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  1. ProducerMatt 馃悵 Sweetwood
    10 Rules to Determine Whether Any Relationship Will Steal Your Happiness
    10 Rules to Determine Whether Any Relationship Will Steal Your HappinessAn edited version published originally on the Thought Catalog 4/21/17I firmly believe that happiness in life is most affected by the quality of our relationships. We all have a variety of relationships like the ones with casual acquaintances,...
  2. ProducerTracy Poizner

    Tracy Poizner

    Is Aluminum Destroying Our Daughters?
    Is Aluminum Destroying Our Daughters?What can make a beautiful girl want to stop eating, or to cut herself in secret? Naturally, every case has its own context and I don't mean to solve such a complex problem with a simplistic answer. What I am really asking is why more and more聽young...
  3. ProducerDavid Navarro L贸pez
    Where do we go from here?
    Where do we go from here?To all those who have grown their children, when they finally start their own lives, it uses to come to this question. Growing a child or more it鈥檚 a lifetime hard work which can lead us to a huge emptiness once is done, if we forget some undeniable...


    Harvey Lloyd
    24/04/2017 #20 Harvey Lloyd
    #19 Yes it is painful to watch. Wisdom tells us when we should speak but sometimes fear instigates conversations. Thanks for your kind words. I don't believe we ever cease to be parents. We phase into a advisory mode.
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #19 Anonymous
    #18 Isn't it sad when you see them they are going to be in trouble due to their own fault, and you must hold back? To let them learn from their own mistakes?
    I find this the worst part, as before they get hurt, I already can feel in advance the pain they are inevitably going to feel...but one has tightened hands and has to even silence the "told you so's" and much more.
    I can tell you are a loving father.
    Harvey Lloyd
    23/04/2017 #18 Harvey Lloyd
    Empty nest is certainly one of the major epoch journeys of our existence. The transition from "parent" to friend is difficult, but a worthy journey. You thought the teenage years were the most difficult. The hardest thing i have ever done as a parent was not during the years of parenting, but holding back all the "I told you so's". Allowing the grown children to find life on their own experiences.

    Every once in a while we get to laugh about an "i told you so" because they bring it up.

