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  1. ProducerJacob Molz

    Jacob Molz

    This Is How Your Transportation Authority Should Manage Incidents
    This Is How Your Transportation Authority Should Manage Incidents“A commuter train outside Philadelphia smashed into a parked train car, hurting 42 passengers early Tuesday, but an official said none of the injuries were life-threatening,” according to Scott Neuman’s recent NPR article entitled “More Than 40...
  2. ProducerRick Delgado

    Rick Delgado

    Big Data Application in the Transportation Industry
    Big Data Application in the Transportation IndustryThe U.S. is facing a new, millennial reality. In 2015, millennials numbered 83.1 million, surpassing the baby boomer population making them the largest generation in America.  With this change, organizations across every industry have made it a top...


  3. ProducerSarah Christie

    Sarah Christie

    Moving and Storage Guide including the Top 7 Tips From the Pros
    Moving and Storage Guide including the Top 7 Tips From the ProsWhether you have a bridge loan, are building a house, or renovating - you will need need to find a moving and storage company.  There are many different storage options - more popular options being mini-storage, overnight storage and storage pods....
  4. Sarah Christie

    Sarah Christie

    Moving Company Pricing Guide - Negotiate Your Way to the Best Value for Your Move!

    Sarah Christie
    Moving Company Pricing Guide | Mover Help – Tips, Advice, and How To Move
  5. Sarah Pelham

    Sarah Pelham

    Want to see why we are #1 in the nation and how we have numerous Stevie Awards for "Ease of Use"? Check out the case study below and call me when you want to take a deeper look into how I can help your company grow. 727.674.2839
    Sarah Pelham
    Fleet Management Case Studies | Fleetmatics
    www.fleetmatics.com View fleet management case studies by industry or fleet size. Read case studies for the distribution, service, delivery & transportation...
  6. Sarah Pelham

    Sarah Pelham

    I help companies improve their businesses by helping them reduce their expenses of everyday business through increased productivity, reduced fuel costs and decreased labor costs. The businesses I partner with rely heavily on their vehicles to generate revenue for their company. Along with delivering a very strong return on investment, I give my customers visibility, more control and peace of mind.

    Fleetmatics is the industry's leading provider of fleet management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Our solution offers real-time insight into vehicle activity to reduce operational costs and improve customer service. As of March 2016, Fleetmatics serves over 37,000 customers, has installed more than 730,000 vehicles worldwide, and is adding thousands of vehicles monthly.

    For more information please contact me directly at (727) 674- 2839. Thanks!
    Sarah Pelham
    GPS Customer Stories & Testimonials | Fleetmatics
    www.fleetmatics.com Fleetmatics GPS fleet & vehicle tracking software is used by these customers, hear what they have to...
  7. Erika Armstrong

    Erika Armstrong

    It's never just one thing...
    Erika Armstrong
    How A Bad Approach-To-Landing Happens, In 5 Steps
    www.boldmethod.com When things don't go as planned, you need to take control of your situation (and the traffic...
  8. William 🐝 Rakow
    William 🐝 Rakow