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  1. ProducerSabrina Cadini, Live Streaming Wedding Entrepreneur
    Be more than a wedding planner for your clients
    Be more than a wedding planner for your clientsToday’s topic is not so much about business practices, it’s mostly about emotions and psychology. Let’s face it, planning weddings and working with wedding couples involves that emotional aspect that makes these events unique and completely...
  2. ProducerSabrina Cadini, Live Streaming Wedding Entrepreneur
    Tips to promote and use custom Snapchat filters for weddings
    Tips to promote and use custom Snapchat filters for weddingsLast weekend I had the privilege to plan and coordinate an outdoor wedding at the San Diego Botanic Garden. It was a beautiful celebration, all outdoor, with lots of vegetation all around. We had wooden, rustic farm tables for the guests with wooden...
  3. ProducerSabrina Cadini, Live Streaming Wedding Entrepreneur
    Stop selling yourself short
    Stop selling yourself shortStop selling yourself short. Too often my coaching clients experience the same situation: they meet with clients, present their services or products, and they lose. When I ask them what went wrong they realize they minimized their skills, qualities,...


    Miguel 🐝 López Oliva
    04/04/2017 #1 Miguel 🐝 López Oliva
    Nice article Sabrina! It is easy to have an idea better than the competiton, the hardest thing is believing in you and your project to show the world you are the best, EVEN if you are not. Is not what you are, is what you express.
  4. ProducerSabrina Cadini, Live Streaming Wedding Entrepreneur
    The #WeddingPreneurs Lounge: Who is your ideal client?
    The #WeddingPreneurs Lounge: Who is your ideal client?Who is your ideal client? This is not something new, you might have heard about the concept of “client avatar” for a while now however, not many business owners pay attention to it. Most of my coaching clients don’t have a client avatar or they...


    Sabrina Cadini, Live Streaming Wedding Entrepreneur
    20/03/2017 #2 Sabrina Cadini, Live Streaming Wedding Entrepreneur
    #1 Awesome, @Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA 🐝! I have a couple of coaching clients who are not in the wedding industry and the concept is helping them a lot
    Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA  🐝
    18/03/2017 #1 Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA 🐝
    This concept is new to me. I am not in the wedding business but I will apply it to corporate event planning and see what comes out of it.
  5. Sandra Aaron

    Sandra Aaron

    What happens when you want a destination wedding in Mexico without getting married on the beach? Here are 5 options.
    Sandra Aaron
    5 Destination Wedding Sites in Mexico that are not on the Beach
    www.simchatravel.com A dream wedding on the beach in Mexico, or not. For some couples planning to get married or renew vows in coveted destinations in Mexico, it's just not their style to have sandy feet and sea salt-crusted hems of gowns on that special day.  Even...
  6. Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    The Big Fake Wedding
    www.farmburger.net The Big Fake...


    Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    06/02/2017 #1 Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    The Big Fake Wedding is an alternative to a traditional bridal show, featuring a cocktail dinner and reception. As a vendor, Farm Burger will be serving up delicious, local bites that brides and grooms could choose to serve at their own wedding!
    For more info, please visit http://thebigfakewedding.com/
  7. Marine Robert

    Marine Robert

    Jolie table de mariage. Peut-être un peu too much? En tout cas j'aime bien
    ©Parekh Cards
    Marine Robert
  8. Marine Robert

    Marine Robert

    ©Pinterest Marine Robert


    inmaculada cano aranda
    30/10/2016 #4 inmaculada cano aranda
    Irene Lopez
    27/10/2016 #3 Irene Lopez
    Wow... que bonito!!!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    27/10/2016 #2 Javier 🐝 beBee
    très jolie !
    Sophie Perrin
    27/10/2016 #1 Sophie Perrin
  9. ProducerElise Morgan

    Elise Morgan

    Beauty appointments to schedule before your wedding
    Beauty appointments to schedule before your weddingLike organizing a wedding isn’t stressful enough, brides-to-be have another thing to worry about – their personal appearance. Just like you would book a wedding hall or a band months in advance, there are certain beauty appointments that should be...
  10. ProducerLindsey Patterson
    5 Types of Bridal Makeup
    5 Types of Bridal MakeupWhen it comes to your wedding day, you want to look your absolute best. Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal wedding makeup look will be for their big day – maybe it’s dark, dramatic makeup to go with your flowing, off the shoulder...
  11. ProducerLindsey Patterson
    Top Wedding Accessories That Are Worth the Splurge
    Top Wedding Accessories That Are Worth the SplurgeWhen creating your wedding budget, it's hard to choose which items to splurge on and which ones to save on. Bridal accessories can be as important as your dress because they pull the whole look together. Check out the list below for wedding day...
  12. ProducerLindsey Patterson
    The Right Wedding Dress Neckline For Your Body Type
    The Right Wedding Dress Neckline For Your Body TypeAh. Your wedding day. The day you leave behind "Miss" and become "Mrs." Naturally, you want everything to look just right, including and especially your wedding dress. Many different styles exist that would flatter different body types. This...
  13. ProducerPreeti Sangal

    Preeti Sangal

    Indian Wedding Sarees Online – Traditional Connection With Women
    Indian Wedding Sarees Online – Traditional Connection With WomenThe fashion world is incomplete without mixture of tradition, glamorous style and rich designs in clothes for wedding. The wedding or engagement function is always the target of fashion industry. No doubt this industry gets huge attention...


