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Production & Manufacturing

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Both are process to converting inputs into ouputs by applying some operation or process. Both terms are used interchangeably, yet both are different. Difference is the raw material procurement.When raw materials are not procured from outside,the company owns it,after processing operations produce goods/service, then the process is called Production . While manufacturing also includes Design sales marketing, and is a narrow term. Whereas production is a broader term. In this hive you can learn about both.
  1. Michael Eisman

    Michael Eisman

    If you are planning to use an agent for your offshore sourcing, please do your due diligence.

    An interesting article.

    Although China is specifically mentioned it applies to all countries.
    Michael Eisman
    Finding buying agents in China: 6 things you should know
    www.globalsources.com Finding buying agents in China: 6 things you should...
  2. Friddy Hoegener

    Friddy Hoegener

    Change Agents drive #Transformation. Here are 5 Qualities of Effective Change Agents http://hubs.ly/H07CfM90Friddy Hoegener
  3. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Our ECONOMIC STRATEGY helps additional skills to the advantage

    * Abstract & Simplify
    * Analyse & reasoning
    * Think critically
    * Real time decision making
    * Empathy at work

    Simplifying the matter and valuing the innate ability of each brain, our strategy derives real time managerial ideas valuing the resources....
    Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
  4. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Axioms of work lies in action, not in result. If inputs are good, output is bound to be good.

    Significant time is spent in "Performance report" rather than "Performance" itself, escaping dynamics of present to spend time anticipating future.

    While our strategy is already focused suggesting "HOW" to build exponential business model, improving performance and creating value, out of core elements of Business Model Canvas, Global leaders & experts appears to have realized off-late shunning the objectivity meeting INDIAN ETHOS, but still fall short of in suggesting only "WHAT" to do. (https://lnkd.in/f5TzhjH)

    Its true, most business models are linear, designed to increase profits or decrease costs by 10 percent. Surprisingly, lot of savings put on the table, clocks-off leaving #BusinessLeaders wonder where all the money gone !!!

    In taking business model from 10 percent to 10X,merely changing business model fueled by technology & talent will help?

    For pragmatic, realistic and effective solution, reach out to us. Our time tested strategy helps taking forward your business towards sustainable paradigm with competitive edge........
    Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
  5. Friddy Hoegener

    Friddy Hoegener

    Google will soon use machine learning to help you find the right job
    t.co Google's latest initiative will put relevant job listings right at your fingertips within Google Search and it's launching...
  6. ProducerFriddy Hoegener

    Friddy Hoegener

    10 TIPS FOR YOUR NEXT JOB INTERVIEW1) Prepare for Common Interview Questions - try to find out what kind of interview you to expect and then try to anticipate some of those most likely questions and prepare responses.2) Conduct Research - Go online and see what you can find on the...
  7. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor

    We will guide your team implementing "Operational Econometrics" looking beyond Lean Process,TPM & Kanban system of production through rational thinking at margin adding economic value across operation, taking your organization to a whole new level, towards sustainable paradigm fueling growth, maximizing profit.....
    Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
  8. ProducerPhil Banks

    Phil Banks

    Digital Enterprise Suite - Future of Manufacturing
    Digital Enterprise Suite - Future of ManufacturingDigitalization changes all areas of life and also existing business models.  From the Siemens Global Website, read how Siemens can help manufacturers secure competitiveness through an holistic approach to Industry...
  9. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Taking your business towards more sustainable paradigm fueling growth, we help through our workshop deriving strategy for rational thinking at margin maximizing profit, Economically. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
  10. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Grow your business looking beyond Lean process, adding economic value across operation aligning macro economic changes with micro economic at operation level. We offer workshop, contact us today Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
  11. Phil Banks

    Phil Banks

    Some amazing feats of engineering in the photos in this article as the 'world's largest vessel' Pioneering Spirit brings British oil rig Brent Delta into Hartlepool in North East of England for decommissioning...
    Phil Banks
    Ground breaking Hartlepool rig arrival hailed a ‘triumph’
    www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk The arrival of the world’s heaviest cargo ship in Hartlepool has been hailed as a...
  12. ProducerManoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Why Indian Economy is towards more sustainable paradigm than Western Economy
    Why Indian Economy is towards more sustainable paradigm than Western Economy(Much has been deliberated on Culture and Economy. Without going into Economic Fundamentals governing Macro Economic, the author has tried to analyse impact of culture over the micro economy in the light of principles of management.) India...
  13. Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Thanks @Dr.Saikat Gochhait-Business Incubator for consenting our workshop in the Entrepreneurship Awareness Program being organised under the aegis of Ministry of MSME ,Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India & Nasscom.

    Your tireless and commendable effort to create Business & Entrepreneurship skill is certain to help Indian Industries and Indian Economy to achieve new height.

