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Solopreneur Savvy

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A community for Solopreneurs and Solo Entrepreneurs.

The last few years have introduced a dizzying array of marketing technologies for solopreneur businesses to thrive.; yet many of us long to make sense of this ever changing landscape.

What better place than here to share stories, compare notes, talk about our experiences and learn from each other's best practices?
  1. Larry Boyer, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    Jackson Rithie is fed up with LinkedIn and moving his business to Facebook and Twitter. Do you have any other suggestions for him? Check out his Pulse article.
    Larry Boyer, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    Moving my Business From LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter - Here's Why
    www.linkedin.com Below is screen shots of communications with LinkedIn on why they restrict building business networks to 30K. They are happy to use our FREE CONTENT to build a business they sell for $26BILLION+...


  2. Juergen Berkessel
    Juergen Berkessel
    Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap
    polymash.com How to build a digital strategy roadmap using design thinking and value proposition methods that improves all aspects of web design and content...
  3. Juergen Berkessel
    Juergen Berkessel
    Digital Strategies: Rebranding, Reinventing as a Solopreneur
    polymash.com As a solopreneur, here are the digital strategies that helped me rebrand, reinvent, and realign my content to be relevant and found in digital...
  4. Juergen Berkessel
    Juergen Berkessel
    Forget design - focus on digital transformation
    polymash.com We live in an age or accelerating change, disruption and re-invention. Use this as a catalyst for digital...