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  1. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    Embrace the Zeitgeist and Transcend
    Embrace the Zeitgeist and TranscendI was driving home from work in one of our spectacular Johannesburg summer thunderstorms when it occurred to me that we control very little of our environments and indeed, our lives. Most of our choices are determined by our unique individual...


    Ian Weinberg
    16/11/2017 #12 Ian Weinberg
    #11 Thanks Randy
    Randall Burns
    16/11/2017 #11 Randall Burns
    Great post @Ian Weinberg Insightful, fascinating and thought provoking, as usual. Your final paragraph just crystallizes everything perfectly; Yes it all begins with each one of us personally getting our own house in order. Cycles are extremely interesting, particularly social ones, I have not heard of "Zeitgeist" before, I will do more research.
    Ian Weinberg
    07/07/2017 #10 Ian Weinberg
    #9 Sounds like a software problem. No sweat, just re-boot!
    Paul Walters
    07/07/2017 #9 Paul Walters
    @ ian weinberg Its 5 am in London , I'm bleary eyed after a late night...Ill have to come back to this piece as My brain seems not to be functioning as it should !!
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    02/01/2017 #8 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    This was, for lack of better words, peace giving. As the 'collective' continues to grow individual influence diminishes even more, it's accepting that state that will allow the individual to discover the best for themselves. I'm going back to read a couple of the links you provided. Very interesting subject.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    01/01/2017 #7 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Thank you for sharing this link @Ian Weinberg, much to be considered here and I appreciate all the time you put into this. We must be self aware in order to make changes. We must be self aware in order to avoid the pitfalls of society that everyone of us is exposed to. Great buzz.
    Gert Scholtz
    13/11/2016 #6 Gert Scholtz
    @Ian Weinberg @Sara Jacobovici Thank you for your responses on the fractal and authentic nature of value contribution. Learning much!
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/11/2016 #5 Sara Jacobovici
    Thank you @Irene Hackett for bringing my attention to this important buzz. Thank you @Ian Weinberg for writing this important buzz. Please accept my buzz in "Out of the Comment Box" as my response. https://www.bebee.com/producer/@sara-jacobovici/sorry-you-can-t-blame-it-on-politics-or-politicians
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/11/2016 #4 Sara Jacobovici
    #1 If I'm not mistaken, @Gert Scholtz, it's all fractal.
    Ian Weinberg
    12/11/2016 #2 Ian Weinberg
    @Gert Scholtz my personal approach is to get one's own house in order first. In other words I would contribute value to self and personal space (including home and office) at the outset. Thereafter I would share items of value with the collective. The latter process is facilitated by the social media. Items which are resonant with the current zeitgeist would naturally be supported and promoted by the collective. Beaming things out into the collective before one's own house is in order would lack authenticity and ultimately would be perceived as such. No one is really warmed by insincerity and untruths. Best to learn to walk one's talk (the real challenge!) before promoting it out there.
    Gert Scholtz
    12/11/2016 #1 Gert Scholtz
    @Ian Weinberg I wonder if there is a hierarchy or sequence of value contribution? Does it start with being directed at the extended environment, then the personal environment and lastly the personal self. Or the other way around? Or is there no specific order? Thanks for a wise post Ian.
  2. ProducerHarvey Lloyd

    Harvey Lloyd

    Performance Anxiety
    Performance AnxietyPicture Credit: https://yourmusiclessons.com/blog/performance-anxiety/I first came across this word in conjunction with teaching special education students. Β Several studies have mentioned that once a student loses pace with their peers, they can...


    Harvey Lloyd
    20/11/2017 #24 Harvey Lloyd
    #23Thanks for the share. In comprehension it is easy. In execution is easier to stick your hand in a fire πŸ”₯

    A simple yet effective way is to choose a purpose/value and then say it before each interaction This will help with habit formation After habit forms we can then begin skill development around the habit

    Never easy though. I find myself biting my tongue more often these days.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    20/11/2017 #23 Lisa Vanderburg
    I should practice what you preach here @Harvey Lloyd, 'We should reject any purpose that is given to us until we have had the opportunity to be introspective about changing our declared purpose.', for in truth I have no control.
    This performance anxiety; it an overload I know well, but only you could explain the way out of it. If I read you right, kick over the scales & get purposeful by not allowing mind-numbing hesitation any credence.
    Fabulous read!
    Harvey Lloyd
    20/11/2017 #22 Harvey Lloyd
    Appreciate the share @Savvy Raj
    Ian Weinberg
    16/11/2017 #20 Ian Weinberg
    #18 Gratified to have contribured some value @Harvey Lloyd
    Cyndi wilkins
    16/11/2017 #19 Cyndi wilkins
    "#12 Words and meaning. @Cyndi wilkins your comments are straight on point. But what i found interesting is i am expressing the same thing with just different words. It brings to light one of the center pieces of the discussion. We attach alternate meanings to words based on our experiences and narrative."

    Exactly @Harvey Lloyd...All roads lead to the same place;-)
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/11/2017 #18 Harvey Lloyd
    #14 @Ian Weinberg i am always grateful for your stopping by. Your magic of insight is so helpful as we look at the issues of social disparities. My thought here is @Cyndi wilkins is showing us the horizon of change while you are displaying the fundamentals of process in action. My attempt here is to add language that would point to practical methods of the change process. A framework of thought that could possibly lead to a higher level of self awareness.

    My, hope as always, i gave someone pause during the cycles of life.

    (Just some general feedback your posts and the PDF you sent has really helped a neighbor who is dealing with a family member with severe depression. It has helped him better understand the process. Thanks.)
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/11/2017 #17 Harvey Lloyd
    #15 @Gert Scholtz again thanks for the share and the comment. Character is almost stone. It is hard to chisel and change the shape. I typically reject anyone who has any statements of quick fixes. But our need for instant gratification to the question at hand can lead us to spending lots of money for a quick fix.

    When talking with managers over the years concerning troubled employees i ask the question, is this a skill issue or a character issue. If its a skill deficit that causing the troubling behaviour that's our fault and we need to review our training/hiring practices.

    If it is character, and i am using this word squarely within the purpose paradigm, my follow up question is how long are you willing to walk on the journey to change the character/purpose? If the manager is unwilling to invest in the individual then we need to release them to a job that their character better suites.

    Character can display our purpose and believe it or not when we sense uneasiness, we are actaully sensing a purpose that is incongruent with our own.

    Thanks for the comment and thoughts
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/11/2017 #16 Harvey Lloyd
    #12 Words and meaning. @Cyndi wilkins your comments are straight on point. But what i found interesting is i am expressing the same thing with just different words. It brings to light one of the center pieces of the discussion. We attach alternate meanings to words based on our experiences and narrative.

    @Pamela 🐝 Williams commented that the word success is a gateway to performance anxiety. I couldn't agree more, specifically as we read or view various presentations that make us feel like idiots because we haven't brought the $4,000 package to be great.

    In your comment i converted your words into my own and they fit the narrative of the post. Words are for us to define. WIthin purpose we must also define our own success. Although i admire the great leaders of success in today's world i do not measure success the way they do, i am not them, i didn't walk their journey. I also reject their power in assisting me in my own success. I define what success is, not the power of someone else. I enjoy reading their thoughts and their wisdom. But it all has to fold into my own paradigm of success.

    Thanks for your comment and your passion in healing our social wounds.
    Gert Scholtz
    16/11/2017 #15 Gert Scholtz
    @Harvey Lloyd There is much food for thought in your article Harvey - thank you for posting. One part that struck me is where you mention that a reworking of the self-narrative, ie purpose, is a long process over many months, which at first may even feel mechanical and disconnected. This is contrary to the more popular (and I believe incorrect) notion of a sudden "unleashing" of true potential and purpose - if only the circumstances allow for it. Great thoughts in your article about the nature, origin and elimination of performance anxiety. Thanks again.
    Ian Weinberg
    16/11/2017 #14 Ian Weinberg
    Great post @Harvey Lloyd Thanks for the mention. At a neurophysiological level performance anxiety reflects a strong fear of failure. This amygdala generated mind state results in excessive adrenaline andcortisol production which compromises our PFC in terms of reasoning and choice making. Poses challenges to transcending this negative space which in itself perpetuates a negative feedback cycle (reasoning is a powerful antidote to excessive amygdala activity. The other antidote is gratification through reward.)
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/11/2017 #13 Harvey Lloyd
    Cyndi wilkins
    15/11/2017 #12 Cyndi wilkins
    Great buzz @Harvey Lloyd...The problem is we have become disconnected from our own authentic power by the smoke and mirror effect of the 'brand illusion'...whose sole purpose is the accumulation of power and money. That is not authentic power...that is power as external.

    If we are able to consciously align ourselves with the personality trait that is present for us in any decision making process...we are able to identify the trigger that sent a specific energy running through our system in the first place...by energy I am referring to emotion, (which is energy in motion) and support and nourish it's expression in order to fulfill whatever the purpose. For most of us it goes back to childhood conditioning.

    The purpose may be a side of self brought to your awareness in need of healing...a piece of self that lives in fear for example is disempowered...easily manipulated by external forces with the promise of watching out for our best interests. We are bombarded by the energies of fear, anger, jealousy on a daily basis via the media...nothing short of psychological warfare quite frankly...That is why we are so easily duped.

    When we become consciously aware of our different sides of self we are able to foresee the consequences of allowing for each expression without having to 'live' them if the outcome is not in our best interest. So we recreate our lives when we realize for example that anger is the result of a side of us in fear...When we understand that about ourselves, we able better able to understand that about others and not be so quick to judge or strike out in vengeance...
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    15/11/2017 #11 Javier 🐝 beBee
    #5 @Harvey Lloyd you are always welcome !
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/11/2017 #10 Harvey Lloyd
    #7 Yes in my journey of understanding i realized that many of my limiting beliefs, as Ian has tagged them, they all landed at the door of pride. In changing the view the door was then recognised to have so many locks it took months to figure out the combination.
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/11/2017 #9 Harvey Lloyd
    #8 You have made an assumption that places you on the scale. Success can mean what you want it to. Success is personal within your purpose.

    Secondarily you have also added to the scale your interpretation of purpose. Your purpose is yours, mine is mine. Neither is relevant to anyone else.

    By defining your purpose as you have with your comment, then do that, don't let other thoughts or interpretation waver your from that purpose.

    Your comment in light of the post is the exact position i refer. Purpose and success have become something that you balance within a scale. No need, it's yours and you should gage your life through that lens.

    Ps. I love your purpose, it's a great statement about you.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    15/11/2017 #8 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Harvey, you had me until the end😊 And I say that because of the "performance anxiety that the word "success" instantly brings to mind. I'll say it; I'm sick to death of the word. What about 'living' , just living? No purpose to it but to be. Why do I have to have a purpose? Does that make me more relevant? Aren't I looking in someone else's mirror then. We have but a short time on this earth and we're so busy being relevant, finding our purpose. My job purpose is to feed and cloth me. My life purpose is to breath, see, hear, touch, and smell until I can't. That's it, that's all. I like my job because I enjoy the feelings it gives me when I solve a problem; it's not my purpose, I'm just living and being me. I'd aid it a post once; my purpose is me, to live the life I've been given and not let words like 'success' fence me in because it opens the door to performance anxiety
    Randall Burns
    15/11/2017 #7 Randall Burns
    Great post @Harvey Lloyd The professional environments I was brought up in taught me that, "There will always be people ahead of me, (either knowledge, talent, ability, age, whatever), and there will always be people behind me". No one is perfect and everyone has their own particular strong points, or are better suited for some particular niches than others. The kitchen is a unique environment in that it is multi-faceted allowing for a diversity of skills to excel
    learning this perspective is difficult and teaching/mentoring this perspective to others can be very difficult, a big aspect is ego and much of performance anxiety can be traced back to that. I discuss this in my article about "Stress in the Kitchen" which I believe that you read Harvey. I also refer to "Fear" which is another contributing factor.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    15/11/2017 #6 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #5 I must add my voice to yours @Harvey Lloyd. No body else does for the bees what @Javier 🐝 beBee does. His engagent is outstanding.
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/11/2017 #5 Harvey Lloyd
    Thanks you @Javier 🐝 beBee for your share and support. You are a gentlemen and a scholar.
  3. ProducerAli 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Emerging Tensions and Creativity
    Emerging Tensions and CreativityI write on my profile that the more I know, the less I know for I realize how more I need to know. This is an emerging paradox in a way because I didn’t expect that the more I know, the less I realize I know. Do I stop trying to know more so as...


