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My primary interest is in appreciating 21st Century values and through hives at BeBee I use the media space for my own personal learning and no other purpose, I want to learn about what works and what emergence is. What I describe as renaissance is work-in-progress and not a destination.
  1. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    How to Achieve the "Flow State"
    How to Achieve the "Flow State"This content is inspired by this article from Marta ๐Ÿ Garcรญa QuijadaThe State of Flow The state of flow, or being in the zone, is a state of peak performance. The flow state has been described by the worldโ€™s greatest thinkers as the most...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    08/10/2017 #30 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    This buzz is very poignant for me because the book "Flow" absolutely changed my life. I found a meaning in which invigorated my mind, heart and will. Prior reading this book I was tired of existence, cynical of people, exhausted by bullshit, devoid of meaning and empty of desire. The transformation that Mihaly's book provided me is the very reason I am here at beBee and now participate in my own learning pathways online - once I understood what flow was and the relationship with capability and challenge, it absolutely changed my life - and my life changed at the end of my 30's.

    Ironically my brother had later attended a complexity conference in Boston and the person sitting next to him was Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. As my brother listened to the speakers, I believe one speaker called Francis Fukuyama happened to say something that hit a nerve with Mihaly's own life experiences growing up in Soviet occupied Hungary. I can't remember what my brother said Fukuyama said which got Mihaly upset, but Mihaly simply got up and walked out into the hallway. My brother seeing him visibly not happy followed him into the hallway.

    It is at this point that my brother mentioned to him the impact his book "Flow" had on me. He explained my life before and after reading this book and how it was transformational, that within it I found my compass and liberated meaning. When Mihaly heard my story in that hallway, my brother said he teared up and he was absolutely surprised that his book could have this kind of effect. In contrast to what Fukuyama had said on stage, Mihaly was now focused on my own transformation as a person.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    08/10/2017 #29 Lisa Vanderburg
    I'm going with your flow @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee, even if I get snagged up sometimes :) Fabulous buzz!
    Numo Quest
    08/10/2017 #28 Numo Quest
    Oh so true! Great publish Javier, gracias .... :O)
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    08/10/2017 #27 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    The flow state seems to be the Western equivalent of the oriental concept of mindfulness. I find that scientific work can be very flow-y too, if you know what you are doing :-)
    Lyon Brave
    08/10/2017 #26 Lyon Brave
    It is to find flow if you love something.
    Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood
    08/10/2017 #25 Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood
    Bee Flowing and Buzz On!
    Edward Lewellen
    08/10/2017 #23 Edward Lewellen
    @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee, the flow state is associated with top-performance, feeling full of confidence, and feeling powerful. I regularly help people access this state, especially in the field of sales. By creating associations of neuropathways of times when a person was "in the flow" with times when they feel negative emotions, the positive powerful feelings override the negative and allow them perform at a high level in what used to be challenging tasks. Another fascinating tool I'm able to give people is to be happy anytime they want. I'm able to help people create a vision of happiness that is amazingly real and then create an anchor they can trigger any time they want to feel happy. This is true even when under extreme stress. One executive I did this for was giving a presentation to a large audience. I was a guest and had been seated at a front table. While giving his presentation, the executive looked at me, winked, triggered his anchor for happiness and broke out in a big smile for all to see!
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    08/10/2017 #22 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Living in the flow - excellent buzz phrase and I love the positive flow of this post.
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    08/10/2017 #20 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Thanks @Scott Simmerman for your.comment!
    Federico ๐Ÿ รlvarez San Martรญn
    08/10/2017 #19 Federico ๐Ÿ รlvarez San Martรญn
    Scott Simmerman
    08/10/2017 #18 Scott Simmerman
    I blogged on this concept a few years ago, expanding a bit on this content should you want to see more information.

    Find it at https://performancemanagementcompanyblog.com/2013/05/23/thoughts-on-building-a-high-performance-environment-teamwork-and-flow/ View more
    I blogged on this concept a few years ago, expanding a bit on this content should you want to see more information.

    Find it at https://performancemanagementcompanyblog.com/2013/05/23/thoughts-on-building-a-high-performance-environment-teamwork-and-flow/

    It is about managing information, challenge / environment and skills. Leaders can make work environments much more performance oriented. Close
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    08/10/2017 #17 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Living in the flow ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
    David ๐Ÿ Martรญn Alonso
    08/10/2017 #16 David ๐Ÿ Martรญn Alonso
    Love the word and love being on the FLOW.
    In beBee i really feel the flow, and the flow comes to me.
    Thanks for sharing and go go go to the flow
    Joanne Gardocki
    08/10/2017 #14 Joanne Gardocki
    #3 #4 @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee thank you for sharing the wonderful feeling of flow. @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, I wonder if the way conversations take off around your buzzes is an indication of flow we all share. Is it possible to share the energy state of flow even when we are not working on the same project? #8 What do you think, @Milos Djukic?
    Marta ๐Ÿ Garcรญa Quijada
    07/10/2017 #13 Marta ๐Ÿ Garcรญa Quijada
    #12 it is the best state ever... ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Vega ๐Ÿ Gรณmez Hernรกndez
    07/10/2017 #12 Vega ๐Ÿ Gรณmez Hernรกndez
    In state of flow we do our best even unconciously and enjoying the process.
    Let's reach the state of flow โ˜บ๏ธ
    stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    07/10/2017 #11 stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    #10 We could have a monthly live from beBee Madrid 10 Mins format FLOW by CEO on MybeBeeTV...Jajaja.
  2. ProducerCyndi wilkins

    Cyndi wilkins

    Respect, Simplicity and Humility
    Respect, Simplicity and HumilityI read a fabulous buzz this afternoon ย by our very own Phil Johnson. I have to admit to you Phil, what drew me in to your buzz was the wonderful title..."Energy Vampire University"...I am a long time believer in the energy vampire and have gone to...


    Cyndi wilkins
    23/09/2017 #23 Cyndi wilkins
    #22 If you have a moment...you can take a peek at my website...I included a link at the bottom of the page...You might find some of the blog posts interesting;-) Thanks again for your input Mac!
    Mac Gives
    22/09/2017 #22 Mac Gives
    #21 Interestingly said, Cyndi! Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)
    Cyndi wilkins
    22/09/2017 #21 Cyndi wilkins
    #20 Thank you Mac;-) What I've learned through my years as a bodywork specialist is the people we refer to as the 'energy vampires' tend to dump their own emotional short comings (or shit) onto others so as to lighten their load and make themselves feel better.

    I always remind them, and myself for that matter, when you dump your trash in someone else's yard it will surely blow back into yours;-)
    Mac Gives
    22/09/2017 #20 Mac Gives
    "People suffer because they fear the consequences of non-compliance."

    Well said, Cyndi! I also loved what you called Other People's Shit (OPS) hahahaha that is pure gold.

    Thanks for writing this!
    Cyndi wilkins
    18/09/2017 #19 Cyndi wilkins
    #18 It'is time the power is returned to 'We the People' @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit...Thank you for sharing;-)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    18/09/2017 #18 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #16 Renaรฎtre which brings us back to the etymology of Renaissance. Cool stuff Cyndi !
    Debasish Majumder
    17/09/2017 #17 Debasish Majumder
    lovely insight @Cyndi wilkins! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.
    Cyndi wilkins
    17/09/2017 #16 Cyndi wilkins
    What I see emerging here on this platform is a 'Renaรฎtre ' of the mind...It gives me hope for humanity...Thank you to all for sharing this buzz...and lending your eyes, ears and lovely voices;-)
    Cyndi wilkins
    17/09/2017 #15 Cyndi wilkins
    #13 You've got it Madam Bad Ass @Lisa Vanderburg! Better to have stones than to have them thrown at you;-)
    #11 @Harvey Lloyd...I feel blessed to say that my dad, IMHO, was the salt of the Earth in my eyes as well as the many people he touched along the way.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    16/09/2017 #14 Lisa Vanderburg
    #7 Well, I'm buggered @Harvey Lloyd :)
    You have identified the dilemma: Solomon is permitted to build the temple; his father David is not, yet he gathers all the material. That said, I agree with you; I am most certainly working in 'desperation mode'...to be on constant alert; to 'anticipate' is bleedin' knackering! :)
    Lisa Vanderburg
    16/09/2017 #13 Lisa Vanderburg
    Truly @Cyndi wilkins, you are cutting through all the crap of late (in a language I can understand). I applaud your courage ans steadfastness to straddle all the lines that have brought us to the here and NOW. You got STONES!!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    16/09/2017 #12 Lisa Vanderburg
    #9 I'd prefer to be called by my own working nick-name: MBA (Madam Bad Ass).@Cyndi wilkins...you are magnificent!!
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/09/2017 #11 Harvey Lloyd
    #10 Your dad must have been awesome if you remember him with that poem

    Doesn't take much to be rich but requires all of the skills of humanity to be an awesome dad๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿผ
    Cyndi wilkins
    16/09/2017 #10 Cyndi wilkins
    #7 Thank you for your wonderful thoughts @Harvey Lloyd...

    "A little macabre but time and tombstones represents the great equalizer in the grand scheme of things."

    This reminds me of the beautiful poem "The Dash" by Linda Ellis...The dash representing the time spent on Earth between the year of our death and that of our birth...I read it at my dad's funeral...He was a living example of the words...

    "Be less quick to anger, and so appreciation more...and love the people in our lives like we've never loved before...Treat each other with respect and more often wear a smile...remembering that this special dash might only last a little while..."

    Godspeed dad...You inspire me to be a better person...
    Cyndi wilkins
    16/09/2017 #9 Cyndi wilkins
    #1 No apologies necessary Sir...Your mistake is to my benefit as it perhaps brings another set of eyes and voices to the discussions...Yours, mine and ours;-)
    Also thank you @Lisa Vanderburg...for always being an inspiring voice to all the discussions you participate in...Steady as she goes you are;-)
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    16/09/2017 #8 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #5 oh thank you @Lisa Vanderburg. Yes-by mistake I highlited another Cyndi. Thank you both Cyndis for accepting my appology.
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/09/2017 #7 Harvey Lloyd
    Your energy in this area shines through as i read. The frustration of the world that we live within these day can be overwhelming and in some cases elevate us past our brothers and sisters. I sense that this frustration can place in desperation mode where we need to get what we need then we can be empathetic to others. This is a challenging position when many in our social professional lives are in this mode.

    A little macabre but time and tombstones represents the great equalizer in the grand scheme of things. When i view life from here it shows only one option. Legacy. If we were to write our legacy would include our checkbook, assets or things that got named after us? Ecclesiastes expresses this from one of the wisest men we know in history. (And the richest.)

    For me the legacy has become a process of joining my brothers and sisters in growing their beliefs, and most importantly their action oriented position on growing others. We have no right answers only a shared journey of understanding.

