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School Psychology

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School Psychology is a field that applies principles of educational psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, community psychology, and applied behavior analysis to meet children's and adolescents' behavioral health and learning needs in a collaborative manner with educators and parents. School psychologists are educated in psychology, child and adolescent development, child and adolescent psychopathology, education, family and parenting practices, learning theories, and personality theories. They are knowledgeable about effective instruction and effective schools.

They are trained to carry out psychological testing and psychoeducational assessment, counseling, and consultation, and in the ethical, legal and administrative codes of their profession.
  1. ProducerJoyce Bowen

    Joyce Bowen

    The MCAS
    The MCASThe movement to test our children to insure they received the education they need to function as adults started decades ago.  I welcomed this process.  My oldest son was one who was being pushed from grade to grade in the interest of keeping the...


    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #30 Joyce Bowen
    Did you read the post?
    siraj shaik
    18/03/2017 #29 Anonymous
    #8 @Devesh Bhatt in my opinion "not specific to developing countries".. but I view it as "most countries (might not be in every education institution but maybe here and there in every country)". To keep it simple, dependencies depend and "the best practices followed".
    siraj shaik
    18/03/2017 #28 Anonymous
    #23 What you have expressed might not have sparked only after reading this post but was in you within the feel, the thoughts suppressed.. if by chance you might have spoken to someone else at least similar or more or a bit lesser same like you surely would have heard. (I am not a resident of your country, but visited few times). With ongoing trends in various global locales past more than a decade for some or many such thoughts similar like yours could be common.
    siraj shaik
    18/03/2017 #27 Anonymous
    #16 I apologize and please don't take me wrong. "I had came across past more than three decades in India, and often such expressions expressed not only by high-ends but also by common people" (also some or many might have come across to hear or at times someone also might have expressed "students are not just to be treated as pay-cheque but teachers(staff) should treat more of human ways". Someone said a saying "it's in humane phenomenon of humans to applause to big guys talk which might have been heard thro' common persons on public transit. Alas it's the influence (reputation) and weightage (designation and status) counts.... ".
    siraj shaik
    18/03/2017 #26 Anonymous
    #14 I like your opinions, @Phil Friedman rather one way you share the two way path. More than a dad and a parent, the more your focus is also on community building and in support of teachers (yeah, children spend more time with them plus get opportunity to strengthen institution).
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #25 Joyce Bowen
    #23 I agree with you, Phil.
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #24 Joyce Bowen
    #23 I did go that route. I was part of our Parent Advisory Council. To no avail. We were just for show. Like I said--Michael McKnight has some revolutionary ideas which I fully support.
    Phil Friedman
    18/03/2017 #23 Phil Friedman
    #19 Please, Joyce, give me some credit for not being a Cretin. I never said that. However, improving the educational system requires action, not just talk. Talk is important to draw attention to the problems. But we also need to act. To understand what constitutes a potentially viable solution. What it will take to get government and fellow parents and taxpayers moving on pushing reform. To delineate concrete objectives, not simply the lofty goal of making things better.