    Great thoughts
    Brian McKenzie
    23/04/2017 #17 Brian McKenzie
    Self Actualized Freedom; we have long known - nobody cares - unless it is at 6 second intervals. #MGTOW Never Wed, Never Bred - No Intentions to Ever Do So.
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #16 Anonymous
    #11 "Sometimes we get so caught up in raising our children that we lose our individuality." I agree we are not allowed to do that, as we could deliver the wrong message to our children. I haven't the pleasure to have grandchildren yet, but I hope I will
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #15 Anonymous
    #10 As long as your wife gets on with it, I can tell you, these can be you real "golden years", with the wisdom of experience and still the power to do things....
    Did you have a look at another post related to it? https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/get-started-adding-life-to-years
    I am sure you will enjoy it too
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #14 Anonymous
    #8 Precisely this is why I wrote the buzz, because I see parents so blindly engaged on being good parents, that they forget about themselves.
    I do love Alan Parsons too
    Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/04/2017 #13 Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #12 Yes, our grandchildren are our pleasure and memories. They are not our direct responsibility (or, we pretend it is not). yes, I agree with you @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    23/04/2017 #12 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    #5 Grandchildren add another layer to our lives and if we remember we are the grandparents (here to enjoy, not raise kids anymore) the time is so precious and the kids seem to have more innocence than I was able to appreciate while raising my kids if that makes sense?
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    23/04/2017 #11 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Excellent topic @David Navarro L贸pez! I did wait until my children grew up and put my life on hold to a certain degree. It wasn't intentional but it sure can cause some setbacks. We have come to realize that we come first, their lives come first for them and so on. Sometimes we get so caught up in raising our children that we lose our individuality. I haven't heard that song by Alan Parsons in ages, great song! Thanks for the tag @Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Vincent Andrew
    23/04/2017 #10 Vincent Andrew
    #6 "I am retired, and developing my hobby...only that I get very well paid for it (LOL)" Brilliant! I have been headhunted for a position in another part of the world. Still considering.it ...
    Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/04/2017 #9 Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #7 I always enjoy your thoughts and "adding life to years". Yes, the exchange of comments with you always adds "life to my years".
    Mamen 馃悵 Delgado
    23/04/2017 #8 Mamen 馃悵 Delgado
    That's a very interesting question @David Navarro L贸pez, and I would even add where do we go when our children are growing up...
    The answer to this question will give a path to follow in our future. I see friends around, specially mommies, that put her lives apart while raising children, focusing all her energy in the babies and kids.
    The future will bring a mirror to face ourselves and we will pick up what we have harvested.
    Thanks for the music, love Alan Parsons!!
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #7 Anonymous
    #5 Yes dear Ali, this is one of the reasons why I did write this post and another you have already seen, https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/get-started-adding-life-to-years
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #6 Anonymous
    #4 Vincent, this is precisely what I did. When my daughter married, then I looked for a job abroad, and moved here to Germany, working in my passion, packaging machinery. And it is one of the best things I ever did. My colleagues use to ask why am I so happy while working, and I use to answer...I am not working anymore, I am retired, and developing my hobby...only that I get very well paid for it (LOL)
    Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/04/2017 #5 Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    "It is us who need to figure out how we are going to spend our lives after being parents.
    Because this is the most important last lesson we can give our children".
    Our children shall then experience the same once they have grown up and have children. In our societies family ties are still strong (even though weaker than before). However; what a great question to ask @David Navarro L贸pez. We plan for retirement, but we don't plan for the "retirement of children responsibility.
    I invite dear @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher to comment because she is enjoying her grandchildren.
    Vincent Andrew
    23/04/2017 #4 Vincent Andrew
    "Where do we go from here now that all of the children have grown up" An inevitable question that my wife and I will face starting with our oldest daughter who'll be graduating from university this year. In all honesty I would like to go abroad again to work and to open a new chapter. I want to see the world. I want to go on a pilgrimage. I want to play musical instruments again and take up the piano or violin. My wife has her plans and as individuals we have our own interests to pursue. Thanks @David Navarro L贸pez for writing this reflective piece.
    馃悵 Fatima G. Williams
    23/04/2017 #3 馃悵 Fatima G. Williams
    Beautiful message @David Navarro L贸pez

    It is us who need to figure out how we are going to spend our lives. Love it.
    Katja Bader
    23/04/2017 #2 Katja Bader
    I agree with you very much. When we educate children, we have not to give up ourselves. I think it麓s important for a child not to see us only as parents but as passionate people that do what they love, too. Lots of parents are always searching for resamblance of their own selfs in their children. They try to transfer their own wishes and fondness to the children. But in my opinion one base of education is to discover the special person with his own special wishes and fondness in the children. And to promote them. So the child is able to go its own and independent way one day that will make it happy.
    David Navarro L贸pez
    23/04/2017 #1 Anonymous
    @Sara Jacobovici I am sure you will like this buzz
  4. ProducerJulian Caldwell

    Julian Caldwell

    My first Buzz on BeBee
    My first Buzz on BeBeehttps://getconnectdad.com/What is GetConnectDad?For the past year, 300+ parents from 26 countries have been answering the question, 鈥淲hat do I want my kids to value?鈥 These parents have shared some great stories and many tips, all focused on, 鈥楬ow...
  5. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez
    Dad鈥檚 Touching Reaction to Daughter鈥檚 Wet Pants Makes Him a Hero
    www.yahoo.com Ben Sowards, a Utah father, wets himself to alleviate the embarrassment of his 6-year-old daughter, who's done the same thing. The touching parenting response has gone...
  6. stephan metral 馃悵 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    Good to know for parents ! Close accounts and play with your kids ! Healthier....
    stephan metral 馃悵 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    Cyberbullying: Which 3 Social Networks Are the Worst? | MomsTeam
    www.momsteam.com Social media sites are one of the leading places that pre-teens and teens experience bullying, whether they are being bullied, bullying someone or witnessing it. Here's a list of the worst three social media sites for...
  7. ProducerTracy Poizner

    Tracy Poizner

    Bach Flowers for Mother and Daughter
    Bach Flowers for Mother and DaughterBach Flowers are among my very favourite medicines because they are so very gentle but really effective. They are prescribed based solely on an emotional picture so they are very simple to use. Here are a few that I have chosen especially for...


