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  1. ProducerMareo McCracken

    Mareo McCracken

    Stop "trying" to Influence People
    Stop "trying" to Influence PeopleFor the first time in my life I invented something. Actually, it was more of a process/model than a 'thing'. I didn’t think it was very good; but it worked for me. I shared it with a few people, it worked for them too. Maybe it will work for you as...


    Randy Keho
    20/12/2016 #1 Randy Keho
    I've relied upon similar methods as a district manager and found them very successful. Once you've determine what drives each individual within a group, you can align them all with a particular goal or objective. They all have to buy into it. The chain is only a strong as its weakest link.
  2. Sharly Sawant

    Sharly Sawant

    Sharly Sawant