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  1. Susan Singer, SCPM
    200-community test case debunks major argument against #UBI.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    A new study debunks one of the biggest arguments against basic income
    www.vox.com New research on a program in Mexico strongly suggests that giving out cash doesn’t cause...
  2. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Study: work-from-home employees cost less, are 13.5% more productive.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    Why working from home should be standard practice
    ideas.ted.com And if your boss is on the fence, here’s a compelling case study — from economics professor Nicholas Bloom — to show...
  3. Susan Singer, SCPM
    September edition of "Global Capitalism" with @profwolff (captions by yours truly):
    Global Capitalism: Hurricane Harvey’s Lessons [September 2017]
    Global Capitalism: Hurricane Harvey’s Lessons [September 2017] SEPTEMBER: d@w has received a challenge grant! All contributions made via our website are matched by the Lannan Foundation, up to $30,000. Help us reach our...
  4. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Venezuela to "dedollarize" oil sales with pricing in Chinese Yuan.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    What Does the Sale of Venezuelan Oil in Currencies Other Than the US Dollar Mean?
  5. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Co-ops and credit unions mobilize for "Harvey" relief.
    www.thenews.coop Electric co-ops in Texas and Louisiana are battling to restore power while the rest of the movement is working to help stricken...
  6. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Autonomous cars don't park; they won't pay for parking fees or expired meter fines.
    They're electric; they won't pay gas taxes.
    They'll be used in lieu of cabs and rentals; so there go medallion fees and rental taxes.
    They don't speed, get red light cams or commit other no-nos; there go tickets.

    Fees/taxes/fines generate ~ $5B 'revenue enhancement' for the biggest 25 cities in the US. Will they forego it?
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    How Driverless Cars Could Be a Big Problem for Cities
    www.governing.com The technology could signal the beginning of the end of parking tickets and other revenue sources. Some cities' budgets could take a big...
  7. Susan Singer, SCPM
    SSNs millions obtained by hackers due via state online job site.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    www.rt.com A security breach in the Kansas Department of Commerce has exposed millions of Social Security numbers from people across 10 states to hackers. Many other accounts were also...


    Susan Singer, SCPM
    22/07/2017 #1 Susan Singer, SCPM
    SSNs millions obtained by hackers via state online job site.
  8. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Lecture by Wolff, captioning by yours truly.

    Topics include: the Medical Industrial Complex; Seattle; the Pope on work, workers and unionism; a San Diego brewery; Angele Merkel's Christian agenda, and; Uber.

    Something for everyone.
    Global Capitalism: Evaluating 6 Months of the Trump Economy [July 2017]
    Global Capitalism: Evaluating 6 Months of the Trump Economy [July 2017] Fan of Economic Update with Prof. Richard Wolff? The show is now available on YouTube! Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/economicupdate...
  9. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    Illinois Becomes the First State to Pass a Geolocation Privacy Protection Bill - Data Matters Privacy Blog
    datamatters.sidley.com On June 27, 2017, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill seeking to limit the collection, use, retention, or disclosure of precise geolocation data from a mobile device without a person’s prior express and written consent.  This notable bill,...
  10. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Bank of England: currency's an IOU; basis for austerity out the window.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it | David Graeber
    www.theguardian.com David Graeber: The Bank of England's dose of honesty throws the theoretical basis for austerity out the...
  11. Susan Singer, SCPM
    The militarization of space.

    The US House Armed Services Committee voted to create a "Space Corps". This would absorb current USAF functions, including the secret X-37B "space plane," constitute a sixth branch of the military, and add an eighth member to the Joint Chiefs.

