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  1. ProducerBen Pinto

    Ben Pinto

    In the name of religion.
    In the name of religion.Here's an interesting scenario:People become desperate for financial aid and come begging for money. I give or loan them said money.When someone else asks them how they made out, instead of saying 'a friend came through,' they say that they were...


    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    08/11/2016 #7 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #6 Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I AM the third one from the Sun Ben! ;)
    Ben Pinto
    08/11/2016 #6 Ben Pinto
    YOU ROCK! #5
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    08/11/2016 #5 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #4 Bang on dear Ben! GRATTITUDE ROCKS! ;)
    Ben Pinto
    08/11/2016 #4 Ben Pinto
    That is so true about people that hurt us and pretend the reverse.to those I say, "REVERSE EVIL; LIVE." And I live by "Gratitude is my attitude." #3
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    08/11/2016 #3 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #2 Yes indeed. Don't judge...just acknowledge. It is more an issue of gratitude mostly. A lot of us have forgotten what it is. I just noticed a meme and was struck by it...Some people hurt you and then act like you hurt them! ;)
    Ben Pinto
    08/11/2016 #2 Ben Pinto
    Good point, @Praveen Raj Gullepalli, but who are we to judge? #1
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    15/09/2016 #1 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Both God and Devil work through men and the other things living Ben ;) Remember them saying - Damn! He was the devil in disguise!?
  2. Donald ๐Ÿ Grandy
    Donald ๐Ÿ Grandy


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    28/07/2016 #1 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    !BAM! So true!
  3. ProducerDean Owen

    Dean Owen

    It starts with a Dialogue
    It starts with a DialogueAs many of us enjoy a restful Sunday, give a thought to those who are working this day. It would be ignorant of us to assume that a Monday to Friday work-week is standard around the world. Many countries observe Friday as a non working day, a day...


    Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    23/05/2016 #16 Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    I'll think about it :-)#15
    Dean Owen
    23/05/2016 #15 Dean Owen
    #14 The perfect bumper sticker! A pic of the sticker might make for a great first post in the hive :) (hint!). Thanks Pamela!
    Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    23/05/2016 #14 Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    It has a potential for volatile interaction but I would welcome the opportunity to learn about other religious practices and I hope it goes well. I have a bumper sticker on my rear car window that says: Live in Love & Peace and these words are encircled by religious symbols from many religions. I don't know if it encompasses all faiths, but the intent is; we are humans together on this planet and we should be able to respect each other's choices and beliefs. I appreciate all my 'friends' in social media and truly appreciate their diversity. It's FASCINATING!
    Dean Owen
    23/05/2016 #13 Dean Owen
    #10 Thank you @Anees Zaidi, I think Muslims in particular need to educated Westerners and if I could, would apologies on behalf of the particularly bad behaviour or a number of Western bigots. They do not understand. Perhaps they never will. But I believe friendship and understanding can cross religious borders.
    Dean Owen
    23/05/2016 #12 Dean Owen
    #9 I think the Hive would be honoured to have you @Jeffrey Boxer. Although I am agnostic, I have Jewish heritage. My grandmother was a Polish Jew with a typically Jewish name, Cohen, which my father changed to Owen when they immigrated to England. Anyone else want to be admin?
    Dean Owen
    23/05/2016 #11 Dean Owen
    I hope you are right Donna-Luisa, I hope we can get a conversation going. Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Agnostics, Buddhists... Let's talk!
    Anees Zaidi
    23/05/2016 #10 Anees Zaidi
    A great idea @Dean Owen and a wonderful initiative. I would love to contribute and exchange thoughts from time to time using my Friday off :)) Beautiful picture in your post has took me to our Istanbul visit last winter. An amazing place. It was a lovely and most relaxing break for me and for my wife.
    Jeffrey Boxer
    23/05/2016 #9 Jeffrey Boxer
    @Dean Owen I think this is incredibly important, and another excellent example of why Producer can be such a powerful tool. If you would like to make this Jewish bee an administrator, I would be honored :)
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    23/05/2016 #8 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Dean Owen..i have to disagree with you up front. Your interfaith group will be a resounding success. Bees need a safe hive to share their religious . I can also feel #anti-bigotism
    Dean Owen
    23/05/2016 #7 Dean Owen
    Thanks @Mary White. I do hope that in this ever increasing melting pot we call home, one day humans will learn to coexist peacefully.
    NO one
    23/05/2016 #6 NO one
    Great initiative, we needed a hive like this one on beBee Dean. Thank you
    Mary White
    23/05/2016 #5 Mary White
    Great idea @Dean Owen, I think there should be tolerance always and most of all. We should definitely make Trump tear down the walls, pay it, and maybe use his hands a little bit.
    Dean Owen
    23/05/2016 #4 Dean Owen
    Thanks Navinya, I hope so too. We need to tear down the walls (and get Trump to pay the demolition crew!).
    Navinya Lee
    23/05/2016 #3 Navinya Lee
    @Dean Owen i think its a great idea for a hive. I hope people come together and converse as this encourages growth and understanding across the barriers we face in today's world.
    Dean Owen
    22/05/2016 #2 Dean Owen
    #1 Yes I remember Dave Allen vaguely. Not the best of sign offs. Thanks Ken-sama. And thanks for sharing.
    Ken Boddie
    22/05/2016 #1 Ken Boddie
    Good initiative, mate! I have nothing much to add but am reminded of Dave Allen, a popular comedian on BBC in the 1970s, who used to sign off with "Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you." ๐Ÿ˜‡