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Software Test Engineer

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A software testing engineer often works as part of a software company's quality assurance team. He or she checks software to ensure that the programs or utilities are performing properly.
  1. Dipika Queen

    Dipika Queen

    Dipika Queen
    SEO as Important Marketing Strategy
    www.bebee.com SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the best activity for the business enlargement. Since there are lots of websites you can find...
  2. Dipika Queen

    Dipika Queen

    Dipika Queen
    Web Design Company | Website Development Company | Ultimez Technology: What is Digital Marketing and what the benefits of it
    ultimeztechnologyblog.blogspot.in Digital Marketing is a shelter for all your online marketing effort. It is one or more forms of electronic media for the promotion of the products or...
  3. ProducerJulio Torres

    Julio Torres

    SENIOR QA TESTER -THE NETHERLANDSOur customer is a software manufacturer specialized in Marketing Apps for Smartphones. Job requirements We are looking for a 3 - 4 year experience Senior QA Tester for a job in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The...
  4. ProducerLianne Rhymes

    Lianne Rhymes

    10 Ways to Prepare for Marketing in 2017
    10 Ways to Prepare for Marketing in 2017As we are nearing the end of 2016, businesses are starting to put together forecasts for the new year in order to plan and prepare for what lies ahead. One way your business should be preparing is by putting marketing techniques in place...
  5. James Clappison

    James Clappison

    A plethora of test systems that synergise with modern and legacy products to ensure you are confident in your updates. (automated or manual)
    James Clappison
    Software Testing and Software Application Quality Solutions
    www.origsoft.com Welcome to Original Software's Testing Product Overview. Original Software deliver software test automation and application quality...
  6. Producerjason Hall

    jason Hall

    QuickBooks Customer Support Number 1-800-518-1838
    QuickBooks Customer Support Number 1-800-518-1838If you have no idea how to install QuickBooks accounting software, don’t be worried, just call QuickBooks Support Phone Number @1-855-888-1002 toll-free and get aid to install QuickBooks software just in minutes.  if you have any other Query...
    https://www.facebook.com/viadelanina/ RENATO DELA NINA
  8. ProducerNir Eyal

    Nir Eyal

    Die Dashboards, Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software
    Die Dashboards, Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent SoftwareIn years to come, conversations will breathe new life into software—particularly the boring enterprise tools millions of knowledge workers begrudgingly use every day. Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) work because of our familiarity with...


    Javier beBee
    09/08/2016 #4 Javier beBee
    Thanks for sharing @Nir Eyal and welcome to beBee!!!
    Cepee Tabibian
    09/08/2016 #3 Cepee Tabibian
    Thanks for sharing @Nir Eyal and welcome to beBee!
    Sarah Allen
    09/08/2016 #2 Sarah Allen
    Interesting. I like where this is headed. Whether it's due to decision fatigue or just plain confusion I find myself frustrated, overwhelmed and having lost a lot of time searching for info on a new system. Interfaces that listen and learn and adapt to the user's needs is the future.
    Miriam Rogado Luesma
    09/08/2016 #1 Miriam Rogado Luesma
    Good reflection
  9. Edessa Dioquino

    Edessa Dioquino

    Lately, when I run or exit eclipse Mars, it hangs and I have to do the end task option. This happened several times. I've tried updating Java, and the usual restart of eclipse and pc, but nothing worked. The solution I've found was to update all the installed software in eclipse. And voila! here's the new eclipse Mars version 2... It looks pretty neat and everything's working fine now. Edessa Dioquino
  10. Dapo Adeleke

    Dapo Adeleke

    Thinking & Life skills (Learn, know, grow)
    Thinking & Life skills (Learn, know, grow)
    Thinking & Life skills (Learn, know, grow) This Hive is about: (1.) LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT: Inquiry, Introspection, Creativity, Imagination, Exploration, Experiential; (2.) LIFE SKILLS: Logic/Reasoning, Philosophy, Psychology, Arts, Science, Neuroscience applications, Awareness of
  11. Producerhina dave

    hina dave

    Peugeot’s 3008 New Crossover
    Peugeot’s 3008 New CrossoverWith new Peugeot’s 3008 all of its predecessors are left behind, a more muscular looks, a tall front end, angular lights, C-pillars produces illusion of a floating roof. sloping center console angled , a high resolution screen comes out...
  12. Dr. Corinthia Price
    Build the Disney Theme Park of Your Dreams
    Dr. Corinthia Price
    New game lets you build the Disney theme park of your dreams
    www.orlandosentinel.com A new app lets you combine the best parts of Disney Parks into the ultimate theme...
  13. Praveen Manchukonda
    Praveen Manchukonda


    Praveen Manchukonda
    14/03/2016 #1 Praveen Manchukonda
    Want to learn Loadrunner in-depth then contact me at
  14. Sara Garcia

    Sara Garcia

    Des de Adecco de Reus estamos seleccionando Software C#, Si te interesa inscribete
  15. Cristian Randieri, PhD -President & CEO of Intellisystem.it   @C_Randieri
    beBee ITALY https://www.bebee.com/group/bebee-italy
    Cristian Randieri, PhD -President & CEO of Intellisystem.it   @C_Randieri
    Adiós Firefox OS, Mozilla abandona el desarrollo
    hipertextual.com Dos años después de su lanzamiento, Mozilla anuncia que ya no desarrollará Firefox OS para...


  16. Cristian Randieri, PhD -President & CEO of Intellisystem.it   @C_Randieri
    Cristian Randieri, PhD -President & CEO of Intellisystem.it   @C_Randieri
    New Sleep Number technology watches you while you're awake, too
    mashable.com The newest Sleep Number "It" bed analyze how you sleep and keeps track of what you do during the day to tell you how to maximize your sleep...
  17. Paulina Martinez
    Se solicita, Desarrollador .NEt, JAVA o Mainframe para empresa de Estados Unidos con renombre Internacional*** Paulina Martinez