    Thanks for your thoughts this morning, they have reinvigorated me in my own focus. Every person is worthy of our efforts in sharing a journey of understanding.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    16/09/2017 #6 Lisa Vanderburg
    So bang on @Cyndi wilkins, I defer to @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and @Pascal Derrien comments - put better than I could have!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    16/09/2017 #5 Lisa Vanderburg
    #1 I know you mean @Cyndi wilkins!
    Pascal Derrien
    16/09/2017 #4 Pascal Derrien
    Respect, Simplicity and Humility I like that :-)
  3. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    This Elusive Thing Called Humanity
    This Elusive Thing Called HumanityThere is nothing wrong with responding like machines because our society is constructed of machines and there is nothing wrong with responding like animals because we are animal. Somewhere in the middle of all that is this elusive thing we refer to...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    18/08/2017 #8 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #7 but we are animals :-) so that is a part of us as well. If we offend a honeybee we are going to get stung, if we offend a bear we will get mauled but yet we also have human beings who won't be stung by bees and who can command a bear and then of course is the intelligence of animals. This is what we are absolutely blind to, because we are too busy with our machine self, the one that calculates our own financial net worth.

    Where we can be smarter than artificial intelligence and animals is in our humanity but artificial intelligence and animals should not be blamed for our inhumanity, for that is a failure in our imagination. It was @Harley King who really drove the importance of imagination, and you have touched on that also. The creative part of that imagination is a catalyst to bring us to what is most human, but do we really seek that? Imagination is not the answer to humanity but it sure is helpful if it is leading us to wisdom.

    Our machine self also sets standards and thus set a conceptual view of humanity as a standard for others, but I am fundamentally interested in my own consciousness and how that energy transforms into my own humanity. When you hear people talking about management being what you can measure, that is us being a machine, but we are not conscious of how humanity emerges within us - because we have to be alive to know that as wisdom.

    We don't teach wisdom because we can't teach wisdom, we can develop awareness and then in the practice emanating from that awareness, wisdom emerges. I want to know that and there is no truth out there to create that - for that is the truth each of us best discovers or as Socrates described wisdom "To Know Thyself". Even Aristotle talked about "phronesis" which is practical wisdom - a practice.
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    18/08/2017 #7 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    #6 Interesting view. Thank you for clarifying. When I said offensive, I meant for the animals. They live according to their nature, while we don't. We have a lot to learn from them, for sure.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    18/08/2017 #6 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #5 I think it is fundamentally important to understand the intelligence of animals because we are animal, and animals do think and in marvelous ways in which we can learn from them. What is offensive is certainly part of animal being, it is what makes us tribal.

    Whether I have Steve Jobs and David Packard and William Hewlett in the diagram is a part of my construct, I am not selling this to you or saying that for one moment that society should evaluate, because there is imagination involved here, and so renaissance here means my renaissance.

    I cannot define what renaissance is for other people but we end up defining our lives through pictures and ideas other people create. How is it that we still have such inhumanity in a world with so many books? There has always been talk of there having been a golden age, so that is a possibility but it is in no way proven.

    I see myself as machinery, I see myself as animal and I am a part of a natural world and an artificial world (without condemning the artificial) and then from there the exercise here is me finding my own humanity. This is my learning pathway. It is not my business to tell people how they should run their lives.

    From your response I draw deeper into the intelligence of animals, and there is intelligence in plants to which are a part of nature also. The last thing I want to do is stand on a stage teaching this to people, this is my discovery and you have contributed to it. Who you are only you know because I do not presume to know you.
    Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    18/08/2017 #5 Zacharias ๐Ÿ Voulgaris
    Well, humans are a distinct kingdom so classifying it as "thinking part of the animal kingdom" is largely inaccurate, not to mention offensive. Animals think too, just in a different way. Perhaps a bigger differentiator between the two kingdoms is creative imagination (there is no record of any animal possessing that trait). Also, I'm not sure how Steve Jobs fits in an infographic titled Renaissance. Is he supposed to be a Renaissance Man of sorts?
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    18/08/2017 #4 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 The irony here is that the book is very much a part of the machine. Where the artificial reduce humanity there human beings will fight against industrialized inhumanity, but the printing press brought us the book, otherwise it was not books which were passed across generations but the oral and storytelling culture, a culture - where story was a recognition of connection through the ages. The printing press creates the artificial but the machinery of that printing press was always within us, we have simply got better at logic to create the artificial but often without appreciating the natural.

    Do note that internally we are very well designed machine combined with our animal self and externally there is the natural which nature gave us and the artificial which our imagination created The harmony between machine and animal internally is in relationship with the natural and artificial external. In that whole IMHO we can see our humanity emerge. Since our animal self responds to danger the very defensiveness of that draws inhumanity to our attention far more readily than humanity. If our attention cannot be shifted back to humanity, then we engage in reaction to inhumanity rather than response to humanity.

    We have capacity to be machine and animal, for even birds build nests. A part of our humanity is understanding that we can respond and that our life is not simply governed by reaction. So writing a book is immaterial because it is only material to the reality that we have new machinery to help our machine being shaped by logic. It is no guarantee that a human response will emerge if our animal being is being shaped by emotion - only in the wholeness of all of this can we see the human within us and hence as emergence it relates very much to renaissance - a new beginning - a birthing of our humanity. This is not theory, we have done it before even in the days of oral culture.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    18/08/2017 #3 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #2 Joyce what is important is we are noticing it and bit by bit we get closer to what is very elusive today.
    Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    18/08/2017 #2 Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    "What makes humanity human is that we are far more than just reason and far more than just emotion but in trying to make that more into an argument or a spiritual object we are then tearing apart something whole so we can examine parts of it which accord to our belief or reasoning. We either concertize it into a symbol or we secularize it as an identity of our group."

    Love these buzzes, @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. Unfortunately--as a psychologist and a student of "human" behavior--I have found that most of humanity is not human. Our animal tendencies overrule. You are a shining light amongst it all. Thank you for this post.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/08/2017 #1 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    The integrity of the world is seeing it as a whole and not in parts. But the idea of falling in between animals and machines is what make humans has never crossed my mind. You write so clearly that I find it difficult to find a "niche" to expand on my dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. What a great philosophy is embedded in your writing "So we should be thankful for the machines we are able to build and thankful for being a thinking endowed part of the animal kingdom". I suggest that you write a book on The Complexity of Philosophy
  4. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Space Bar
    Space BarTurns out that writing "Twiddling Thumbs" at LinkedIn is not sufficient to describe the present state of my current calling, which far from being a call to action is a call to in-action.ย  As I explained to Dean Owen over at LinkedIn, the title of my...


    Pascal Derrien
    13/08/2017 #17 Pascal Derrien
    #11 my thoughts exactly :-)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/08/2017 #16 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #13 Dear Sue, saved the PDF to a bit.ly link here http://bit.ly/2uD9u8u that is a pretty tough road that you emerged from and consequently evolved.

    My life has been unusually blessed but also significantly protected and where there was a rebel spirit but tempered greatly to steer me down safer paths and that credit does not belong to me but my parents. What I learned growing up was that the family network was the highest value and freedoms that other people take as a given are one's that I am willing to trade but in that communal setting to find a space which was my own is more challenging - where the extent of my shared space is phenomenal.

    What is different now is that in the current time there is no desire to achieve, so eliminating that as a social and local pressure is something good, because where there is no answer to the question "what do you want to do" in terms of defined purpose, that moment in our existence should bring us back to our fundamental nature, but it strangely does not. Instead the social and cultural edict is always at play and this edict translates everything from work as the center of meaning.

    Translating home as the center of meaning is not anywhere obvious as I would have thought it could be, simply because society looks at us from the work we do rather than the space we create. When we create the space that is us, we become home, we become work and from within us those spaces enlarge as us.
    Edward Lewellen
    13/08/2017 #14 Edward Lewellen
    This article was especially interesting to me, my friend, because "Office Space" is one of my wife's all-time favorite movies and I've watched it many times. Many people relate to the characters and the useless TPS reports. I especially related to it because hypnosis is my specialty. I hear new clients ask me what would happen if I died during the session and then they refer to this movie. What I want to make you aware of is the state Peter Gibbons is shown to be in; one that is focused, calm, and introspective, can be achieved in many ways. When people allow themselves to turn off all the "noise" and look inward, amazing things happen. Some do this through meditation and mindfulness. Others take months, or years, of self-reflection to discover who they really are and what is really important. My clients take the shortcut, like Peter Gibbons, and use hypnosis. I know something amazing will emerge from you during this journey you're on. Now, close your eyes and begin counting backward from 100...
    Sue Bryan
    13/08/2017 #13 Sue Bryan
    Thank you so much for sharing this bit of your pathway with us @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. I appreciate your words, "Space is what we are, structure is what we think we are." And wish you all the Space you need. If you are interested, my version of a similar pathway is described in my latest article about my Core Values that you can find here: http://www.inward-journey.com/articles-and-blogs.html
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/08/2017 #12 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #5 The great thing about Jim is he has this new partnership with Bulletproof and his partner Charlene Norman is someone I ironically know very well having met 6 years ago. Having read his recent buzzes I know Jim is in a very good place now, I would say keep the Whiskey Bible closed and keep the Bulletproof fully open. I know when people have found a sweetspot in their life, it starts showing through in their words, their enthusiasm and their focus. The Whisky Bible also may well have been written in Japanese for me because I am the biggest teetotaler of all time, coca-cola or pepsi is the limit to my "hard drinks".
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/08/2017 #11 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #7 Pascal you have mentioned what I was thinking out in Structure and Space. Space is what we are and structure is what we build. If we think life is an ongoing economic pursuit about structure, the only structure that kind of life is, is a prison. What is the difference between paid work and unpaid work other than one finances a bigger structure through the former than the latter.

    I was never happy doing the TN1 visa thing, the hassles of flying, the staying in hotels, the meetings in boardrooms and the expensive restaurant lunches with clients (where I never get to actually enjoy what I order and never get to say what it is I really think) and that comes with structure. It is a different thing altogether if we don't have a choice in the matter, but that is not the case now. Years of my life have flown by in this same kind of groundhog day experience.

    Imagine me having to update my LinkedIn status with the words "I don't give a shit", we can never say that as a LinkedIn status because our bondage is what others think of us, and that reputation status is called our personal brand, do you dig now why I have begun to hate that word - a condition for prisoners of it.