    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/11/2017 #50 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #46 Never a comment made me pause for a while than yours @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. Ikept looking for a reference that I read a while ago. Luckily, I found it. Let me quote this part from it He in the quote refers to Abraham Lincoln:
    β€œHe had the double-minded personality that we need in all our leaders. He was involved in a bloody civil war, but he was an exceptionally poor hater. He was deeply engaged, but also able to step back; a passionate advocate, but also able to see his enemy’s point of view; aware of his own power, but aware of when he was helpless in the hands of fate; extremely self-confident but extremely humble. Candidates who don’t have a contradictory temperament have no way to check themselves and are thus dangerous.”

    You said it all in your brief line "The left says yes and the right says no...I'm in between...and the more I learn, well, the less I know." -Styx
    You are truly an example of double-minded leaders.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/11/2017 #49 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #46 as if we were born to have inner tension @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. It depends on us to make the tension creative
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/11/2017 #48 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #44 absolutely and I conchur with your comment @Lisa Vanderburg
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/11/2017 #47 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #43 I never thought that we share so many ideas till I read your comment @Cyndi wilkins. Yes and your high school quote fits so well with my own.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    20/11/2017 #46 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #43 We all get there at one point in our life don't we :) @Cyndi wilkins The left says yes and the right says no...I'm in between...and the more I learn, well, the less I know." -Styx
    Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/11/2017 #45 Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    @Lisa Vanderburg I loved childbirth too! I have a story in a social media site on birthing! @Lisa Vanderburg#34
    Lisa Vanderburg
    20/11/2017 #44 Lisa Vanderburg
    #43 lol @Cyndi wilkins..knock the Profs' out! :)
    #37 Love that @Randall Burns!
    #36 You're so smart, it...smarts @🐝 Fatima G. Williams!
    I know that moment of frozen indecision. That taste of urgent ambiguity..is that the onus of emerging tension @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee et al? The nanosecond that drives......
    Cyndi wilkins
    19/11/2017 #43 Cyndi wilkins
    @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee...Interesting that this was exactly the meaning behind the quote I put in my high school yearbook...

    "I'm so confused by the things I read...I need the truth...But the truth is, I don't know who to believe.
    The left says yes and the right says no...I'm in between...and the more I learn, well, the less I know." -Styx-

    Funny, because everyone that signed it said..."What the hell does that mean?"

    Well, now you know;-)
    Yogesh Sukal
    19/11/2017 #42 Yogesh Sukal
    As i just read quote in comment mentioned by @Laurent Boscherini on @Gert Scholtz recent buzz about uncertainty.

    "Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security." - John Allen Paulos

    I think it is aligned with this post as well.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    19/11/2017 #41 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #40 thank you for sharing the buzz @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. Greatly appreciated
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    19/11/2017 #40 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    "The more I know, the less I know for I realize how more I need to know" #MustRead @Savvy Raj
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    19/11/2017 #39 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #37 thank you @Randall Burns. Your quotes are great and adds clarity to the buzz. It is a great purpose to know so as to passour knowledge to others. But do we pass knowledge or less knowledge?
    This topic intrigues me. I therefore look very much to reading your nrxt comment with anticipation.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    19/11/2017 #38 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #36 thank you @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    . oone objective of a paradox is to grab our attention like your comment grabbed mine.
    A purpose has a value proportional to the value it extends to others. When we find a paradox in our purpose then we have an opportunity to come up with creative solutions.
    This is a balancing act. It reminds me of the balance metaphor @harvey lloyd uded in his last buzz. We balance the purpose by balancing it. So much to think about.
    Randall Burns
    19/11/2017 #37 Randall Burns
    Great post @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee! I'm just going through and contemplating the insightful comments but wanted to say that you're "Spot on" with;
    "the more I know, the less I know for I realize how more I need to know"

    One of my favorite sentiments is "The older I get the more I realize what I don't know", and a favorite quote that I use by Confucius;

    "Real knowledge is knowing the extent of one's ignorance"

    It's upon accepting these premises that we can truly begin learning...

    I will be back to respond with some more thoughts,

    Fantastic insights!
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    19/11/2017 #36 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Thank you for yet another intriguing buzz. Ah, the paradox of purpose. Digging deep down into this paradox I see the light wonders sheds here. Like Harvey said "Purpose/values at this level help us navigate through win-win and make the tough call of no deal, if we can't get past the paradox" Value-driven purpose is a win-win because apart from finding satisfaction within the self, we are simultaneously giving satisfaction to the ones around us. I read somewhere about an organism in which both the host and the virus survives, it must be from one of your buzzes.

    I would like to call this the magical purpose paradox of life. The Why validates and gives our reasoning an answer, for the human mind is fickle!

    The answer to our fickle mind "Creative tensions provide us with great opportunities to come up with noble solutions. We need to look for not only our purpose, but also for the competing tensions within that provoke innovation, grow revenues and inspire us for more strive to find more tensions.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    19/11/2017 #34 Lisa Vanderburg
    #6 Wonderful @Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee! 'in the tension is an opening', like a runner's start-mark. It is anticipation: we hold still for that moment, minute, year...awaiting the revelation. It's an essential precursor to a new level!
    I LOVED childbirth - nothing like it EVER; that said, Westminster Hospital London had bars on the windows for good reason :)
    Phillip Louis D 'Amato
    19/11/2017 #33 Phillip Louis D 'Amato
    Great post Ali Anani.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    19/11/2017 #32 Lisa Vanderburg
    #30 haha....'Grinnin' like a possum eatin' a sweet tater.'
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    19/11/2017 #31 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #30 and you spinned my head with your comment @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. I am anxiously waiting for the pie
  4. ProducerNumo Quest

    Numo Quest

    The danger and costs of Distraction and Noise....  'The Power of Nothing...'
    The danger and costs of Distraction and Noise.... 'The Power of Nothing...'Success, Happiness, Fulfillment, AchievementAll elements where all people, one way or another, are striving for. All these are totally reliant on one beginning universal common denominator. You KNOWING You...To achieve and reach any thing, one needs...
  5. ProducerNumo Quest

    Numo Quest

    Creating, Success, cost you Nothing!  'The Power of Nothing...'
    Creating, Success, cost you Nothing! 'The Power of Nothing...'Some where, some moment, some one received an idea. Many leave such brainwave, insight, idea, opportunity, for what is and simply move on. Some how ever, stop, picks it up and start to walk with it. Regardless. What we pass on, in every message,...
  6. Producer🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Happy Birthday Dada! The sadness is almost not there; Inner peace, understanding and knowledge dawned!
    Happy Birthday Dada! The sadness is almost not there; Inner peace, understanding and knowledge dawned!Today I couldn't help recollecting and smiling at the happy moments spent with my Dad. The last outing we had was a trip to a famous church "The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Healthof Velankanni" down south of India, a city called Nagapattinam.Β The...


    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    16/11/2017 #20 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you 🐝🐝🐝🐝 Mr.@Mohammed A. Jawad @Debesh Choudhury @Lisa Vanderburg @Sara Jacobovici @Laurent BoscheriniπŸ˜‡ @Pascal Derrien
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    16/11/2017 #19 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you for all the support I received from my friends here at beBee. Without you I would have found my healing to be very difficult. Thank you from the bottom of my heart @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA View more
    Thank you for all the support I received from my friends here at beBee. Without you I would have found my healing to be very difficult. Thank you from the bottom of my heart @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA
    @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    @Ian Weinberg Pascal Derrien @Debasish Majumder Mr. Choudhury
    Ms. Vanderburg @Laurent Boscherini
    @Geoff Hudson-Searle Close
    Ian Weinberg
    16/11/2017 #17 Ian Weinberg
    Inspiring tribute to a fine human being.Thanks for sharing @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Sara Jacobovici
    15/11/2017 #16 Sara Jacobovici
    What a great tribute to your father @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, written in a way so unique to you. My heart goes out to you. Wishing you all the best.
    Geoff Hudson-Searle
    15/11/2017 #15 Geoff Hudson-Searle
    Beautiful words @🐝 Fatima G. Williams whilst Parents provide unconditional love Grandparents in addition to unconditional love also provide wisdom, there is a wonderful quote by Alex Haley "Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children." This quote always resonates with me. I am sure you are much loved, Dada and the Angels looking over you. Happy Wednesday!
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    15/11/2017 #14 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    if all daughters were like you then we shall have many great dads dear @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Debasish Majumder
    15/11/2017 #13 Debasish Majumder
    nice tribute to Dad! lovely buzz @🐝 Fatima G. Williams! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the share.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    15/11/2017 #12 Lisa Vanderburg
    I so love the love that you shared - still share between your father and you, lovely @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. It's not something I ever had, but doesn't mean I can't understand it!
    Laurent Boscherini
    15/11/2017 #11 Anonymous
    Thank you @🐝 Fatima G. Williams for sharing your tremendous post. The parents’ ability to love unconditionally can have powerful effects. Seeing our loved ones in an eternal perspective, knowing that they are of infinite worth, helps us to look beyond their loss, as spreading their past gifts to new generations.
    Debesh Choudhury
    15/11/2017 #10 Debesh Choudhury
    Remembering a Dad is always special @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Pascal Derrien
    15/11/2017 #9 Pascal Derrien
    a very personal and touching tribute... well done you for being you :-)
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    15/11/2017 #8 Mohammed A. Jawad
    When our dear, beloved ones are no more, then the agony of absence is more throbbing.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    15/11/2017 #7 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #3 @Kevin Baker I now understand the value of old school.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    15/11/2017 #6 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #2 It was a big pleasure to meet you dear. I can't help smiling at how we instantly bonded. Hugs @Savvy Raj
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    15/11/2017 #5 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    A big hug to you as well my dear @Cyndi wilkins
    Kevin Baker
    15/11/2017 #3 Kevin Baker
    Passing on what was freely given is the foundation of legacy. Nurturing the memories, sharing the vulnerabilities. That is old school class.
    Savvy Raj
    15/11/2017 #2 Savvy Raj
    Touching piece from the heart . Your wisereflections from the book are so apt and so justify the person you are . God bless you always dear @ Fatima Williams .and your beloved Dads soul.
    Cyndi wilkins
    14/11/2017 #1 Cyndi wilkins
    Awe...This one is very special for me right now @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, as the holidays approach and I am remembering my dad as we lost him last New Years Eve:-(

    He was very much a being of justice, generosity, truth, harmony, compassion, understanding, and goodwill...We will miss him terribly in our lives...but he always inhabits our hearts...Peace to you my friend... a big hug to you with a special birthday wish for your dada;-)
  7. ProducerNumo Quest

    Numo Quest

    YOU ARE CREATOR ... Create...  'The Power of Nothing...'
    YOU ARE CREATOR ... Create... 'The Power of Nothing...'(Wo)Man is CreatorWithout you perhaps realizing it, by nature, (wo)man is a Creator. It is in your natural DNA. It is the way of understanding how 'IT' works. There is a very simple universal principle working that is older than this world itself....


