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  1. Vincenzo De Florio
    ANTIFRAGILE 2018 - the 5th International Workshop on Computational Antifragility and Antifragile Engineering

    Vincenzo De Florio
  2. ProducerMilli Smartessay
    Reliable paper writing service
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  3. ProducerCharles Bartlett
    The Best Way To Get Essay Assistance
    The Best Way To Get Essay AssistanceA lot of people feel intimidated when they are required to write down an essay for school, college or work. This is because writing is a skill that a lot of people find so difficult to master. Also, finding the time to write a high-quality essay can...
  4. ProducerKen Hill

    Ken Hill

    Brilliant Argumentative Essay Writing Gudelines
    Brilliant Argumentative Essay Writing GudelinesFrom time to time in your high school and/or college life you will be required to write an argumentative essay. However, many students find it hard. This article explores two aspects of argumentative essay that will help you understand what it...
  5. ProducerDaniel Reed

    Daniel Reed

    Learn Four Ways To Create The Best Custom Essay Service Possible
    Learn Four Ways To Create The Best Custom Essay Service PossibleThere are many professionals who are looking for a good writer to write an essay that speaks to each respective audience. Pharmaceutical companies, professors, researchers and business owners would like to communicate to their audience. The problem...
  6. ProducerMatthew Foster

    Matthew Foster

    If Writing Does Not Come Easy
    If Writing Does Not Come EasyWriting is an indispensable work that has to be done by students. There are many papers to be written on several topics or fields as the case may demand, so it is not a cup that can be passed over anyone pursuing academic excellence.Seeking academic...
  7. ProducerJack Lee

    Jack Lee

    How Can One Find Bright Essay Writing Tips?
    How Can One Find Bright Essay Writing Tips?Essay writing may be a dreadful task that students usually keep on postponing. A lot of students lack the time needed to write an essay and some even don’t have the energy or the chance to improve their writing skills. But don’t have to worry. In...


  8. ProducerFrancis Owens

    Francis Owens

    What Was The Reason That I Had to Pay to Do My Homework
    What Was The Reason That I Had to Pay to Do My HomeworkEvery student understands that doing homework is a chore than nobody can skip, but do you really have the time to do your homework the way it should be done? Do you have the time and the energy to research and work to solve your homework in the best...
  9. ProducerÉmilie Morin

    Émilie Morin

    5 Tips for Dissertation Writing
    5 Tips for Dissertation WritingIf you are a masters or doctoral student, it’s just a matter of time before a dissertation comes your way. Are you ready for it? Not yet? Don't you worry! This guide has been fashioned for you. Dissertations are tricky. There are a form of advanced...
  10. Michael Ian Kinnear 🇬🇧
    Here I am outside the Chemistry building at the University of Hull with other PhD students and one of my future research supervisors Dr. Michael Reithofer (far right) who studied at MIT for his PhD. I will open my crowdfunding efforts tomorrow. Watch this space! It's getting exciting! Michael Ian Kinnear 🇬🇧