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  1. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    the Big Word Conundrum...

    Do not use big words to impress your audience. Clearly every market sector will have its' own technical jargon that is relevant, hot, and required - but avoid using the 12 dollar words just for the sake of having them.

    Your first clue that the word is out of scope for your presentation - you have to look up how to spell or pronounce it. Yep, if it is not part of your everyday speech, chances are that your audience isn't wrangling that word much either.

    Other words to watch for and avoid - acronyms, abbreviations, foreign words, long technical terms. There will come a time when you have to use each of these (the medical field is notoriously full of greek / latin words) If you do use them, make sure that you define them, clearly - either on the screen in text, or a verbal explanation of the full scope concept of the word you are attempting to integrate.

    It is best to avoid them altogether if you can. Don't speak to your audience like they are children, but don't try and dazzle them with your highfalutin lexicon chicanery . If you are consulting a dictionary or thesaurus for filler and fluff into your talk....stop, step away, and come back to reality. Hemingway is famously noted for writing between the 3rd & 5th grade levels - you should aim for that same target with your public speaking efforts.

    More next Time
    PS - did you find all the big words that could have been & should have been replaced? What would you have used instead?
    Brian McKenzie
  2. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Standing in the Spotlight -
    Let's face it - public speaking can be frightening, most will avoid it out of sheer fright....and many of those that do get up to do it - will put a death grip on the podium like it is their lifeline.

    I have been doing professional briefings, seminars and training for nearly 30 years. Trust me when I say, the podium is not your friend. You need to step out from behind it. Less than 10% of your message are the actual words you are using - your body language is the predominant telegraph of your communication and conversation. This is doubly so if you are in a large auditorium and it is difficult for anyone but the front few rows to see your facial expressions.

    You need to step out from behind the podium, and own the stage. I do not mean waltz or moonwalk, but you should cover enough of the stage that your audience does not fixate on you like another piece of furniture.

    Do you have questions, fears, or curiosity about public speaking ? Chime in below; let's get the conversation started - because when you can interact and connect with the audience ~ everything is easier.
    Brian McKenzie
  3. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    The Biggest Step to overcoming Fear - Self Doubt / Public Humiliation.

    Most people dread public speaking because they fear making a fool of themselves, to being seen as a joke, stupid, or worse completely unprepared. And only one of those is a valid concern - you control prep, that is it. Most people do not care about you, hell - the vast majority of them don't know you, you are a passing nobody to them. You are a 6 second distraction between their favorite apps and their next latte.
    So why do you give them so much power over your life, your success, your attitude?

    NOBODY gives a shit about you and your little story, product, song & dance, packaged fairy tale - unless it somehow resonates with something that has occurred in their life or will directly affect their pocket book. Honestly - quit giving them power over your moods and your aptitude - they are a faceless, nameless herd of meat sacks with errant bones for stability... until you connect with them; until your lives actually touch in a genuine and authentic way that has worth and compassion.

    You are not a special butterfly, you are not a unique snowflake - and neither are they. If I have offended the delicate sensibilities of any purple penguins - welcome to real life, there are no trophies for just showing up.
    Fight Club - This Is Your Life
    Fight Club - This Is Your Life awesommeee, just had the urge to upload this, fantastic... just...
  4. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Call Me:
    Do you have a Public Speaking Fear? Do you have a big presentation coming up that is leaving you sleepless at night? Do you have social anxiety about meeting new people and 'networking'?
    Drop me a note in email, or chime in the buzz here.

    The tips in this Hive are general in scope - I can help you with your personal obstacles in a more private and dedicated session. And if you are truly scared - I can do a web broadcast for your topic for you. Professional video equipment will be arriving next month - but in the meantime - consider me your Skype Life Line if you need it.

    Call me - I can show you how you can Master Public Speaking.
    Blondie-Call Me
    Blondie-Call Me An excellent video of Blondie mega hit Call...
  5. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple, Stupid.
    Do not bore your audience, do not keep them longer than the appointed time. If you are speaking at a corporate briefing - and your content can be delivered in 15 minutes - THEN DO THAT. Do NOT drone on for an hour about tedium, redundancies, and blathering boring prattle.