    Numo Quest
    16/11/2017 #6 Numo Quest
    Indeed Preston, thank you greatly for your sharing. There is no limit or moment predictable where that 'SPARK' or insight or idea come from. (wo)man has many yet 95% of the people simply ignore them, forget them or arn't up to ACT upon them so some one else will experience the same perhaps ACT upon that. It is exactly as the Universal Principles are working, regardless the scenario, vocabulary used. It all comes down to 33 ancient yet most simple Universal Principles. Again, great thanks for sharing. Please pas our publication to other groups. It's worth for others. :O)
    Numo Quest
    16/11/2017 #5 Numo Quest
    #3 To go with the Universal Principles .... everything YOU want it to be, is Good! For what works is what works. There is no limitation even in that. Thanks for this reply Ali :O)
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    15/11/2017 #4 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    Great Buzz. Imagination is what I feel is one of the greatest talents humans were given. Each item in the world we use today did not exist until it began with a thought in so ones head. Just as you said, even as a joke.
    One of my favorites stories is not of a invention that change the world, yet of a restaurant that put a new item on their meal. This is a story I saw on the show "Exotic Foods". This restaurant is up in Chicago. A number of years ago, on a Tuesday night, four men walked into a pizza restaurant. These men were acting harmless, yet the owner could tell they were both drunk and high on drugs. He was about to ask them to leave, then one of them ask him for TACOS.
    The owner replied, "I sorry, this is a Pizza restaurant." One of the men took out over $600 in cash and gave it to the owner and said, "I want tacos."
    The owner said, "Coming right up." The man then gave the money to one of the employees to buy all the ingredients needed to make Tacos.
    He didn't just want to make tacos but, he had an idea because it was a pizza restaurant. He created a pizza with Tacos circling the outer side of the pizza and other ingredients on the inside. The four men who ordered it love it and left happy.
    While these men were enjoying this meal, other customers were wondering what this new pizza was and also ordered it. He sold three pizzas using all the ingredients they bought that night. The next night, the restaurant was packed with customers wanting to try with new pizza. Since, he did not expect to ever make it again, he decided to add it to his Menu, as his TACO TUESDAY PIZZA, served one a week.
    He ended the TV show saying that he never saw those four drunk men again, yet wanted to thank them, because that spark of an idea saved his restaurant.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    14/11/2017 #3 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #2 We keep saying go natural. I may add here Go with the Universal Principles. Go natural is a daughter of the universal principles.

    I agree dear @Numo Quest
    Numo Quest
    14/11/2017 #2 Numo Quest
    #1 Goodday dear Ali, this is the ancient way that always have worked debunked for all. No exclusivity to any religion, government, 'elite society', government, 'special person'. The Universal Principles roams free even before existence of this world. Any person has endless and free access to them. Only one thing, just embrace it's powerful ways and opportunities. No sacrifice required.... ;O)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    14/11/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Wonderment and imagination are your seeds to make small ideas big and profitable. This is a superb buzz to show you the way to do it. No lack of resources will stop you from doing it. Luck will also eventually strike your door.
    Thank you @Numo Quest View more
    Wonderment and imagination are your seeds to make small ideas big and profitable. This is a superb buzz to show you the way to do it. No lack of resources will stop you from doing it. Luck will also eventually strike your door.
    Thank you @Numo Quest for contributing such a lovely buzz. Close
  8. ProducerPreston 🐝 Vander Ven
    What Might Separate You From Success
    What Might Separate You From SuccessI was recently listening to an audio and the speaker spoke of a different type of motivation that I have used before in my life, yet don’t talk about as much.First, if you are reading this then you have probably been on a webinar, recorded training...


    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    13/11/2017 #9 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    #8 @🐝 Fatima G. Williams Thanks. I agree with you. I also believe we can create the life we love and love the life we live if in God's will. What I mean by this, is we are still all part of a larger picture.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    12/11/2017 #8 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Get up and get going :) Precisely what I believe in "You can create the life you love and love the life you live" Thank you for this great buzz
    Jerry Fletcher
    12/11/2017 #7 Jerry Fletcher
    #5 Preston, There was a lot more to Reagan than he is generally credited with. Sad the way things ended for him.
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    12/11/2017 #6 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    #4 Thanks for your words and your share @Savvy Raj
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    12/11/2017 #5 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    #2 @Jerry Fletcher, good point. I read that Ronald Regan once said Status quo just means 'the mess we're in'. Once our mess is at a point were are uncomfortable, we will take action.
    Savvy Raj
    11/11/2017 #4 Savvy Raj
    Great post by @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven..To get up and get going!
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    11/11/2017 #3 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    #1 I am glad you enjoyed it @Debasish Majumder. Thanks for your support.
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #2 Jerry Fletcher
    Preston, Wonderful insight and absolutely accurate. It takes a change in the status quo to get into action.
    Debasish Majumder
    10/11/2017 #1 Debasish Majumder
    lovely insight @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.
  9. ProducerProma 🐝 Nautiyal
    beBee's Personal and Professional Approach is Great for Job Seekers and Recruiters, alike
    beBee's Personal and Professional Approach is Great for Job Seekers and Recruiters, alikeWhen recruiters are looking for interested candidates who are a fit for their company, they mostly go by the job description checklist in their hands. At the initial moments of the hiring process, that is the checklist that can tell them if the...


    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    13/11/2017 #14 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    @Proma 🐝 Nautiyal, thank you for bringing beBee into the spotlight by highlighting its benefits and features.
    Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    01/10/2017 #13 Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    #12 Thank you so much for your kind comment, @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/09/2017 #12 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Proma 🐝 Nautiyal what a delight to see all the many faucets of beBee being highlighted! You capture the true essence of beBee in your buzzes, thank you!
    Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    05/09/2017 #11 Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    #9 Thank you for the share, @Lance 🐝 Scoular!
    Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    04/09/2017 #10 Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    #8 Thank you, @David B. Grinberg. beBee as a affinity networking platform holds immense opportunities for many like me. I am only trying to get them to see the many benefits and features it offers and how they can make the most out of it. :-)
    Lance  🐝 Scoular
    04/09/2017 #9 Lance 🐝 Scoular
    πŸ‘₯ed 🐝🐝🐀🐳πŸ”₯🚲
    David B. Grinberg
    04/09/2017 #8 David B. Grinberg
    Proma, once again you provide important insights and astute analysis about what makes beBee such a powerful social network for employers, recruiters and job seekers. This is because shared passions and personal interests really do result in more successful and stronger business relationships. Now that's something to buzz about!
    cc: @John White, MBA @Lance 🐝 Scoular @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian @Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    04/09/2017 #7 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    Relevant ( and a click wont suffice).
    Yolanda Ávila MÑrquez
    03/09/2017 #3 Yolanda Ávila MÑrquez
    #2 No, no .... ja,ja.ja.
    I mean we will have to take care of the contents that we publish in Bebee....
    Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    03/09/2017 #2 Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    #1 Thank you @Yolanda Ávila MÑrquez! Is there any particular image in the buzz you think I should change?
    Yolanda Ávila MÑrquez
    03/09/2017 #1 Yolanda Ávila MÑrquez
    BeBee Bridges the Gap of the Unknown ...
    Wow! We must be very careful with the image we give @Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    Great buzz!
  10. ProducerJerry Fletcher

    Jerry Fletcher

    Thrashing What Everybody Knows
    Thrashing What Everybody KnowsActions do speak louder than words. When you operate on the basis of "everybody knows" you enter into a world of hope, half-truths and heaps of pain. Examples: 1. Price Everybody knows that if you're product is the...


    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #14 Jerry Fletcher
    #13 Thanks Nathaniel, I appreciate from others I consider pros...especially when it is positive.
    Nathaniel Schooler πŸ›© Brand Marketer
    11/11/2017 #13 Nathaniel Schooler πŸ›© Brand Marketer
    Nice article @Jerry Fletcher agreed entirely πŸ™
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #12 Jerry Fletcher
    #1 Glad you liked it.
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #11 Jerry Fletcher
    #2 My pleasure
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #10 Jerry Fletcher
    #3 You're welcome
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #9 Jerry Fletcher
    #4 John, Your description fits a lot of the work I've done. In general the decline in price over time can be expected. Many time the "promotional price" is there only to establish a product in the market and get early adopters to try it. The key is to look at each situation on its own and get all the data points you can.
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #8 Jerry Fletcher
    #5 Phil, generally I agree with you. Funny thing about SAAS businesses is that when you have a significant differential over established products that is easily demonstrable in a market that is being constrained as the example was it is easy to establish the value after you've gone in at the low or mid-point and been told they would have accepted a price over their previous resource. That's why I prefer doing a little research on the front end of pricing to get a feel of what the value to potential customers might be. One of the beauties of working with Consultants and Professionals is that I can teach them how to coax out what their various solutions might be worth in prospect interviews and then write value-based proposals that get signed and frequently "sell" upgrades to additional "phases" of an engagement without having to do another proposal.
    Jerry Fletcher
    11/11/2017 #7 Jerry Fletcher
    #6 I've been thinking about that Jim. Might be interesting.
    Jim Murray
    10/11/2017 #6 Jim Murray
    Good stuff, @Jerry. You might want to try the marketing business as a career path.
    Phil Friedman
    10/11/2017 #5 Phil Friedman
    Excellent piece, @Jerry Fletcher, solid advice. I have one tiny bone to oick, though. When it comes to pricing an entry offering, you say the price should reflect the value of the product or service to the purchaser. That is somewhat circular, since value is established by what someone has already paid. I suggest your point is made clearer by saying price should be in accord with what the market will bear.

    The problem is a new entry into the market doesn’t yet know what the market will bear. So I advise my startup clients to price initially at the middle of the niche’s spread. Because, all other factors held constant, if one is as yet unproven, a price near the top will lead buyers to go with the firm that has the strongest longest track record (less risk), while a price near the bottom will lead a buyer to be suspicious of one’s qualifications, experience, and abilities. IMO, anyway. Cheers!
    John Rylance
    10/11/2017 #4 John Rylance
    I agree Jerry with the piece about price. Especially with regard to technology items. Often they start as luxury items few can afford, move on towards must have items, and eventually become essential items. Linked to this they start expensive and become cheaper over time. In many cases becoming smaller more compact and easier to use.
    Although sometimes things start at an introductory price. At X until Y when it will be Z.
    It's knowing and listening to market forces.
    Simone Luise Hardt
    10/11/2017 #3 Simone Luise Hardt
    great article ;) thanks Jerry :)
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    10/11/2017 #2 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Sometimes entrepreneurs get excited with their novel ideas or potential products, but just because of strategic planning and right execution they mess up everything.

    Thanks @Jerry Fletcher for great lessons.
  11. ProducerNumo Quest

    Numo Quest

    Success has a Code...  III ACT  'The Power of Nothing...'
    Success has a Code... III ACT 'The Power of Nothing...'So you did... So you have visited those coaches, motivation speakers, bought books, read all about the law of attraction, seen all there is to see about the secret and yet .... you have the feeling, or experience, it isn't working, it isn't adding...
  12. ProducerSara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    A Stand Alone Comment
    A Stand Alone CommentI am sure you can relate to my experiences of being drawn into dynamic posts and discussions. It is great to be able to share these posts but often just "liking" a comment doesn't feel enough. A few times in the past I shared comments off the...


