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profesionales de la salud

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  1. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    La relación entre delincuencia, personalidad e inteligencia
    psicologiaymente.net Los tipos de personalidad y la inteligencia se relacionan con la tendencia estadística a cometer delitos. Te explicamos las correlaciones que se han...
  2. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Eres estudiante de medicina? Estás viendo la materia bioquímica? Acá te dejo ...
    plus.google.com Eres estudiante de medicina? Estás viendo la materia bioquímica? Acá te dejo el link de mi video sobre hormonas tiroideas: https://youtu.be/sliwm23d5SE - Maria Pilar Pich Pou -...


    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    14/04/2017 #1 maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Gracias...•para los que no creen en los titulos• .aqui podemos ver lo dificil que seria memorizarlo todo....yo obtuve sobresaliente en Bioquimica y confieso que fue muy dificil y requiere demasiado esfuerzo....see you later!!
  3. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    A Case Study Illustrating the Effectiveness of Neurosurgery for a Brain Tumour Followed by Intense Neuro-Coaching
    A Case Study Illustrating the Effectiveness of Neurosurgery for a Brain Tumour Followed by Intense Neuro-CoachingJenny presented to me several years ago with the main complaints of headaches and vertigo. The symptoms had been present for a period of three months and were deteriorating. An MRI scan was performed which revealed a large posterior tumor which was...


    Gerald Hecht
    13/04/2017 #18 Gerald Hecht
    #8 @Ian Weinberg TYPO ALERT: It should be "GSN"...not "GSM". However since that's what that personality type was called before my defense --its probably called something else now anyway. That's how the MCAT publisher's and the WHO and APA generate revenue. Students and residents need to buy new study materials every year...so far my favorite thingie in DSM-V is "Eating Dysregulation Disorder" (or something like that)...its strange how this new Dx appeared just as Shire's patent on Vyvanse was about to run out...
    Gerald Hecht
    13/04/2017 #17 Gerald Hecht
    #16 @Ian Weinberg yeah...notice how the dogma changed AFTER your qualifying assessments; I think I know what's happening; because similar things happened to CNS structure/function thingies after I defended my dissertation...I'm calling it "Schrodinger's Neuroanatomy" OR "Its a Wonderful Brain".

    Every time someone earns a degree in neuroscience...the quantum state collapses into a singularity AND a bell rings!
    Ian Weinberg
    13/04/2017 #16 Ian Weinberg
    #12 @Gerald Hecht Strangely, through most of my neuro training, the cerebellum was relegated to the function of motor function co-ordinator etc. It was only after I qualified that studies began to appear showing cognitive function in the cerebellum. And we're still so damn clueless about the 'wiring diagram'!
    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    13/04/2017 #14 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    What a fascinating piece of work. Thank you. I enjoyed it. I'm so glad you take the time to share with us.
    Gerald Hecht
    13/04/2017 #12 Gerald Hecht
    @Ian Weinberg A most fascinating case you have presented here..these days (especially) having what the early Cognitive-Behavioral theorists/therapists termed an ongoing "GSM" conglomerate that's gone completely on "autopilot" is...well, it's amazing (and I don't think coincidental) that infiltration had reached the cerebellum.

