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To Sustainability and 4 more
Michael Eisman
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To Fashion and Beauty and 4 more
What鈥檚 the story with sustainability?

What鈥檚 the story with sustainability?

Avoid the hype and make informed decisions I am sure most of you have noticed the latest buzzwordin the apparel industry, 鈥淪USTAINABILITY鈥. But how many of you know what this term means, andwhat it means to the apparel industry, in particular?...

Sushmita Jain

Sushmita Jain

Michael Eisman I agree with your statement 'Respect is not earned. Whoever has the most money gets the most respect, regardless. Managers are supposed to be 鈥淵es men鈥. This is the culture in Asia.' can't say about Asia but you are definitely correct bout India.