    Since my daughters are still going to school, I am personal daily faced with the need to act. But for the opposite reason, many others are not. Yet, we should all be participating in supporting pro-educational reform candidates at all levels of government, including local School Boards. And we should be taking action against irresponsible and indifferent school administrators, not to mention incompetent and indifferent teachers. Not because we have children being educated by the system, but because we were educated by the system, and we should be doing for others what those before us tried to do for us. Cheers and peace!
    Devesh Bhatt
    18/03/2017 #22 Devesh Bhatt
    #16 good book. Great connection.
    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    18/03/2017 #21 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    again a topic that needs to receive all focus well done @Joyce Bowen
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #20 Joyce Bowen
    #18 You have to remember--I spent 18 years bringing kids up through the public school system. The oldest I was able to get into a private placement (which my city paid for) where teachers wanted to teach. I saw what they did to my kids, and it is with the greatest satisfaction that I say my sons probably were able to make way more money than their teachers with hard work and determination--which, I might add is lacking in much of the teaching profession. When it came to problems, they shifted the blame on to my sons. Let me see results and then I will scream to high heaven for better pay for them.
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #19 Joyce Bowen
    #18 So we should sacrifice children in the interim? Unacceptable.
    Phil Friedman
    18/03/2017 #18 Phil Friedman
    #16 That is the point,Joyce. The first step is to find those people for whom teaching is (or can be) a calling. But the second step is to identify those who genuinely have something to offer from within themselves. And the third step is to understand that, while a paycheck is not everything, it is also unreasonable to expect that anyone worthwhile will be willing to teach for a pauper's wage. When teachers make as much as plumbers and electricians, then and only then, you will see improvements in Education.
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #17 Joyce Bowen
    Michael McKnight
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #16 Joyce Bowen
    #14 There is a longtime educator on LinkedIn by the name of Michael McKight who has some revolutionary ideas about how to teach. It's not just pay--it's how they teach. I touch on some ideas in my 'troublemaker article.' He wrote a whole damn book and has a curriculum ready to go. His idea is to treat kids more like human beings instead of a paycheck.
    Pascal Derrien
    18/03/2017 #15 Pascal Derrien
    Sytems around the world are all different the common denominator though is a teacher than can act as a make or break differentiator
    Phil Friedman
    18/03/2017 #14 Phil Friedman
    The problem you outline, Joyce, is not the result of a single cause but of a set of contributing factors often different from one another. First and foremost is that society's refusal to pay teachers commensurate with other similarly-educated job sectors almost guarantees that, except for those for whom teaching is a true calling, the less capable will predominate. As in civil service, Society trades security for work at lesser wages, with predictable results. Standardized testing, especially if linked to salaries and bonuses and funds for capital improvements, is not the answer -- as amply demonsrated here in Florida which has had its FCAT system and its successors for nearly two decades. The results were even less genuine education, as teachers were pressured by administrators to spend 80% or more of their time in directly preparing students for the standardized tests. I don't pretend to have a clue about how to cure the ills. But based on my own academic career and some 7 years of teaching, I offer this: effective teaching is almost entirely dependent on the person doing it. Students learn -- really learn -- by example. And they will soak up ever so much more from those they like and admire, and who respect and care for them in return. So any solution has to start with attracting the right people to the profession. Teaching should not be a fall back for those who can't find job in the private commercial sector. Cheers!
    Deb🐝 Lange
    18/03/2017 #13 Deb🐝 Lange
    My kids had some good teachers and some not so good, and yes, the not so good ones made their mark that lasted a long time. I remember one of my sons at about 20, said I think I am finally over...... - a particular teacher. Teachers need to love kids and love seeing their potential blossom, and if they are not in love with teaching and kids, yes, much better they find something else. Teaching our children is one of the most important jobs in society but as a society we do now value it high enough. I think some countries do, maybe the Scandinavian ones.
    Joyce Bowen
    18/03/2017 #12 Joyce Bowen
    #11 I hear you, Todd.
    Todd Jones
    18/03/2017 #11 Todd Jones
    Hi Joyce... Tenure is a problem here in NY, and based on my own experience, it probably follows the 80 /20 rule. 20% of teachers who reach tenure status eventually lay down on the job, offering little more than the bare minimum required to coast through to retirement. This gives the otherwise engaged 80% a bad rap.

    Charter schools have begun to pop up to fill a void, and with no tenure requirements, replacing a disengaged teacher is much easier.
  2. ProducerJoel Anderson

    Joel Anderson

    The Power of 1: Let Go of Your Anger (LeGOYA)
    The Power of 1: Let Go of Your Anger (LeGOYA)"...The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep..." derived from Robert Frost, Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening I write this as I reflect on a myriad of...


    Gerald Hecht
    15/11/2016 #33 Gerald Hecht
    I don't think that there is anything left for anger to do except dissolve the vessel in which it lives and spill all over the place
    Joel Anderson
    11/11/2016 #32 Joel Anderson
    To the rest of you; my democratic friends, my republican friends, my libertarian friends, my green friends, my black friends, my white friends, my Hispanic friends, my Asian friends, my Christian friends, my Muslim friends, my gay friends, my straight friends, and all the rest of my international friends across this globe I will merely say thank you for being you and accept this update as a heartfelt expression of hope that in this small jesture; by acknowledging my flaws, by my acknowledging to them and telling you that I have so far failed all I can say is that in accepting my current inability to succeed in this endeavor and knowing that I have miles to go, I remain committed to changing me and embracing each of you. “Rather than look at another individual who is different than me, I want to look at them and say, hey brother/sister you are you—thank you.”
    So as flawed as I remain I will continue on my journey and will leave this with a continued committed to continue to do what I can to enable me to change me, and strive to:
    • Embrace the Power of 1 at my level.
    • Let go of my anger.
    • To influence what I can control and let go of that which I cannot.
    • To make a difference. One person at a time.
    In the end, despite my failure, I remain committed to my personal journey of making a difference. A commitment I make to them and to you.
    Joel Anderson
    11/11/2016 #31 Joel Anderson
    Update originally posted on Facebook.
    I owe this update to my wife and daughters.
    I originally posted this as a new year’s resolution and then updated it to reflect a more long term life long personal approach to change me. It is a resolution that I have endeavored to stay true to, but will be honest I have not done well in implementation. They are not superficial statements, but I have failed.
    I continue to get sucked in to the divisiveness, the rhetoric and the emotional sensationalism that permeates the world surrounding me. I have found myself, far more often than I would like to admit, not heading my own words.
    I still struggle with my anger, yet remain committed to working through it all.
    So to them, and any of you who may take the time to read this update and original post know that I remain committed in my journey to let go of my anger.
    To them I apologize for my behavior, my actions, my anger, my inability to put it all into perspective, to just let it go and do what I can to make this world a better place.
    Joel Anderson
    25/10/2016 #30 Joel Anderson
    “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” Buddha
    debasish majumder
    03/07/2016 #29 debasish majumder
    can we miss wood for the trees? prefix d before anger will yield what we all can discerningly experience! greed will promote inordinate impetus to cause all mayhem! however, lovely post @Joel Anderson View more
    can we miss wood for the trees? prefix d before anger will yield what we all can discerningly experience! greed will promote inordinate impetus to cause all mayhem! however, lovely post @Joel Anderson. enjoyed reading. thank you very much for sharing the post. most importantly, Robert Frost is one of my most favorite poet. Close
    Rebecca Brockway
    03/07/2016 #28 Rebecca Brockway
    #23 I encourage all bees to listen to Tim McGraw's song: Humble and Kind. It's a stellar reminder of our true purpose on this earth. May humble kindness infuse all of my words and actions. Thank you very much for sharing, Joel Anderson!
    Joel Anderson
    01/07/2016 #27 Joel Anderson
    And I think I need to let go of my anger about not wearing my glasses and typing too fast and providing you all with my typo laden navigation through the art of typography. Geesh, my apologies for being rushed..
    Joel Anderson
    01/07/2016 #26 Joel Anderson
    #25 Thanks Deb, as usually greatly appreciated. We need more yea-saying and positivity. I had to chuckle yesterday as my blood pressure was rising over a particularly monumentally unimportant issue, and one of my colleagues, who has read this missive, just looked at me with a smile and said--LeGoya. Hmmm, it stopped me dead in my tracks and put a smile on my face. All the best and continue to make a difference.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    01/07/2016 #25 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    A truly admirable missive, @Joel Anderson My attention was re-grabbed by this Neitzsche quote just yesterday...