    GSM --it refers to a baseline, persistent pattern in which everything that is attenrionally sensed, experienced, combined with selected memories (thereby perceived/cognitively concluded), towards generation of subsequent behaviors --a pattern, that (on the "best of days") is:
    1) (G)lobal; meaning that it's applied to everything; all the time,
    2) (S)table; meaning that this is the "default experiencing-of-one's-life" (interestingly, there is evidence which suggests that learning which has become "AUTOMATIC" have actually become "NEUROLOGICAL ALGORITHMS "...and these algorithms are "filed in the cerebellum ") and,
    3) (N)egative; meaning always "BAD" --always seen in the worst light, always something that your behavior (anything you do or say) CANNOT "FIX".
    Add to that the very real external/SM amplified "events" that characterize the present "Nationalist/xenophobic" geopolitical zeitgeist...and
    GSM + Genetic predisposition + "bad" sociopolitical environment = disease (reaching The cerebellum) ..."filing cabinet" of automatic, pre-programmed algorithms. Potentially deadly ...yet also reprogrammable!
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/04/2017 #11 Sara Jacobovici
    #10 Thanks for taking the time to fill in this part of the process @Ian Weinberg. Much appreciated.
    Ian Weinberg
    13/04/2017 #10 Ian Weinberg
    #9 Thanks @Sara Jacobovici The patients that I perform surgery upon are all fully evaluated from a medical and psychological perspective, pre-operatively. Since I'm both surgeon and seasoned coach, I've selected the patients that I believe will have the most optimal outcome (based on my own data). In the earlier days I would use my online diagnostic (psychometric) to do the evaluation. This is no longer needed as I gained experience in the profiling. Obviously this doesn't apply to the essential, life-saving procedures.
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/04/2017 #9 Sara Jacobovici
    Great piece @Ian Weinberg. I really appreciate you outlining the whole process your patient goes through, from initial meeting to follow up. I am also glad that you included the amount of time, the 4 years of follow up, that was needed for your patient to achieve the positive and life changing results. I would be curious to know what kind of work (if any) you do with the patient pre surgery. Consistent with your framework of mind/body relationship, I don't have to tell you that how a person enters into surgery psychologically will influence the outcome of the surgery itself. My dad needed bypass surgery back in 1986 and we were lucky enough to have the best surgeon. The surgeon entered my dad's room prior to scheduling the surgery and asked to speak with him alone (myself, my mom and brother were with him at the time). After about half an hour, the surgeon called us back into the room and said that he has agreed to schedule the surgery. We shared with him our confusion as we had already assumed that he had agreed to do the surgery. The surgeon replied that first he agreed from a medical/physical point of view, but that then he had to meet the patient and get a sense of the patient's mental or emotional state and what the patient's expectations were of the surgery and of the surgeon. He said that he got from my dad what he needed to know that there was a very high probability that the surgery will be successful. And indeed, the outcome was very successful. As well, I have worked with individuals pre surgery who were afraid of the general anesthesia and helped them through that process. Thanks, as always Ian, for a very important post.
    Claire L Cardwell
    27/11/2016 #6 Claire L Cardwell
    Thanks @Ian Weinberg - am busy reading the articles, am interested in the online certification too.
    Ian Weinberg
    19/11/2016 #5 Ian Weinberg
    #3 @Harvey Lloyd you've nailed the essence of the dynamic. Yes indeed our life narratives are a product of our nature-nurture heritages. And if there's been significant deprivation this will create limiting beliefs in our narratives. It's also unfortunate that we all settle into a comfort zone and accept the status quo for what it is. It's only with life trauma's, emotional or physical (the burning platforms), that we're asked to engage and question who we are and where we're at. But then only a relatively small percentage can make the break and transcend limiting beliefs (usually with professional coaching assistance). Thanks for engaging and giving your feedback. We're all after all, students in the University of Life!
    Ian Weinberg
    19/11/2016 #4 Ian Weinberg
    #2 @Claire L Cardwell Thanks for that. For a start, pick up on the references at the end of the article. If you wish to go further and do the online certification course I'm happy to make a special arrangement for the beBee community.
    Harvey Lloyd
    19/11/2016 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    @Ian Weinberg this was a fascinating case study. In an effort to understand the concepts you have laid out i would like to reflect what i read. I want to understand these concepts in more lay terms.

    I picked up that stress over long periods of time can cause physical illness. Also that during our formative years we develop our sense of self that is the basis of our adult life in many instances. Given this building process out from our formative years, our life tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy of our fundamental sense of self. Finally that given the right setting we can transcend the past through self-analysis up to and including coaching.

