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VoIP Termination and Origination - beBee

VoIP Termination and Origination

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VoIP is the future of Telecommunications. Wholesale VoIP, TDM carriers, and anyone related to the Telecom industry may join our group to discuss opportunities, exchange ideas and meet fellow industry peers.
  1. ProducerAndrew Helton

    Andrew Helton

    What is NPA-NXX billing?
    What is NPA-NXX billing?Before we answer the question at hand, let’s cover what NPA-NXX means.Breaking down NPA-NXXWhen looking at a telephone number from the USA, you will have 10 digits listed as so NPA-NXX-XXXX.NPA identifies the first 3 digits as the Numbering Plan...
  2. ProducerAndrew Helton

    Andrew Helton

    What does BYOV mean?  And how can it help save your company money?
    What does BYOV mean? And how can it help save your company money?BYOV represents an abbreviation of Bring Your Own VoIP.BYOV is related to VoIP telephony technology such as SIP Trunks, DID numbers, and T.38 faxing. Typically companies who offer cloud based telephony services have an option for you to BYOV. These...