    Debesh Choudhury
    08/04/2017 #1 Debesh Choudhury
    I heard bach flower medicines in homoepathy .. are these available in raw forms?
  8. ProducerJohn White, MBA

    John White, MBA

    To Raise Well Adjusted Kids Host Exchange Students
    To Raise Well Adjusted Kids Host Exchange StudentsGrowing up as an only child, I missed out on the many great experiences other kids were having with their brothers and sisters. That is, until we decided to start hosting exchange students. As I was growing up, my family hosted kids from France,...


    Sarah (Sally) McCabe
    05/04/2017 #12 Sarah (Sally) McCabe
    Great read John. I met a friend at a conference last month who recently adopted a young Russian girl. The experience has been incredible for his three kids!
    Sweta Parmar
    05/04/2017 #11 Sweta Parmar
    Yes indeed ! It's a great experience and we really get to know many new things n culture, tradition n many more . I hosted four times (once from Switzerland and then italy and then germany and then Indiana)when my daughter was in school and now I'll be hosting again for a year a student from USA
    It's great for learning and diversity uniting
    Great article though
    Marcel Kuhn Bamert
    03/04/2017 #10 Marcel Kuhn Bamert
    Hi @John White, MBA - Thank you for this article. I grew up in a family where we had hosted a few exchange students and other guests from different cultures: Tibet, NZ, USA, Australia, Korea.. For my two brothers and I it was a great opportunity to improve our English skills. All three of us had the opportunity later to live and work abroad. These early contacts with different cultures had a lasting influence on us. Knowing both sides - as a host family and as a student I will make sure to host foreign exchange students at my home as well. And of course, I will encourage my kids to study abroad. There is now better way to grow open and tolerant kids. Best, Marcel
    馃悵 Fatima G. Williams
    03/04/2017 #9 馃悵 Fatima G. Williams
    This is a very valuable experience and would be great for social bonding as well. Meeting kids from different cultures is an excellent opportunity many kids in UAE get the chance to experience.
    David B. Grinberg
    02/04/2017 #8 David B. Grinberg
    Great advice here, John, as always. It's important for children to gain a broader perspective of the world than just that of the USA, or wherever country in which they live. Moreover, in today's modern and hyper-connected global, digital, mobile and virtual world, it simply makes good sense -- personally and professionally -- to learn more about other cultures and peoples. This will make the next generation of leaders more well rounded and grounded.
    Again, John, kudos on another brilliant buzz!
    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    02/04/2017 #7 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    I would think this would be a very valuable experience. Sharing.
    Alexander馃悵 Ramos馃悵
    02/04/2017 #6 Alexander馃悵 Ramos馃悵
    It is so important to have an "intenational experience" while you are student.
    Javier 馃悵 beBee
    02/04/2017 #5 Javier 馃悵 beBee
    I was hosted by two irish families ( Waterford and Dublin) and a french one (Lyon). They were a really great experience. I can say I am much better. Thanks Mum&Dad.
    John White, MBA
    02/04/2017 #3 John White, MBA
    #2 Glad to hear that it was a positive experience, @Gert Scholtz. My family will host once my girls get a little older.
    Gert Scholtz
    02/04/2017 #2 Gert Scholtz
    @John White, MBA We hosted an American exchange student through the AFS program when I was at school. In a year he learned Afrikaans and wrote the final Grade 12 School exams in Afrikaans with full university exemption 鈥 remarkable. I attest to the formative and educational value it brings 鈥 both for him and for me. Thanks John.
  9. Amy Walton

    Amy Walton

    Amy Walton
    5 Ways to Have a Love Language "Blitz" With Your Spouse - Amy Walton Coaching
    www.amywaltoncoaching.com Feel like your聽relationship with your spouse聽has become a bit boring? Have you been together so long that you are comfortable but no longer feel that initial 鈥渟park鈥 you had when you first met and fell in love? Do you find there is little time for...