    The proposal lies deep within the NDAA as
    Section 16xx—Establishment of Space Corps in the Department of the Air Force
    (Page 16)
    See also: http://www.spacepolicyonline.com/news/rogers-warns-air-force-not-to-resist-space-corps-proposal
  12. Susan Singer, SCPM
    IMF reduces by about 1/3 the projected growth of the US economy over the Administration's projections.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    US growth forecasts slide, IMF cites uncertainty in Trump’s fiscal plan
    www.rt.com The International Monetary Fund has released its US economic growth forecasts. Uncertainty in President Donald Trump’s fiscal plans has erased previous predictions of a faster growing...
  13. ProducerGeorgina Penfold
    Snap to it: the GB energy system needs to get flexible
    Snap to it: the GB energy system needs to get flexibleAs I sat down earlier this week to write my next blog, I was distracted by an incoming email alert: National Grid publishing their SNAPS consultation (System Needs and Product Strategy).Now, this isn’t a new piece of policy to worry about, nor is it...
  14. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Nine studies: full implementation of Paris Accord pledges will cut 1C of global warming, compared to "business as usual".
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    Meeting Paris Pledges would Prevent at least 1C of Global Warming - Resilience
    www.resilience.org Nine separate studies show, on average, that full implementation of current climate pledges would avoid 1C of warming compared to...
  15. Susan Singer, SCPM
    A growing list of municipalities that have signed on to the Climate Accord irrespective of national policy.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    From Coast To Coast, Over 100 U.S. Cities Defy Trump And Adopt Paris Agreement — Here's The List:
    politicaldig.com City leaders of 102 cities across the U.S. have announced they are adopting the Paris Climate Agreement in defiance of President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the historic accord. In a defiant letter posted to the blogging platform...
  16. ProducerGeorgina Penfold
    Go back to the future to support our energy networks
    Go back to the future to support our energy networksThe collection of poems known as Carmina Burana (Songs from Beuern) dates from the 11th or 12th centuries; the exact dates are uncertain and the authorship disputed although widely assumed to be the work of Goliards – clerics who mocked the church...
  17. Susan Singer, SCPM
    'Jobs president' would sacrifice 1.2M to withdraw from Paris agreement.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    The jobs at risk if Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement
    medium.com Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ largely by bringing jobs back to Middle America. Yet his move to...
  18. Susan Singer, SCPM
    SCOTUS: Manufacturers can't dictate what consumers do with their products post-sale.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    The Supreme Court says third parties can sell printer cartridge ink.
    www.slate.com In what legal scholars are already calling a precedent-setting ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court handed consumers and tech companies a big win on Tuesday ...
  19. Susan Singer, SCPM
    "Tainted Leaks" analysis of extensive phishing campaign & subsequent doc manipulation for propaganda purposes.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing With a Russian Nexus - The Citizen Lab
    citizenlab.org Documents stolen from a prominent journalist and critic of the Russian government were manipulated and then released as a “leak” to discredit domestic and foreign critics of the government. We call this technique “tainted...
  20. Susan Singer, SCPM
    NYC bans hiring managers and recruiters asking job seekers (or Googling) for past salary info. Good call.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    This Interview Question Is Now Banned in NYC
    www.ceresinsights.com Editor’s Note: We usually cover unique (and sometimes wacky) marketing strategies in our blog, but this month we’re turning to a more serious topic that will likely be a game-changer for hiring managers and...


    Kevin Douglas Berg
    21/05/2017 #1 Kevin Douglas Berg
    This is good practice. It would be great to see this be instituted nationally. Just like investments "past performance is no indication of future performance."
  21. Susan Singer, SCPM
    The White House is crowd-sourcing its "reform" of the Executive Branch.

    You have until June 12 to chime in.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
  22. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Diplomas awarded in public service career sector dips.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    Fewer People Are Getting Degrees in Public Service
    www.governing.com It's hard to say, though, whether this is a temporary adjustment or a long-term...
  23. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Bill introduced to encourage worker-owned entities.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    Legislative Package Introduced to Encourage Employee-Owned Companies
    www.commondreams.org Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), along with Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), introduced two pieces of legislation Thursday to help workers around the country form employee-owned businesses.Broad-based...
  24. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Lecture by Professor Wolff, captioning by yours truly.
    Global Capitalism: The US Position Weakens [May 2017]
    Global Capitalism: The US Position Weakens [May 2017] Fan of Economic Update with Prof. Richard Wolff? The show is now available on YouTube! Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/economicupdate...
  25. Susan Singer, SCPM
    Global ransomware scheme foiled for just $10.69.
    Susan Singer, SCPM
    'Accidental hero' finds kill switch to stop spread of ransomware cyber-attack
    www.theguardian.com Spread of malware curtailed by expert who simply registered a domain name for a few dollars, giving many across world time to protect against...
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