    For sure it is great luxury not to give a shit about engaging work for the sake of work, but that luxury was not created today, it was invested and earned through structure, and when we HAVE TO work we are actually taking a break from life, that is the most stupid irony of all - it is so ironic that having a temporary reprieve from obligation is considered taking a break - no this is life and now I am going to think about how to have this and get paid to have it and how that life is sustainable for a period of three decades. Space is what we are, structure is what we think we are.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/08/2017 #9 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #8 Lisa, if we are not doing what we love then work is the interruption in our lives. I don't see me taking a break from work but more about this time being how I will break in work that will satisfy me for the rest of my life and that could touchwood be three more decades after this one. The last thing I want to do is figure this out, instead what is written here is a self-organizing process where the mindset is about emergence. That is a different mindset to the planned existence where we are more likely to see life as getting our ducks in a row. There is an additional mindset which puzzles me which is those people who think too much about how much runway our life has left. The only guarantee that life gives us is knowing we are going to attend funerals of people much younger than us and there is no point in worrying about things which are completely out of left-field, instead life I think is better as possibilities rather than probabilities.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    13/08/2017 #8 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I think it's healthy to take breaks through out our lives. With breaks come re-charging. Wishing you the best, I'm sure you will have it figured out soon!
    Pascal Derrien
    13/08/2017 #7 Pascal Derrien
    Transition pause break hiatus sabbatical etc often provide the necessary time to refine directions sometimes the stop can be much longer than anticipated but who says we always need to be in constant motion I am in one of those spaces having said that I am going cycling for the day now talking about contradictions hey ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    13/08/2017 #6 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    IMHO, deciding to not having a definitive plan is a calling that it is time to take a break from your current state of mind. Like @Dean Owen said, taking time off can do wonders for your life. Embrace this feeling as there is a reason for it.
    Dean Owen
    13/08/2017 #5 Dean Owen
    #4 I love his "Whisky Bible", which reminds me I need to get the latest edition. Referenced him in my article : https://www.bebee.com/producer/@dean-owen/a-tale-of-two-distilleries
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/08/2017 #4 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 @Dean Owen I used to use the term "learning journey" but earlier this month @Jim Murray wrote a buzz about why he thinks it is lame to use the expression "learning journey" and when I thought about it, I knew he was right. It is not a journey, so I shifted or pivoted or whatever that change is called and I am now referring to "Learning Pathway" - so Learning Pathway 56 means I am 56 years old on this particular pathway.

    Now there are only two pathways - the first is the complex header picture above that is titled "Renaissance" currently numbered Release #54 and the pyramid that serves the latest "Paradox Wisdom" currently 27th which is found here https://www.bebee.com/producer/@cityvp/non-verbal-life are the "Learning Pathways". When I go to my earlier Renaissance or Wisdom Hive pathways I find my earlier pathways. So it is not a fixed definition or model, but an evolving picture based on trial and error, serious play and personal definition.

    My two principle learning spaces are online and offline. beBee happens to be the current hub of that online learning space and this is where principally I have moved my two pathways. I have 15 elements which transcribe to 15 hives and fortunately I got in early enough at bebee to be able to name all 15 hives with their respective colour.

    the other 14 colours are white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, magenta, bronze, gold, cyan & crimson
    There are other hives I have for additional purposes but the these are the 15 core pathways for my learning.
    Dean Owen
    13/08/2017 #1 Dean Owen
    Space does wonders for your life. I firmly believe that. Which is why I took a year off when I was thirty, and again forty, and again 48. You have been a good father for 20 odd years, but more than that, perhaps your calling was and is to be a father and mentor. There is a reason the space bar occupies the largest real estate on our keyboards. We use it between words. But never forget you have not yet finished your sentence so don't get trapped and make this your last space.
  5. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Truth as a Perfect Thing
    Truth as a Perfect ThingChasing truth as a perfect thing for a global human end is a fools errand but programming truth for an automated perfection is perfectly within the realm of artificial intelligence. It isn't just truth tables that machines can operate and if we want...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    06/08/2017 #6 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #5 It is humbling to know that our number one predator is a mosquito, it is humbling to know that our number two predator is other human beings and it is humbling to know that we are no where near top of the food chain and that under food chain metrics human beings are comparable to pigs.

    Why would any human jeopardize their own survival in the pursuit of "truth", that is what a personal brand is in effect - the mindset that is the absolute confirmation of our global tribal cowardice - as scavengers feeding of illusions. With personal brands we place our lives in the hands of the weak. If we were capable of leading with our sense of humanity alone we would not be marketed animals but true human beings. This is why being is not a brand, it is being.

    The last thing people want is a reputation as a truth teller - though there are always the exception like Jesus who took truth all the way, as Judas got paid by a temple that specialized in their personal brand building. Most people talk courage but practice cowardice, Joyce you just happen to be another of those exceptions that have practiced courage and live with courage also.

    Even if we accept the surface coating and priestly idolatry of personal brand, it is revealed by its chief stink which is prejudice.
    Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    06/08/2017 #5 Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    Stunning Buzz.

    "So I am left with truth as I handle it in my own existence, which was imperfect to begin with because as babies we were programmed to survive and not to become instruments of truth. "

    I wrangle with this "Truth" every day. I look for allies but know in my heart that the truth is people will not jeopardize their own survival in the pursuit of "Truth."
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/08/2017 #4 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    "So much blood shed has flowed in the name of people battling for truth that it is clear that it is impossible for human beings to know it and our humanity is not a religion of absolute perfection.". This is just one segment of this great buzz.
    Pascal Derrien
    06/08/2017 #3 Pascal Derrien
    Sundays are getting better by the minute :-)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    06/08/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Thank you Paul, it won't be often that I will be able to combine Alan Watts, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Guy Debord & Singularity :-)
    Paul Walters
    06/08/2017 #1 Paul Walters
    @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit What an excellent Sunday morning read...thank you
  6. CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    I have further tightened up my 15 Learning Hives here at beBee, which represent a core part of my online learning journey. I have detailed the latest evolution of this learning journeys over at LinkedIn.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Map of My 15 Learning Hives
    www.linkedin.com When I am addressing my own learning journey, the basis of it is an ongoing exploration of how information flows through me. It is not a curation...
  7. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Humility is Greater Than Hope
    Humility is Greater Than HopeI live in a part of the world that has a mad, mad, mad fixation on success, especially unsustainable success but generally a preoccupation with being successful.ย  My part of the world consumes 25% of global resources and in political moments it...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    03/08/2017 #13 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #12 Thank you Charlene. The value is this humility creates the skin of our own resilience.
    Charlene Norman
    03/08/2017 #12 Charlene Norman
    Love this @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit! Thank you for furthering my own thought process.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    02/08/2017 #11 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #10 You are most welcome Melissa, and thank you for being the essence of what is most human about being a human being.
    Melissa Hefferman
    02/08/2017 #10 Anonymous
    #6 Sometimes I think that the problem (or one of) with our blind faith and acceptance in neo liberalism is that if there's no money to be found in a cure for many things, it would seem we will not bother. We are the most knowledgable generation and technology could do so much, but we are still infantile in our profit driven utilities. Yet what can I do, I wonder? Keep the Faith, learn, and adapt. Thanks for sharing your writing and articles, they always aid my thinking.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    02/08/2017 #9 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #4 Thank you Harvey.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    02/08/2017 #8 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #3 That is why humility is really key, every single day we as social beings we engage in tremendous amounts of idol worship. We share the esteemed in our lives but not the humbled. I am sure we can assemble a social network of homeless people but what would drive us to have a "LinkedOut" network. Even the idea of homeless people with smartphones feels odd to us and makes us think strange things https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/15/upshot/fighting-homelessness-one-smartphone-at-a-time.html Notice what the New York Times article reported Bill Gates saying also. We have no trouble with greatness but do with ordinary.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    02/08/2017 #7 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #2 This is what I said to the kids in our college that the craziest thing about "success' is that we ourselves define it. Once we define it then we live in the prison of our own expectations. Most billionaires surely do not prescribe to his definition of success because most of them don't want any of us to know who they are. Not only are they are not known to us but their world is not one any of us could relate with, and why would billionaires worry about success when it is as ubiquitous as salt water is in a ocean. In comparison we are all plumbing and very few of us even want to be successful plumbers, even though our social taps drip with wannabee notions of success. Compared to a billionaire I am an abject failure and I am really good at defining failure :-)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    02/08/2017 #6 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    I have seen people who sponsor public service television (PBS in the US) offer programs that declare that their diets tackle diabetes but I have not met anyone who is diabetic who has told me that this worked for them. It is realm where it is difficult to ascertain what is quackery and what is fact.

    This article however points to something that shows the efforts of finding a remedy to Type 2 Diabetes

    What is maddening is trying to make head or tail of all the communities of practice, the doctors who appear on PBS but yet are still selling a program that makes them a profit, all the associations which provide medical information about diabetes, every piece of research that never makes it to clinical trials, never mind the linked information above.

    The one thing I do know is that within my own community group which is the Indian community, our communities have seen heart disease and diabetes multiply http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2017/06/07/india-s-diabetes-epidemic-is-making-a-worrying-demographic-shift_a_22130826/ NCD or non-communicable diseases like heart disease and diabetes are on the rise in urban Indian areas but now spreading into rural parts of India also. If we really knew our stuff about this, we would know the cause.
    Pascal Derrien
    02/08/2017 #5 Pascal Derrien
    #3 indeed Chas I think the tech icons are ''plastic'' heroes....
    Harvey Lloyd
    02/08/2017 #4 Harvey Lloyd
    Humility requires engagement and engagement will lead to self sacrifice. Whether financially or emotionally we all must decide where the line is to be drawn within self preservation.

    The engagement of humility will eventually lead to a national or global call for action. This is the level where the large question looms.

    Can one country export its values on another?

    Within the atrocities we see on media this seems like a no brainer, we should export certain human values. This exportation though will not come without force. Now we return right back to where we started. Sacrificing one for another.

    I do not have an answer for this very terminal paradox. I just know we need to show humility from where we are standing. The global view has given apathy to local view.

    Your thoughts here give rise to self responsibility of our community where we live.

    Great thoughts.
    Chas โœŒ๏ธ Wyatt
    02/08/2017 #3 Chas โœŒ๏ธ Wyatt
    In western culture it seems that Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg are held up as the iconic heroes, rather than Gandhi, King, or Mother Teresa.
    Pascal Derrien
    02/08/2017 #2 Pascal Derrien
    Powerful quote ''the world that has a mad, mad, mad fixation on success, especially unsustainable success but generally a preoccupation with being successful.'' you are dead right this is so supreficial. lame, unhealthy you name it. I am kind of a crossroads where I contemplating transitioning from the private sector to the NGO sector if I can....question of values :-)
    Melissa Hefferman
    02/08/2017 #1 Anonymous
    "Humility should not lead us to our death, it should lead us to our humanity."... I loved this. It brought this to mind: "The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people, it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it."
    David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World
  8. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Life 2050
    Life 2050This is an extension of the buzz in Workables Hive called Retirement 2051In this the focus envisages 2050 and beyond but not as wide-eyed futurism, but through the lens of most realistic guess.ย  Usually when we think of the future it is not how we...


