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Social entrepreneurship

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  1. ProducerFranklin Coetzee
     Invest in new transport technology.
    Invest in new transport technology.Skyway is a new transport technology.Skyway Capital is a venture investment company.You can invest and become a part owner.Register and get free 100 share to start your Skyway capital business.Invest in new transport technology. Get an increase in...
  2. Heinz J. Hafner

    Heinz J. Hafner

    great infografic on "success indicators"
    Heinz J. Hafner


    Brian McKenzie
    07/04/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    So what if you are a 'Nobody' - thus unsuccessful, that Doesn't Own a TV, Thinks Karma is Lazy, Keeps a Journal/Poetry/Blog, Changes Counties every year, Loathes SJW Entitlement, Has Long Range Goals and short term steps, Reads insatiably, and once dated a girl named Joy - but is still UNSUCCESSFUL - because nobody wants to know you when you are a NOBODY?
    Cory Galbraith
    07/04/2016 #1 Cory Galbraith
    I like it!
  3. Heinz J. Hafner

    Heinz J. Hafner

    I love books, especially on entrepreneurship and about ambitious people :-)
    Heinz J. Hafner
    11 Must-Read Books for Ambitious Leaders | Marketing Insider Group
    marketinginsidergroup.com Reading is more than fundamental. It’s essential to becoming a great leader. What you read has a profound effect on your decisions and lifestyle choices. We learn how to operate in this world by gaining valuable knowledge from people who came before...
  4. Master Social Entrepreneurship
    Master Social Entrepreneurship