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  1. ProducerKeith Bare

    Keith Bare

    Skiing is my Drug of Choice
    Skiing is my Drug of ChoiceFirst Step of Addiction is to join a 12 Step Program!! So, I've joined, WinterPark, MaryJane, Eldora, CrestedButte, Steamboat, and Copper!!  I've been hooked since 8th grade, got my first job carrying firewood to the condos at Bryce Mt in Virginia...


    Keith Bare
    24/10/2016 #1 Keith Bare
    Was trying to figure out HOW to post this to ""Skiing Hive"" but I'm a newbie bee
  2. Javier beBee

    Javier beBee

    Speed Skiing - Fastest Men in the World
    Speed Skiing - Fastest Men in the World Head up to the slopes here: http://win.gs/MqRAii The Origone brothers: the two fastest men in the world on skis share their true passion for speed. With a...


    Pedro Gómez
    27/03/2016 #1 Pedro Gómez
    Human Ferraris.....!!!