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Spirituality: Shamans - beBee

Spirituality: Shamans

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  1. ProducerMichele Cempaka

    Michele Cempaka

    A Pathway to Non Ordinary Reality
    A Pathway to Non Ordinary RealityI've just embarked on a new journey which is taking me deeper into the self. I am beginning a three year advanced training program which I'm already sensing will profoundly change my life and the lives of all the people who cross my path in this...
  2. ProducerEgyirba High

    Egyirba High

    Your Salvation Lies in You
    Your Salvation Lies in You“The only power which can illuminate you is your own mind! No other mind can lighten you if your mind insists to remain in the darkness! The fate of your fate is within you!”                                                                          ...
  3. Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    Not just any Shaman- Interview with Max J. Carter

    WED, 2/8, 330pm PST

    Show link:

    Guy: So Dude, you're a Shaman? Rock on man with your voodoo abacadabra!

    Max: Nah Man, you don't get it. Yes I am a Shaman, a Rock n Roll Shaman in fact- and yeah, I can do some shit.

    Me: So Max, by shit I take it you're not talking about fornificating with feces?

    I will let Max answer that in a moment.

    So excited to bring on a Guest whom I started my journey in radio with, who has been following his gifts as well on how he best gives back to the world.

    Joining me is Max J. Carter, Founder of the Church of Rock n Roll, sharing his journey as a Shaman and what that means for him and those he serves. Listeners will also get a chance to learn more about Max's methods in helping others on their journey.

    Connect with Max on beBee or LinkedIn for many great articles he's written.

    Also, check out Max's services at:

    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko


    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    09/02/2017 #1 Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    Join us in just a few today!
    (330pm PST)
  4. Selim Yeniçeri

    Selim Yeniçeri

    Selim Yeniçeri
    Soul Card: Pride
    thechurchofrocknroll.org There is no more perfect sentence to illustrate how we live the Law of Reflection. To see better reflections of us we must first become the projection of ourselves we desire most. Pride can go...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    24/07/2016 #3 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #1 #2 Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing; I do long to know more.
  5. ProducerMargaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Memoir Madness From Obi Wan to Shaman here's my 1
    Memoir Madness From Obi Wan to Shaman here's my 1I've been letting the idea of exploring my earliest memory stew in the back of my mind. As a Shaman I am very focused on the here and now and staying present in this never ending now. I wasn't always like this and it was my previous dives into the...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    23/07/2016 #2 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Just amazing and awesome, the circle of life that is betwixt, unending, winding and simultaneously as narrow as the Creator planned and knew. Thank you for getting straight and personal, and who would have known that Star Wars would have been such a memory of a lifetime? Incredibly incredible. Sweet writing, too and lovely to have you here as I anticipate your writings will not have a 'genre' but rather be a new display. Keep on keepin' on!