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Professores e Educadores - beBee

Professores e Educadores

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Colmeia oficial do beBee para professores. Entre, conecte-se com pessoas do seu setor e troque informações, conhecimento e oportunidades profissionais.
  1. ProducerMauro Barbosa

    Mauro Barbosa

    Tarde de autógrafo - OLHARES
    Tarde de autógrafo - OLHARES Olá! Se você estiver no Rio de janeiro, olha um ótimo programa. Tarde de autógrafos do meu livro "Olhares" na Bienal Internacional do Rio de Janeiro, sábado, 02/09/2017 às 12h. Divulgue na rua rede. Se você já possui o livro e gostou, indique aos...
  2. José Brito e Silva
    José Brito e Silva
    Vivas a Cascudo
    blogdobrito.com É para se comemorar nossas raízes mais genuínas, hoje é o Dia Nacional do Folclore Nacional. Nestes tempos estranhos, onde nossos ícones da tribo de Poti, perderam a razão de sê-los, porém, ainda nos resta Câmara Cascudo, este forjado e dedicado às...
  3. ProducerJosé Brito e Silva
    Luiz Melodia.
    Luiz Melodia.Luiz Carlos dos Santos (Rio de Janeiro, 7 de janeiro de 1951 – Rio de Janeiro, 4 de agosto de 2017),  mais conhecido como Luiz Melodia, foi um ator, cantor e compositor brasileiro de MPB, rock, blues, soul e samba. Filho do sambista e...
  4. ProducerKate Berry

    Kate Berry

    Role of education to enlighten the future of country
    Role of education to enlighten the future of countryThe role of education in our country is more important than our lives because we are also a part of this country. Education plays the main role in our lives; an educated person is a center of attraction for everyone. In our country, we have very low...


    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    21/08/2017 #4 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/06/illiteracy-rate_n_3880355.html This backs you up some.
    Harvey Lloyd
    21/08/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    Welcome to BeBee and your post was so on point. Education is the foundation of launching, countries and generations into a humanity that is sustainable. Unfortunately education has become competitive. "Observable and measurable." WIth this mantra we have woven out of the fabric of the mind the possibilities of imagination, enlightenment and naturally the humanity of knowledge.

    Education provides the foundation for free thinking and adventure in life, education is not life itself.

    Great thoughts.
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    21/08/2017 #2 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    True. The value of education is understood by those who do not have access.

    Yet, this is an input. It is best to show the enrichment of life and life skills through education.

    Any other reasoning of less suicide attacks, unemployment etc would not stick. There are greater and more direct factors.

    Education imbibes a certain inquisitiveness and awareness. No matter how much brainwashing is done by schools, the content is self contained.

    Javier 🐝 beBee
    21/08/2017 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    @Kate Berry welcome to beBee!
  5. Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
    expectativa zero... Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
  6. ProducerSergio Weinfuter
    O PENSAMENTO PARA PENSAR O PENSAMENTOImagem: http://www.blogviverfeliz.com.br/assuma-o-controle-dos-seus-pensamentos-praticando-dieta-mental/ É possível ter um pensamento para pensar o próprio pensamento? Sim, apesar de parecer estranho é possível...
  7. Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
    decoreba Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
  8. ProducerAdriana Mellado

    Adriana Mellado

    A importância da leitura
    A importância da leituraHoje em dia estamos tão atarefados que esquecemos de nos deliciar com a leitura, hábito cada vez mais difícil na nossa era modera de tanta tecnologia. Mas justamente essa tecnologia nos ajuda a navegar por estórias, aventuras, sonhos e...


    Ignacio Orna
    20/08/2017 #1 Ignacio Orna
    Decía mi abuelo Pepe, que "La lectura a las personas, muchos bienes a su cultura proporciona"
  9. ProducerJosé Brito e Silva
    Sujos e mal-lavados
    Sujos e mal-lavadosOs cacicagões da política do Rio Grande do Norte, não podem “mangar” e muito menos fazer pouco uns dos outros, todos são sujos e mal-lavados e estão na mesma canoa furada. Enquanto o Ministro do Supremo, Edson Fachin arquivava denúncia contra o...
  10. José Brito e Silva
    José Brito e Silva
    Sujos e mal-lavados
    blogdobrito.com Os cacicagões da política do Rio Grande do Norte, não podem “mangar” e muito menos fazer pouco uns dos outros, todos são sujos e mal-lavados e estão na mesma canoa furada. Enquanto o Ministro do Supremo, Edson Fachin arquivava denúncia contra o...
  11. ProducerSergio Weinfuter
    TUDO EM NOME DE DEUSImagem: https://seuhistory.com/noticias/estranha-seita-russa-que-amputava-penis-e-seios-em-nome-de-deus   Devido ao medo do inexplicável que acompanha a humanidade dessa a sua formação, não sabendo como explicar o que...


