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Positive Parenting: Bedtime - beBee

Positive Parenting: Bedtime

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  1. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Two Illuminating Stories
    Two Illuminating StoriesI witnessed the two following stories and pondered on their lessons and I am sharing them with you. You may find other wisdoms from them and I hope you share them.Few of my friends and I shared a flat. One night a friend of us joined us for...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    28/07/2016 #24 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #18 Awe, so sweet! I wish I could meet so many of you!!
    Anees Zaidi
    27/07/2016 #23 Anees Zaidi
    #22 Me too Dr. @Ali Anani
    Ali Anani
    27/07/2016 #22 Ali Anani
    #21 invisible invincible- I am vibrating with joy dear @Anees Zaidi
    Anees Zaidi
    27/07/2016 #21 Anees Zaidi
    #20 One more Dr. @Ali Anani 'invisible invincible'. Brilliant use of 'Homophones'. (Blush) (Blush) @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD :))
    Ali Anani
    27/07/2016 #20 Ali Anani
    Elated to be belated and before ask and task- you have a special mind @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    27/07/2016 #19 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #12 (Blush)(Blush) thank you, kind sir. Not bad for 56, just had my birthday last month! I'm so elated to still be belated in all that I seem to do, for I still brew.#15 #16 #17 🐝 It is in the brewing of our minds together 🐝that we conjure the best recipes with tons of cooks in this beBee kitchen. For it is the grand masterpiece of all beer, to have multiple ingredients, an array of chemical experiments to accomplish the optimal procurement of the invisible invincible.
    Ali Anani
    27/07/2016 #18 Ali Anani
    #17 My happiness stems from my sadness not having met you before dear @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    27/07/2016 #17 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Great story @Ali Anani with important life lessons. We don't experience happiness without experiencing sadness. Or shall I say, it's hard to appreciate happiness without experiencing sadness.
    Ali Anani
    27/07/2016 #16 Ali Anani
    No question about the validity of your comment my brother @Anees Zaidi. This pursuit is what makes our lives worthy
    Anees Zaidi
    27/07/2016 #15 Anees Zaidi
    #14 And our personal life journey as well brother @Ali Anani. We keep assuming all through our life and work on to validate our hopes - sometime we succeed, sometime we fail. However, we keep walking with new hopes and desires and the journey finally ends at an unknown time.
    Ali Anani
    27/07/2016 #14 Ali Anani
    #13 Thank you dear @Anees Zaidi for writing a solid comment. In fact questioning assumptions is a continuous activity. We might assume and then find the proof. This proof is mostly valid within certain boundaries. If we step outside these boundaries we may discover new findings. Scientific history if full with examples.
    Anees Zaidi
    27/07/2016 #13 Anees Zaidi
    "Likewise; we don't have the light of discovery without having the darkness of the unknown." - It is very much the statement of a scientific mind Dr. @Ali Anani. The building of scientific knowledge relies on some fundamental assumptions. We start our life with unknown. Millions of sperm swim upstream on a quest to fertilize an egg. Which sperm will fertilize the egg is unknown. Throughout our lives we work on assumptions be it personal life or work. Businesses lay their forecasted yearly plans on some basic assumptions. As you said "We need our senses to work with our brains to reach at the right conclusions". It is our 'sense' which switches the light on not necessarily always showing us the illuminated path - it might be an illusion which our sense fails to see through. Your two stories are as relevant as amusing. Thanks for sharing your great thoughts that I share with pride.
    Ali Anani
    26/07/2016 #12 Ali Anani
    #11 Your comment is as much shining as your smile in your new photo @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD. This is a grand comment and your adding SADD is of great relevance. We need to ventilate our minds and expose our minds to sunlight so that they may photosynthesize!. I surely look forward to reading your next buzz
