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  1. Hayim Makabee

    Hayim Makabee

    Should we promote heroic software development?
    Hayim Makabee
    When Software Development Depends on Individual Heroic Efforts
    effectivesoftwaredesign.com It is a well-known fact that many software projects fail. Thus it is natural to ask: what is the main contributor for the success of software projects, the processes or the people? In other words,...
  2. ProducerStephenie Olson

    Stephenie Olson

    Meet SourceSeek - How do we match our clients w/ their teams?
    Meet SourceSeek - How do we match our clients w/ their teams?Matching clients with the best software teams is both a science and an art - here's how we do it at...
  3. Ethan Millar

    Ethan Millar

    Importance Of Custom Software Solutions For Companies And Businesses

    It’s a known fact that without automation today, thing can becomes very difficult. There are varieties of automation techniques which are made use of by several different kind of business.

    #Custom #Software #solution
    Ethan Millar
    Importance Of Custom Software Solutions For Companies And Businesses | Software Updates
  4. ProducerMark Hewitt

    Mark Hewitt

    Do You Understand the Internet of Things?
    Do You Understand the Internet of Things?By 2008, there were more "things" connected to the Internet than people. By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming from IoT over the next decade.With all the buzz and...


    Brian McKenzie
    05/08/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    I don't want my things connected nor broadcasting..... on the other hand - I am just itching to turn on all the washing machines in a zip code at once ..... just because.
    Phillip Hubbell
    05/08/2016 #1 Phillip Hubbell
    So much data, so much opportunity. One of the great opportunities will be learning and then teaching how to focus that data. Great post.
  5. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    Cinderella of IT projects
    Cinderella of IT projectsAmong variety of IT projects there is one very important activity that quite often just don’t get proper attention it deserves. Other projects boasts features of Artificial Intelligence, super-fast database performance, elegant User Interfaces...


    Daniel Paz
    18/07/2016 #3 Daniel Paz
    Data migration is a very complex matter, it requires a lot of time, resources and a huge preparation and planning work.
    And... if everything runs well nobody realizes, the system just works as any other day, but if something goes bad it's a disaster.
    Kevin Pashuk
    18/07/2016 #2 Kevin Pashuk
    You shine a light on one of the most important IT projects @Igor Topalov. Everyone seems to want to leverage "Big Data", but their organizational data are far from ready. I've booked lots of hours on data migration projects. Good data produces great answers.
    Joanna Hofman
    17/07/2016 #1 Joanna Hofman
    Igor, it is intersting buzz - I am not an expert but I learnt new things. Yes, I am amazed by Big Data, artificial intelligence etc. I like your conclusion : " Because only by miracle data could be migrated successfully and hassles free without proper and diligent preparation.."
    Thsnks a lot
  6. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    Are we at the same page?
    Are we at the same page?How often at meetings do you ask others – “are we at the same page”? Are you always sure that even if you see the confirming nods, participants do really understand what you are talking about? What is worse, once you get Nack on that inquiry –...
  7. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    Fostering collaborative leader-less teams  – Small units’ tactic #3
    Fostering collaborative leader-less teams – Small units’ tactic #3Dinosaurs became extinct because they were not quite agile to adapt to ever changing conditions of our planet. They were ferocious giants dominating entire planet, but, small mammals sneaked out from nowhere and stolen their glory and power.....
  8. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    “Explicit leadership” Vs. “Implicit governance” or how to get 200% growth on 20% investment – Small Units’ tactic #2
    “Explicit leadership” Vs. “Implicit governance” or how to get 200% growth on 20% investment – Small Units’ tactic #2If you opened this article to get more advises about leadership – close it immediately! You will not find herein any spells with magic words “woulda, shoulda, coulda” and final preaching for “more balanced approach”.  Before we move further I’d like...


