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Sporttauchen - beBee


~ 100 buzzes
Tauchen - Bienenstock bei beBee. Hier kannst du frei buzzes über deine Unterwasserabenteurer teilen!
  1. ProducerAndrey Narchuk

    Andrey Narchuk

    Sea jewels - Драгоценности моря
    Sea jewels - Драгоценности моряMany believe that the squid is a deep-dwellers. However, this applies only to a few species.Reef squid contrary rise to the surface at night. They are attracted by the light coming from the buildings located on the shore. And also the fact that the...


    Froilán Pérez
    11/11/2016 #1 Froilán Pérez
    @Andrey Narchuk you are truly talented! I hope we get our translation tool ready soon, so we can learn from you :D!
    I would love to learn more about your techniques, the equipement you use, and the postprocessing ... Everything!

    thank you again for sharing!