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The Image Coach

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All about Personality Development, Grooming, Power Dressing, Etiquette, Personal Style, Communication skills, Body Language, Charisma.

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  1. Reena Saxena


    Manage your digital footprint
    Reena Saxena
    Digital Footprint
    www.imageconsultinginstitute.com What is Digital Footprint and why does it matter? Digital Footprint is the footprint you leave behind in the digital world of the Internet. In today’s day and age it is almost impossible for most people not to have a digital footprint. We form a...
  2. Reena Saxena


    Reena Saxena
    7 keys to make heads turn
    reinventionsreena.wordpress.com You are watched, if you are successful. And you are on the path to success, if you are watched. Mark Zuckerberg, with his penchant for the grey hoodie, and Liz Taylor, who travelled with 90...