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Promotional Products

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A place for Promotional Product Professionals to collaborate and educate themselves and their buyers. In most companies this function falls within the marketing department, but in many companies someone without the marketing background is doing the purchasing this Hive will give those people a chance to learn too.
  1. Anne Kleinman

    Anne Kleinman

    In today's business climate it is important to interrupt and stand out in order to reach your prospect. Here are five ideas that will catch your prospects attention when it lands on their desk
    Anne Kleinman
    5 Snail Mail Ideas to Reach Your Prospect - Ad Infinitum
  2. Anne Kleinman

    Anne Kleinman

    This program can be adapted for prospecting and sales programs as well
    Anne Kleinman
    You Catch More Flies with Honey - Ad Infinitum
  3. ProducerElise Morgan

    Elise Morgan

    Importance of Promotional Items
    Importance of Promotional ItemsWith the rise of digital and online marketing, and the trends being heavily weighted in its favor, we often wonder what is happening with its offline counterpart. Is it dead in the water or can it still put up a fight? No and no. In fact, offline...
  4. Anne Kleinman

    Anne Kleinman

    A frequent mistake is confusing advertising and marketing. Learn the difference here in the latest addition to our blog
    Anne Kleinman
    Marketing Verses Advertising Which is Which? - Ad Infinitum
    adinfinitumcorporate.com Learning the difference between advertising and marketing will help you get better results from both. Marketing is the information that you will...
  5. Anne Kleinman

    Anne Kleinman

    Many people think of Promotional Products as cheap trinkets. Many times however they are high quality products that convey the advertisers message in a high end manner reflecting the caliber of the company and their project such as these table mats and coasters that we did for a client back in the early 1990's - an early #TBT post Anne Kleinman


  6. Anne Kleinman

    Anne Kleinman

    This article from the Baltimore chapter of The American Marketing Association is from 2012, but the reasons Promotional Products still work is true
    Anne Kleinman
    9 Ways Promotional Products That WORK for Your Business
    amabaltimore.org by Arsham Mirshah Promotional products are unparalleled in their ability to attract new clients, increase brand Pretty not stayed carrying using. Easy online overnight pharmacy complimented Its...