    Sergio Weinfuter
    18/08/2017 #6 Sergio Weinfuter
    #4 I like to write, but not only dead words. I like people to think what is written and reflect on the topic. So if you check in my articles, almost all of them are written to reflect, including I also reflect on writing them. Hug.
    Vivian Chapman
    18/08/2017 #5 Vivian Chapman
    You write "What I can not understand is how the religion that speaks in love also makes war and how it preaches the renunciation of all that is worldly, but every day more ask for money for its faithful."
    I don't find this hard to understand. In my opinion, one of the most profound lines in the whole of Shakespeare, is from Troilus and Cressida . Troilus, on witnessing the treachery of his beloved Cressida exclaims "This is, and is not, Cressida"
    Shakespeare cries out in pain, at seeing so clearly this awful chasm within the human soul. This is the tragedy of human nature. A Christian calls this sin. This huge divide, like an irreparable wound that lies within us all.
    God of course, does not have this terrible wound in His nature. He is the same all the way through. Christians call this being Holy.
    Vivian Chapman
    18/08/2017 #4 Vivian Chapman
    #3 So really, you are issuing a valuable challenge to all those who practice a religion, asking us to examine ourselves deeply and see where we are not obeying the God we claim to follow. All religious people need this challenge.
    Sergio Weinfuter
    18/08/2017 #3 Sergio Weinfuter
    #2 Philosophy and thought were what made me write about it. I'm not looking for anything. What I can not understand is how the religion that speaks in love also makes war and how it preaches the renunciation of all that is worldly, but every day more ask for money for its faithful.
    I agree with you that atheists did a great deal of damage in the world, but those same beings who called themselves atheists had an ideology, so they were not as atheists as they wanted. Atheists do not believe in anything and the Nazis lived an ideology. All those who call themselves atheists today if they are investigated, we will most certainly find a camouflaged ideology. So they are not atheists.
    Religion is good, but in practice it leaves something to be desired. If you search history you can see that all of them at some point in human history have been used to divide, war, oppress and abuse power.
    Thanks for your comment and come back whenever you want, because your opinion is very important. hug
    Vivian Chapman
    15/08/2017 #2 Vivian Chapman
    This does not come across so well via google translate. However, I am interested to know why you wrote this? What questions lie in your heart that made you write it? What are you really searching for? Many people write similar pieces, but with less questioning, merely condemning all religion out-of-hand. You don't quite do that? For example, you say "Unfortunately, since everything on earth was corrupted by man, religion did not escape unharmed". This is very much to the point. As I always say, religion is not to blame for all the wars, massacres and so on, in human history. Rather it is the human heart which is to blame. How else does one explain, for example, the 166 million people (estimated) killed under the communist regime in the USSR? They were atheists.

    I am a Christian, so of course would have a different point of view. I grew up in a very strict home where questioning anything at all was not allowed. But at the age of 13, I gave my heart to the Lord, and one of the first things Jesus did was to encourage me to think and to question. He in fact is responsible for my having an enquiring mind.

    As for these awful practices you mention, they are outlawed in the bible. The bible in fact encourages a person to think things through, and not to simply accept everything you are told, even when the person telling you to do things is a "Great Man". Those who follow Jesus have been given The Holy Spirit to be their teacher and to guide them, and to lead them into all truth. He helps us distinguish between truth and falsehood; between what is genuinely pleasing to God and what is not.
    Sonia 🐝 Quiles Espinosa
    15/08/2017 #1 Sonia 🐝 Quiles Espinosa
    Muy bueno en artículo @Sergio Weinfuter!! Muy interesante. Gracias por compartir con todos nosostros 🐝
  12. Sergio Weinfuter
    Sergio Weinfuter
    Jornal Segurito
    www.jornalsegurito.com Jornal Segurito - Periódico Para Rir e Aprender Segurança do...
  13. Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
    Procedimentos do antigamente, mas não muito antigamente... Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
  14. Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
    Palavras que ferem e que são feridas Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
  15. Sergio Weinfuter
    Sergio Weinfuter
    Que país! :: Guerreiro-das-sombras
  16. ProducerLuiza Barbosa da Silva
    Cursoshttps://www.cursosabrafordes.com.br/luizabarbosadasilvae2298Quem quiser fazer curso pra melhorar o currículo e ter uma oportunidade de...
  17. Sergio Weinfuter
    Sergio Weinfuter
    Insistência :: Guerreiro-das-sombras
  18. Patricia Rosa

    Patricia Rosa

    Patricia Rosa
  19. Geraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
  20. ProducerSergio Weinfuter
    Curiosidade: O dia em que as abelhas prestaram condolências
    Curiosidade: O dia em que as abelhas prestaram condolênciasImagem: https://educacao.umcomo.com.br/artigo/o-que-significa-sonhar-com-abelha-19199.html Para quem não acredita que os animais são inteligentes e sentem empatia pelos seres humanos essa é mais uma história que fortalece essa teoria. A natureza...
  21. ProducerSergio Weinfuter
    A ARTE DA AMNÉSIAImagem: http://brasilescola.uol.com.br/saude-na-escola/amnesia-digital.htm – E a amnésia tem arte?– Tem sim! – Mas, como?– De várias formas!– Então explique.– Tudo bem... A arte da amnésia começa quando...
  22. ProducerJosé Brito e Silva
    Lula cá
    Lula cáO presidente Lula Iniciará no 17 próximo, uma caravana pelo Nordeste, onde visitará 28 municípios da região. Aqui, na aldeia irá a Mossoró e Currais Novos, toda a jornada será feita de ônibus: “É uma caravana que exige muito de cada companheiro....
  23. João Tavares

    João Tavares

    João Tavares
    Entrevista de emprego: veja 10 dicas para se destacar e conseguir a vaga
    g1.globo.com Profissional não deve tentar conduzir a entrevista no lugar do recrutador. Saber falar sobre resultados e flexibilidade ao negociar também...
  24. DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    Os miseráveis
    DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    Os miseráveis
    www.linkedin.com Ah ... vai.. 1800 e sei lá quanto.... Já tá mais do que ultrapassado Um cheiro de môfo fica fácil De perceber O que "raius-que-os-partam"...
  25. ProducerGeraldo Passofundo  Fernandes
    Luz x Escuridão
    Luz x EscuridãoGeraldo Fernandes, consultor empresarial, palestrante, sob o pseudônimo  Geraldo Passofundo, cartunista, redator de textos humorísticos para profissionais, premiado em festivais de humor no Rio de Janeiro, na Coreia e no Japão. Autor do livro O...
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