    Amy Walton
    31/03/2017 #1 Amy Walton
    Losing the "spark" in the middle of parenting and work? Read on!
  10. Sara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    A very timely investment of 17 minutes. Please watch and listen to the end.
    What you are missing while being a digital zombie | Patrik Wincent | TEDxStockholm
    What you are missing while being a digital zombie | Patrik Wincent | TEDxStockholm In a hyperconnected world, where mobile devices have become appendices to our body and people check their social media accounts hundreds of times a day,...
  11. ProducerPete Yates

    Pete Yates

    Put your cell phone down and pay attention to your children
    Put your cell phone down and pay attention to your childrenChildren鈥檚 personal brand doomed before it starts? So are we as parents dooming our children鈥檚 personal brand聽before they have even had a聽chance聽to create one themselves? Given the proliferation of cell phones and the ability to take...


    Donna Wood
    27/03/2017 #5 Donna Wood
    I stopped sharing pictures on social media of my children and my grandchildren. It's just not necessary.
    Sandra 馃悵 Smith
    27/03/2017 #4 Sandra 馃悵 Smith
    My pictures are less than a tenth than the average. a) it's not necessary b) i can email all the people who really want to see them (not too many!)
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    27/03/2017 #3 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Little lapses lead to loss!
    Carmen Lascu
    27/03/2017 #2 Carmen Lascu
    Great advice 馃憤
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    27/03/2017 #1 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Many great points to ponder!
  12. ProducerJuan Imaz

    Juan Imaz

    Benefits and dangers for children using social networks
    Benefits and dangers for children using social networksChildren in the digital age is a topic of huge importance and must be discussed. We teach our future generation, so let鈥檚 educate ourselves so that we can teach our youth. Today the average age for wanting and having a social profile keeps...


    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    28/03/2017 #26 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Worth sharing again!
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    28/03/2017 #25 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Very relevant and thought provoking JuanBee! We do not have ALL THE TIME in the world, to explore the WORLD OF INFO and knowledge and distraction now at our fingertips thanks to smartphony and the ubiquitous Internet. So it is of utmost importance that we teach our children to prioritize, be selective, considerate, cautious and focused (in activities and relationships online), and lend greater importance (or at least equal importance) to physical activity, time management and connecting with peers and family, and of course, not ignore newspaper and book reading (the hard-copy versions) ;)
    Juan Imaz
    28/03/2017 #24 Juan Imaz
    #23 many thanks Lisa!
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    28/03/2017 #23 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Well laid out post by @Juan Imaz. Very beneficial tips to follow.
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    28/03/2017 #22 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Excellent tips @Juan Imaz! I remember when my daughter was a teen and using ICQ back then. I worried about some of the dangers you mentioned above and told her she could only use if KNOWING we have the password for the PC. She was also warned we would check her convo's on occasion. She didn't like it but I did fear she might have been naive and met a stranger online, it's too easy for kids to get duped. I love the positive aspects you wrote about too!!
    Lance  馃悵 Scoular
    26/03/2017 #21 Lance 馃悵 Scoular

    Michael O'Neil
    26/03/2017 #20 Anonymous
    A wider issue is the extent of exposure to screens at the exclusion of the real world especially in the first 100 days. Some parents are extending "social" to mean using devices as a distraction, baby sitter, or pacifier for very young children. There is some research that warns that this is potentially causing long term damage.
    see: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/behind-online-behavior/201604/what-screen-time-can-really-do-kids-brains
    for example. The tips have to include alerting parents of young children (under 3) of this risk.
    Krishta-Gay Lewis
    26/03/2017 #19 Krishta-Gay Lewis
    Great article with excellent points. My sons are 12 years old and I am very wary of them becoming social. While there are great benefits there are still many dangers and cause for concern. Thus, the need for supervision, which a teenager does not want. The best option is to teach them right from wrong and how to assess situations to make the morally right and ethical decsions.