    Salma Rodriguez
    02/08/2017 #10 Salma Rodriguez
    #8 You are absolutely right, Melissa! I wish for a better future than just spaceships and robots. Our humanity is important too!
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    02/08/2017 #9 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #8 I do agree most heartily with you Melissa it is the sweetest spot to live in the heart of the sweet spot. For sure diversity and variation is a welcomed thing, which if we were without the whole world would now look like one gigantic Las Vegas. When we contemplate in the present and reminisce in the present, both past and future are then inside the very same place. As Buddha may have said but we can attribute to anybody these days with no fact check , "Look within and you will find the thing you were looking for but don't keep using X-Rays".
    Melissa Hefferman
    01/08/2017 #8 Anonymous
    #7 "How is it that this world can celebrate accelerated change but be so backwards in its ability to be humane.." Sigh. I suppose I'm backwards myself for letting the past go, not worrying about an unknown future, and living each Day. It is a strange reality we have created. But that's probably because I'm strange and do not care about the things that motivate most people. Then again, how boring if we were all the same. Maybe we need futurists and planners (with Heart, morals, and integrity) right along side those of us who live in the Now and those of us who capture the past.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    01/08/2017 #7 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #5 If there is one thing I draw from reading your buzzes, it is the importance of living in the present moment. You carry experiences that very few people do which combine struggle and a tough journey with a strong feel for social justice. Just a lawyer makes their case for change you draw from the past to champion victims.

    The past is your chief resource to fight injustice and again that sets you apart because how many people surrender to the past, rather than fight and battle on using the lessons of history. As a society we are terrible at learning from the past for the simple reason that history keeps repeating itself.

    So how you draw on the past is unique and the present is just as challenging. We all possess a time perspective and value associated with that perspective, your time value is as a champion against injustice while enduring just as tough life circumstance.

    Where the futurists and you meet is right here in the middle and your presence ensures the futurists do not get ahead of themselves into flights of fancy, you remind the futurist that humanity is the central focus and not innovation that invariably can be devoid of it. How is it that this world can celebrate accelerated change but be so backwards in its ability to be humane, and the reason is that people who have never experienced hardship still create wonders for gated communities and the privileged class.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    01/08/2017 #6 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #5 As long as we look back to the past with a fractured and turbid mirror @Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee. I have observed that many people to look only on the dark side of their past to feel stressed or draw an obliques picture of it.
    Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    01/08/2017 #5 Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    I often live in the past. I struggle for a future. Perhaps the past is a more comfortable space as it demands resolutions I've already calculated. The future is an unknown for me.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    01/08/2017 #4 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #2 And I dig this one from Milan Kundera

    โ€œWhat could I say? Maybe this: the man hunched over his motorcycle can focus only on the present instant of his flight; he is caught in a fragment of time cut off from both the past and the future; he is wrenched from the continuity of time; he is outside time; in other words, he is in a state of ecstasy; in that state he is unaware of his age, his wife, his children, his worries, and so he has no fear, because the source of fear is in the future, and a person freed of the future has nothing to fear.โ€

    From Slowness http://www.nytimes.com/books/98/05/17/specials/kundera-speed.html?mcubz=2
    Melissa Hefferman
    01/08/2017 #2 Anonymous
    "People are always shouting they want to create a better future. It's not true. The future is an apathetic void of no interest to anyone. The past is full of life, eager to irritate us, provoke and insult us, tempt us to destroy or repaint it. The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past." -Milan Kundera ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    31/07/2017 #1 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    I wish all planners would read your buzz dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. Yes, te future isn't an extrapolation of the past. Worse, if the past brings fear and anxiety with it. If we contaminate the present, so we shall intoxicate the future.
    We need imagination, but that is based on courage and hope and positive learning (if there is such a thing).
    This buzz is worthy a workshop totally devoted to exploring its depth.
  9. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Finished Roads
    Finished RoadsBack at the start of the 21st Century a few years after discovering this new space called the World-Wide Web in 1998, I had changed my name on a discussion board to "Work-In-Progress".ย  The year 2000 was when I first accosted by this concept that...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    27/07/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Nice Deb ! I also like the "don't not agree with you". Of course don't actually make it a habit of calling me W.I.P. ๐Ÿ˜„

    I want to draw your attention @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrichto this article "Agree, Disagree, Argue" by Devdutt Pattanaik

    I liked the distinction Devdutt makes between the Ancient Greek way and the Indian Way.
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    27/07/2017 #1 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    Dear @Work-In-Progress, I don't not agree with you. Not finished roads appeal to me, because there is a chance for really thinking through all of he aspects of roadiness and paying supreme attention to the comfort of the journey.

    Because I think we've lost site of the fact that we are in charge of this place and the structures we create and this urge to do, without sufficient thought, is killing us off, left and right.

    In traveling back and forth across the continent, I was astounded just how little thought went into the purposely created travel oasis called a rest stop. There was nothing restful to be found. They razed all the trees so they are nothing but little blacktop tar pools chocked with exhaust fumes.

    We are rushing to consume, rushing to finish projects we've not even thought about properly.

    I prefer a MindWalk around a naturally moated castle.
  10. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Reflection becomes Content and Content is not Contentment
    Reflection becomes Content and Content is not ContentmentI try to navigate the fine line between the feedback that people cherish for their content and the food for thought I prefer for thinking about my thinking.ย  Amy Blashka focused on content and the thinker in her LinkedIn piece and her update...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    20/07/2017 #1 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    I just read this piece on LinkedIn about workplace culture and fear https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/our-work-culture-has-many-people-constant-state-fear-heres-roughol and then I look at some comments such "True" and "Very True" - that means people read these pieces and simply nod their heads, whereas I am thinking "what would I do about it?" then the actual response people give to a piece like this is even more sad than the original viewpoint. Then very little formulates towards evidence base and we end up spinning wheels on the anecdotal. Content then is not contentment, especially when the responses to that content seem to be looking for the arrival of a savior. If we are the agents of our own freedom, why would we keep identifying with this mindstate? Close
  11. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    BeingNo one really knows why success occurs, only that if we are in touch distances of it, it can be directed to flow into our life.ย  It is what success is built on which is my primary business.ย  Success can come with a price and success can come with a...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    16/07/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Realizing this is waking up and being this, being is that simple. It is doing that we wake up to and in making life about doing then we are well and truly done.

    Being is the most natural part of our humanity, but we are stuck in doing because most have to make a stupid living. What makes that living stupid is that we know that we must as human beings serve others and yet the reality is dodoo, because this very system of living (and doing) serves to divide. even kills us.

    We are drawing our meaning from the wrong place if today home is a pandora's box of human suffering. Please never ever open that box, for it will overwhelm the world to realize the amount of suffering that is stored in homes - and if one's home is a place of suffering then that surely is a very deep kind of dodoo.

    Personal branding is a just one mentality offered for doing and the people who live in that mentality are knee deep in this dodoo. Why not open dodoo.com. Guess what dodoo.com is still available. Every day there are millions of people waking up stepping into dodoo and not bebee.

    At beBee i personally want to focus on being because there is already plenty of dodoo in the world, we are surrounded by dodoo, we are advertised dodoo on a daily basis, we live in a totally dodoo world where meaning is attributed by what we do, meaning that is centered in work and not our home.

    We can buy a home, yet do we love our home? If we do love our home it is because we found meaning in our home, where weidentify by what we want to be. Not all of us are governed by our job title because that does not define us as human beings.

    The opposite or antithesis of what is bebee is dodoo. BS is a very fertile ground for this kind of thinking - but being - that is more than a T-Shirt that says "Bee what you want to be" - it is being. As long as I am able to check my own pulse I know that I still reside in that rare world called being. I am that - because i want to be
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    16/07/2017 #1 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Is this the equivalent to Plato Ideal City and the definition of what an ideal city is @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit? The well-being freedom is a noble goal, but how far are we from this nobility? Great thoughts and insights in this buzz. Realizing them is the human challenge.
  12. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    From Alienation to Appreciation
    From Alienation to AppreciationAt a certain point we reach a point where we are alone in other thinking or we are separated in our thinking with a group of like-minded people.ย  At this point we can either go it alone or become a niche group that has separated itself from...


    Dean Owen
    10/07/2017 #17 Dean Owen
    "When the cause of alienation is one person who was right in a society that was wrong then that one person becomes an example of greatness for having persevered." - What a great line among many in this piece that ultimately belongs in a book on Renaissance thinking.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    08/07/2017 #16 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #15 The magnets of your beloved topics shall always keep you in our cluster my dear @Vincenzo De Florio
    Vincenzo De Florio
    08/07/2017 #15 Vincenzo De Florio
    #13 I'm so grateful of your kind words of appreciation, dear @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit! They are particularly appreciated now that my life has led me away from those beloved topics. Thank you very much, dear Friends!
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    08/07/2017 #14 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #13 "Appreciation is more than just being humble, it is looking at life afresh". What a great way of saying it @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit!
    I am glad you referred to the buzz of Dr. @Vincenzo De Florio because it is such an important one. I have had many exchanges of comments with dear Vincenzo and your reference to his work is well-worthy.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    08/07/2017 #13 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #12 More like a life dance where it can be a piece of knowledge or if I am lucky get hit with an insight that I get to carry with me into life. The curiosity about why people use quotes revealed what? An insight that there is a religious context to the use of quotation marks that it has been passed onto us from generation to generation is an amazing realization of the actions we have inherited from centuries ago as an unconscious inheritance.

    Now there are more challenging moments such as yesterday when I came across @Vincenzo De Florio and his link to Leibniz. I had to work hard at deciphering a complexity of thinking that is several leagues above what I am used to, which is credit to Vincenzo that his capability can decipher and build on highly sophisticated reasoning such as that the Dodo is a a monad that ceases to exist but yet exists in pictorial form for us to see. I can only touch the surface here but that is sufficient here.

    In the case of my response to @Cyndi wilkins the paragraph which draws on a piano metaphor is wholly a new thought that emerged - something emerged from my mind, that was not there before and was not a product of additional inquiry. The "jolts of perspective" also served as new frames to describe my own life actions.

    When I talk about being on a "learning journey". This is what I am talking about.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    08/07/2017 #12 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #10 Dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit- So you "have your "moments of interests" as all of a sudden an idea pops up and you start exploring it. I experience this frequently as I intend to write a buzz and end up writing another one because of a comment or a question or whatever reason.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    08/07/2017 #11 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #9 Dear @Cyndi wilkins we are beings that are going in a good direction. People who I think go in a good direction include the author Margaret Wheatley - her book The Simpler Way is the kind of thinking that helped me look at life differently, though the two chief perspectives that originally set me on a learning journey is in seeing the truth in the empirical study of Flow by Mihalyi and the laser beam way Jiddu Krishnamurti went about ascertaining what is truth.

    Truth and love is what makes appreciation a challenge because very few people have learned to touch that face of that and these are not superficial and if fear is bottleneck to truth and love but appreciation is certainly the doorway to love and truth.

    I am not usually discovering myself online, I usually discover myself offline in everyday situations and yes occasionally I read something that jolts my perspective, but that jolt still has yet to express itself in everyday situations. When appreciation becomes a way of life it becomes an alternative to alienation. This is not just feeling alienated but noticing alienating others.

