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Shanghai- What did I miss? - beBee

Shanghai- What did I miss?

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Personal experiences, cultural differences and much more! Shanghai- What did I miss? was created to gather people living or planning to move to the amazing Shanghai.

This is a generic group so feel free to share whatever ou think people can be interested in, but please let's try not to make this an advertising hive (even if in Shaghai is difficult to forget about the money, money and more money culture).

Which were your first impressions when you first arrived to Shanghai? What do you like (and don't from the city/ people/ culture? Any interesting info for newcomers or for people planning move to Shanghai? What is going in the city? Waiting for interesting comments of you guys! Let's share!
  1. Iker Alvero Corta
    Top trendy companies in China
    Iker Alvero Corta
    Report: Apple Tops WeChat as Most ‘Relevant’ Brand for China’s Generation Y | Jing Daily
    jingdaily.com A new survey reveals how Gen-Y and Gen-Z have different preferences when it comes to brands—except those like...
  2. Iker Alvero Corta
    Uber in China (in Spanish)
    Iker Alvero Corta
    La razón por la que Uber tira la toalla en China
  3. Iker Alvero Corta
    Let's open the group with one of the biggest drugs in Shanghai and China, the mobile phone. The famous WeChat is everywhere, from the main messaging app to payments. It is not possible to discuss the power and the amazing features of WeChat but is it possible for Wechat to find its place in other markets that is not China?
    Iker Alvero Corta
    China's WeChat takes on WhatsApp in Africa
    www.yahoo.com By Tiisetso Motsoeneng JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Late to the party, WeChat, China's biggest Internet-based mobile messaging platform, is scrambling to get a piece of the action in the booming African market. The move is leading the South...