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Share and discuss your experience in purchasing, expediting, supplier quality, transportation and logistics Meet others in the purchasing and procurement industry and find opportunities.
  1. ProducerAmber Christian

    Amber Christian

    Get off that dead end road
    Get off that dead end road“Waiting for organization wide C-level decision makers to seek out procurement has been, and will continue to be, a dead end road.” That is refreshingly direct, Jeannette, and it doesn’t just apply to procurement! Jeanette Jones, Founder, Cottrill...
  2. Chris Montgomery
    Where in the world was JD? Chris Montgomery
  3. ProducerKevin Joss

    Kevin Joss

    Busy is a term I understand well.
    Busy is a term I understand well. Small business owner, Father of 3 boys, husband to a realtor, little league baseball coach with 3 sons playing Travel sports all year long. Busy is a term I am deeply connected with, a solution for which I am perpetually looking for. Often asking...


    Lucas Jiang
    06/08/2016 #4 Lucas Jiang
    Do you need any mud pump? We have some brand new BOMCO mud pumps in the stock for sale, if you need them, please tell me, I will send you the better prices than BOMCO. My email is: drillingservices@vip.163.com
    Sara Jacobovici
    20/07/2016 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    Nice introductory buzz @Kevin Joss. Welcome to beBee! Check out the hive; beeBee for Canucks, eh. Wishing you all the success.
    Javier beBee
    20/07/2016 #2 Javier beBee
    @Kevin Joss welcome to beBee ! thanks for sharing it !
    NO one
    20/07/2016 #1 NO one
    Welcome to beBee @Kevin Joss it is exciting to have you here with us in the hive!
  4. ProducerShayne DeMarce

    Shayne DeMarce

    Cutting Communication Costs While Improving Effectiveness
    Cutting Communication Costs While Improving EffectivenessMost of you who were employed in the corporate sector in 2008 remember the doom and gloom projected onto all North American business at that time. You were either the managers laying off employees, employees being laid off or you were the employees...


    Shayne DeMarce
    15/07/2016 #3 Shayne DeMarce
    #1 Thank you Donna-Luisa, very good points. Glad you enjoyed the read.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    13/07/2016 #1 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    "Purchasers and corporate marketers should be able to rely on their vendors to analyze their spend, track results and provide new ideas/methods to better meet their customers communications requirements" Shayne DeMarce in the past we would expect our vendors to understand their business and customers better, so their forecasting and projections would correlate with their spend. Things have changed somewhat with the technological shift in consumer behavior and the sometimes 'google it' solutions, are a customer's nightmare when dealing with a vendor. Not all the information out there is credible, and because it looks right and sounds good, does not mean it is. I applaud your point on the importance of the right communication partners , and your question is a key one for all customers.."Are they helping you reduce costs and improve communications effectiveness?" Thanks for sharing. Great post!
  5. ProducerLucas Jiang

    Lucas Jiang

    Re: Qualified petroleum equipments and parts supplier
    Re: Qualified petroleum equipments and parts supplierDear friends,Good dayMy group company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of oil drilling rigs, water drilling rigs, pumping units, drilling rig accessories, drill pipe, casing and downhole equipments.We have some brand new oil drilling rigs and...


    Lucas Jiang
    01/07/2016 #2 Lucas Jiang
    Deputy general manager
    Dongying Xinwo Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd, Dongying Huiyao Industry Co.,Ltd
    Add: No 183,Xisan road,Dongying, Shandong, PR China 257000
    Email: drillingservices@vip.163.com
    Whatsapp: +86 13854680776
    Tel: 86-0546--8209002
    Mobile: +86 13854680776 (China)
    Web: www.dyxinwo.com, www.dyhuiyao.com
  6. ProducerRichard Goyette

    Richard Goyette

    Getting Results Through Supplier Scorecards
    Getting Results Through Supplier ScorecardsMost companies when asked if they had a supplier performance measurement system in place would answer "Of course we do!"  After all, measuring supplier performance is part of a Quality Management System. You would most likely not get such an...


    Javier beBee
    27/06/2016 #1 Javier beBee
    Thanks for sharing it ! Welcome to beBee
  7. ProducerRichard Goyette

    Richard Goyette

    Combining Lean and Agility to Meet Demand Uncertainty
    Combining Lean and Agility to Meet Demand UncertaintyI recently had the pleasure of presenting to JPK Group's Business Forecasting and Analytics Forum on a topic I am very passionate about.   "Combining Lean and Agility to Meet Demand Uncertainty" . Paul Rogers and his team did an excellent job of...
  8. Patrick Nunes

    Patrick Nunes

    Patrick Nunes
    www.greentec.com ITAD, Electronics...
  9. perdo pablo

    perdo pablo

    Supply among loan between serious individual.
    Hello of New Year for you that does not have money to pay by their projects, the bank asks to him to the attention and they are not able to fulfill the worried conditions of the bank more of how we are a French organization with the capacity to grant loans to all the people in financial necessity. Also we make investments and loans between individual of all the classes. We offer credits to short, medium and long term in collaboration with several banks with a very reasonable interest rate. Please, put yourself in contact with us if you are in the necessity to obtain more información.asegúrese to contact with us to try to contact to us
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    perdo pablo
  10. Mahesh Oberoi

    Mahesh Oberoi

    I have long/rich experience in Purchasing & Procurement ( among various other Commercial/Business/Industrial fields too ) . I seek a senior level job at Kolkata. Mahesh Oberoi


    Lucas Jiang
    01/07/2016 #1 Lucas Jiang
    My group company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of oil drilling rigs, water drilling rigs, pumping units, drilling rig accessories, drill pipe, casing and downhole equipments. We can do business together. Whatsapp: +86 13854680776