    James Neal
    28/06/2016 #4 James Neal
    Sorry @Preeti Sangal...should have read "different FROM western tradition"#1
    James Neal
    28/06/2016 #3 James Neal
    amazing detail & precision....quite stunning & different Western tradition...Nice....
    Catalina Serrano
    28/06/2016 #1 Catalina Serrano
    Very nice post about how to choose a saree for the wedding, I imagine it's difficult to choose among all that colours and shapes! Thanks for sharing
  14. ProducerLindsey Patterson
    A Vintage Wedding on a Budget
    A Vintage Wedding on a BudgetDeciding on a theme for your wedding can often times be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. What’s another of the most difficult tasks? Well, for many it is having a memorable wedding without having to go broke or in debt to pull it...
  15. ProducerJennifer Preciado
    Me comprometi... y ahora?
    Me comprometi... y ahora?Al recibir el anillo de compromiso, lo que mas quieres en contarle a todo mundo la grandiosa noticia… pero… quienes son los indicados en saberlo antes que todos? En este articulo vamos a ver los pasos que debemos seguir justo después de...
  16. ProducerValeriana 102

    Valeriana 102

    Bridal Makeup Tutorial
    Bridal Makeup Tutorial Hola todos! I made an in-depth full matte makeup tutorial for all my matte lovers out there. Absolutely everything in this tutorial is matte and I love it! Please click below for the full tutorial :) Here is my palette for the eye makeup and these...


    Paloma Vaquero Bravo
    08/06/2016 #4 Paloma Vaquero Bravo
    Awesome tricks! :D
    Valeriana 102
    05/06/2016 #3 Valeriana 102
    Thanks so much Cat, love your feedback :)
    NO one
    05/06/2016 #2 NO one
    I think all makeup vloggers should do what you just did with the "swatch-image on the side" idea... it is so objective and helpful. Very creative and good idea Valeriana1
  17. ProducerLindsey Patterson
    Embrace Lace 2016
    Embrace Lace 2016A little lace goes a long way in making the right fashion statement in 2016. From a lace bow headband to the lace topped boot sock to a lace wedding dress, the look is rocking the runways. Lace can work in any wardrobe. Wear it for a formal or more...


    NO one
    06/06/2016 #1 NO one
    I am for sure wearing lace in my wedding it doesn't matter when it comes but I love this "fabric"
  18. Love and Road

    Love and Road

    Thailand is THE place for a lovely honeymoon :)
    Love and Road
    Best Hotels for your Thailand Honeymoon » A Romantic Guide - Love & Road
    loveandroad.com Find the best hotels for your Thailand Honeymoon. Exclusive services, luxury hotels and tips for a romantic trip to...
  19. Dave Parfitt

    Dave Parfitt

    Were you ever traveling and happened to see a wedding proposal? Well we happened to catch not 1, but 3 proposals at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, and they're all on video in the link below!
    Dave Parfitt
    “She Said Yes!” Dapper Day 2016 at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom
    www.adventuresbydaddy.com "She Said Yes!" Video of three surprise wedding proposals during Dapper Day 2016 at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme...
  20. Jessica Robinson
    Set your wedding's table like this example or maybe just a birthday. It look great for either... Jessica Robinson
  21. Susan Clark

    Susan Clark

    Fun wedding reception idea for appetizers: Susan Clark
  22. Karen Hall

    Karen Hall

    These 2016 wedding accesories are wonderful. For more click here: http://bit.ly/25MCwjM Karen Hall
  23. Sharon King

    Sharon King

    Some tips for a cheap wedding decor. To read moer: http://bit.ly/1MMCZXA Sharon King
  24. Sharon King

    Sharon King

    If you want to lose some weight for your wedding or just for any reason: Sharon King


    NO one
    01/04/2016 #8 NO one
    #7 Thank you Marcel!! I'll try to follow each one of your buzzes! I know they're going to be great
    Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #7 Marcel Arvizu
    #6. I will also share exercise routine, along with pictures of myself to show the progress over the weeks.
    NO one
    31/03/2016 #6 NO one
    #5 For sugar addicts like me I bet is 2 weeks, still bearable. You should share some of your tips and diets on beBee! (and tag me hehe)
    Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #5 Marcel Arvizu
    #4 I am super strict, no fruits, no refined carbs, no sugar. Ketogenic diet 100%, 1 year and counting, I feel great, and looking good is just another plus. The hardest part is the 1st week, after that you don't crave sugar or carbs anymore.
    NO one
    31/03/2016 #4 NO one
    #3 Exactly! Or fruit is also another option (and certain fruits, not all are suitable for dinner)
    Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #3 Marcel Arvizu
    #2 I don't eat after 6pm, unless I do exercise and if I do, I eat a yogurt or have a glass of milk with some protein. Just keep it light.
    NO one
    31/03/2016 #2 NO one
    #1 Yes! Sugar es deadly addictive too. Sugar and also stay away of big and heavy dinners, instead eat 5 balanced meals per day.
    Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #1 Marcel Arvizu
    Absolutely! You need to consume fat to burn fat, and fiber as well. Probably I'd stay away from sugar also.
  25. Britney Thompson
    Bridal Fashion
    Britney Thompson
    11 wedding looks inspired by Oscars fashion
    mashable.com The red carpet is looking very bridal these...
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