    An addition to your article though are the parents who create profiles for their children and chronicle their lives on social media. I think this is wrong and is a violation of the child's rights. What if later in life the child is embarrassed by some of these posts? Parents who do this must consider what and how they are posting about their child.
    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    26/03/2017 #18 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    This is a post every parent should read. The benefits of the internet for children can be amazing in helping them grow, but the dark side can set a young mind back permanently. Also, the internet should not be a child's sole communication with the outside world. Children need face to face contact in order to grow healthy relationships.
    debasish majumder
    26/03/2017 #17 debasish majumder
    lovely and pertinent insight @Juan Imaz! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.
    Sara Jacobovici
    25/03/2017 #16 Sara Jacobovici
    @Juan Imaz has started an important discussion. Please keep it going.
    Sara Jacobovici
    25/03/2017 #15 Sara Jacobovici
    So encouraged to see your post @Juan Imaz, Thank you for doing such a great job writing about the big, and complex, picture. I echo the comments of your readers, this is a very important discussion and one that needs to go on on a regular basis throughout the various mediums. My contribution to the discussion would be to say something I just read in an article about this topic; let the children live as long as they can in the real world before they go on to the virtual one. And I would like to see 16 as the age of starting to form a profile on-line.
    John Rylance
    25/03/2017 #14 John Rylance
    @Susan 馃悵 Rooks , @Juan Imaz I suggest you google the following
    I can't walk yet but I know how to work an iPad.
    It's an article from today's Times Magazine.
    It covers many of the issues raised so far and most of the points I wanted to make.
    Particularly around the issues of what constitutes addiction.
    From " Kids have basically been carrying around a portable dopamine pump for 10 years, to an interesting comparison of the effect of screen time to eating time.
    I like the final two sentences.
    "You can only do your best. There's always going to be something."
    As parents don't we know it.
    Susan 馃悵 Rooks
    25/03/2017 #13 Susan 馃悵 Rooks
    What kind of social media conversations have you had with your kids? An important read from @Juan Imaz.
    Susan 馃悵 Rooks
    25/03/2017 #12 Susan 馃悵 Rooks
    What conversations have you had with your kids about social media? An important read from @Juan Imaz.
    Susan 馃悵 Rooks
    25/03/2017 #11 Susan 馃悵 Rooks
    @Juan Imaz, this is obviously an incredibly important issue. I'm part of that 36% in your graphic that thinks the appropriate age is around 15 (depending on the kid, to some extent). I get that younger kids have peers who may be allowed more freedom, and that's where I also think parents need to be watchful. Parents may be careful in their own home, but what happens when their kids sleep over at a friend's house? Just go over to play? Have the parents had conversations with other parents on this? I sure hope so!
    siraj shaik
    24/03/2017 #10 siraj shaik
    @Javier 馃悵 beBee some of the bees from Canada active here on @beBee surely might recall the effects affects of cyber bullying and how it had impacted "Amanda Todd".
    siraj shaik
    24/03/2017 #9 siraj shaik
    @Juan Imaz well said. And good suggestion mentioned for "caretakers, guardians and as well as for parents" by @Matt 馃悵 Sweetwood. During March 2011, at an event in Scarborough I got an opportunity to interact with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and spent some time sharing about aspects of merits and demerits of children's online and usage of devices (yeah prior few of us as freelance volunteered during 2005/2006 shared awareness about such in a different global locale). Also at the same time had shared opinion about focusing on LinkedIn as tool for HR. And got to interact for a minute with John Tory (now present mayor of Toronto) was also present at that event. Later thrice got to meet for some reasons. (If by chance some might have seen friendly tweets exchange during 2013/2014).
    Bill Stankiewicz, 馃悵 Brand Ambassador
    24/03/2017 #8 Bill Stankiewicz, 馃悵 Brand Ambassador
    Thx Julio and Juan for sharing
    Laurent Boscherini
    24/03/2017 #7 Anonymous
    Thank you @Juan Imaz for sharing one of the most important topics, not "trendy" but more as the trend for the next decade, with the increasing number of smartphone users.
    Well done !
    At all steps, children need guidelines, and more so in this digital age very competitive. Lowering the stress level digitally will help them focus on more important tasks in their daily life.
  13. Flavio 馃嚡馃嚨 Souza 馃悵
    Parenthood 101 Flavio 馃嚡馃嚨 Souza 馃悵


    Javier 馃悵 beBee
    15/03/2017 #1 Javier 馃悵 beBee
  14. Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon
    John Rosemond: Your kids should not be the most important
    lacrossetribune.com I recently asked a married couple who have three kids, none of whom are yet teens, 鈥淲ho are the most important people in your...
  15. Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon
  16. Jared Wiese, 馃悵 adds VALUE & RESULTS
    Science Says This Single Action Will Make You a Better Boss, Employee, Spouse and Parent
    Jared Wiese, 馃悵 adds VALUE & RESULTS
    Science Says This Single Action Will Make You a Better Boss, Employee, Spouse and Parent
    www.linkedin.com We all enjoy it when someone gives us sincere聽praise or commendation.聽It motivates us, encourages us,聽makes us feel good.聽When it comes to...