    Randall Burns
    09/11/2017 #17 Randall Burns
    Great comment @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, and I'm really enjoying your "Stand alone" posts @Sara Jacobovici Well done!
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    09/11/2017 #16 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #15 I am learning from you @Sara Jacobovici and truly glad to walk alongside you
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/11/2017 #15 Sara Jacobovici
    #14 Thank you @Savvy Raj. This time it was a collaborative effort with @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee.
    Savvy Raj
    09/11/2017 #14 Savvy Raj
    Beautiful share @🐝 Fatima G. Williams and trust @Sara Jacobovici to pick out the pearls 😊😍😊
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    09/11/2017 #13 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Beautiful words @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, very moving. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece @Sara Jacobovici
    Gert Scholtz
    09/11/2017 #12 Gert Scholtz
    @🐝 Fatima G. Williams This is an amazing comment Fatima; honest with deep insight into the twists and turns of life. Thank you @Sara Jacobovici for highlighting this gem from Fatima.
    Sara Jacobovici
    07/11/2017 #11 Sara Jacobovici
    #8 i give credit where credit is due @Debasish Majumder. In this case all the insight comes from @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. Thank you for reading and sharing.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    07/11/2017 #9 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Your comment, @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, is a beautiful showing of raw feelings. Thank you for sharing, @Sara Jacobovici.
    Debasish Majumder
    07/11/2017 #8 Debasish Majumder
    Great insight @Sara Jacobovici! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz madam.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #7 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #6 not the three musketeers. It is the three ladies. You dear @Lisa Vanderburg and the dears @Sara Jacobovici and @🐝 Fatima G. Williams that make my world shine. Thank you
    Lisa Vanderburg
    07/11/2017 #6 Lisa Vanderburg
    #4 Just seen it dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee - and it is perfection personified!
    Darling @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, it is my humble joy to flow alongside a-ways with you; you fill my heart with such joy and HOPE!
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    07/11/2017 #5 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #3 Dear @Sara Jacobovici Your stand-alone comment series makes me as commentator look at the words written as a reader. Because when we write a comment we look at it as a contributor but when we read a comment in a stand-alone buzz it throws alot of light on the what the writer was trying to say. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us all. Thank you, @Lisa Vanderburg Nothing shall not stop our river from flowing and flourishing :)

    Sara , please if you can edit the last part to "take with us that which we can treasure for life" I spelt with as will :) Thank you once again.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #4 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #3 This buzz and the comment of @🐝 Fatima G. Williams and the message this morning from @Sara Jacobovici all provoked me a well to respond in a buzz. Such great feeling to write in this spirit dear @Lisa Vanderburg. I experienced it while writing my buzz today. I am sure you lived this experience.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    07/11/2017 #3 Lisa Vanderburg
    Lord above, I hear the cry of @🐝 Fatima G. Williams and I realize us all flowing beside her. Maybe we are an entirely different tributary or separated by tall grasses. some of us are caught up in debris or vortex' or rapids, and some of us are nearing the falls. We feel alone because we are alone, but that is the way of it.
    Such beautiful words Fatima. That you for sharing this @Sara Jacobovici, and thanks for invoking it @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee!
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #2 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Pursuant to my previous comment the inspiration of both ladies @Sara Jacobovici and @🐝 Fatima G. Williams is documented in my buzz of today
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    It is an amazing synchronicity dear @Sara Jacobovici. In few minutes I shall be uploading a buzz On SPontaneous Writer. You shall find the synchronicity soon.
    Dear@🐝 Fatima G. Williams- your comment deserves this great highlighting. It has all the ingredients that prompts a reader to react to it.
    Thank you Sara for sharing this lovely buzz.
  13. ProducerNumo Quest

    Numo Quest

    'Success & Fulfillment has a Code...  'The Power of Nothing...'
    'Success & Fulfillment has a Code... 'The Power of Nothing...'Schemes, Presentation, Bibles, Law of attraction, the secret ..... Success ....What they have in common?Β  95% of all people are striving what 5% have. And the thing here is that some present to you like they 'have' the secret to success, while the...
  14. ProducerAli 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Glowing Hopes
    Glowing Hopes My phone rang. An old friend of mine was crying and requesting me to meet with him urgently. We met and found that he was living totally in darkness. His wife and kids deserted him. He lost his job. His father passed away in a tragic car...


    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    10/11/2017 #51 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #50 thank you Shaton.
    10/11/2017 #50 SHARON KARYASA
    En light ening.. read.

    Thank you Ali :)
    Numo Quest
    08/11/2017 #49 Numo Quest
    #48 True, they never can deny anything .... to themselves .... ;O)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #48 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #45 Yes and they shall face their realities when looking at their deceptive faces in the mirror every morning @Numo Quest
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #47 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #43 Absolutely correct you are @Lisa Vanderburg
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #46 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #42 Your comment is truly solidly amazing @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher. I only want to say it stands out. For a reason that @Sara Jacobovici will figure out I tag your comment to her attention.
    Numo Quest
    07/11/2017 #45 Numo Quest
    #44 Well the reason, we think, that te most evil people live(d) long is they had and have opportunity and time to change. It is choice. But as history has shown, they seldom live satisfying lives.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    07/11/2017 #44 Lisa Vanderburg
    #42 I wish I believed karma would do the rounds @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher! So of the most evil people today and in history live long and satisfying lives - beats me!!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    07/11/2017 #43 Lisa Vanderburg
    #41 Absolutely @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. This is a tool of immense power for both good and evil; great caution should always stay in our conscious mind during our use of this two-faced beast. The www should come with a warning: DANGER: harm and corruption may ensue while using this device!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    07/11/2017 #42 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    What a great message @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Let us be the light that shines on others instead of the light that burns others. There will always be some who would rather take from someone and make them miserable but in the end, I think karma surely catches up. I never wish anything bad for anyone but sometimes lessons aren't learned until a person experiences their own darkness. It's with hope that those who have caused pain to others or take from others gain empathy if they find themselves in a similar situation. If everyone could just remember we are all human and every human has their flaws, maybe, just maybe the world would be a much better place.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #41 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #37 this comment of yours dear @Lisa Vanderburg is what I call Comment Concentrate. You summed up highly-relevant thoughts in your comment. Bravo
    People who put lights on their social media face to deceive others are among the most wicked people. Even they managed to make ill-use of light and turn it to darkness for others.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #40 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #38 your comment keeps me in light @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA. How are you doing my friend?
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    07/11/2017 #39 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #37 thns coment of yours dear @Lisa Vanderburg is what i call Comment Concentrate. You summed up highly-relevant thoughts in your comment. Bravo
    Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA
    07/11/2017 #38 Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA
    Not all the darkness in the world has the power to put out a tiny single candle. Remain in light!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    07/11/2017 #37 Lisa Vanderburg
    You draw the most enthralling comments, dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, and @Edward Lewellen's question, @Sara Jacobovici's musing brings up very important issues; have some become so adept at deception, do they even know they are deceiving anymore? Edward also said the book he's reading 'details how people assume personas over the Internet they would not in person'. I'm deliberately surmising we all do that; we are not the person we appear to be, but in a way, we are better?
    I react. Someone unknowingly walks in front of a car; I stop them. Someone screams for help; I go and help. All of us here would do the same I think. These random acts are really devoid of thought; mere instinct. But am I that same person on a keyboard? Dunno....great thoughts you raise!
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/11/2017 #36 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #31 dear @Sara Jacobovici just reading this from your comment shows your depth of understanding "So, it is not really surprising that we can be deceived by the light we see emanating from a person".
    You give great explanation that not all lights are "safe". This is what we experience with deceptive people who give light of hope to others only to cheat them. The scientific reasoning is sound. I consider your comment as an integral part of this buzz. Thank you
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/11/2017 #35 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #31 dear @Sara Jacobovici- just reading this from your commentvshoes your depth of understanding "So, it is not really surprising that we can be deceived by the light we see emanating from a person".
    You vive great explanation that not all lights are "safe". This is what we experience with deceptive people eho give light of hope to others only to cheat them. The scientific reasoning is sound. I consider your comment as an integral part of this buzz. Thank you
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/11/2017 #34 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #30 at least I know forvsurevdearv@Sara Jacobovici that ee are in the right position to see the spectrum of our relationdhip. It rains resprect and gratitude towsrds each other.
    I am so glad that you find the buzz worthy of your reading time.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/11/2017 #33 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #29 dear friend @Edward Lewellen I felt nostalgic while reading your comment. I remembered our experiences. Itvhad been a nourney in ehich ee both experiencef The Cyber Effect.
    Yes, relations take time to build and develop common understanding. Ours has been fruitful and filled with the light of attention and caring for each other. Light is right in our formidable friendship.
  15. Producer🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    The essence of living in the Now!
    The essence of living in the Now!#SundayEveningThoughts If we let little things around us, Slip past in vain. There'll be a never ending pain There's nothing to gain. Make use of that opportunity Hold on to the thought For the joy from its outcome Has no measure no...


    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    15/11/2017 #16 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #15 Hi @Wafa El-Amrani ✌ Thank you Hope you are doing great.
    Wafa El-Amrani ✌
    15/11/2017 #15 Wafa El-Amrani ✌
    @🐝 Fatima G. Williams thank you for sharing your inspiring wisdom & light :)
    Yogesh Sukal
    11/11/2017 #14 Yogesh Sukal
    Quite wise and inspiring post @🐝 Fatima G. Williams

    " In receiving we learn,
    In learning we grow."

    in a autocatalytic way...

    I call it positive autocatalism :)

    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    10/11/2017 #13 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #12 Thank you @Debasish Majumder Hope you are well.
    Debasish Majumder
    10/11/2017 #12 Debasish Majumder
    nice verses @🐝 Fatima G. Williams! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the share.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    06/11/2017 #11 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #10 Wow how wonderful to hear that. Bless you :) The feeling you get after raising the money for a cause close to your heart is something that we can't buy with all the success and money we earn.
    I once went on a road trip by car to raise school fees for an orphanage, every mile we asked someone to buy a ticket.That was the best trip and best feeling ever. Haven't done anything like that in almost 5 years!
    Pascal Derrien
    06/11/2017 #10 Pascal Derrien
    #7 all good 😊 my three runs and two cycles completed and I raised the amount I was targeting after my last marathon mission accomplished and reporting for writing duty πŸ˜€
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    06/11/2017 #8 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #6 @thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador Trying to see the best ways to let the light shine in others too :)
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    06/11/2017 #7 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #4 @Pascal Derrien I missed your humour my beBee buddy. Hope all is well. How did your charity run go?
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    06/11/2017 #6 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Beautiful post, @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. You are a shining example of the goodness in life.
    β€œTry to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.”― Maya Angelou
    David 🐝 Martín Alonso
    06/11/2017 #5 David 🐝 Martín Alonso
    Be your own sunshine
    Be your own rainbow
    Little things take you everywhere.
    Nice producer @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, great to read to start the week, have a real good one!!
    Pascal Derrien
    06/11/2017 #4 Pascal Derrien
    Make others shine is my take away but what do I know I am only a Kat we only have 7 lives ;-)
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    06/11/2017 #3 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #2 Thank you @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee We all need more Ali Anani's in the world to keep inspiring us :)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/11/2017 #2 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    "Hold on to every joy
    Believe you'll be fine again
    Be your own sunshine
    Be your own rainbow"
    @🐝 Fatima G. Williams- we all need your attitude to life. Flowing cry for leading a hopeful life.
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    05/11/2017 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Looking for joys in little things and moments make life full of liveliness!
  16. Producer🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Don’t listen to others, believe in your own capabilities. You can if you think you can. Only a loser quits. What are You ????
    Don’t listen to others, believe in your own capabilities. You can if you think you can. Only a loser quits. What are You ????Yes, you heard me right!I ask you a question and the answer depends on YOU.Are you a winner?Do you believe in your capabilities?Do you think you can achieve fulfillmentΒ in what you do?Do you think you live a purpose-driven rewarding life? I...


    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    08/11/2017 #31 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you @Debasish Majumder and @Pascal Derrien You know you're a winner right :)
    Debasish Majumder
    07/11/2017 #30 Debasish Majumder
    lovely buzz @🐝 Fatima G. Williams! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.
    Pascal Derrien
    06/11/2017 #29 Pascal Derrien
    ''A winner is one who is ready to learn'' :-) :-)
    Jerry Fletcher
    06/11/2017 #27 Jerry Fletcher
    Fatima, this is a rousing call to every person I know that finds adversity in the continual drubbing we take from media sources that seldom, if ever cite the positive aspects of life, today. I've passed this long to a number of youngsters in my network to help them and their colleagues.
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    05/11/2017 #26 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Don’t listen to others, believe in your own capabilities. You can if you think you can. Only a loser quits
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #25 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #22 Thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador That message of being inspired from one of my connections also validates this.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #24 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #21 I'm going to remember this forever "The trick is not to have expectations of a certain outcome, or you wilL find yourself disappointed every time..." Thank you 😘
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #23 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #21 Awesome story @Cyndi wilkins

    It's true that no good deed goes unrewarded and no evil deed goes unpunished.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    05/11/2017 #22 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Terrific post @🐝 Fatima G. Williams. Learning is winning and what we learn we share with the intent to help others. Your post is most enlightening and stories like yours and the one shared by Cyndi Wilkins prove to me the meaning of "A winner lives a purpose-driven rewarding life for themselves and the society they live in."
    Cyndi wilkins
    05/11/2017 #21 Cyndi wilkins
    Fabulous buzz @🐝 Fatima G. Williams...This reminds me of a wonderful story I read about a pizza shop owner who began offering a free slice of pizza to the neighborhood homeless every Thursday. His patrons were so moved by the shop owner’s generosity and the gratitude displayed by these very hungry people, that they began donating money to the cause. Now, the shop owner can afford to offer more meals to more people several days a week. That is what I call,” awesomeness in action!” People helping people, one slice at a time.