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    26/07/2016 #11 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #1 #4 #7 #3 #8 So many fantastic "lightbulbs" go off in our dark heads! Another note that @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher surely knows is that in the ICU, where there are not usually beds with a window to the outdoors, patients can develop a loss of their day/night cycles, or circadian rhythm (e.g., Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder, or SADD, from not getting light in the winter). Loss of circadian rhythm in the ICU can lead to "ICU Psychosis," complete with auditory and visual hallucinations. The Treatment? Move the patient to a room with a window. Much room for thought as yet another dimension grows. And yes, @Ali Anani, studies also show that if a group 'prays' for a plant vs. a 'plant without prayer,' there occurs life and death, respectively. More musings. Reflective, serious and sparkling ones! Great post with room for feeds to many Buzzes indeed. I shall have to write an article on ICU Psychosis and/or SADD now! All for the good of the hive🐝!
    Ali Anani
    26/07/2016 #10 Ali Anani
    #8 @Mohammed Sultan- mind-boggling your comment is . This part moved me "The flashes of a spark are sensed better in darkness like dreams in which we see things more clearly than when we awake". I agree and relaxed minds may be more imaginative. My friend, I have to really think more before responding in detail
    Ali Anani
    26/07/2016 #9 Ali Anani
    #7 This is a hugely-remarkable comment @Sara Jacobovici. It is the same as we expose plants to artificial sunlight to produce. I was planning to send you a write up in a message that is inspiring me to write a buzz. Now, I shall share it in public. I am reading a post in Scientific American titled "Do Plants Think?
    I hope you find the time to read it because it has a special interest to you that shall unfold in front of your eyes. The conclusion is that plants have thinking genes like us. Now, you strengthen this idea by mentioning tricking the system into thinking it is getting the extended sunlight hours. You open many new possibilities with this statement. You remind me of the poor lady who used to cook stones to trick her children that she was preparing food for them.
    I have much more to say; however I would love to read the comments of both @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher and @Deb🐝 Lange first. I shall devote my next buzz to build on this comment.
    Mohammed Sultan
    26/07/2016 #8 Mohammed Sultan
    @ Dr.Ali Anani,PhD,thanks for sharing your creative metaphor.Everyone has his own light because we have different paths and different goals.When you seek a solution to a problem you will apply your prospective which reflects your own light and wisdom.Your wisdom will work as a filter when you recommend a solution matching your background.Good solutions often requires organized knowledge through science and organized life through the inspiration of your wisdom.Exactly the same with creativity and innovation.The creative work is usually un organized because its spark comes from imagination which may also take you everywhere.The flashes of a spark are sensed better in darkness like dreams in which we see things more clearly than when we a wake.Whereas, in innovation,where we turn our generated ideas into concepts and proper customer solutions, an organized work during the daylight will be required.In Group Think or Brainstorming Sessions when everyone think of his idea as a light will keep his mind charged,plugged in and turned on because we have the same source of light(idea) used for a common purpose.
    Sara Jacobovici
    26/07/2016 #7 Sara Jacobovici
    Another thought provoking piece @Ali Anani. My senses are working overtime. You add another dimension to the mind-body connection; meaning and the sensory system.You write, "Separating our minds from our senses is like switching off lights in a room....It is not only darkness that makes us unable to see reality. Daylight may do the same. We need to sense both together." Consciousness is the key element. If we rely only on the senses, we have one experience, if we rely only on the meaning of the senses, we have another experience. But consciousness can override one to influence the other. Take the condition SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, for example. With some individuals not receiving enough daylight hours can lead to depression. There are lights which mimic daylight that are placed in the individual's room to "trick" their system into "thinking" it is getting the extended daylight hours. What is interesting is that even though the mind is conscious of the fact that it is an artificial light source, the sensory system is accepting the light and allowing it to make a difference.

    On another note, the line that has left my senses in a haze is, "... we don't have the light of discovery without having the darkness of the unknown." Wow! Thanks Dr. Ali.
    Ali Anani
    26/07/2016 #5 Ali Anani
    #2 Your synopsis is just sound and uplifting dear @Laurent BOSCHERINI. Thank you my friend
    Ali Anani
    26/07/2016 #4 Ali Anani
    #1 @debasish majumder- you are a wise man. yes, w need effects that lead to self-renewal and that we move to a higher level. We may stay in one level to gain wisdom and gain energy to move up. We need a new synthesis as you wisely pointed out.