  17. ProducerJennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    Why Your Bad Divorce Affects Your Children Their Whole Lives
    Why Your Bad Divorce Affects Your Children Their Whole LivesImagine being a six year old girl and asked by a judge - "do you want to live with your mom or your dad?"聽聽聽These are words no child wants to hear or be stressed out by making a choice. She didn't even know what a divorce was or that her parents...


    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    22/02/2017 #4 Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    #2 Sorry to hear that you experienced the same thing Joyce.
    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    22/02/2017 #3 Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    Yes Pascal - I believe it can - but, how parents handle interaction between themselves and their children is the critical piece. An amicable divorce is not an impossibility - it just takes two mature adults to pull it off. #1
    Joyce 馃悵 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    22/02/2017 #2 Joyce 馃悵 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    My parents did this while they were together. Never understood it then, and don't understand how people can do this to children of divorce.
    Pascal Derrien
    22/02/2017 #1 Pascal Derrien
    This is the dreading question that any child may not want to be asked, but I was thinking in more general terms if a divorce can be a relief mechansim too when everything has failed?
  18. The Mom Connection
    Parenting is hard. We are here to help!
    The Mom Connection
  19. Sara Hodge

    Sara Hodge

    5 Ways to Beat Mom Guilt When Practicing Self Care:
    Sara Hodge
    5 Ways to Beat Mom Guilt When Practicing Self Care
    mumsnchums.com Motherhood and Self Care When it comes to moms and self-care, it can seem like the two don鈥檛 mix any better than oil and water. What mother actually has the time to take for herself when there鈥檚 a miniature human completely reliant on you for...
  20. John White, MBA

    John White, MBA

    My family has hosted more than 20 exchange students. Here's what it taught me about life and raising kids.
    John White, MBA
    Want to Raise Well Adjusted Kids? Host an Exchange Student
    www.inc.com Hosting an exchange student teaches your kids the life lessons they can't get at school or soccer...
  21. SD Ward

    SD Ward

    SD Ward
  22. Bert Purdy

    Bert Purdy

    Bert Purdy
    5 Ways You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family Today
    intentionalemployee.com Learn five ways to spend quality time with family that you can start today. It isn't complicated. These are easy to...
  23. Scott Moore

    Scott Moore

    I just finished reading Tim Tebow's book "Shaken". Tim is the real deal and takes a strong stand for Jesus Christ.

    You can read my blog post about the book and see a video interview he made here:
    Scott Moore
    scott moore online: Finished reading "Shaken" by Tim Tebow
  24. Jordan Barta

    Jordan Barta

    This is a must watch!
    Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace
    Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace Excerpt of Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest....


    Jos茅 馃悵 Jord谩n de Urr铆es
    19/01/2017 #7 Jos茅 馃悵 Jord谩n de Urr铆es
    @Teresa Gezze @Tifany Rodio @Sergio Mart铆nez
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    08/01/2017 #6 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #5 This is the thing, not everybody with millennial kids shares the same experiences he is talking about, but first when I watched this - I thought maybe our family is just an exception to the rule. As I went out exploring this I discovered he has exposed a home truth about a particular parenting style, but one cannot paint all millennials as a result with the same brush - and if anything the usefulness of this video is to discover at the same time the truths that go into a stereotype or a label.

    There is a problem with social media but it applies equally to all generations whether they be boomers or millennials, which is how quickly we take it at face value. It is not that we are not individually intelligent enough to understand it, but that we move on quickly to the next piece of social media before we have absorbed and tested this in our own context or given reality.

    Ironically when I first heard him speak, his powers of persuasion were immense, he had me convinced that he had found the great truth and I had to check myself spouting this as I thought "Wait, why not ask a millennial - the one's I know, the one's we parented".