    When we share our good fortune in service to humankind, we help ourselves evolve personally and professionally as the self-less act never goes unrewarded...The trick is not to have expectations of a certain outcome, or you will find yourself disappointed every time...Be of good nature and always be willing to lend a hand to someone less fortunate...Now this pizza shop owner has a booming business and can afford himself some time off for a little pleasure once in a while;-)
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #20 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #19 #18 Thank you, Savvy and Joyce. Self-belief is indeed the first step in learning to waltz with life and living. That makes all the difference. You deserve the world don't let anyone stop you:)
    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    05/11/2017 #19 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    What terrific encouragement. I, too, suffer that loss in my resume, but I know my worth and never stop trying.
    Savvy Raj
    05/11/2017 #18 Savvy Raj
    A very relevant post with some great takebacks. Lots of lessons in there @🐝 Fatima G. Williams . And I loved your lovely story share ... Self belief is the first step in learning to waltz with life and living. .
    That makes all the difference. Keep continuing to make the difference .
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    05/11/2017 #17 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Know how to be a winner. Winners never quit. A great buzz by @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #16 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    I've added a message from one of my connections and I feel so blessed and motivated to go about, continue doing the same. Nothing can stop me now:)

    Bringing to the attention of @David B. Grinberg View more
    I've added a message from one of my connections and I feel so blessed and motivated to go about, continue doing the same. Nothing can stop me now:)

    Bringing to the attention of @David B. Grinberg @Javier 🐝 beBee @Gert Scholtz @Deb 🐝 Helfrich @Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee @Cyndi wilkins @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and all the bees just to share the testimonial message :) Hope you don't mind the tag. Please let me know if you don't wish to be tagged. :) Close
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #15 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #13 Thank you, @Ken Boddie, You sure know how to make a girl smile (😊😊 Blushing at Dubai Duchess). Now you'll be the first one to call me a Duchess πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/11/2017 #14 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you, @Ian Weinberg @Devesh 🐝 Bhatt and @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    Yes, Being accountable to our thoughts, actions, and the outcomes as a result of our actions are very crucial. Asking ourselves where we stand and what we believe we can do. As Gert summarised it starts with believing in ourselves. It is the starting point for having others believe in us and reaching our full potential :) I have learned so much from interacting with everyone here, the journey is still young and I have miles to go before I sleep.
    Ken Boddie
    05/11/2017 #13 Ken Boddie
    Such enthusiasm, zest and spark, Fatima. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Dubai Duchess.
    You had me at β€œyou”, β€œyou”, β€œyou”, β€œyou” and then β€œβ€you”. πŸ€—
  17. ProducerIgnacio Gallo Campos www.ignaciogallocampos.com
    When less is more (and how to take exponential advantage of it)
    When less is more (and how to take exponential advantage of it)Or when two people are in true-love or a teamwork is in deep harmony, or just when someone pays resilient attention to what matters the most when communicating something rather than to what is being communicated.When you see and feel true...


    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    02/11/2017 #10 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Quality above quantity! Yours is a well-written buzz and makes sense.
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    01/11/2017 #8 Javier 🐝 beBee
    I fully agree. Less is more !
    Ignacio Gallo Campos www.ignaciogallocampos.com
    31/10/2017 #7 Ignacio Gallo Campos www.ignaciogallocampos.com
    #6 Thank you @Joanne Gardocki appreciated your insight!
    Joanne Gardocki
    31/10/2017 #6 Joanne Gardocki
    Enjoyable buzz, Ignacio. I love the picture you chose, too. Your advice resonates. So often people are encouraged to simply write every day without really thinking about creating value for the reader. Writing every day is a good habit but perhaps not everything needs to be published. I agree, the short passionate message gets more attention and encourages more conversation. Personally, I get more joy out of giving supportive commentary and engaging in deep conversation than I do publishing my own material. It's a good thing we aren't all alike.
    Ignacio Gallo Campos www.ignaciogallocampos.com
    31/10/2017 #3 Ignacio Gallo Campos www.ignaciogallocampos.com
    #2 Wherever we go @Kevin Baker there we are
    Kevin Baker
    31/10/2017 #2 Kevin Baker
    Have a purpose, be of conviction
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    31/10/2017 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Ah, what an inspiring parable to make things clear and understand easily!
  18. ProducerSara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    The Value of Knowing Your Limitations
    The Value of Knowing Your LimitationsEven when you say, "The sky's the limit.", you have set a boundary. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Being process oriented; aware of, connected to and engaged with the process, enables us to achieve...


    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    08/11/2017 #53 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #51 great to wake up to your wisdom @Sara Jacobovici
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    08/11/2017 #52 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #50 very interesting observation @Isabella M Wesoly. Thank you
    Sara Jacobovici
    08/11/2017 #51 Sara Jacobovici
    #49 I have all the confidence @Isabella M Wesoly that you will be creatively building for yourself a place of growth and potential. Glad to hear the timing of our exchange is right.
    Isabella M Wesoly
    08/11/2017 #50 Isabella M Wesoly
    #44 Interestingly, a bee flew in and outof the dorrway too my garden at the weekend, whispering 'it's never too late to make honey' @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Isabella M Wesoly
    08/11/2017 #49 Isabella M Wesoly
    Considerably limited just now, but finding other way to build creatively, while a certain chaos comes to order here. Your 'buzz' is timely and welcome @Sara Jacobovici .
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    03/11/2017 #48 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #47 this buzz deserves great attention dear @Sara Jacobovici. We want to have our choices and one choice is having control. We choose also to be part of the society. This is the paradox. Being part of the society and still have control. Our identity is part of our society and to keep identity while belonging to others in the society calls for finding a balance between our identity and belonging to the society. This balance is dynamic as both us and the society are influenced by the dynamic environment. When the environment changes the society might change and accordingly we might change and become in need for finding a new balance. We can not have control because the boundaries of our control are dynamic too.
    Your buzz is a seed that nourishes into a dynamic thinking.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/11/2017 #47 Sara Jacobovici
    #44 I do agree @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and very much appreciate how you are able to make insightful connections across buzzes!! The common thread here, I think, is that yourself, @Alan Culler, and @Edward Lewellen, we are all looking at the big picture; our organic and dynamic environment including all life forms (collectively) and how we, as a part (individually) of this environment and our interactions with all aspects of this environment, manifest in our role. By looking at and learning from other life forms, we see our similarities, and our differences. It is our differences that can create complexity when we can benefit from its simplicity. But for me, as Shakespeare wrote, "We are such stuff / As dreams are made on..." Thank you, Dr. Ali, for being a catalyst in these dynamic exchanges.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/11/2017 #46 Sara Jacobovici
    #45 Dear @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, as always, thank you for your support. Your generous words are very much appreciated.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    03/11/2017 #45 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    This is a wonderful post-@Sara Jacobovici. You have expressed your feelings in a most heartfelt and sincere way plus you shared a most valuable lesson in meeting and knowing your limitations. I find your post most enlightening and one I will save for future reference.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    02/11/2017 #44 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    @Sara Jacobovici- I am reading your buzz again. I had to pause while reading this paragraph. "Often the process feels like it’s too much to take on. In response to being overwhelmed by a situation or event in which we feel out of control, we often try to regain that control by organizing ourselves". I find this quite fitting as a comment on my buzz of today. It is also relevant to what @Alan Culler and @Edward Lewellen commented there and your response as well.
    Do you agree?
    Sara Jacobovici
    02/11/2017 #43 Sara Jacobovici
    #39 Thanks @Robert Cormack. Your comment made me think that we don't need to set ourselves up for failure by attempting to go for something that either is "out of bounds" or based on someone else's vision. It sounds like we should be reaching for that peak that is right in front of our eyes. Thanks for making me think.
    Sara Jacobovici
    02/11/2017 #42 Sara Jacobovici
    #38 Thank you @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven for your heartfelt comment.
    Sara Jacobovici
    02/11/2017 #41 Sara Jacobovici
    #37 Thank you @Cyndi Docy. For taking the time to read and contributing to the discussion. Much appreciated.
    Sara Jacobovici
    02/11/2017 #40 Sara Jacobovici
    #36 Dear @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, you are wise beyond your years. Your comment is all inclusive; awareness, taking stock, making choices. I also very much appreciated your kind and generous words. Yes, you brought a smile to my face. Thank you.
    Robert Cormack
    02/11/2017 #39 Robert Cormack
    Yes, @Sara Jacobovici, it wouldn't hurtβ€”especially young peopleβ€”to stop reaching for the sky and try a mountain top occasionally. Mountain tops are visibly possible. Skies move around all the time. I also hate the term (even though I love Dr. Seuss) "Kid, you'll mountains." Has anyone actually moved a mountain? I think we only fail to succeed because of advice. We get lousy adviceβ€”even from the good doctor.
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    02/11/2017 #38 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    First, Thank You for your testimony. Alone we are always limited. With others we are not. With God, All things are possible.
    Cyndi Docy
    02/11/2017 #37 Cyndi Docy
    I thank you for your outlook and your ideas of compartmentalizing the different aspects in your life. I can see where this would make allot of situations more manageable; therefore giving the ability to not only cope but to grow.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    02/11/2017 #36 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Dear @Sara Jacobovici, Sending you a big hug and lots of smiles from your mom above as she's super proud and knows what a great daughter she raised. This is a very timely buzz as most of the time my limitations are me. I am the reason to take a step back, to pause or to not pursue through to something I want to do or am doing. Limitations are mostly self-imposed or imposed externally depends on where we place ourselves in the universe. So again where we choose to be, who we choose to be around and what we choose to do determine our limitations. Being on beBee with big hearts is a Yes, Yes to keep us shining and contributing to self and others :) Therefore, I agree with this heartfelt buzz, am inspired and thank you for pouring your heart out.
    Great to see you back with a big beaming smile ( I can virtually see you smiling now)
    Sara Jacobovici
    02/11/2017 #35 Sara Jacobovici
    #34 Dear @Deb 🐝 Helfrich, it is so good to hear from you and thank you for your words and good wishes. I am sincerely moved by what you write. You have a gift for writing and I appreciate reading your comments.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    02/11/2017 #34 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    This is a magnificent piece of writing, @Sara Jacobovici, full of the daughter your mother raised. My most heartfelt condolences, as this event brought you into the dance of limitations that define the structure of human existence.

    In that we are limited, we find the impetus to creativity and the delight of choosing the life that brings us the most meaning.

    Limitations are best seen as a structure that enables their "true potential of providing a safe environment for growth and development"

    I find that in our world of countless things to buy, books to read, people to talk to - embracing the power of active limitation - can relieve the chaos of more choices than we can even compute, let alone enjoy.

    Please continue to prioritize your self-care. And embrace the bittersweet sadness in the sorrow of losing your mother, as it will shift to the joy of having had her for so long, when the time arrives.
  19. ProducerMelody Green

    Melody Green

    What a year of gratitude has taught me...
    What a year of gratitude has taught me...For the last couple of years or so I have followed the idea muted in Danielle LaPorte's book The Desire Map, to create goals from our desired feelings.I have to state that it probably took me the best part of my first year to get the hang of it. As...
  20. ProducerFlavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝
    My five cents ...
    My five cents ...After almost a month (I believe) that the beBee posts vs produce honeys changes were implemented, I felt it is about time for me to share a honest review and add on my 5 cents.Β Honestly, I get over 20 alerts a day that someone produce a honey, all...