    "I do not want to wage war with the ugly. I do not want to accuse, I do not want even to accuse the accusers. Looking aside, let that be my sole negation! And all in all, to sum up: I wish to be at any time hereafter only a yea-sayer!"

    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
    The Gay Science
    Joel Anderson
    30/06/2016 #24 Joel Anderson
    Sort of in a metaphysical kind of way of course.
    Joel Anderson
    30/06/2016 #23 Joel Anderson
    Always stay humble and kind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awzNHuGqoMc
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    30/06/2016 #22 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #18 @Rebecca Brockway all any of us can do is be the star we are. I love that we are all different in how we shine. It's the gift of individuality that makes no one any better and all of us something different to be taken in and appreciated.
    Joel Anderson
    30/06/2016 #21 Joel Anderson
    #19 Thanks Rebecca. Use any and all. beBeecause of folks like you 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 and as a result 1 becomes exponential in the quest to make a difference.
    Rebecca Brockway
    30/06/2016 #19 Rebecca Brockway
    #17 I love this saying, Joel Anderson! May I borrow it? ;-) Fyi, you have done nothing but conduct yourself in the smartest and most appropriate manner, Mr. Joel Anderson! I appreciate your input and encouraging remarks :-)
    Rebecca Brockway
    30/06/2016 #18 Rebecca Brockway
    #13 If I attempted to shine in an identical manner as you, Max Carter, I would be called out as a fake. I shine in the manner suitable to me. I can do no more, nor any less, than that! :-)
    Joel Anderson
    30/06/2016 #17 Joel Anderson
    And as Heraclitus is attributed as saying: "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."
    Gerald Hecht
    29/06/2016 #16 Gerald Hecht
    #15 @Max🐝 J. Carter yeah I know ; oh they busy my Hemlock's ready
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    29/06/2016 #15 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #14 It's like Socarates said @Gerald Hecht Never discourage anyone who makes continuous progress. I add on to include yourself as none of us is harder on any of us as we are on ourselves.
    Gerald Hecht
    29/06/2016 #14 Gerald Hecht
    #13 @Max🐝 J. Carter yeah, like I use a lot of idiomatic thingies an stutter when I write so things get lost in translation
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    29/06/2016 #13 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #11 Not smarter @Rebecca Brockway I simply have a different way of expressing it. We each have our own creative abilities and it is when we compare with others instead of allowing ourselves to shine as our one we diminish our own light.
  3. ProducerAdam Crane

    Adam Crane

    Energy!What are POTENTIAL and KINETIC ENERGY? Energy is power that makes something happen! Imagine for a moment examples different types of energy used everyday: cars, trains, elevators, light bulbs, planes, swinging a golf club, computing, walking, doing...


    Sara Jacobovici
    10/06/2016 #5 Sara Jacobovici
    @Adam Crane I hope you are able to see the comments you're getting. Well deserved.
    Sara Jacobovici
    10/06/2016 #4 Sara Jacobovici
    @Adam Crane's energy is palpable.
    Sara Jacobovici
    10/06/2016 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    I think your energy deserves support @Adam Crane. I am happy to move this Buzz forward. Wishing you all the success!
    Nancy Walker
    10/06/2016 #2 Nancy Walker
    It's really inspiring to hear about your work with people through music. It's such a creative way to teach and I've been glued to your YouTube page all morning. Keep sharing these wonderful buzzes.
    Elizabeth Harris
    10/06/2016 #1 Elizabeth Harris
    This Quest team rocks! All the work and CV looks it covers all and the combination of IT and music looks like a powerful mix.
  4. shivani arora

    shivani arora

    Everything you can imagine is real! 💫 @disneylandparis shivani arora