    In the cold day of light, it is a great truth that pertains to a specific demographic with a specific conformity of cultural values. As Bugs Bunny might say, "sometimes it just feels-white", (I mean right).
    Antoine 馃悵 Prager
    08/01/2017 #5 Antoine 馃悵 Prager
    This video is super important and very interesting, anyone with kids should first watch it, reflect on it and then watch it and discuss it with their kids. Because social media are a great thing but managing social media is now part of parenting. Don麓t you think so?
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    06/01/2017 #4 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    What I am going to focus on most is Simon Sinek delivery and presentation style. He speaks with great authority and assurance, only problem is that I have yet to find a millennial who I have talked to that actually matches up with the kind of millennial group he is talking about. Then again, I have not talked so far to white middle class parents who buy into all such entitlement and spoiling.

    He is addressing a sub-group and if he was Clinton's running mate, he would probably get her another million votes in California and lose the Rust Belt of America by an even bigger margin than Clinton lost it - maybe even 5pts compared to Clinton's 3.5pt under-performance from the last election. Whatever the actual facts of his content, he is a compelling speaker and I am not surprised by the viral nature of this video, it speaks to 100% Sinekism or Cynicism about rich white people.
    Mohammed Sultan
    05/01/2017 #3 Mohammed Sultan
    Millennials look at companies as the paths of their thoughts and when these thoughts are blocked or not addressed and expressed,they reach a premature end.Millennials,so,quit their jobs either because they don't have the power or the patience to bend with the conformity trend or because their pockets,time and hearts are filled.Generally,considering millennials as loyal assets is a welfare or a fantasy that goes beyond the business logic and the well established economic theories.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    05/01/2017 #2 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    An important contribution to dialogue, which forms the nub of conversations that I am sure lead to additional insights from that young generation which represents my own kids and the young students in our campus club.
    Joel Anderson
    05/01/2017 #1 Joel Anderson
    This is truly an insightful and worthwhile 15 minutes. Thanks for posting Jordan.
  25. Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    We need more people to stand up like this. Stop making girls focus on the wrong things.
    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    Appalled Graphic Designer Shows Girls' Life Magazine What Their Cover Should Look Like
    www.womenyoushouldknow.net Graphic designer Katherine Young shows Girls' Life what their magazine cover should look...


    Harvey Lloyd
    09/01/2017 #11 Harvey Lloyd
    When shown in comparison whats being marketed can be seen a lot clearer. Great post and thanks for the attention grabbing comparison..
    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    09/01/2017 #9 Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    Somehow part of my response was not posted - what I said in the beginning is both the magazines are pushed out through Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts. :-) #6
    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    09/01/2017 #8 Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    #6 Yes, Mike - both Girls Life & Boys Life magazines are run by independent owners, however, both are Girl Scouts an Boy Scouts. And while they have a stated mission, as a mom of a now 20 year old daughter, I know all too well how media plays to girls in such a way that causes them to feel like they are not pretty enough, skinny enough and so on. From what I can understand, the goal of the graphic designer redoing the cover and topics was one to start a healthy discussion about what we should be telling girls. And I for one, am all for that! Yes - of course, someone else can come up with a new magazine - but the side by side comparison was provoking to say the least.
    Aleta Curry
    08/01/2017 #7 Aleta Curry
    And here we have an example of why I get so cross every time someone writes a why-aren't-there-more-girls-in-STEM- professions post!
    Alexa Steele
    08/01/2017 #5 Alexa Steele
    #4 Ugh! I didn't know this was Girl Scouts magazine. That makes it so much worse! Girl Scouts is supposed to empower young girls. Teach them life skills. And THIS is what their magazine is about? Yuck.
    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    08/01/2017 #4 Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    #2 I know Alexa - and far more appropriate for a Girl Scouts magazine.
    Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    08/01/2017 #3 Jennifer 馃悵 Schultz
    @Mike Rana - actually if you look at all the story titles and focuses - you will see the wording is compellingly different and promotes more positive topics for girls that are not focused on fashion & beauty. This magazine is a Girl Scouts magazine. #1
    Alexa Steele
    08/01/2017 #2 Alexa Steele
    Bravo! The first one looks like a teenage version of Cosmopolitan. The second sends a far more appropriate message for adolescents. Life is about more than BFFs, first kisses, and turning yourself into jailbait.
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