    Francisco Lopez
    05/11/2017 #25 Francisco Lopez
    I agree with Javier, this not LinkedIn nor Facebook nor anything else, it is beBee, but it will need more clear product differentiation. In an example, 'branding,' What kind of branding and what sector (s)? This is a very competitive space with a lot of overlapping. You can fully differentiate and become a niche player, hopefully with a market of enough critical mass to be financially feasible, or you can address more segments and try to become a dominant force, or, at least, have enough critical mass to be profitable. beBee already fills a vacuum for good social media in the Spanish market, LinkedIn betrayal to its writers and discontent for the way they upgrade their platform opened a big opportunity to beBee and now many of us supplement our offering using beBee. That two column feed, a middle ground between Facebook and LinkedIn is fantastic, add the interface, which, even with its limitations is very attractive. With the new model, it is at the mercy of how much page views can the local talent create. in order to attract ad revenue. beBee needs more than that. A good sharer available to every bona fide publication would be a great way to spread the message: 'we exist. Instead of killing all the hives that depend mostly on external content for discussion, you preserve these interest groups.
    Francisco Lopez
    05/11/2017 #24 Francisco Lopez
    You need critical mass, economies of scale. I am assuming this is a business, not a subsidized entity. Regarding 'deeper connections,' well, LinkedIn came with this from the beginning (I am one of their first members). I told them many times, it was not going to work and for many years it was a sleepy resume site. I had around 200 'contacts.' Once someone had a light bulb on over his head and opened the gates, the site exploded, in a couple of years I went to 30,000 contacts (actually more but they decided to enforce and I lost thousands of contacts). Almost everyone was pissed. It is supposed to be a professional and business network where to brand yourself, not a resume repository. If you are going to use the site as a branding tool, the implication is that it is business, marketing (in its ample definition). If you only have your mom, pop, the family and some friends and business associates you have a deep connection with, you starve. Business needs critical mass and economies of scale, at least within the feasibility of your market position and strategic space.
    Flavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝
    04/11/2017 #23 Flavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝
    I get all that @Javier 🐝 beBee I was just giving my feedback regarding the post functionality that is now surpassed by honeys, that is all #22
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    03/11/2017 #22 Javier 🐝 beBee
    beBee encourages you to create deeper connections

    We encourage you to employ this strategy when creating a connection with others. It might seem frightening at firstβ€”that is the reason why many professionals want to keep separate personal & professional profilesβ€”but it will help you open up and allow you to create a different kind of connection with someone: a deep, lasting connection.

    With an integrated personal and professional profile, you can connect with people based on shared hobbies, passions or interests. Not only does this help start the conversation, you may also find you develop a stronger, more successful business relationships by being able to bond over something outside of office talk.
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    03/11/2017 #21 Javier 🐝 beBee
    beBee is not LinkedIn.... beBee is NOT competing with LinkedIn.

    Flavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝
    03/11/2017 #20 Flavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝
    I guess @Francisco Lopez nailed it , we are just trying to help .
    Francisco Lopez
    03/11/2017 #19 Francisco Lopez
    Again, Javier, don't take me bad, I am just trying to help. Otherwise, I would be spending time on this. looking forward to the new beBee.
    Francisco Lopez
    03/11/2017 #18 Francisco Lopez
    #13 As soon as beBee came to the USA I promoted it fiercely, even without being a brand ambassador. Inside LinkedIn, they see beBee as a threat and they are making changes to restore their lost functionality and improve their platform. I can understand that any are tired of political memes, especially those on the receiving end, but, politics translates into policy and law, and love for the Furher is still not in the law. No matter the good intentions, this is going to kill many groups, as it is easier to import content and discuss it than producing original content. Hopefully, the new beBee incorporates as much as possible all our concerns.
    Francisco Lopez
    03/11/2017 #17 Francisco Lopez
    #13 Most of the people who came here from LinkedIn, feeling betrayed, have none of the following or access to groups they had over there (here, one can post 'Honey,' to up to three hives, in LinkedIn up to 100 groups, plus your contacts, followers and potentially all Linkedin, Twitter and out of LinkedIn. (my guess is that beBee is working on this). My writings in LinkedIn are mostly found via Google. Wisely, the LI members here see beBee as a complement to LinkedIn and Facebook (there is a serious side to Facebook, believe it or not).
    Francisco Lopez
    03/11/2017 #16 Francisco Lopez
    #13 USA owes its rapid growth to the LinkedIn disregarding of its writing talent for giving exposure to what they call influencers, usually people of prestige in all facets of life, government, and industry. LinkedIn had at its maximum well over a million people writing, probably more than their distribution algorithm will sanely manage, beBee does not have that kind of critical mass yet. be Bee is, potentially, a great opportunity for good writers to get some exposure but it is still not the moment to exclude quality content because of the locally produced stupid content (cats, dog, dating updates, fake news, false memes).
    Francisco Lopez
    03/11/2017 #15 Francisco Lopez
    #13 There is a big difference between the stupid cats, dogs, dating updates, fake news, false memes, and the professional content allowed to be shared by professional media that is produced by millions of minds; beBee is excluding the potentially best content in the world for unpaid content ranging from excellent to good to amateurish. beBee Also the limit to 1,000 characters is not stimulating to the discussion.
    Lada 🏑 Prkic
    02/11/2017 #14 Lada 🏑 Prkic
    #13 I agree! Hope Jim is aware of that. :-)
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    02/11/2017 #13 Javier 🐝 beBee
    #12 @Lada 🏑 Prkic people is probably exhausted about memes, quotes, ... etc.... I remind you that your posts are delivered to ALL of your followers, so if no follower reply to it,,, , you can imagine why ;-)
    Lada 🏑 Prkic
    02/11/2017 #12 Lada 🏑 Prkic
    Flavio, about the constant zero feedbacks you received on your short posts, you're not the only one. Even Jim Murray has almost the zero score on his short buzzes and memes shared with the followers.
    It seems we are forced to write Producer posts. :-) I have already accepted it and started writing more often.
    Nick Mlatchkov
    02/11/2017 #11 Anonymous
    #3 It's not a matter of enable all or none. We should be able to select them individually. It's used in Twitter for long ...
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    02/11/2017 #10 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #6 #8 David and Gert- both great suggestions. Yes, it can be overwhelming when you've been away for a few days but I have to tell myself to keep scrolling if I find articles that may not interest me. I forgot about the mute function, great idea. My last buzz was a photo buzz and I tried to make it fun by writing about my vacation as well. I love photography as many of you know, so when I do get photos I'm proud of or that make me happy to view, I love to share them within a buzz.
    Lupita 🐝 Reyes
    02/11/2017 #9 Lupita 🐝 Reyes
    Hi @Flavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝!! Interesting post! Yes. BeBee has changed a little bit and this change is on progress, as far as I understand. What is really good is that all bees are connected through Hives! They work wonderfully!! Notifications can be changed as @David B. Grinberg commented here. So, let’s make BeBee better giving our 5 cents now and then, BUT the best way to improve it is to make it well known everywhere!! Let’s promote BeBee with our friends, coworkers and clients!!! Agree? :D
    David B. Grinberg
    02/11/2017 #8 David B. Grinberg
    Flavio, kudos on sharing your important insights and valuable views. It's vital for beBee to receive user feedback in order to continue platform-wide improvements. Just a few thoughts:
    1) This platform is still a baby bee. Consider: Google is already 19 years old. LinkedIn is 14. Facebook is 13. Twitter is 11. Pinterest is 9. Instagram is 7. Snapchat is 6. That's a combined total of 79 years versus just over 2 years of beBee -- which represents a new generation in the world of successful social media startups.
    2) I likewise miss posting buzzes on my wall and via hives. However, here's an easy solution: keeping posting your buzzes, albeit via Producer with a short 200 word (required) intro about why you're posting it and why you think it's relevant. You can even quote excerpts from the actual buzz you're positing (assuming it's an article) or report of your own related Producer posts with it to build on prior engagement. You need not write a separate blog post of 500+ words per se. Why not give this approach a try?
    3) Lastly, I agree that too many notifications can be burdensome, especially if you take a few days off. My suggestion is to mute the bees whose notification you no longer want to receive. You can do this by going to their profile page, clicking the three dots and selecting "Mute User". This has worked well for me. Plus, you can always still scroll through the separate Producer feed.
    I hope this suggestions are helpful, Flavio.
    cc: @Javier 🐝 beBee @John White, MBA
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    01/11/2017 #7 Javier 🐝 beBee
    #6 thanks @Gert Scholtz. Adaptation is a virtue :) BZZZZZZZZ
    Gert Scholtz
    01/11/2017 #6 Gert Scholtz
    @Flavio πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Souza 🐝 Here is a suggestion: Perhaps you should place a few of your picture buzzes with descriptions in a post, and do one every few days. That way your BeBee publications will reach all of your followers AND you will be able to place it into hives. That is just my 2c !
  21. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    Dumbing down
    Dumbing down β€˜Common sense is not that common after all’ as the saying goes. And that’s all good and well when consequences arise in the course of daily life – we deal with it somehow. But when it occurs in the functioning space of the cream of...


    Cyndi wilkins
    09/11/2017 #48 Cyndi wilkins
    #47 " If you acknowledge that the mind influences the body-and there is sufficient evidence to show that it does- then it pays to encourage patients to be more
    actively involved in their treatment."

    This should be the mission statement of every hospital and doctors office around the the globe...The new 'Standard of Care.'

    Now get cycling;-)
    Ian Weinberg
    09/11/2017 #47 Ian Weinberg
    #44 Sadly, too true @Cyndi wilkins Here's an interview in which I articulated my points of view on the subject www.pninet.com/articles/Media3.pdf
    Cyndi wilkins
    09/11/2017 #45 Cyndi wilkins
    This buzz should be book marked for everyone...Thank you @Ian Weinberg for encouraging 'The conversation."
    Cyndi wilkins
    09/11/2017 #44 Cyndi wilkins
    This is exactly what has happened...The administrations of hospitals and large physician practices, insurance companies and big pharma...they are the ones calling all the shots...leaving the doctors with their hands tied in most cases. Then throw in large monetary incentives for prescribing their drugs and you've got a HUGE industry of legal drug pushers.

    Advanced technologies have certainly extended lives and in many cases improve their quality, but how about we focus on the quality in which we are living our lives before illness becomes an issue? And you are absolutely right Ian Weinberg...many people do not seem to take much responsibility for their care simply because they have NEVER been encouraged to do so...That old school way of thinking with our elder generation is "The doctor knows best."

    I've had this experience myself with physicians when questioning drug protocols and having had some very serious side effects to medications that resulted in at least one very painful surgery...and of course when I suggested the drug may be at the root of the problem I was immediately dismissed as one of 'those patients'....the ones that get 'punted' for not playing the game like everybody else.

    So we BOTH need to be team players here. People need to pull their heads out of the sand and take responsibility for their unhealthy habits and lifestyle practices that lead to illness and dysfunction by becoming educated about them....that is where our healthcare practioners have huge influence for encouraging us to be members of our own care team.

    Encourage open conversation where patients can ask questions without being cut off and dismissed...LISTENING has all but disappeared from the current healthcare model and has been replaced by 'insensitive software.' We need to get back to the basics;-)
    Harvey Lloyd
    08/11/2017 #43 Harvey Lloyd
    #42 I will have to say that trepidation has crept in when visiting doctors who seem all to keen in dropping you at the doorstep of many other specialists before they will even consider a diagnosis. But they are keen on fear therapy that motivates the new doctor visit or return to them. This is grossly general and i have found many doctors who support the old ways. But they, like me are not going to be in the game much longer.

    Maybe we should brain storm a general health elixir and get a wagon and horse. We could make millions.
    Ian Weinberg
    08/11/2017 #42 Ian Weinberg
    #41 @Harvey Lloyd when it morphed from healthcare to the healthcare industry, doctoring seriously deteriorated. For the most part it is now driven by the buck. Discerning management is being replaced by expensive surgical treatment and in many situations is also being driven by patients who expect a quick fix without taking much resonsibility for the condition or its outcome.
    Harvey Lloyd
    08/11/2017 #41 Harvey Lloyd
    #40 I merely see what shows up between the lines but can only imagine what you see.

