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10 Lessons I鈥檝e Learned Working At A PR Firm

10 Lessons I鈥檝e Learned Working At A PR Firm

When I started my new PR job back in February, I thought I knew what I had signed up for. After all, I am a passionate PR professional who has completely immersed herself in the world of PR since day one. Little did I know, however, that this job...

Nida Asad

Nida Asad

I want to start a freelance PR firm with one partner! How should i go about it?--

mohammed khalaf

mohammed khalaf

If you show that you like the way the company works, your boss and your boss's bosses will be happier to make you an important part of it. Also, get to know your co workers. If you seek to understand your co workers, you may avoid potential disagreements.





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