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  1. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Are you tired of prissy SUVs? Pimped out Princess parking lot cruisers that never see mud - that are entirely too much Barbie and not enoug G.I. Joe? Sad that the Land Rover Discovery has met it's last season? Look no further than Mother Russia ! They still build 'em rugged, rough and ready to be abused.

    This is the HUNTER UAZ - built nearly the same way as it was from the days of the Old Soviet and it's service in the Red Star Military. The stock model comes with a full steel body - including the roof. If you want the soft doors and top - that is an after market option - along with the half tailgate. From the military side of the house, you can get them equipped as an ambulance or shortbox truck - the second would be my option.

    A full time four wheel drive was recently updated to let you move out electronically to a two wheel set up. Other than that, fuel injection is really the only nod to modern electronics. Forget the notions of GPS, Satellite road-side assistance or synching your phone - this ain't that rig. But if you want a truck that you can pop off the doors, and hose out the mud - this is that mule to ride.

    Powerplant choices are a 2.6L Gas engine rated at 128 hp or a 2.2L Diesel motor cranking 114hp. Neither is built for a great top speed. This Soviet anachronism is built to be a goat out on the trails. Putting the gears to work is all a manual affair - forget the idea of an automatic. The brakes are drums in the rear and heart disks up front that have the heart of a farm tractor for durability. Rolling on 16 inch rims, the knobbies are not there for window dressing.

    If you want to throw open the hood and wrench away the week, this is your last chance to get to a truck that actually is friendly to a home trained mechanic. If you want to pose and style at the Starbucks - go get a Hummer H3.
    Brian McKenzie
  2. ProducerRhett Davis

    Rhett Davis

    What Your Truck Needs After a Day in the Mud
    What Your Truck Needs After a Day in the MudA day in the off-road tracks can be fun and exciting for truck enthusiasts. While you're having fun, however, your truck is sustaining a beating from the harsh outdoors. Doing the necessary maintenance prolongs your truck parts' lifespan and, more...


    Adam Sears
    04/12/2016 #1 Adam Sears
    Amen. Gotta have fun, but if your equipment isn't taken care of then you are no longer having any fun!