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  1. Doug Wuebben

    Doug Wuebben

    90% of songoraphers scan in pain with 30% becoming disabled. Here is part 5 of 5 in a series of movement training that can be done to correct sonographer pain/injury.
    Doug Wuebben
    Living Pain-Free: Sonographer back pain, part 5
    www.auntminnie.com In the fifth part of their series on correcting the movement problems that cause back pain, coach Mark Roozen and echocardiographer Doug Wuebben address the quadratus lumborum muscle, an often-overlooked source of back pain for...


    Doug Wuebben
    07/02/2016 #1 Doug Wuebben
    Sonographer pain and injury is epidemic. Read how our company educates sonographers and others on how to combat this epidemic.