    Say it in as few words as possible. Keep the big words out of your presentation. You do not want your audience confused by the meaning of "discombobulated".... when you could have used the world CONFUSED.

    Get in, Get it Done, Get out - Ask for questions. You want to spend your time on the questions because that is where the traction comes from - it is the best way to gauge your audience's attention and connection. Do not rush off stage without asking for questions.

    And to help you remember it - a little Tom Jones - in Tribute to Prince. Smile on me baby - and keep it SIMPLE.
    TOM JONES - KISS (VIDEO OFFICIAL) Este es mi primer video que subo, un video de Tom Jones "Kiss". Espero que les guste...
  6. Javier 🐝 beBee
    Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
    Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger Music video by Survivor performing Eye Of The Tiger. (C) 1993 Volcano Entertainment III,...


    Brian McKenzie
    12/05/2016 #5 Brian McKenzie
    Inspirational Pump:
    A lot of speakers and trainers have recommended a THEME song to get you in the mood. One that you either listen to before you go on stage - or one that you blare as your anthem as you get to the mic. You will notice that Politicians are famous for this too, especially this season.
    Back in the day ( I started public speaking with the Military at Intelligence Training school at 16 in 1986) the big song for lead in was EYE of the Tiger. Everybody seemed to love that guitar beat, and that lead in - you heard it before track meets, and it was on heavy rotation for students getting up on the stage.

    A song - especially when it is loud - gets the audience's attention - it wakes them up - it breaks them out of their 6 second attention span theater. Many will identify personal history with that song - so you want to choose one (if you use one) that strikes the cord of what you want to talk about - the vibe you want to set and inspire.

    Bruce Springsteen shut down Ronald Reagan from using Born in the USA for his campaign (and if you know the song beyond the chorus - it was probably a bad choice to begin with for a 'New Day in America' meme) The Original Bill and Hillary Show used Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop - and nearly forever destroyed the song for me. 'Wind Beneath My Wings" is one that is always attached to survivors and support teams.

    Do you use a song to pump you up, get you motivated, to draw in the crowd ? Tell us your anthem.
    And yes - here is that Rocky Riff - you know you need it.
    Louise Smith
    07/05/2016 #4 Louise Smith
    this one is popular -rightly so!
    Alessandra Souza
    30/09/2015 #1 Alessandra Souza
  7. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Imagine your Audience Naked:

    I don't know who came up with this gem, but I have heard since my first days up on the stage in the 80's. For me - this doesn't work. At all. I personally would not recommend the tactic.

    It comes from the place of getting you to understand - hey, rather than be frightened of speaking - think of them as naked to take your mind off of you and your anxiety. I can't do this. Invariably there will be a hot girl 4 rows back and well now I am thinking of her naked, on a beach, with margaritas and a warm glow of coconut oil, jammin reggae, a nice breeze and the waiting athletic and frantic tryst of sexual calisthenics
    See the trouble this gets me into - definitely not EEOC territory.

    Your audience is there 1) because they HAVE to be (ie it is a forced evolution of tired, mundane, tedious requirements on somebody's quarterly checklist that needs to be crossed off) or 2) they are excited and eager to hear what you have to say about your company, product, service or expertise. In either case - they are NOT there for your pervy naughty voyeur fantasies ! Do not undress your audience!

    Who has used this trick? Does it actually work for you? Chime in - we live to hear the tale.
    Brian McKenzie
  8. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Most People Have a Great Fear of Public Speaking - a large number would rather jump out of an airplane or face a closed room full of spiders than to get up in front of a crowd to speak. Having both Jumped out of Planes and done a great deal of Public Speaking - I will show you tips and tricks to break down your fear.
    Open place for all those that Hate to Public Speak - and those that Enjoy it too. Bring your advise, stories, dilemmas here - a new hive to learn, discover and succeed.
    The first step is, as they say - always where the adventure begins,..... OK - maybe 'THEY' don't say that, but I always have.
    Brian McKenzie