    We thank you for valuing our passion, developing Business Economic Skill, delivering value, creating difference.
    Manoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
  14. Phil Banks

    Phil Banks

    Great to see investment like this in British steel industry ahead of Brexit negotiations .
    Phil Banks
    Steel giant plans to create 300 jobs in South Yorkshire after £100m deal
    www.yorkshirepost.co.uk STEEL giant Liberty House plans to create 300 jobs in South Yorkshire and make multi-million pound investments to secure the future of five...
  15. ProducerManoj Trivedi, Business Mentor
    Adding Economic Value in operation
    Adding Economic Value in operationContact us to add economic value across operation,looking beyond Lean Process-TPM & Kanban system of productionfor competitive edge, sustainability and maximum profit.We strategize harmonizing macro economic changes with micro economic at...
  16. Phil Banks

    Phil Banks

    British car manufacturing goes from strength to strength as exports rise ahead of Brexit.
    Phil Banks
    UK car manufacturing hits 17-year high thanks to growing exports | Autocar
    www.autocar.co.uk British manufacturers built 170,691 vehicles this March - 7.3% more than last...
  17. Phil Banks

    Phil Banks

    Siemens invest in Power Electronics R&D
    Phil Banks
    Siemens invests in power electronics for future converters - Drives and Controls Magazine
    m.drivesncontrols.com Siemens is investing in its Motion Control facility in Erlangen, Germany, to make it the company’s centre for power electronics. The move is...
  18. Clayton Carroll

    Clayton Carroll

    Contributor Mark Groulx recalls his experience while at Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert where he learned about Flocking Theory.
    This taught him why birds and bees flock together and how that brings up three questions for your team:
    1. Is your team flying in the same direction (business strategy)?
    2. Are they all flying at the same speed (date driven execution plan)?
    3. Do they stay close together (communication)?
    Clayton Carroll
    The Birds and the Bees do it, why not you?
    www.erp101.com Why birds and bees flock together and what can that teach us about...
  19. George Touryliov
    Once upon a time, the manufacturing service chain was comparatively black and white: manufacturers would make things for people, and service companies would do things for people. Not any more. Today, boundaries are blurring, as trailblazing manufacturers embark on a transformation known as ‘servitization’. Read on to learn more -
    George Touryliov
    Servitization: The Changing Face of Manufacturing and Service
    www.salesforce.com We asked Dr. Howard Lightfoot of Cranfield University, what servitization means, and why it’s becoming such a competitive priority for...
  20. ProducerJohn Myers

    John Myers

    StepBeyond StepBeyond  Solutions  Inc.Electronics manufacturing a search...
  21. Clayton Carroll

    Clayton Carroll

    Do you question yourself?
    Tips from the Trenches contributor Mark Groulx recalls his business experience in both starting and running companies over the past 40 years and challenges you to question yourself.
    By using lessons he has learned from his prior work experience, Mark points out five questions you should be asking of yourself and your company:
    1. Have you surrounded yourself with really smart people? Take a look around.
    2. Is it clear what you are about?
    3. Are there products / services you could combine with your products / services?
    4. Have you set the bar high enough?
    5. Have you considered go-to-market alliances?
    Clayton Carroll
    Do You Question Yourself? You Should
    www.erp101.com While out running recently, I challenged myself to name the single most important lesson learned at each company I have worked at over the past 40...
  22. Dr. Corinthia Price
    Do you agree giving displaced workers tax credit to own robots that replaces them?
    Dr. Corinthia Price
    Fear of Automation’s Dark Side Leads to Calls for Action
    on.wsj.com Amid growing social and economic anxiety, some Silicon Valley figures who are heavily invested in the automation race support public policy or private-industry moves to guard against a dystopian...
  23. ProducerKohei Kurihara

    Kohei Kurihara

    Marketing Case Study Toyota 36
    Marketing Case Study Toyota 36Panasonic also announced to invest automatic driving technologies. Japanese company following these momentum beyond the specific business development. Existing electric player, Sony, Panasonic potentially applying internal team to referable new...


    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    27/03/2017 #5 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    presented in an excellent way, a pleasure to read!
    Milos Djukic
    27/03/2017 #3 Anonymous
    #2 I agree @John White, MBA, Great series about "How to develop the global brand" - Marketing case studies in Japan by @Kohei Kurihara-san. A must read for all marketers.
    John White, MBA
    27/03/2017 #2 John White, MBA
    Wow, exquisite post @Kohei Kurihara. Thanks for the tag @Milos Djukic.
  24. Dr. Corinthia Price
    Why are Manufacturing Jobs Going Unfilled...?
    Dr. Corinthia Price
    Why Millions of Manufacturing Jobs Could Go Unfilled
    www.bloomberg.com A jobs program in Louisville is filling a skills gap and putting Americans back to...
  25. fibertech global
    fibertech global
    Why You Should Go With Plastic For Compressed Air Piping?
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