    I totally agree about our intuitive being so long as it is one colour of our being - and in that harmony of the whole what would seem to be contradictory forces within are much like a piano called life. I welcome this inner diversity, this constant contradiction and it is not as if the black and white keys of our life must be played all at once, and in this finding out and this unfolding of our being in that finding, that music is in the air of everyday life, and one I am decidedly getting better at noticing.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    08/07/2017 #10 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #8 Dear @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee that is the whole value of the learning journey, one learns as one goes. When I saw the quotes on the comment, a question triggered in my mind regarding the actual origin of quotes, so I searched it and in that search came to a conclusion that the reverence we have for quotes must be in part influenced by the historical origin of quotation marks to highlight "God's Words".

    Appreciation is in the moment, it is not necessarily something one knows but one which is discovering. This is why I like the animation from @Josรฉ Brito e Silva his language is Portuguese but I am always trying to figure out the back story of the caricatures he draws. Today he published a video about Bob Motta. It turned out this was a tribute to a poet known in Brazil and in this finding out, I learn a little bit more what poets in Brazil mean to the people there.

    Then there is information I do know like the physicists who worked on the Manhattan project who chose a different path, one that was life affirming which I shared with you on your buzz. Sharing information however is not my primary goal, it is to play with information and try to see it differently and then explore. I then flow with what I then follow (explore) rather than get lost in the flow of following (follow).
    Cyndi wilkins
    08/07/2017 #9 Cyndi wilkins
    "We can choose to begin again rather than get lost in the battles and wars that are not contributing anything but a collision point."

    The power of our choices carry with it a ripple effect of consequences...When you connect with your heart, you connect with spirit and ALL THAT IS to guide you. Listen to your own intuition and trust that Mother Nature always has your best interest at heart...The decisions you make from a place of self-awareness is rooted in emotional honesty....and it is more reliable than any information you receive in your "external" environment...That is a place of truth...That is Love.

    With much appreciation @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit...You have provided us all with an opportunity to reset;-)
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    08/07/2017 #8 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #7 I wonder how much time you spend reading each day dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. You are so diversified; yet deep in what you know. Amazing is the history of quotation. I do it because I don't wish to distort the original thinking and give due credit to the original author.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    07/07/2017 #7 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #3 Dear @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee since what I am focusing on here is appreciation, it has prompted me to appreciate the origin of quotation marks hence :

    The Long & Fascinating History of Quotation Marks

    which was initially prompted by my curiousity about the etymology of "quotes"

    It is then interesting that in our technological world - we do not provide a simple thing like a MARGIN. It seems this is where the origin of quotes first appeared around the 14th Century. The original act of calling out "important text" is so much more powerful than our modern style of direct quotations.

    I should not be surprised but still am is how much quotations were devoted to "the words of God". This may explain our reverence for quotes but I think we may have forgotten how that reverence may have entered our psyche. I therefore bring this to an appreciation of modern thinkers like ourselves as pragmatic practitioners. Thus I conclude by this that to achieving a beginners mind - returning humility to the quotation is a really reset.

    Who would thought quotes were used for God first and not reserved for people who happy to be people :-)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    07/07/2017 #6 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #5 No :-) Credit for BRAVO belongs to @Paul Walters but I am the first to use it as the first greeting to the day - a simple reset that is easier than programming my alarm clock :-) Thank You @Gert Scholtz
    Gert Scholtz
    07/07/2017 #5 Gert Scholtz
    @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit "Beginners mind is not a cop out it is a reset. The measure of whether this form of appreciation becomes a norm and nature in our world is when we see the next Shakespeare emerge. That we do not just shows how much alienation takes up our field of attention and how little does appreciation. Appreciation is more than just being humble, it is looking at life afresh." A paragraph that had me still in my chair. As you have coined the phrase here on beBee: Bravo!
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/07/2017 #3 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    "Victory can be rendered a shallow word unless it is a victory for humanity". This is a quote from this great buzz. I thank you @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit for sharing your mind and human heart.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    07/07/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Also Deb not to wear appreciation as a temporal fashion but as a supple skin. Skin may not help us breath but it should help us appreciate what is underneath. Even our skin is better off from the inside-out rather than be skin-deep about appreciation.
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    07/07/2017 #1 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    "True appreciation requires us to face up to our own truth, look at our own face and then not condemn that. This appreciation ultimately leads us to new beginnings.

    Beginners mind is not a cop out it is a reset."

    Please take a bow, @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit View more
    "True appreciation requires us to face up to our own truth, look at our own face and then not condemn that. This appreciation ultimately leads us to new beginnings.

    Beginners mind is not a cop out it is a reset."

    Please take a bow, @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit - I appreciate the craft of this analogy. For it is only those who can face themselves who can take on the world without injury. Close
  13. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Dumping the Trump
    Dumping the TrumpI have no problem dumping the trump because "trump" is my word for personal branding.ย  There are careers out there in dime-a-dozen land that require a branded life or existence, so those people who need a brand to stay on the right side of...
  14. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Generation X2
    Generation X2It is time to reclaim some heritage and apply some revisionist history especially since it has been a long-time since the last counter-culture movement arose and we are due a second act.Labels are one thing but attitudes are another.ย ...
  15. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    El verdadero rostro de Leonardo da Vinci - Christian Gรกlvez
    El verdadero rostro de Leonardo da Vinci - Christian GรกlvezLeonardo de Vinci - Cara a Cara La semana pasada estuve en la presentaciรณn del Libro Leonardo da Vinci - Cara a Cara , de Christian Gรกlvez. Ademรกs hicimos la retransmisiรณn del mismo con un Live Buzz en...


    Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    19/08/2017 #8 Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    Un verdadero maestro. Christian Gรกlvez.
    Jorge ๐Ÿ Carballo Pรฉrez
    28/03/2017 #7 Jorge ๐Ÿ Carballo Pรฉrez
    Enhorabuena @Christian Gรกlvez reconocimiento a una pasiรณn. Me alegro muchรญsimo. Un Saludo !!
    Alberto Espinosa Machado
    28/03/2017 #6 Alberto Espinosa Machado
    Christian Gรกlvez nombrado experto mundial en Leonardo da Vinci
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    28/03/2017 #5 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    #4 Asรญ es @Fernando ๐Ÿ Santa Isabel Llanos, lo acabas de resumir muy bien: CONSTANCIA, TRABAJO y PASION.
    Fernando ๐Ÿ Santa Isabel Llanos
    28/03/2017 #4 Fernando ๐Ÿ Santa Isabel Llanos
    Es un gran ejemplo de constancia, trabajo y pasiรณn por lo que hace, gracias por compartir @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    27/03/2017 #3 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Siegfried Woldhek came off the stage with a convinced disposition that he has found the real face or generational faces of Leonardo Da Vinci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vXsynj1QkQ View more
    Siegfried Woldhek came off the stage with a convinced disposition that he has found the real face or generational faces of Leonardo Da Vinci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vXsynj1QkQ It is highly compelling but does not put away the possibility that Woldhek is too certain and certainty requires confirmation. It is the same in science.

    Just because one scientist has developed a way of doing that works, it is not until the experiment is repeated by another scientist that we can add credence to the assertion that the real face of Leonardo has been found.

    History does get shaped over time and then re-shaped as well. This encourages me to view the Da Vinci History TV documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYBO0YyJ6RU [Run time 90 Minutes] Whether it is documentary or films, directors are open to interpretation and place their view on the face of Da Vinci and what his life was actually about.

    Christian Galvez is an interesting mind, he is among those who elevate my thinking and in that regard I welcome such people. Close
  16. ProducerSara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    What Does It Mean To Adapt?
    What Does It Mean To Adapt?Ali Ananiย wrote the buzz, The New Mirrors of Social Media, which became a catalyst for dynamic exchanges across buzzes. Dr. Ali literally sparked a process which he describes as โ€œthe fractal of synchronicityโ€ from which its โ€œunintended rulesโ€...


    Sara Jacobovici
    04/03/2017 #21 Sara Jacobovici
    #6 @Pascal Derrien, please don't see this as a cop out answer because my intent is genuine. Your comment is not an either, or; both are taking place. We do have a core, us pre technological devices, non-sensory deprived, communicators, which we bring to this "new" form of communication. It is a new way of adapting because it isn't the "norm" of what we experienced before.
    Sara Jacobovici
    04/03/2017 #20 Sara Jacobovici
    #17 @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit wrote in comment on another buzz, "The word comment no longer does justice to people who think." Your comment @Seth Degyansky is the result of a thinker. Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. One of the things your comment reflects is how much change has taken place over a very short time and how much adaptation has been necessary. Thank you for the reminder, " The strength & influence of this digital bond needs temperance from natural connections to our common, original world of wonder."
    Sara Jacobovici
    04/03/2017 #19 Sara Jacobovici
    #16 Thank you @debasish majumder, for your energy and insight; 2 factors that contribute greatly to the discussion!
    Sara Jacobovici
    04/03/2017 #18 Sara Jacobovici
    #14 Thank you @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit for "thinking" out loud in the comment box. My "two great walk away today were" the following: "So we are sitting piggy in the middle between this dark web of genius and the mass angels of light internet." And, "The Internet when used mindfully is incredible - so it is we know the present position, what I love is the position of presence." Thanks, as always, for your links.
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #15 Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Over my life time the adaptation I have seen in technology and language has shifted from being abstract, theoretical, and technical jargon to being more descriptive and Sensory . over time we have see. Colour, images, sound, video, and touch screens emerge. So we have brought more senses into our technology so that we can make meaning and make sense and communicate via technology. It is a conundrum - technology pulls away from our lived visecrral sensiry experience of life AND we have adapted to that by making technology more Sensory and rich in the ways we can share meaning with each other. To be cont
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    03/03/2017 #14 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    What you have described here is the relationship to come that puts real meaning into the word renaissance. This is altogether a different relationship with the present incumbents of the internet, who do not view the internet as a web of relationship and in that regard use as much power of it for transformation as one's brain is used in the act of eating a cheese and ham sandwich.

    This is not a depressing reality it is simply a reality that we now physically walk around with as a pocket size instrument that is a most powerful supercomputer, in order to snap a selfie and play candycrush. Yet this is not an idealism expressed in this buzz because what it is we are talking about WE are doing. Today a handful of people are absolutely making the most of the medium that has been developed and we look ordinary to these people for they are breathtakingly beyond our own dimension of mind. So we are sitting piggy in the middle between this dark web of genius and the mass angels of light internet.

    I have determined who the future is and we are not excluded from that group but we are not part of larger movement either - because that movement is still developing in the form of grand-children whose minds will interface with these networked realities.

