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  1. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Is beBee Becoming a Habit Fractal?
    Is beBee Becoming a Habit Fractal?I enjoy reading and the exchange of ideas with interested readers. I used to spend good times reading posts on other platforms and posting on them as well. All of a sudden I found myself much more immersed in beBee and almost solely publishing...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    14/06/2016 #62 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #61 Oh! Hahaha! Jajaja! I'm laughing so hard that I am not paying attention to making any honey, but hey: Laughter is the best medicine! So thanks for my dose for the day, and hope you get a chuckle, too!
    Ali Anani
    14/06/2016 #61 Ali Anani
    #60 Where the bees blush, there blush I @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    14/06/2016 #60 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #59 Do bees blush? For certainly, @Ali Anani I'm blushing because you are too kind!
    Ali Anani
    14/06/2016 #59 Ali Anani
    #58 As the beautifying comment of yours Margaret @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD shall stay sterile for long times
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    14/06/2016 #58 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Short and simple, I think the honey production here is short and simple. No one can contaminate it, as honey can remain 100% sterile for 1,000 years......
    Sara Jacobovici
    08/06/2016 #57 Sara Jacobovici
    #56 I appreciate what you are saying @Ali Anani. We have a mutual respect that allows for the exchange of critical thinking; "the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue", idea or opinion.
    Ali Anani
    08/06/2016 #56 Ali Anani
    #55 If @Sara Jacobovici makes a critical comment I have to listen because of my awareness of her unique contributions. The source of comment is important in this case. Would you agree?
    Sara Jacobovici
    08/06/2016 #55 Sara Jacobovici
    #54 I don't know and don't need to know the exact comment @Ali Anani. All I can say is that in any community and social engagement, there is a minimum of expectation regarding exchange of opinions. At the same time, we don't have control over others' personalities and so it is important to remember that a negative behavior reflects on the person it's coming from, not at who it was directed.
    Ali Anani
    08/06/2016 #54 Ali Anani
    #52 The enter send the message directly and this is annoying as enter naturally means starting a new line. I started a new line because of you @Lisa Gallagher and @Anees Zaidi, @CityVP Manjit, @Sara Jacobovici and all my friends here. I love comments, but also I like explanations. If you tell me my writing is bad that is OK. But at least give me one reason so that I may improve. This is the real issue. I make a habit even of extracting the main points or highlighting the part that I liked most so that my feedback may be of benefit and not a comment that is like shooting darts in the darkness..
    Ali Anani
    08/06/2016 #53 Ali Anani
    #52: Healthy discussions without pointing fingers, yes, harsh criticism, No".
    Lisa Gallagher
    08/06/2016 #52 Lisa Gallagher
    I read this again @Ali Anani and I think the points you made are very valid. I for one, find it wonderful to read diverse posts- I learn from others in this way. So, in a sense I migrate away from my comfort zone.

    There are some who will disagree with the next statement I make and that's ok. But, I also find there is a nice way to disagree without coming off like a 'know it all,' or as a rude person." I find there is no reason what so ever to become such a vocal person at the expense of hurting another's feelings. No one is paid to write on Social Media, so I don't agree that BECAUSE we write we are subject to criticism. Healthy discussions without pointing fingers, yes, harsh criticism, No.

    If I become a paid pundit or writer that writes controversial topics, by all means criticize me. However, if I'm writing to share information, a personal story etc.. and I'm not pointing fingers at others in my writings I find it rude for anyone to tell me my thoughts are wrong. My thoughts are just that, mine.

    I'm glad I read this again because most people write for the same reasons you, myself and many others do- to share and discuss on a human level. We expect nothing in return except common decency.
    Lisa Gallagher
    02/06/2016 #51 Lisa Gallagher
    #50 Thank you @Anees Zaidi, thinking like this gets me through many tough times. :)) Find a beautiful garden and take that walk. My senses open up literally when I'm surrounded by all the free beauty mother nature shares on planet earth.
    Anees Zaidi
    01/06/2016 #50 Anees Zaidi
    #8 @Lisa Gallagher you have such a beautiful mind. 'Feel like a child exploring a beautiful garden, so many colors, beautiful scents and designs!' Your these words make me feel like (physically) walking in this beautiful garden.
    Ali Anani
    01/06/2016 #49 Ali Anani
    @Anees Zaidi- my next buzz on Ideas Brush is an expanded view on this one. Yes, we need Ideas Brush
    Ali Anani
    01/06/2016 #48 Ali Anani
    #47 I agree with you dear @Anees Zaidi fully. We are where we find more nectar and better environment.
    Anees Zaidi
    01/06/2016 #47 Anees Zaidi
    @Ali Anani In a very short span of time visiting beBee to start my day has become a habit for me. I echo my words with you and @Sara Jacobovici. Migration from one place to another or from one platform to another becomes very easy and smooth if we are clear about our 'why' (the purpose). beBee has provided us the answer to our question.
    Ali Anani
    01/06/2016 #46 Ali Anani
    #42 @Sara Jacobovici- I am truly honored by your kind words and appreciation. I have not been less influenced by you either. Let us form an idea brush. Yes, I mean it.
    Ali Anani
    01/06/2016 #45 Ali Anani
    #43 @Lisa Gallagher- I am publishing in twenty minutes. I shall send you the link. Mind you I changed the title of the buzz to "The Ideas Brush".
    Lisa Gallagher
    01/06/2016 #44 Lisa Gallagher
    @Sara Jacobovici, nicely articulated! "The why," so true, without pause we it's not possible to watch the flowers grow. My grandmother had a beautiful garden which reminds me of 'The secret garden,' I used to go into her garden and get lost in my thoughts/imagination. At one with nature!
    Lisa Gallagher
    01/06/2016 #43 Lisa Gallagher
    #38 @Ali Anani, well I feel very honored!! Please, if I miss it- will you send me a link? I'm running a hive and I've noticed I missed a few articles contained within my hive too. Thanks for the congrats, we are SO excited. After losing mom, I keep reminding myself if I become sad that we are gaining a new life- that gives me happy chills. When we have grandchildren we can live vicariously through them and with them! The new little one will be loved by so many. He/she also will have loving grandparents on my daughter's husband's side of the family too. My daughter's mother in law is from Okinawa and she's so much fun. We get along like sisters and I've learned so much from her and about her culture.