    I would suggest that government systems in some form are producing major influences within the market. Couple this with capitalism and we have a ticking time bomb.
    Ian Weinberg
    08/11/2017 #40 Ian Weinberg
    #39 Healthcare is pretty ill right now @Cyndi wilkins If you only new the half of it! Yes a lot of great work is being done but in many other instances we've lost the moral and ethical high ground.
    Cyndi wilkins
    06/11/2017 #39 Cyndi wilkins
    #37 It's of absolutely no surprise that out of the more than 200 billion dollars being funneled into the healthcare system, less than 1% is invested in encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle model and participate in the management of their own care...Shameful really...that illness is used as profit.
    Ian Weinberg
    02/11/2017 #38 Ian Weinberg
    #37 Thanks for your input @Robert Cormack Interestingly Johns Hopkins made their revelationary anouncement yesterday - they found that people with raised inflammatory markers in mid-life have a significantly increased incidence of developing Alzheimer's! This is 5 years after the initial findings were released revealing a chronic inflammatory component of Alzheimer's and prior to the blowing of 6 billion dollars on fruitless research. All this really boggles the mind.
    Robert Cormack
    02/11/2017 #37 Robert Cormack
    Since education teaches us "normalcy" and "fitting in," @Ian Weinberg, it stands to reason that they frown on radical ideas. It's not their mandate, nor are educators the types looking for new ideas. When I taught at a community college in Toronto, it was shocking to learn that none of the professors had worked in the field for at least 15 years! Their approach to new media, for instance, didn't even recognize how fast it was changing. When I told students that RSS could essentially be anything, and it would change by the time they graduated (2 years), they were totally confused. Now RSS isn't anything like it was 10 years ago. Interestingly, I was still working in pharma advertising and actually making money on biotech stocks (most of these were formed from discoveries at universities like UofT). I also invested in pharma companies I knew were about to be bought (that required absolutely no inside knowledge). Thanks for the post.
    Cyndi wilkins
    31/10/2017 #36 Cyndi wilkins
    #35 Great point @Pascal Derrien...such a shame academic protocols discourage the use of the 'whole brain'...I'll bet you and your other half compliment each other beautifully;-)
    Pascal Derrien
    31/10/2017 #35 Pascal Derrien
    My other half who unlike me has a brain did her post doc research in Pasteur on Alzheimer, she fell most were constrained by the thesis framework to achieve academic protocols rather than provide ground breaking avenues to potential solutions personally I think this still does provide a great platform if you manage to break free from the protocols at some point in the process
    Ian Weinberg
    30/10/2017 #34 Ian Weinberg
    #33 Thanks for sharing those views @Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    30/10/2017 #33 Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    "The conspicuous absence of cross-field collaboration." I couldn't have put that better myself! I also couldn't agree more on the thesis of this article. Academic research is not grounded in any way and lots of our tax money gets wasted by people who a) don't know as much about scientific innovation as they think, b) don't have any real incentives to create anything practical, and c) don't know much about Economics and investments. Why these people are in charge of coming up with innovations to improve our lives is a mystery to me! In fact, I'm quite confident that we'll be able to solve the elusive mysteries of prime numbers before we even begin to understand the complexities of corruption that dictate how scientific research functions in the academic world...
    Ian Weinberg
    30/10/2017 #32 Ian Weinberg
    #31 Thanks for the comments @Harvey Lloyd
    Harvey Lloyd
    30/10/2017 #31 Harvey Lloyd
    Great post and you have solicited some great comments in considering the β€œRealm of Middle Earth Education”.

    I dont think we need to throw it away but somewhere along the way the institution has lost its purpose. The very general role of giving knowledge in such a way that humans can advance has given way to dogma and β€œprofessortitorial” activism.

    Efficacy is a big word for me. Is the stated research and ultimately actions/budgets delivering the expected results? In most cases as political machines run through, each is wanting to design something new so past designs are never measured. So what was once a Volkswagen now has so many appendages it isn’t even recognizable.

    Thanks for a great post and thoughts. But i think that Phil touched on some of the many masters that education now serves. The customer used to be the student and their well being, the student has now become a pawn within the warloards of industry, regulation and political masters.

    Also known as sculpted research.
    Ian Weinberg
    30/10/2017 #30 Ian Weinberg
    #28 Valid stuff. Thanks @Don Philpott☘️
    Ian Weinberg
    30/10/2017 #29 Ian Weinberg
    #27 Thanks for that @Puneet Srivastava
    Don Philpott☘️
    30/10/2017 #28 Don Philpott☘️
    "This intellectual ’gang-bang’ is leading to a dumbing down of our development" - the argument is more than simply academics v practicalists...universities are centralist elitist institutions, the internet is a diversified distributed nodal network - key knowledge is not now in books, but on "cheap as chips" chips. In Sweden college is free, in the US its prohibitively expensive. People travel more, spend more on instant gratification, jobs are "not for life"...there is a changing societal tapestry being woven. Its no longer rich white elitists with their cauldrons of power selling expensive magic potions, knowledge has diversified.
  22. ProducerHarry Groenert

    Harry Groenert

    Die M8 des 1%
    Die M8 des 1%1% mehr oder weniger haben, macht die Wurst im Prinzip nicht fett. Überhaupt, Prozentrechnen ist ja einfach: β€žEin Drittel ist mir zu wenig, ich will mindestens ein Viertel, 10% sind ein Zehntel und 5% sind ein FΓΌnftel oder klassisch: die Chancen...
  23. ProducerPamela 🐝 Williams
    Whatever It Takes
    Whatever It TakesSome would call me a "workaholic", including me at timesLately I've been examining my motivations when it comes to my work habits and I've reached a conclusion; I like working and the sense of accomplishment when I overcome a hurdle or solve a...


    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    24/10/2017 #35 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    I make sure I take time to be sociable, even took a trip to the beach with Lisa Gallagher, but even then I worked several hours a day, 2 full days, one planned because Monday is always a long day and my 'help' messed up a report and I had to fix it on another day. That was a planned working vacation though and it's why I brought all my paraphernalia with me. But I had my hours on the beach every morning, watching the sunrise and then a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Then about 9 or 10 I head back in and work until 2 or 3 then it was back to the beach while Lisa did her sightseeing and photography. It was a perfect vacation for me! Though the 3 story townhouse played havoc on my back and I was in pain by the end of the week. Sad, but I survived and will live to work another day! LOL
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    24/10/2017 #34 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #28 I have slowed in my workaholic ways; mostly do to an aging brain than a want to slow down :-) I wish I could do what I did 20 years ago, with all that I have learned in that time I would be unstoppable! LOL
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    24/10/2017 #33 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #29 My best ideas come early in the morning; a cup of coffee in one hand and a casual stroll in the courtyard or on my treadmill. I have a bad back and hips so I have to walk every morning to work the stiffness out and I've found is a great time to contemplate the day and the different metrics I need to attack and how I'm going to formulate them
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    24/10/2017 #32 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Well Ken, I like figuring things out, finding solutions, and I've always been that way; ALWAYS. When I was a kid I can remember coming up with ideas to accomplish things; like how can I reach that limb that is 10 feet above my head? I taught myself to braiding a rope from tree bark, tie a rock at the end, do a sling shot throw over the limb, and scale the side of the tree. I problem solve to get where I want to be.
    Would I rather be doing what I do in the Environmental Industry? You Betcha, but I would be doing the same thing; research, data manipulations, number manipulation, all to solve problems; it's me in every aspect of my life. If anything I have to NOT solve problems for people that don't want me solving them.
    I would rather play with data than play pool(That's billiards for you I guess) as an example; there is a purpose to it and I'm a purpose driven person.

    Though if I had my choice I would rather ride a bike for miles until I drop, but I can't anymore, so if it's a failure I'm avoiding its the failure that I can't do all the athletic stuff I used to. And I really can't without severe pain and paying a bigger price down the road. So are there other things I'd rather do? Sure there is; doesn't mean I love what I do less.
    As for failure; Been there done that, been knocked so low I didn't think I would ever crawl out, more than once. But then that ole problem solver came out and I did. I don't fear failure, survived it too many times to fear it any more. As I said; been there, done that, survived and lived to problem solve another day.
    Jerry Fletcher
    23/10/2017 #31 Jerry Fletcher
    Hello. My name is Jerry and I am a serial workaholic. I'll roll along making sure I close the door to my home office each evening and assuring that I get out and meet folks in person and taking part in the art world hereabouts. Then, all of a sudden I find that I haven't left the house except to buy groceries and this is the 4th or 5th day in sweats and then I hit the wall and can't get up the energy to work. That lasts a few days while I forcibly take myself by the scruff of the neck and go see a movie, ask a friend to dinner or take in a concert. Sometimes it takes as much as a week to get back into gear. My early warning system is when I suddenly stop producing two or three blogs a week. (Yes, there will be a couple this week.)
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    23/10/2017 #30 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    #19 The mentoring attitude is a great idea, Pam. That is the route that I took, which opened new opportunities for me. I enjoyed mentoring and watching my team grow.
    Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    23/10/2017 #29 Proma 🐝 Nautiyal
    @Pamela 🐝 Williams I can't thank you enough for writing this. I needed to read this. I am not sure how much of it I will actually be able to implement when it comes to addressing the "issue," but I am so happy to read your take on the matter. It felt like I am reading about myself. I am a workaholic and love being one. Work is my "me" place. It calms me. Health issues have cropped up and I had to take breaks in between. Learnt to take a break every one hour to stretch and walk ten steps.

    The three issues you described are the exact three that I have faced myself. I can't even bring myself to delegate work. And coming up with ideas during times that I am off-work has become such a routine that now I know when exactly I will be getting the brightest ideas: when I am sipping tea or watching Suits.

    You are awesome and I am so happy to have met you over beBee. Thank you once again for the great buzz.
    Harvey Lloyd
    23/10/2017 #28 Harvey Lloyd
    You just wrote my entrepreneurial biography. I lost the reasons for being one along the way. But it was a rehab rentering family life and finding new ways to satisfy my torrid business nature. In my life there are no questions that cant be answered and outcomes to match. Hard to turn off.

    What i could really identify with was the change process. Many around me were totally OK with me absorbing the responsibility and running the front end of the wagon, up the hill. The responses when i began to engage as part of the team and not the race horse was a little surprising. They thought i was depressed, trifling or some other less than an astronaut label.

    Sometimes i do pull to the point of the wagon. But not as often as i used too. I can say that when i do though the first thought with most is i am being aggressive. Odd turn of events. But i figure if i am pulling out front the team has had their go at the issue and have stalled or challenged beyond their capacity to manage.

    Great post. Do keep in mind that work is a means to an end. The end you describe. When work becomes the end then the means will destroy you.
    Ken Boddie
    23/10/2017 #27 Ken Boddie
    Much food for thought for many here, Pam. I’ve only two things to ask you. But first I’ll explain that I used to work ridiculous hours and get the occasional buzz at the end of the odd project completed or goal achieved, but oh the constant stress for the most part Now I am fortunate to work part time doing what I absolutely love and am very fortunate to be able to choose when and for how long I work. So back to you, Pam, and those question.
    1. Do you love your work, or just the buzz at the very end of a lot of stress?
    2. What motivates you ..... love of work or fear of failure?
    My name is Ken and I’m a workaholic, but I enjoy regular therapy with my family, friends and hobbies.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/10/2017 #26 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    "Some of my best ideas, solutions, or formulas, come to me when I'm on 'my time'" writes @Pamela 🐝 Williams in this super and open-minded buzz.
    I am no different and I feel exactly what Pamela feels.
    A must read buzz.
    John White, MBA
    22/10/2017 #25 John White, MBA
    #17 Thanks, Pam. I've got my name badge on and ready to share!
    Cyndi wilkins
    22/10/2017 #24 Cyndi wilkins
    #20 Sounds like you raised a gal @Pamela 🐝 Williams! And you ain't so bad yourself;-) LOL
    Randall Burns
    22/10/2017 #23 Randall Burns
    #18 HaHa! I've got a couple of other great Yoda quotes but I don't think they're appropriate for this mainstream platform. :-0 Maybe I'll e-mail them to you
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    22/10/2017 #22 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #21 WOW Zacharias, that was so beautifully put I don't know what I could say that could even come close to comparing. Thank you for reading my little post and for your absolutely wonderfully wise comment.
    Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    22/10/2017 #21 Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    Indeed! With the right mindset, work can be a way for self-realization and a great source of joy. Of course, when you work for someone who sees work as merely a means to make money, then it's much harder to do any of that. However, if the discipline of work comes not from the people around you but from yourself, then things change and this may actually be visible to those around you. After all, at the end of the day, the only person you are truly accountable to is your own self. Everyone else is merely a facilitator in your work journey (aka career), or in some case an obstructer. But the only real obstruction in one's journey is one's own self...
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    22/10/2017 #20 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #11 Exactly Cyndi. When my daughter was young and needed me; then I needed to fight for my time with her and meeting her needs but now I have an empty nest and I have only to answer to myself. I spent the entire afternoon with my girl yesterday; having a few beers and people watching at her college homecoming, then we went out for a fabulous dinner. Not once did my job put a damper on our time. She knew I would pull out my computer and work today; she knows me well and accepts that I am who I am!

