
    #5 I think there is a place for swear words - eg calling something crap or sh** when it is just that. Not just to sound off at someone who happens to annoy you.
    Lisa Gallagher
    25/06/2016 #5 Lisa Gallagher
    #4 @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, someone wrote an entire blog about using 'cuss' words. I think it was @Paul Walters- enlightening. I love his writing. So many words we use are just that, words unless we use terribly bad swear words directed at another person. ;))
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    24/06/2016 #4 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    A great share, like @Vivian Chapman says, and why do we feel so powerless here in the USA? It's gone haywire. Better build my own beehive at home....still gotta do that.....and @Lisa Gallagher ~ I like it when you cuss lol. Where's @Rebel Brown? There has to be some kick-ass thing we can do! Oh, yeah....we're getting it together alright!
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    24/06/2016 #3 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #1 Hear! Hear!
    Vivian Chapman
    24/06/2016 #2 Vivian Chapman
    Thanks for sharing @Catalina Serrano
    Lisa Gallagher
    24/06/2016 #1 Lisa Gallagher
    Parliament sounds like the pompous asses we have in the US Congress. They too, do not listen to the wishes of the Citizens. Many people feel as though we are not a democracy either. Yes, the voters sure did speak in the UK!
  21. ProducerRandy Keho

    Randy Keho

    Sympathy for the Devil: Has Journalism Sold its Soul?
    Sympathy for the Devil: Has Journalism Sold its Soul?Are there any bees buzzing around out there who can tell me how and what journalism students are being taught in our institutions of higher learning these days? The media is being seen more and more as a necessary evil or tool of the devil than the...


    Brian McKenzie
    08/06/2016 #3 Brian McKenzie
    When the policies are a stage show, a # is a strategy, clearly "journalism" of today is only the festive ribbon on a polished turd.
    Phillip Hubbell
    07/06/2016 #2 Phillip Hubbell
    Well...it isn't the technology allowing anyone to pose as a journalist on the networks and major papers....so it must be something else. I wrote for high school and college newspapers long ago and my teachers and professors were old school...just the facts sorts.
    Phil Friedman
    07/06/2016 #1 Phil Friedman
    Randy, if you mean by "journalism" news reporting free, to as great a degree as possible, from opinion, then journalism is indeed dead, helped into the gave by the Internet and the culture of blogging. If, however, you mean are all principles of accuracy, fairness, integrity, etc., then my personal answer is no, journalism is not dead, just underground. Good question. Cheers!
  22. ProducerChristian Menges
    Donald Trump is NOT the Financial Guru He Claims: Why Trump's entire campaign is a fraud
    Donald Trump is NOT the Financial Guru He Claims: Why Trump's entire campaign is a fraudBelow is an excerpt from Christian Menges' acclaimed, "Vote None of the Above" online magazine. - A critique of the U.S. Presidential races:Donald Trump has again been caught pulling a proverbial boner; a "no-no" that should never be heard from a...


    Zack Thorn
    25/05/2016 #7 Zack Thorn
    #6 Oh but give them credit when due. They all know lots of good words. Just like their leader.
    Daniel Anderson
    25/05/2016 #6 Daniel Anderson
    #5 at math, thinking, having minimum eloquence...
    Zack Thorn
    25/05/2016 #5 Zack Thorn
    I don't recall anyone ever claiming that Trump followers are good at math. Do you ?
    John Williams
    25/05/2016 #4 John Williams
    Agree, I really hope all that talk about him having possibilities to be president ends up being lies.
    NO one
    25/05/2016 #3 NO one
    I also agree, a candidate with comments like the ones he makes against any other race or the superficial and sexist ones is not worthy of even appearing on the media. How can anyone conceive to let this man receive a vote? I know that there's a lot of people tired of ilegal immigrants and immigration problems, but there are many other considerable solutions than the radical Trump's proposals.
    Nancy Walker
    25/05/2016 #2 Nancy Walker
    "...has more baggage than a hooker..." I laughed but didn't want to. Certainly this candidate is taking advantage of the candidacy to make a not that good RP campaign. It's not that the competition is good but there's no comparison. Brilliant article @Christian Menges
    Jan Barbosa
    25/05/2016 #1 Jan Barbosa
    Agree !!!
  23. ProducerMohammed A. Jawad
    Why a Plethora of Soap Operas in Ramadan?
    Why a Plethora of Soap Operas in Ramadan?Alas! When Ramadan begins, then those who take delight in watching television dramas get more excited because in Ramadan alone there are dozens of soap operas. It’s not that people neglect the reverence of Ramadan or discard fasting. But, besides...


