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Psicólogos uso de la hipnosis - beBee

Psicólogos uso de la hipnosis

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¿Se ha preguntado acerca del valor de la hipnosis ? Los invito a probar este hipnosis Colmena de la historia , la investigación sobre cambios en el cerebro y técnicas de la hipnosis . Me pregunto si va a probar la hipnosis por sí mismo o con sus clientes . Podría valer la pena considerar ....
  1. Ian Brownlee

    Ian Brownlee

    Sociedad Hipnológica Cientifica: Simposio 2017 -3 de Junio de 2017 en Madrid. Más información : http://www.hipnologica.org Ian Brownlee
  2. Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

    Spain and the Czech Republic are the only two European countries where the possession and cultivation of magic mushrooms is fully legal. Trials for people with “treatment-resistant” depression, where the available antidepressant drugs don't help them are showing some short term results.
    Louise Smith
    Eight things you didn't know about magic mushrooms
  3. ProducerLouise Smith

    Louise Smith

    A Brief Review of the Key Hypnotic Elements of Milton H. Erickson’s Handshake Technique
    A Brief Review of the Key Hypnotic Elements of Milton H. Erickson’s Handshake TechniqueBy Mark S. Carich, PhD and Mark Becker, MA  in the The Milton H. Erickson Foundation            Newsletter Spring 2016 Vol 36 No 1, Pages 12 –13. Milton H Erickson was no doubt a master of masters in inducing hypnotic responses for clinical...


    Louise Smith
    19/05/2016 #7 Louise Smith
    #6 Thank you. It's a therapy technique. But I think it has some application to real life especially first time meetings ?
    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    19/05/2016 #6 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    #5 There Are 2 Key Moments When You Meet Someone... How You Look And The First Handshake...
    Louise Smith
    18/05/2016 #5 Louise Smith
    HI Jan @Jan 🐝 Barbosa, Thank you for you "relavant" What does this article mean for you? regardz Louise
    Juan Imaz
    15/05/2016 #4 Juan Imaz
    #1 i am interested on this because it helps you to face and overpass mental troubles you may have. I think this is very interesting. Thanks @Louise Smith!
    Louise Smith
    15/05/2016 #3 Louise Smith
    I just finished the first 5 days ! So I have started some Hypnosis Hives on bB. I will post what I learn and articles etc. Hopefully some of the people on my current course and previous courses will read it. Michael Yapko is coming to Madrid maybe next year or the one after. I might come to do the course.
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    15/05/2016 #2 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Hahaha @Juan Imaz maybe we need hypnosis knowledge for Amsterdam event !
    Louise Smith
    15/05/2016 #1 Louise Smith
    Hi @Javier 🐝 beBee J & J @Juan Imaz, On roster to "relevant - like" together today? Are you interested in Hypnosis? I am doing Comprehensive Training Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy (Yapko):100-Hours. It's a 15 day course (5 days in each of May, July & September) with Michael Yapko in Brisbane for the 2nd time. It's very very good! I use hypnosis with my clients often. regardz Louise
  4. Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

    Click on Newsletter Current Edition to read Spring 2016 Vol 36 No 1. Page 6 Hablamos Español Aquí! (or tax advisor)
    Foundation Staff Takes Spanish Lessons
    By Marnie McGann
    Louise Smith
    The Milton H. Erickson Foundation | Milton H. Erickson Foundation
  5. Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

    Have you ever considered using Hypnosis with your clients? Here are some ideas to get you started...
    Louise Smith
    Ways to Use Hypnosis in Psychotherapy – MICHAEL D. YAPKO, Ph.D.