    If game shows were controversial in the 50's they are the staple diet that have evolved today into reality shows. The occupants of this media are occupied. This is why we focus today on personal brand, more to protect us from this occupation. Yet we also focus on learning and this is what is most renaissance about this buzz. My two great walk away today were just two words here :

    1: http://www.readybodies.com/tactile-vestibular-proprioceptive/
    2: http://cherringtonsawers.com/tactile-vestibular-and-proprioceptive-senses.html

    The Internet when used mindfully is incredible - so it is we know the present position, what I love is the position of presence.
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #13 Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Part 1 I love your work @Sara Jacobovici bringing us back to our rich lived Sensory experience and how we are learning to adapt and make new meaning through new tools. When the Internet arrived many years ago is all we had was black and white text on computers like a black and white book only hard and cold and plastic and metal. To be cont
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #11 Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    We have much to learn from coming back to our roots - our sensory experience.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #10 Sara Jacobovici
    #6 Great question @Pascal Derrien. I need to spend some time on this and return later with a response.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #9 Sara Jacobovici
    #4 I Thank you for taking the time to expand on the concepts @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Your comments provide a very valuable perspective.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #8 Sara Jacobovici
    #2 Well said @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Thank you for expanding on the ideas.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #7 Sara Jacobovici
    #1 Beautifully written contribution and added value @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Thank you.
    Pascal Derrien
    03/03/2017 #6 Pascal Derrien
    we have adpated in conveying emotions in social media in a different way or is it the just the delivery mechanism because the core has not changed really ?
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    03/03/2017 #5 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    We are survivors, both as individuals and as a community. We form meaning for ourselves and then seek a community of others who share a โ€œcommon senseโ€.

    This is amazing. Makes me ask, when does the term "survival" can possibly mean different personally and under common sense?
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #4 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Point 4/ Continued from Point 3
    If we fail to adapt our sense of understanding our community and its dynamism then we tend to rely on assumptions. This is a risky behavior in general and to the business community in particular. In this regard @Sara Jacobovici View more
    Point 4/ Continued from Point 3
    If we fail to adapt our sense of understanding our community and its dynamism then we tend to rely on assumptions. This is a risky behavior in general and to the business community in particular. In this regard @Sara Jacobovici wrote "And the meaning we find cannot be made on assumptions. We cannot assume that the meaning we have is shared by the social media community". This is in harmony with my buzz in which I alerted to the need of using new understanding "tools".
    I hope I understood you well enough Sara to warrant my zeal in writing such a lengthy comment. YOu wrote and you excelled. Close
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #3 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Point 2/ continued from Point 2
    Steps i and 2 are dynamic and change with dynamism of the community and environment. This is a continuing process. There, what the thinker @Sara Jacobovici wrote makes a great sense (understanding is a sense in itself), or a the sense of judgment improves the sense of understanding and the sense of adapting to change.Sara wrote "On social media, the language has changed. In order for us to survive, we must not only learn the language of our new environment but we need to form meaning to our adaptation if it were to become successful".
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #2 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Point2/ Continued from my previous comment
    The brainy @Sara Jacobovici went on to write "And herein lays the paradox: human beings are individuals who depend on a social construct. If we, as individuals, operate on the basis of developing strategies which are meaningful for our survival, it therefore follows that we, as a community, develop a common sense which is necessary for the survival of our community". Adjustment is then followed by understanding of the community. I may add here that the first step of adjustment helps in making step 2 of understanding better. So, if we understand the community better, we may communicate better.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/03/2017 #1 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    @Sara Jacobovici- if my buzz linked and exchange of comments had some value then this buzz added tons of value to them. This is an amazing buzz with its depth. I started to draw a flowchart of its main points. I haven't finished yet; but I share here some of my "extractions" so far.
    You wrote "...in order as it were to compare our own judgment with human reason in general... Now we do this as follows: we compare our judgment not so much with the actual as rather with the merely possible judgments of others, and [thus] put ourselves in the position of everyone else..." You remind me here of the adjustment phase. Like birds adjusting their speed and angle of flying with adjacent birds so as not to collide with them, or as swans synchronizing their steps so as to make a dance. We need to adjust our steps with othersto understand them.
  17. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Emoji ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช  ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช Emoji
    Emoji ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช EmojiEvery generation has a moment where in the height of a young life have a moment where what that generation did was very cool but became the historical moment that we don't want to footnote.ย  My generation experienced this in the 70's where there was...
  18. CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Sometimes different people grab hold of different aspects of a phrase. The phrase today is ulab and @Raquel ๐Ÿ Amorรณs buzzed today at https://www.bebee.com/content/1248676/1132968 about elab.es - a co-working outfit that has started up in Alicante. From what I have seen it is a good business model, but ULAB is not a new idea so meet Otto Scharmer who has taken the idea of U-lab to a higher level.
    U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self | MITx on edX | About Video
    U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self | MITx on edX | About Video Learn how to create profound innovation in a time of disruptive change by leading from the emerging future. Enroll at:...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    23/02/2017 #4 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #3 Dear @Raquel ๐Ÿ Amorรณs this is specially for you :-)
    Raquel ๐Ÿ Amorรณs
    23/02/2017 #3 Anonymous
    #2 Alicante location is one of the best places to live in Spain. Best beaches, great food, the sun, close to other locations like Madrid.. I invite you to look into other towns in the Alicante Region such my home town the city of Elche. :)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    22/02/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Way more than that @Raquel ๐Ÿ Amorรณs your buzz also gave me a chance to relate to your beautiful city of Alicante, via people I think have appreciated it as it should be appreciated :

    [A] Alicante as a destination
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoijDmrgk-E View more
    #1 Way more than that @Raquel ๐Ÿ Amorรณs your buzz also gave me a chance to relate to your beautiful city of Alicante, via people I think have appreciated it as it should be appreciated :

    [A] Alicante as a destination

    [B] Alicante as a region

    People do not spend any time seeing that dynamic approach is different from a linear approach. [ Lineal Relaciรณn vs. Dinรกmica Relaciรณn ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž ] Close
    Raquel ๐Ÿ Amorรณs
    22/02/2017 #1 Anonymous
    Thanks for sharing this and relate it to my buzz @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
  19. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    StraightjacketThere are days when I ask myself why conduct a learning journey online, when I can write to documents on my computer and then have a small collection of connections that are linked to me by email.ย  These are days when I have not slept well and make...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    01/03/2017 #13 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    The week prior I watched the 2nd installment of Season 1 of Black Mirror and it was fantastic. It was difficult to understand at first because it was about all these people watching video's and riding bicycles. Once I saw the core of the show, which I won't link because I don't want to write a spoiler alert, it was terrific. If the first episode "The National Anthem" imprinted itself with the pig scene, the second "15 Million Merits" was the rousing speech by Daniel Kaluuya. Kaluuya is also a part of an Oscar worthy movie that is topping the box office right now - the movie being "Get Out". http://www.vulture.com/2017/02/daniel-kaluuya-on-get-out-how-racism-is-like-horror-films.html

    Last weekend I watched the 3rd Episode "A History of You" but this one disappointed because it went beyond dystopia into the realm of absurdity. The plot depended on us believing that a person who had committed an infidelity would keep the record of it, when this particular show was based on the ability to wipe that record out. There were some dystopian realities that could still be drawn from it but the plot overshadowed that meaning. That being said 2 out of 3 so far is not a bad score for quality viewing.

    On Friday I will be watching the first of the four episodes filmed for Season 2 called "Be Right Back". I will be back to reference the next two episodes which make up for half of season 2. I might even watch both of these episodes over successive days, rather than successive weeks this time. What I am absolutely sure of is that I am really glad I got to hear about Black Mirror - the review for it above set some high expectations, and so far those personal expectations I have for Black Mirror are really being met.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    22/02/2017 #12 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #11 That Tausif is finding flow between an appreciation of surprise and delight and our energy moving in a virtuous cycle. Too often surprise is viewed as a negative and self-talk moves us into a viscous cycle. Intelligence about our emotions is not emotional intelligence where we have managed to take the whole and cut it into parts - which we then label as particular types of intelligence. The whole includes the positive and the negative flows that informs the colour of our emotions vs. black and white.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    22/02/2017 #11 Tausif Mundrawala
    First of all being honest with oneself is the sign of a person been self-aware. We should constantly learn and should outperform ourselves but there are times when we reflect on our body of work which surprises us later that- Are we capable of penning such wonderful writings? Thanks for this buzz, @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/02/2017 #10 Harvey Lloyd
    #9 I would say that Trumps success is neither good or bad in and of itself. As a reflection of why he won is daming. Trump is an outcome not a great leader. Our country has become enthralled with itself and political correctness along with other Alice and Wonderland beliefs.

    Your post though is telling. Even you of consciousness have your moments where your stream of thoughts become discombobulated. But you write here that you found yourself after rereading. This is the process in which we have lost. The electorate only joins a cause and emotional train. No facts or introspection of thought. The political wars are polarizing our thoughts with each soundbite.

    I find that in the afternoon and evening hours my logic sometimes fails me and my writing reflects the disconnect. Nothing after 4PM is ever posted, emailed or suggested. I will reread in the AM when all the functions are fresh.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    22/02/2017 #9 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #7 Dear Harvey I think I will simply call it Freudian dystopia meeting Seinfeld's Bizzaro World and it is easy to get bound in this straightjacket. Perhaps all of this may transform humanity because as a human race, we tend to go to destructive places before we build constructive answers, as illustrated by the common reality of "history repeating itself". At least there is hope for methodical reasoning produced by Bruce Tuckman - that classic "forming-storming-norming-performing" https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_86.htm or that other well worn phrase that there is "method in the madness". One thing for sure, more than ever, the lunatics are not only running the asylum, but they are showing the inhuman face of corporate behaviour, a face that is the chief qualm I experience when I see the words "successful personal brand" a.k.a. Trump succeeded.
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/02/2017 #7 Harvey Lloyd
    We speak of freedoms in many contexts outside of ourselves. But the internal freedoms more or less make up or take off the "straight jacket". I am challenged by all of the rhetoric on each of the extremes. I know that the answers are not there. I also realize that these extremes draw crowds. Crowds that act from emotion and not logic. It seems very freeing to just act without conscious within our words and actions and see the crowds line up on either side.

    There is a price to pay for this freedom. I do not want it controlled as it places an arbiter on free speech, but non the less a price will be paid somewhere down the line.

    Great thoughts.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    22/02/2017 #6 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    An interesting thread is from Steve Blakeman who introduced me to the Netflix show "Black Mirror" and this was a series of vignettes all made with a new cast that talks about the dystopian reality of media - and remarkably this series was first broadcast in 2011. I watched the first show of Season 1 (There are 3 Seasons) and I found it captivating and insightful.

    Dark Mirror Buzz by Steve Blakeman
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    22/02/2017 #5 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 #2 #3 #4 The irony is bait. We know this guy is throwing out bait because that is what he is saying and that is his chief hook, but I find myself biting and the moment I did, I have entered into this media asylum

    Look at the New York Times picture of Milo in a business suit - it is vaudeville politics and the threater of the absurd, where the lunatics are running the asylum.

    The net effect is not unhappiness, it is confusion and immersion into a media quicksand. I do think the New York Times article was interesting but not because of Milo, but it exposes the heightening of this circus and the signal I read in this, is that this is not the ending of this nonsense, it is an escalation point.