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    25/05/2016 #2 Mohammed A. Jawad
    #1 Good to know that you liked this post. In fact, good, inspiring entertainment in brevity is okay, and when timing matters, then too much addiction is sheer maniac :(
    Nancy Walker
    25/05/2016 #1 Nancy Walker
    It's amazing how people in so many cultures "lose" time sitting in front of the TV, specially with soap operas, although I will admit that they're so addictive, all that drama! This share is interesting, it is always so good to know something about other cultures @Mohammed A. Jawad
  24. Ali Anani

    Ali Anani

    The Bee Effect of Looking- it all starts with a look, but then ends up in a sting Ali Anani


    Ali Anani
    21/05/2016 #21 Ali Anani
    In appreciation of the great feedback comments I expanded on this buzz in a new buzz titled "Bees Butterfly Effect" :. https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ali-anani/bees-butterfly-effect
    Ali Anani
    21/05/2016 #20 Ali Anani
    #19 will take your PoV @CityVP Manjit and soon. Thank you
    CityVP Manjit
    21/05/2016 #19 CityVP Manjit
    Instead of saying "Get the Sting" I would say "Get the Honey". We live in a society that is politically stung, and where marketing buzz is being highly questioned. No one will ever find fault with the land of milk and honey. This is after all the honey bee and it is the bumble bee that can sting many times and Bumbles don't make honey. Lets not be a bumble bee like the politician or the marketer - be the honey bee, protect the hive, make the honey. Even if I compare the honeybee to a Samurai, it is in the romanticism of the Bushido Code, and not the true reality of actual Samurai history. Focus not on the sting for it a reminder of the stung.
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #18 Ali Anani
    #17 Thnnk you @Franci Eugenia Hoffman- I have almost finished formulating some very interesting idea which I hope to share with you in 24 hours
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    20/05/2016 #17 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Brilliant and extremely clever. I am looking forward to what lessons can be learned from "get the sting".
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #16 Ali Anani
    #15 @Bill Stankiewicz- your sense of writing is admirable. Would a bee sting a small bee? Thanks for this beautiful comment
    Bill Stankiewicz
    20/05/2016 #15 Bill Stankiewicz
    Hey Bee's Dont sting me! I dont want to die early, only to die of old age with a lot of beBee knowlege. regards, Bill Stankiewicz, a little bee who does not fly yet .
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #14 Ali Anani
    #13 The sting and lessons derived is my next buzz @Javier beBee
    Javier beBee
    20/05/2016 #13 Javier beBee
    #3 stings will be a nice thing don't worry ;)
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #12 Ali Anani
    #11 Absolutely. I am in the process of writing a buzz on this idea and how bees do it with unselfishness dear @CityVP Manjit. Yes, you are very correct.. The more, we dive in the ocean of bees, the sweeter it gets.
    CityVP Manjit
    20/05/2016 #11 CityVP Manjit
    This is for me the essence of a flow experience, that we engage in something not because we are seeking something from it, but it represents our most essential being. It is not the prevalent mindset of our times, but it is a mindset that I find in the hearts of those history have called the greatest in character and contribution.
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #10 Ali Anani
    #9 With great honor and appreciation I accept your "sting" @CityVP Manjit. Yes, this is what I meant by saying I left the after-sting scenario to imaginative thinking. One issue remains: if somebody stings me with nobility and "parts away", how could I sting this person to return the favor? The beauty is: bees don't expect any return.
    CityVP Manjit
    20/05/2016 #9 CityVP Manjit
    The honeybee and the samurai both have a great nobility. In defending the hive, the sting of the honeybee in effect rips out a part of its muscles, nerves, digestive tract and abdomen. In upholding his honour the samurai commits hari kari. The sting of a honeybee then represents something far more substantial, it says you can put your trust in me, I will die for you in nobility and sacrifice that is in service of a greater good.
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #8 Ali Anani
    #7 You remember my words more than I @Anees Zaidi. Beautifully, you expanded the idea. Intentionally, I stopped at the sting phase, but you are sharp enough to see beyond.
    Anees Zaidi
    20/05/2016 #7 Anees Zaidi
    @Ali Anani You have so beautifully captured the complete cycle of 'germination of ideas' we were talking about in our earlier posts 'Suspended Doubts' and 'Suspended Doubts and Beekeeper'. These 'stings entangles our ideas to crossover, entangle, bend, twist and rotate each other as you very rightly said earlier. Your beautiful 'bee effect of looking' captures everything. '
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    #4 Thank you @Daniela Umpierrez. I see you smiling in your image- what comes next?
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #5 Ali Anani
    #2 Thank you @NO one. I am promoting the idea of the "Bee Effect", analogously to the Butterfly Effect
    Daniela Umpierrez
    20/05/2016 #4 Daniela Umpierrez
    I love it!! That's so nice @Ali Anani!!
    Ali Anani
    20/05/2016 #3 Ali Anani
    #1 @Javier beBee- a bee stings only when threatened. beBee doesn't threaten anybody. and it stings once only- beBee is not "wasp-like" :
    NO one
    20/05/2016 #2 NO one
    This is so cute @Ali Anani!
  25. ProducerRobyn Shulman

    Robyn Shulman

    How to Build a Powerful Community in a Crowded Solar System
    How to Build a Powerful Community in a Crowded Solar SystemWhen you think about the word community, what comes to mind? You may think of cookie-cutter homes in a residential suburb, or possibly a group of people you choose to spend your time with every weekend. Communities can vary based on culture,...


    Daniela Umpierrez
    13/05/2016 #5 Daniela Umpierrez
    Remain Authentic and looking for feedback and and listening to it really adds value and helps you create engagement!! Very interesting buzz @Robyn Shulman!! Fantastic!!
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    13/05/2016 #4 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Excellent article and very relevant to the beBee community.
    Robyn Shulman
    13/05/2016 #3 Robyn Shulman
    #1 Thank you @David B. Grinberg!
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    13/05/2016 #2 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Let's be truthful, courteous and energetic, and it becomes easier to nurture a worthwhile community. :)
    David B. Grinberg
    12/05/2016 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Kudos on an excellent post with great advice @Robyn Shulman!
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