    "That's Mom, it's what makes her happy" is what she would say.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    22/10/2017 #19 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #12 Thanks for the wonderful comment Franci. I was recently given 'help' and I have to admit that I'm struggling with trust. Every mistake is like a affirmation; see...no one can do it like I can!!! Bad, bad, bad attitude. So I'll go in Monday and hopefully turn it into a mentoring opportunity instead of acting like a smug martyr
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    22/10/2017 #18 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #15 A long time since I heard a good Yoda quote! Well, except on the Big Bang Theory
    I understand Randall, food service can be like that for a lot of people, it was for me. It truly is an art...well I guess that's why they call it the culinary arts... Duh :-) There is nothing like setting a dish in front of a customer and it looks so good the customer hesitates...their anticipation of that first bite becomes almost as enjoyable as the meal itself.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    22/10/2017 #17 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #10 Hi John and welcome to the meeting :-)
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    22/10/2017 #16 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #13 Alas; a kindred spirit! Thank you for that Susan and for sharing!
  24. ProducerCityVP 🐝 Manjit
    LifecentricBuzz Submitted by :Β  Dr. Ali AnaniBuzz : A Simple Approach to StorytellingDr Ali Anani offers a Simpler Approach to Storytelling We are neither in the golden age but nor are we in the dark ages, but if we use the modern barometer of storytelling we...


    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    22/10/2017 #7 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #6 Thank you Melissa, coming from a heart like yours, it is appreciated just as deeply by me.
    Melissa Hefferman
    22/10/2017 #6 Anonymous
    Thank you for these words, all of them.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    25/09/2017 #5 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    With such depth this buzz by @CityVP 🐝 Manjit deserves your attention. It is a must read
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    23/08/2017 #4 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #2 As you said the relationship between life and death is fundamental but the anti-hero is a dissatisfaction with myth, while creating new myths based on that dissatisfaction. It is an easier response than to be lifecentric yet it also does not send us into the abyss. There is a certainty in the deathcentric way of looking at things but it is not life-affirming, it is abyss-avoiding.

    For @Joel Anderson he has to be lifecentric, there is no choice in Joel's life to choose otherwise, because his mind and heart are confronting some many fundamental realities that he does not have the luxury of seeking comfort in the anti-hero. Escaping from myth is a luxury but Joel is facing hardcore realities and psychologically and physically, these multiple array of challenges that he see's all around him require a form of resilience that only the most highest form of intelligence can support.

    What Joel needs is the time to breath as life's circumstances appear in a myriad directions and at the core of lifecentric is to get back to our own breath. The troubles of this world can begin to take that breath from us and so we must breath in life again, and know that to be life giving ourselves be must not be extinguished by life's circumstances, otherwise the scaffolding from actual abyss become removed. Since we take for granted the spiritual scaffolding that we do have, we have the luxury to embrace the anti-hero. Joel does not need a proxy to know what life is showing him, he needs breath that brings heart and lungs into a state of vitality and a will that knows that these dark moments shall welcome better days.

    In such time the refrain our breath can be touched by the words of Julian of Norwich
    β€œAll shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    21/08/2017 #2 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    I am still baffled by the quality of your buzz dear @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. It is truly extraordinary. I looked back on the background image of my buzz and in particular the chaotic part. You amazed me by your great observation. We are into this area because we promote antiheros and the proof is in the many examples that you provided and all score your point significantly. You give new meaning to death which is full of life. Without death we shall never know the value of life and we shall be deprived of meeting again with our ancestors. But our societies are going in the reverse direction promoting deathcultures with the old meaning of death and not how you defined it brilliantly. We are getting deeper into chaos and what shall happen? This is a story to tell because once we are stay in this zone for prolonged times we either die because we accelerate the deathculture (as we witness in many wars today) or we may self-organize into new human beings with new understandings, values and finding better stories promoting the lifeculture than the death one.
    You are so deep my friend and you touched on a great part of the chart in my buzz that I left open for great minds like yours to explore.
    I am deeply touched by my mention in your buzz and completely honored by this mention.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    21/08/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    This is a mind-blogging buzz that shakes your thinking and expands its boundaries. It is a must read. Dear @CityVP 🐝 Manjit I am not saying this because I am mentioned honorably in your buzz, bt because it casts on the reality of our modern societies and explains why they are plunging into a "deathculture". You give new meaning to the story of our societies. I am sharing on the maximum hives possible and to my followers
  25. ProducerHarvey Lloyd

    Harvey Lloyd

    Today I Met Hopeless
    Today I Met HopelessImage creditΒ http://www.incourage.me/2013/07/love-in-the-dark.htmlFrom my desk i see students who run away from class. Β This incident was really no different than other’s, but a compelling force that said i should get involved. Β You see my domain is...


    Harvey Lloyd
    25/10/2017 #56 Harvey Lloyd
    #44 Thanks for your thoughts and yes i have been humbled in life everyday since i walked into this field. I am the business person but i see and hear many of the stories.

    I have learned that only through the grace of God there go i. I try and stand on the short ladders of life as i dont have far to fall. But sometimes i grab the high one and the students remind me of the impending fall.
    Harvey Lloyd
    25/10/2017 #55 Harvey Lloyd
    @Harley King Thanks for the share.
    Harvey Lloyd
    25/10/2017 #54 Harvey Lloyd
    #51 In business i never liked the word hope, hope is not a plan. Onward and forward, keep your shoulder down.

    Then by chance i showed up in this field. I learned about hope and its rope it extends to some rather tough situations.

    Thank you for stoping by and commenting and yes i too can label each turn in my life where folks were their to show hope and guidance.

    My hope is, i can return the many favors passed on to me.
    Harvey Lloyd
    25/10/2017 #53 Harvey Lloyd
    #52 Thanks for the thoughts and yes HS is a rough place for some. I had many great teachers and friends of the family that helped me through these times.

    Working with the students we work with, you begin to understand the major role parenting has in the first ten years of life. Bonds, expressing ones self and the ability to cope from strength of family.

    You never know the few minutes you stop and take a moment with a child the impact you might have.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    25/10/2017 #52 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Wonderfully said @Harvey Lloyd. If more adults took the time to listen, more children may see their real value. I struggled in HS emotionally because I worried more about what others thought than focusing on myself. I had low self esteem but I don't think the kids around me ever knew that. I hid it well or so I thought. I had a great guidance counselor and he took me into his office one day. He began asking me some deep questions and he listened intently. His words of wisdom were more words of guidance (no pun intended) and he made me think hard about my future. He pointed out my strong points in a way I wasn't aware he was doing. He was the reason I chose to go to our Vocational School 11th-12th grade and become a certified Medical Assistant. I was in my element. If it hadn't been for him, I don't think I would have thought to seek out the Vocational School. Adults sure can make a positive difference. Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful person like yourself who really cares!
    Alan Culler
    25/10/2017 #51 Alan Culler
    Thank you @Harvey Lloyd, for listening and connecting and offering help
    and thank you for sharing -evoking our empathy and requiring my humility -because of all of those who have helped me get to where I am -mostly to those who -like you -have given me hope.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    24/10/2017 #50 Lisa Vanderburg
    Humanity at its finest: pratfalls, gimps, hang-up allowed with LISTENING!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    24/10/2017 #49 Lisa Vanderburg
    Before I run out the risk of outstaying my welcome, ALL the commenters here bring valid, substantial statements!
    Just goes to show, we don;t have to be be perfect, we just have to have the HEART to truly listen! Way to go...there is hope for the hopeless still - that humanity at it's finest, warts and all!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    24/10/2017 #48 Lisa Vanderburg
    #21 #22 @Ian Weinberg: dead to rights: just listen. I applaud you Sir! And @Harvey Lloyd; 'I don't believe some parents understand the clay in which they hold.' Says soooo much!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    24/10/2017 #47 Lisa Vanderburg
    #15 Exactly and bless you for your immense intuitiveness and compassion @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee. Sometimes we just need someone to how, not judge..just hold onto.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    24/10/2017 #46 Lisa Vanderburg
    #6 Had to laugh: 'They keep me in the back for a reason.' Just having children (loved or not) do not make perfect parents!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    24/10/2017 #45 Lisa Vanderburg
    God love you for the work you do, for the honesty to NOT give a pat answer - the time and consideration and compassion @Harvey Lloyd!
    I'd missed this as I'm in the middle of moving, but I'm so happy @Sara Jacobovici alerted me to it with her buzz. I have been where this girl was (I say that because I have confidence you could change that....no one said different to me!) and hope is so very fragile, breathing becomes 'unnatural'. I've said it before, bu tit's remarkable easy to ruin a perfectly good child. You may well have changed her entire life. We need more role models like you, dear man!
    Sara Jacobovici
    24/10/2017 #44 Sara Jacobovici
    Great piece @Harvey Lloyd. You are a true teacher; one who learns from his students. Thanks for passing on those lessons.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    22/10/2017 #43 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Dear @Harvey Lloyd I look at my hill of life and it will be my lack of patience that defines hopeless. You look at your Everest and because the summit of this out of reach, that is the greater height of humanity where hopelessness begins to come into sight.

    It is not that you underestimate the height of your own power to deal with youngsters who sit outside the social constructs of society but in this work you do there is no equivalency between my hill of life and the mountain you seek to help your children climb. It is one thing that I may find my own life hill challenging, it is altogether a different proposition when you are helping children climb - you are the dedicated spirit that seeks to put the light of life into those who otherwise may never see that light.

    You combine caregiver with education and constantly challenge and try to breakthrough a wall that would easily be considered futile to the rest of us. The gift you are to humanity finds it's hope in breaking through and sometimes that gift comes back unexpectedly by someone you helped decades ago, someone whose life was changed because you existed in this world.

    Even in a regular school, there was a story a primary school teacher told me where one of her kids was considered to have great challenges to the extent it was called a learning disability. This Italian child could not overcome his reading challenges. It is however an idea out of the blue that was offered by an Italian teacher, who happen to ask that child to write a story in Italian. The child did. What that child wrote brought tears to these teachers, they had found the key of hope, not the lock of hopelessness. This is why I say we are literally blinded by a "success culture" mentality. May you find keys of hope always.
    Harvey Lloyd
    21/10/2017 #42 Harvey Lloyd
    #41 Some great thoughts and I agree, leadership in any setting is challenging.

    We do have to admit to ourselves the role is important and specific to the child we are leading.

    It is not an easy task but one where both teacher and student can learn together.

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful insights @David Navarro LΓ³pez
    David Navarro LΓ³pez
    21/10/2017 #41 Anonymous
    Thank you, Harvey, for writing such a thoughtful buzz. It is a very complex task to helping youngsters to become adults, because as long as you influence someone, you are in danger of limiting his/her own personality. Leading is changing the path of a follower, but it has to be done in a way that the follower would be a leader in the future. As you point out in your words "Be the candle in a child's dreams not a spotlight on their behaviour or your frustrations.", there is a blurred line between correcting and criticizing. A leading sentence, "a candle", can become "a spotlight" if it is misunderstood. The biggest and, most of the times, "hidden background" when trying to lead is love.
    In my opinion, the first step to be taken when leading is to make crystal clear that the leader honestly cares about the sake of the follower.
    I am sure @Sara Jacobovici has a lot to say about this issue.
    @Katja Bader have a look at this interesting buzz
    Harvey Lloyd
    20/10/2017 #40 Harvey Lloyd
    #39 Thanks @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. Glad you stopped by.

    There might be some folks that consider it a blessing the world has only one me😳

    But I’d appreciate your thoughts
    Randall Burns
    19/10/2017 #38 Randall Burns
    #33 Excellent analogy and I agree, best to be on "the field" and not in "the bleachers".
    Harvey Lloyd
    19/10/2017 #37 Harvey Lloyd
    #36 @Jerry Fletcher I found the comments as with yours uplifting ,that more see the need than I thought

    Thanks for your thoughts and stopping by
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