    This kind of media puts me into a straightjacket because the more I dip into the more the impulse ties me to it. I had this experience when I sat with my mom to watch her Indian TV soap shows - before I knew it I was addicted to total nonsense - it took a deliberate decision to jolt me back onto terra firma, because this kind of media is parasitic, it consumes.

    The redeeming value of this mediation into immaturity is it recalls what Guy Debord said about the "Society of the Spectacle" 50 years ago.

    Two days ago I am glad to see someone at the New York Times address one my favourite media philosophers [he unfortunately commit suicide]


    GUY DEBORD talked about the straightjacket long before I inadvertently found myself in one. The good news here is I want to get back to freedom. The irony is that the word "Milo" is as distracting to me as the words "successful personal branding". Milo has succeeded in this regard.
    Pascal Derrien
    22/02/2017 #4 Pascal Derrien
    Never heard about Milo before today, it seems very US centric I lasted less than 5 minutes watching it, looks like this is entertainment and biz circus rather than .....anyway :-)
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    22/02/2017 #3 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I can relate to the mental straightjacket. I think many people, Milo included get so caught up in the Rhetoric that appeals to them, they are then able to relate to a certain aspect of society. I think Milo is a very disturbed person and jumps on whatever train he thinks will accept him. I'd rather be a loner than a follower. He may be witty but darn, he was hanging with the wrong crowd. Did I hear something on the news yesterday about Milo and pedophilia??? I can assure Milo Trump would have zero tolerance for him... his ties to Breitbart kept him motivated well and er... some really bad stuff by the sounds of it. When we stop thinking for ourselves and allow information bias to overload our brains, we are no longer independent thinkers. The fake pearls, really??? I know, glam... LOL
    Dean Owen
    22/02/2017 #1 Dean Owen
    Apologies for opening up a different path but Milo has occupied my mind for the last few days and I am conflicted, especially with regard to his strong beliefs on freedom of speech and creative expression, a subject that is of particular relevance to many of the recent posts on censorship. I have since reaffirmed my (minority) views that advocate safe space. It has also been a remarkable experience to watch this Brit, who has only been in the States for 18 months, and a typical Brit you might likely encounter at a London house party (there is always one), bore his way into the limelight so quickly. I am eager to see how this pans out, especially in light of the last 48 hours and the "video tape" that lead to his resigning from Breitbart just a few hours ago. His has dug his grave, but I suspect this is not the last we see of him.
  20. CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Trumpets of the Trumpeter - A post that I have written at LInkedIn. It isn't about Donald Trump but in the end it is about who created the Donald and the difference between the image and visual age.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Trumpets of the Trumpeters
    www.linkedin.com We all know in retrospect that the unthinkable happened, that which even the late night comedians had not or could not predict, that a celebrity...
  21. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Sugar Water
    Sugar Water"What can I say, I hired the wrong guy" . . .I am massive believer in "Founder Values" and when these values are lost or belief is placed somewhere other than vision that is led by a thinker larger than it, mediocrity will follow."Sugar water" is a...


    Milic Bogdanovic, MNCM
    14/02/2017 #18 Milic Bogdanovic, MNCM
    I remember that fairly well, I was following Jobs and Wozniak for a while, and used Apple Lisa in school (UWM) at the time, a friend worked for Apple for a while, and came back to finish his diploma. The biggest reason I like Jobs was NeXT computer, the "black" cube; great design set the stage for future Apple products. I will read the article, for sure, thank you for the link. The other product I was expecting Jobs to push was Rhapsody OS.

    The yellow box I tried at a show, I was able to design a word processor in about ten minutes, by dragging and dropping objects. An incredible tool that never seen the light of day. The reason I think was that Bill Gates paid jobs off to not release Rhapsody. For this, he, Jobs, got Microsoft office and one hundred and fifty million dollar loan. This strictly my opinion.

    "Defining features of the Rhapsody operating system included the Mach microkernel, a BSD operating system layer (based on 4.4BSD), the object-oriented Yellow Box API framework, the Blue Box compatibility environment for running "classic" Mac OS applications, and a Java Virtual Machine."

    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/02/2017 #17 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #16 This Indian magazine called DNA did a nice piece on that

    What Steve Jobs did when he was fired from Apple by Vivek Kaul
    http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report-what-steve-jobs-did-when-he-was-fired-from-apple-1254757 View more
    #16 This Indian magazine called DNA did a nice piece on that

    What Steve Jobs did when he was fired from Apple by Vivek Kaul

    Sculley was a corporate guy, Jobs is an entrepreneur that would die in a corporate machine, and this is a volatile mix, the blessing for Jobs was not that he got fired, that was merely bad medicine - the blessing was that he felt so ashamed he tried to apologize to David Packard, and it is Packard who mentored him during his dark days. The blessing was he got to work with creative folk at Pixar and that Apple had started working with the NeXT computer project - a project which Jobs cancelled as soon as returned to Apple and actually saved the company - they were just weeks from going out of business by the time Jobs saved them.

    I give credit to Jobs for transforming and growing as an entrepreneur but Sculley's role is best mythic, just as we learn more if we go read Shakespeare about the human condition. Those lessons that Steve Jobs learned the hard way other entrepreneurs can learn the hard way also. The Sculley story serves as a WARNING to founders who limit their own companies by hiring a CEO who has limitations.

    If this warning is not heeding, it would be a shame for any other entrepreneur to repeat the same mistake. Jobs had no reference point when he made the mistake of hiring John Sculley and he never forgave or reconciled with Sculley, and said openly that he made a big mistake in hiring him. This is the most important and critical lesson that comes from hiring a Sugar Water CEO. Close
    Milic Bogdanovic, MNCM
    13/02/2017 #16 Milic Bogdanovic, MNCM
    The fact that the person Jobs hired to help him turn Apple around was indirectly responsible in making Jobs succeed in anything he would attempt in the future was priceless and justice for Jobs. I mean Scully did Jobs a favor, he gave Jobs resolve, spite. By God Jobs used it at first at NeXT and then at Pixar, so when Jobs got a chance to take Apple back, he was ready to conquer the world, and he did, it's a shame of his untimely death, love to have seen what he would have done next.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/02/2017 #15 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #14 It is true that Jobs had to leave and that the competencies he learned at NeXT and Pixar were critical, as was the mentoring he received from people like David Packard, and Packard was no angel either but he instilled him a business sense that was missing on his first time around at Apple, and Jobs did listen to charlatans in his first time at Apple, even breaking trust with Steve Woznaik who did have an honour code. These are interesting lessons in trust.

    Sculley had the keys to the magic kingdom and the interesting thing is Jobs recognized he had made a huge hiring error. It is an error which was one of his last messages to his board, as he was creating the Apple University that getting the right leaders on board was absolute key. Sculley helped him to recognize B-Players the second time around or what he called Bozo Leadership and that led to his No-Bozo rule. Google did not make that mistake in hiring Schmidt.

    For sure Jobs was difficult and challenging but we absolutely swallow the mythologies of Jobs, but they are stories that make us think - and if this lens we put on him does not serve us to think, then we are merely practicing idolatry. None of us actually know this guy, but it is a fascinating story for our own tiny embers of imagination, yet we are far from being these crazy ones.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/02/2017 #13 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #12 Sculley should have written another book called Apple to Sugar Water. He should even get Walter Isaacson to ghostwrite it. Apparently he co-founded a company called Misfit in 2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misfit View more
    #12 Sculley should have written another book called Apple to Sugar Water. He should even get Walter Isaacson to ghostwrite it. Apparently he co-founded a company called Misfit in 2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misfit_(company) - Very appropriate. Close
    Dean Owen
    13/02/2017 #12 Dean Owen
    I read Sculley's book Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple a while back thinking it would be good to hear his side of the story, but the book did him no favours. I still came away thinking the guy was a douche.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/02/2017 #9 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #8 Sandra what I love about your response is that you must surely hold Jim Murray in great regard that this is who you were thinking of when you tagged the response - this is precious. I have a Springsteen documentary on HBO on my PVR that I still have to watch. With Seth Godin, he is like Jim Murray - he comes from the world of marketing and for me I will reference that but Seth Godin sits at the periphery of my own learning journey and if there is one thing our world a lot of, it is marketers. Just the acumen of Steve Jobs and his role as a marketer is plenty for me to dine alone just as a statistical n=1.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    13/02/2017 #7 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #6 Dear Sandra, a biography either takes an individual off their pedestal or adds even more size to their myth, at the end of the day those that reach mythological scale will be washed clean of all that detracts from the iconic image. The same is true with John Lennon. I did purchase the Isaacson biography but that is not where I relate with Steve Jobs.

    It is at his commencement speech where he talked of connecting the dots backwards - this is something that I find affinity with and the good news is that our dots will not become the subject of any immortalization because with the billions born in and then born out we go with the dust of time. The greatest learnings of life are the regrets - and so there is an endless stream of associations where we actually can do what we mostly do with biographies - we step into larger shoes in order to see a bit of our own-selves in our small sandles.

    The one big thing metaphor that we find at beBee is Honey. So this is the particular shoes I have slipped into here because there is more liquid sugar in our world than there is true honey and this honey is not the kind that mankind steals, it is the one that sits in the core of our trust, our foundation, the most meaningful essence of our life. Imagine what it must feel like that when John Sculley and his board ripped Apple out of the hands of Steve Jobs, how that alone as a human effect is profound in its pain.

    There is a tonne of pain in Jobs story, as there is in John Lennon's story but in both cases they took this as raw material to create fundamentally bigger realities. It is not that I want to create those bigger realities but I know our farting begins right at the beginning of our journeys, whereas look at what Lennon and Jobs went through - it is human to fart but not at that scale, but joking aside if these stories don't move our stomach and work on our mind, then what I think here is just a time passing playtime.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    12/02/2017 #5 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #4 You are a splendid friend dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. I greatly enjoy your words of honey coming from your land. BTW you may know that hot milk with a spoon of honey dissolved in it is a great way for me to fall asleep within five minutes? So, you come from the land that ends sleepless nights.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    12/02/2017 #4 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #3 Dear @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee it is modern man who sells the honey and strips the hive and then turns/burns that honey into liquid sugar.

