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  1. Kiaran FINN

    Kiaran FINN

    Forget the Wolf on Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross, Tin Men or Gordon Gecko these are not the 'CLOSERS' you need to be emulating.

    I'll declare my bias I have nothing but contempt for this style of 'wood duck selling.'

    The wood duck is industry speak for an easily manipulated prospect. If you think you can't sell, it's only because of how you're framing the process.

    A few months ago I visited a Cafe that I hadn't been to for maybe 5 years and was asked, no kidding, if I wanted the USUAL.

    That's serious salesmanship. Focus on the small details, their names, some recalled back story, and an emotional connection point and what emerges is a sense of care factor.

    Even better is having a care factor.
    Kiaran FINN
  2. Marcel Wilson

    Marcel Wilson

    At my company Human Sparks, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of Team Garland Cycleworks Masters team for the 2016/2017 season!

    Last night we had the opportunity to have dinner with a few of the team members. What a talented group of athletes - their commitment to achieving at the highest levels in cycling is a perfect reflection of Human Sparks values!

    Keep an eye out for their team jersey on the roads around Perth and of course on race podiums! These guys are top class cyclists and inspiring athletes!

    Please join us in showing support to Team Garland Cycleworks by liking and sharing this post!
    Marcel Wilson