    The burning question, if i have stated your position even close, how can one recognize their dilemma from within the world they live? The tumor, in this case, shocked Jenny into a state of reverie where she was able to see and understand your discussions from a different perspective. I ask this question only because i have several folks in my life who are super humans and just don't know it. They seem to be bound by past experience in a continuous loop.

    Not really wanting an answer here, as it would complicated. Really wanted to say thank you for reinforcing some ideas of stress, professionally. Please though, if i am not on the right planet, set me straight.
    Claire L Cardwell
    19/11/2016 #2 Claire L Cardwell
    Fascinating article @Ian Weinberg - where do I learn more?
  4. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Mexicanos desarrollan 'brasier' que detecta el cáncer de mama
    esinteresante.net Se espera que esté al alcance de todas las mujeres, en especial, para las...
  5. Serafin Garcia nache
    Serafin Garcia nache
    Para qué sirve el puerro: propiedades medicinales, usos y aplicaciones curativas
    m.plantasparacurar.com La planta de puerro, también conocida como porro o ajo porro y cuyo nombre científico es Allium porrum, tiene varios usos medicinales y aplicaciones curativas, además de ser un excelente alimento. Qué es puerroPropiedades medicinales del...
  6. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    *Neuroscience Roi-Girard*
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    It was the time when leonardo da vinci discovered the cerebellum. (Traductio...
    plus.google.com It was the time when leonardo da vinci discovered the cerebellum. (Traduction française en bas de page) In 1504, Leonardo da Vinci made wax castings of... - Neuroscience Roi-Girard -...
  7. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    _molecular-biology ESTUDIO EN SALUD MENTAL
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Molecular Psychiatry - OCD-like behavior is caused by dysfunction of thalamo-amygdala circuits and upregulated TrkB/ERK-MAPK signaling as a result of SPRED2 deficiency
    www.nature.com Molecular Psychiatry publishes work aimed at elucidating biological mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and their...
  8. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Avances Científicos y Ciencia: Estos son los alimentos más peligrosos para la salud por culpa de los pesticidas
    scienceactual.blogspot.com.es En el alimento más 'sucio' se han encontrado 20 tipos de pesticidas...
  9. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Por qué es peligroso comer hamburguesas término medio (y con los filetes no hay tanto problema) - BBC Mundo
    www.bbc.com ¿Eres de los que le gusta la carne bien hecha por fuera y jugosa y rosada por dentro? Te explicamos por qué esa no es una buena idea cuando se trata de...
  10. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    ¿Sabes si tus hijos hacen sexting?
    juanmoisesdelaserna.es En los últimos años se ha popularizado entre los más jóvenes la práctica del...


    Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    17/03/2017 #1 Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    Contenido realmente interesante. Gracias.
  11. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Tienes derecho a enfadarte, a protestar y a sentir tu malestar
    lamenteesmaravillosa.com Aunque quieran convencerte de lo contrario, lo tienes: enfadarte es un derecho y una necesidad emocional. Te proponemos reflexionar sobre...
  12. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Avances Científicos y Ciencia: Análisis de ADN del pollo de Subway revela que solo la mitad es carne, ¿Y el otro 50% qué es?
    scienceactual.blogspot.com.es Una investigación canadiense comparó muestras del pollo servido en varias cadenas de comida rápida. Los resultados fueron todos similares, con excepción de los obtenidos en los emparedados de...
  13. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    ​8 remedios naturales para la tos (muy eficaces)
    psicologiaymente.net Aquí tienes 8 remedios naturales para la tos. Porque aunque algunos medicamentos pueden ayudar, hay alimentos y hábitos que pueden ser mucho más...
  14. maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Nutella y otros 30 alimentos que podrían provocar cáncer Varios productos qu...
    plus.google.com Nutella y otros 30 alimentos que podrían provocar cáncer Varios productos que hoy en día se consumen masivamente esconden un gran peligro para la salud... - Maria Pilar Pich Pou -...
  15. Laura Cortés Rodrigo
    Eres enfermero? Tienes un nivel C1 de inglés?

    Te estamos buscando!

    Laura Cortés Rodrigo