    I would never associate you with sugar water, you my friend are the land of milk and honey - the land itself - a golden honey.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    12/02/2017 #3 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Thank you for writing this superb buzz dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. I loved the story of Steve Jobs. Equally I liked what you wrote " His commencement speech was not a motivational video stemming from lack, it was the stuff of bitter life lessons that we either unexpectedly face or we wisely pay attention to so as to not repeat the same mistake".
    By the way I don't drink or sell sugar water. What I believe is bad for me isn't good for others. If not then I am not a real human.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    12/02/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 The irony here Josรฉ is that sometimes we have to lose our business in order to see our business. Steve Jobs, William Hewlett and David Packard are all connected in the story of Steve Jobs and that is why I honour all three - but that is another story for another time ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Josรฉ Ramรณn ๐Ÿ Lรณpez
    12/02/2017 #1 Josรฉ Ramรณn ๐Ÿ Lรณpez
    Greeeeeat Jobs! And very inspirational.
  22. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    The Day the Internet Lost its Imagination
    The Day the Internet Lost its ImaginationThe image from fakeposters.com does not capture the moment that the Internet lost its imagination.ย  That moment actually occurred within the first ten years of its arrival and no sooner as we had entered the new millennium the hope its founding...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    11/02/2017 #9 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #8 To Yoda, there is no try, only do.
    Pascal Derrien
    11/02/2017 #8 Pascal Derrien
    a great recap on how we got there but where do we go from here ? :-)
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    11/02/2017 #7 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #6 And not to mention having VC''s Peter Thiel's "sheeple" philosophy embedded in its investment.
    Brian McKenzie
    10/02/2017 #6 Brian McKenzie
    "Facebook" is also built on military technology - and you should look closely to their direct and published ties to NSA. Their interface does nothing more than put Cat memes and Girl Pics on software that the Military Intelligence used across the late 80's and early 90's known as 'Crime - Link' and 'LinkSys' - which gave a web like graphic note reference for organized crime and suspected spies - the info on your Facebook page, combined with your other social media footprints, is a spook's wet dream. Clueless, wandering, easily conditioned, unthinking, over-consuming under-living digitally connected consumers - aka Sheeple.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    10/02/2017 #5 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #4 That is the whole value of soul, for when learning flows through each other's souls, we are coated with that intelligence.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    10/02/2017 #4 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #2 What a great buzz this is dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. On a personal level, I enjoyed the synchronicity of my shared buzz tonight on bright hopes and your buzz. No question I agree with you 100% and if not then I shall be contradicting my own words.
    I loved the way you highlighted imagination and the internet and the very "bright" summary of the history of the internet and two of its great founders.
    Your writing "So the net result is that the chief blockage to revitalizing imagination on the Internet is ordinary people". This is an outstanding challenge for people to agree with you, but I again agree. The hope isn't in the hands of billionaires trying to multiply their wealth; more it is in the hands of ordinary people. Shared very proudly.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    10/02/2017 #3 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    A must read buzz- it is a genuine time investment
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    10/02/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Dear @debasish majumder the wisest thing I learned to do is pour my heart out, look at it and then eat it again to see what it really tastes like and the resulting digestion is a value called learning. We are virtually programmed to share but you may notice something that Debasish that this is not called a sharing heart, but a sharing economy. It is people like me that represent the hope that Tim Berners-Lee had in providing his discovery http://webfoundation.org/about/vision/history-of-the-web/

    For sure the web has its place as the world's greatest shopping cart and selling tool but that is what separates joy from ploy. Remember the word PLOY is a part of the word EMPLOY.

    If what I say brings energy into the heart of a man who knows joy then we do not have to contemplate the dimming of hope but the brightness of joy. The joy of learning in my heart will remain greater than the ploy of hope. Earn joy in the employ of hope.

    So if a man wants to sell, then he makes a 100 cold calls to get 1 warm sale.
    Then compare this with hope, he has 10000 hopes to get 1 moment of joy

    Now my dear friend @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee must surely agree with me in absolute 100% agreement that hope is 100 times harder than selling !!!
  23. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Journey of One
    Journey of OneThis is a rare picture from the inner sanctum of my home and this is a rare occurrence where members of family are willing to to watch the kind of things I watch.ย  They prefer Netflix for entertainment, I prefer video for educational and...


    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    06/02/2017 #14 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    @Dean Owen This isn't meant as an insult to those who find Tony Robbins to be inspiring but I find him to be a fake! He preys on those who are vulnerable while taking their money. If I recall one of his premises is that everyone can be rich if they 'think or do this or that." His net worth is 508 million. I've never heard of Seth Godin. As for your buzz @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit, I like the idea of thinking, sometimes I do way too much of that and I realize it's time to get out and roam! I don't mind when others offer advice but I have found that in the end, I always make it my choice with regards to acting on it or searching out something more. We all offer advice and mean well but that doesn't mean what works for us works for others. I love your term, "Journey of one," my husband and I both have space to ourselves, he has an office in the Attic, my office is my kitchen ;-) I'm not sure we'd survive if we didn't have one on one time with ourselves. Space is healthy! I sort of enjoy me, myself and I. I do enjoy time with others as well... it just needs to be balanced and it is. PS: My son has a home theater in his basement. We watched a movie when we were visiting them in Colorado and it was awesome!
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    06/02/2017 #13 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Dear Helena I welcome you most humbly to beBee. If you are still living in Wicken Village then you reside in a most beautiful village - others can see it here http://www.wickennorthants.co.uk/ View more
    Dear Helena I welcome you most humbly to beBee. If you are still living in Wicken Village then you reside in a most beautiful village - others can see it here http://www.wickennorthants.co.uk/

    We get so caught up in the cerebral chess game being played out now at the national and global level, that I personally want to keep one foot in the life of the village and the other in my urban dwelling. I want to smell the roses and then study uncertainty at levels I can reach. For sure that does not stop those who are attaining greater degree's of complexity understanding from understanding the grand forces at play on the global stage, but for sure there is absolutely no harm in understanding the nature of uncertainty at that level, as it is simplicity at the local level.

    The reality is that there are people with advanced minds thinking and creating things that make my jaw drop and then there is the manufacture of uncertainty, which means those boys in power won't stop being boys. They will create unintended consequences, the world will adjust to their meddling ways but after all that, if we have lost our own sanity, that does not do much good for the future - and it takes away from the blessings we still have and can enjoy. As the Chinese proverb says so well and with much subtle warning, we are indeed living in interesting times.

    Interesting also that one of our boys knocked on my bedroom door, apparently he thinks there might be a legendary comeback for the team he supports called the New England Patriots. I will now depart and see :-) Close
    Dean Owen
    06/02/2017 #11 Dean Owen
    #10 Seth Godin, another name I see often but have no clue as to who he is. Am I missing out by keeping these "self-development" coaches from my life? I did listen to this hallowed Tony Robbins just now and it appears that everything he says, and everything I have read from other life coaches, is pretty much common sense. I don't think there is an off the hanger way to live one's life. Everyone is different. Everyones definition of success is different. I feel I can learn more from talking to people without a voice. People in rural areas. People without access to the internet. Cultures that are very different from our own. We need to step outside of our goldfish bowl. You mention filter failure. I choose to filter out life coaches. Just wondering if I am missing out. Because I consider you a pillar of wisdom, if you say yes, I am missing out, I would seriously consider burying myself in Tony Robbins and Seth Godin.
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    06/02/2017 #10 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #7 Tony Robbins is self-development for the masses who has forged for himself one of the most profitable personal brands in history. He is one stop shop motivational and personal change coach. He will take a complex discipline like neuro-linguistic programming and cut into bite size pieces for the masses.

    Malcolm Gladwell does the same thing when it comes to curating information from the academic field and presenting it to the masses

    Seth Godin does the same thing when it comes to media and marketing.

    Clay Shirky was smart enough to point out that we don't suffer from information overload, we suffer from filter failure. I don't come to the online space as place of information, but a place of abundance and to tackle abundance that is why I need a journey of one.

    So either we have life served up to us as it as always has, or we learn to navigate this complexity ourselves. It is what Helena Jansen van Vuuren has pointed out in her link - which is that the 21st Century is a time when there is an opportunity to deal with uncertainty. I don't care if Trump creates uncertainty and profits from mass marketing ignorance. My journey of one is about navigating, understanding and personalizing abundance, and understanding what that means for a growth mindset (a.k.a. Carol Dweck).

    That is why I focus on different colours, I am using my brains visual abilities to sort information flows - but not get lost in the abundance. If I keep following people I will be absolutely lost - instead I observe - and then we get to the same point you are at, which is hit the ground and explore - but the ground here is virtual bits, whereas your ground is physical, therefore ground travel is an excellent form of exploration.

    Certainty is abnormal, it is the mass population that has not evolved to handle uncertainty - how can it, when mass-marketing is about certainty.

    Now OODA loop and cup of tea anyone :-)
    Helena Jansen van Vuuren
    06/02/2017 #9 Anonymous
    Thought a bit more thinking does no harm. #4 https://youtu.be/f9m2yReECak
    Dean Owen
    06/02/2017 #7 Dean Owen
    Is there such a thing as too much information at your fingertips? I still find the best source of information is to hit the ground and explore. I keep seeing Tony Robbins name pop up in every social media feed. I have no idea who he is, but suspect he was the guy in Shallow Hal. Am I missing out?
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    05/02/2017 #6 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit- you wrote in this beautiful buzz "My family is a constant group experience, so having the opportunity to have a Journey of One is a blessing". Well, we are equally happy to enjoy your journey and part of your privacy. You are a true inspiration
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    05/02/2017 #5 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #2 We were lucky! The person who sold that to us thought he was selling us a blind, and it was the perfect length between both walls plus when it folds away it looks like it is a natural part of the ceiling. We would have paid triple for it if the seller realized he was selling a projection screen :-)
    Pascal Derrien
    05/02/2017 #4 Pascal Derrien
    I am still thinking โ˜บ thanks for the share
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    05/02/2017 #3 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 Thanks Sara. Equanimity is a fine flow. The BBC documentary "Century of the Self" is an eye-opener into how we are influenced and continue to be influenced in the 21st Century. It also makes it clear just how much Edward Bernays and Sigmund Freud's daughter Anna were to the legendary status Freud has and his impact on the American psyche. That he was implored to come to America while personally not liking America, shows us the vagaries of history in who we remember and who we do not.
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/02/2017 #1 Sara Jacobovici
    Dear @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit, honoured for the peak into the inner sanctum of your home. Just enough to respect your privacy but more than enough to reflect the words that inspire. Thank you for sharing your journey and being there to guide in mine.
  24. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Authentic BS [Brand Strategy]
    Authentic BS [Brand Strategy]What I like about the lead video from Suicide Sheep serves as the foundation of the society that I am now observe and am fascinated by.ย  That society gathers in small groups of friends, thus FRND Friend has an educational context here, because this...


    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    03/02/2017 #2 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #1 That is the problem, we are trying to find the authentic leader. We cannot find the authentic leader through marketing, but through learning. While the flow of society is pushed by marketing, I am going to go against the current with the pull of learning.
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    02/02/2017 #1 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Reading this @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit and watching the video by Jeff on Leadership BS I couldn't agree less. Finding a true authentic leader becomes challenging. A must read this book. Thank you

    The clip from American Beauty - Wow what a display of emotions. Fantastic acting and a great message too.
  25. ProducerCityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Valley of Messages & Messiahs
    Valley of Messages & MessiahsWhen we are in love with the moment the irony of a wasted life is lost on us.ย  Those that today control moments are no different to those that controlled moments yesterday.ย  Learning for me is an evolving tapestry, best not digesting a media...
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