    Igor Topalov
    27/06/2016 #4 Igor Topalov
    I've meant - that nonetheless I've been invited in as an IT consultant, not management consultant - I needed to contribute to improving of overall developers teams efficiency and proficiency! Yes, it took a lot of efforts to get access to ears of upper management and get them to support this idea, but it really worth it! At least you know that in order to trample out your traces other needs to step through them!
    Igor Topalov
    27/06/2016 #3 Igor Topalov
    I've come to necessity of social dynamics implementation through very simple fact - without support majority of efforts would be wasted!
    Igor Topalov
    27/06/2016 #2 Igor Topalov
    Quite an opposite.. First of all - all outlined is adoption of pedagogical methods developed and implemented in the beginning of 20th century (Anton Makarenko and others) + some basics of "social dynamics". Some of those approaches were implemented (not to full extent I have to admit, but with my influence) at three locations and shown VERY positive results.. .
    Daniel Anderson
    27/06/2016 #1 Daniel Anderson
    It's always interesting to read articles on, let's say, nontraditional managerial methods. Thanks for sharing this @Igor Topalov.
  9. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    Formula of an ideal group – Small units’ tactic #1
    Formula of an ideal group – Small units’ tactic #1That one who doesn’t think about remote consequences, Very soon will be faced with immediate problems.ConfuciusMighty castle could not be built on sands. Even if some playful jinni will manage to set a castle in such way, quite soon a castle either...
  10. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    Two metaphors to improve software development
    Two metaphors to improve software developmentThis is re-post of my post on LI Sooner or later almost every IT consultant faces with (or run into) the opportunity to influence on SW development process at particular client. Under such circumstances I’m coming with a ‘army regiment at war time’...
  11. ProducerSteven Brownlee

    Steven Brownlee

    Coding Academies are Essential
    Coding Academies are EssentialI read an article yesterday posted on the venerated, respected journal TechCrunch entitled "Coding Academies Are Nonsense". While I classify the assertions of the article as ignorant, myopic, and perhaps bitter, the main point that the author misses...
  12. Dapo Adeleke

    Dapo Adeleke

    Thinking & Life skills (Learn, know, grow)
    Thinking & Life skills (Learn, know, grow)
    Thinking & Life skills (Learn, know, grow) This Hive is about: (1.) LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT: Inquiry, Introspection, Creativity, Imagination, Exploration, Experiential; (2.) LIFE SKILLS: Logic/Reasoning, Philosophy, Psychology, Arts, Science, Neuroscience applications, Awareness of
  13. Lynda Spiegel

    Lynda Spiegel

    Lynda Spiegel
    How Job Seekers Can Get Around Flaws in Hiring Software
    blogs.wsj.com WSJ Leadership Expert Lynda Spiegel says there are ways to succeed with automated applicant tracking systems if you know how the machine...


    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    06/06/2016 #5 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #4 LOL, the "Pablo" is just my homage to beBee's Spanish origins. My Spanish is limited to ordering three beers (so I really need to be thirsty) and asking, "Where is the horse?" I'm not sure why I learned that second one.
    Lynda Spiegel
    06/06/2016 #4 Lynda Spiegel
    #1 Thank you, @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian (or muchas gracias, Pablo?) I was invited to join the WSJ "experts" panel last year, and am honored that they publish my articles.
    Lynda Spiegel
    06/06/2016 #3 Lynda Spiegel
    if it's been working for you, Brian, that's fine. it just reads as old school to many recruiters, not to mention being harder on the eyes than sans serif fonts,
    Brian McKenzie
    25/05/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    I had been pushing a resume in Times New Roman for years. FML
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    24/05/2016 #1 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    My, my, my, isn't beBee collecting the cream of the crop!!! Bees onForbes. Bees in Entrepreneur, and now a Bee in the WSJ ! You kick heinie Grrril!!!! Yes, I over-use exclamation points when I get excited!!!
  14. ProducerEkaterina Novoseltseva
    Top benefits of continuous integration
    Top benefits of continuous integrationFor more than a decade, software teams have benefited from agile development methods. They have adopted these incremental development practices, where solutions evolve through collaborative development.  Continuous integration (CI) and test-driven...


    Michelle Wright
    23/05/2016 #3 Michelle Wright
    Excellent buzz @Ekaterina Novoseltseva!! Great way to create better products and a perfect user experience.
    Susan Clark
    23/05/2016 #2 Susan Clark
    Interesting share @Ekaterina Novoseltseva, I think that for costumer service or increasing costumer experience anyone should put a pin on this one!
    Navinya Lee
    23/05/2016 #1 Navinya Lee
    The customer is always first. So this is great, especially for those offering products or services.