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Valueflow - beBee


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This hive is all about using agile and lean techniques and principles to increase the flow of value to the customer. The goal is to build a new modern model for managing knowledge work.
  1. ProducerEllen Gottesdiener
    Five Ways a Product Owner Can Build Trust
    Five Ways a Product Owner Can Build TrustFor project teams to work together effectively, team members and stakeholders need trust. Each team member (product managers and owners, leaders, subject matter experts, and technical staff) have different roles and different interests.As a product...
  2. ProducerEllen Gottesdiener
    Slicing User Stories, Delivering Value
    Slicing User Stories, Delivering ValueAre you on one of the many agile teams struggling with backlogs and user stories? Don’t give up. I teamed up with Jeff Sutherland, CEO of Scrum Inc., to deliver a webinar called “Slicing User Stories.” We focused on helping teams manage their...
  3. ProducerTom Vandewiele

    Tom Vandewiele

    Agile transformations: crash diet or lifestyle change (part 1)
    Agile transformations: crash diet or lifestyle change (part 1)A crash diet is a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results. This might be a quick fix in terms of weight but it will not be sustainable and doesn’t make you more healthy. As an agile...