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  1. ProducerCory Galbraith

    Cory Galbraith

    I'm Old School, Guess I'm a Weirdo.
    I'm Old School, Guess I'm a Weirdo.The Brexit affair and the U.S. election have a lot of people wondering if the world is going just a bit bonkers. Okay, extremely bonkers. You can call me old school, but...I'm in favor of professionalism. I like people who are humble. I prefer...


    Jim Murray
    19/07/2016 #28 Jim Murray
    Nice Piece Cory. I was gonna disagree with you and say something like there's no such thing as old school when it comes to the issues you raised. But I can't because you're right. I'm old school too. And so are a lot of the best people I know.
    Susan Rooks
    19/07/2016 #27 Susan Rooks
    I am totally with you on this, @Cory Galbraith!
    Pamela L. Williams
    03/07/2016 #26 Pamela L. Williams
    Don't I know it Cory. Sometimes I think to myself; people will stop believing me I have so many stories, but they are all true. Sometimes I feel like I've lived 10 lives in one or I drive myself into the world's craziest situations. Not sure what it is but I sure seem to get myself into the middle a lot. I hope my anecdotes aren't driving the Bees crazy! It's just how I find empathy for a post, by relating it to personal experiences. #24
    Cory Galbraith
    03/07/2016 #24 Cory Galbraith
    Pamela, you are never short of personal anecdotes. Thanks once again for sharing your story and relating it to my post. On this long weekend - Canada Day here in my home country, and Independence Day in the United States, let us hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail in the years ahead - and that the virtues of patience, co-operation and mutual respect will win the day.
    Cory Galbraith
    03/07/2016 #23 Cory Galbraith
    Thank you @Joel Anderson.
    Cory Galbraith
    03/07/2016 #22 Cory Galbraith
    Thanks @Alan Geller. Once again, your comments put a smile on my face. I am honored to be in the bikini hive.
    Pamela L. Williams
    03/07/2016 #21 Pamela L. Williams
    Weirdoes of the world Unite!

    "You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one" - John Lennon

    As the ex-wife of a former law officer I can vouch that when it came to his job he was as straight and an arrow. Unfortunately it's also why he left when a not so straight Sherriff came onboard. Although we no longer keep in touch I'm sure he felt a great sense of satisfaction when the Sherriff was arrested and charge with corruption. There are bad apples but they are not the majority, good ones do exist. Though we are no longer together I'm still proud that he stuck to his principles and surrendered a job he loved rather than compromise..
    Joel Anderson
    03/07/2016 #20 Joel Anderson
    Well done Cory. Simple and to the point. Well done.
    Alan Geller
    03/07/2016 #19 Alan Geller
    Check! Shared in the Weirdos and Oddballs hive @Cory Galbraith not to mention the bikini hive which has appointed me as an Influencer. Happy to get the word out about this :-)
    Brian McKenzie
    03/07/2016 #18 Brian McKenzie
    #16 Nothing to tell - I walked in with a JAG officer - a copy of my orders, and a cease and desist order. My units were always heavy with law enforcement and lawyers - I let them handle it.
    Randy Keho
    03/07/2016 #17 Randy Keho
    #11 If you persist with your attacks on The Donald, Jim, you're falling into his trap. As they say, "Any press is good press."
    Randy Keho
    03/07/2016 #16 Randy Keho
    #13 That would make a great buzz @Brian McKenzie I would enjoy reading about how you dealt with the Selective Service folks. I can't imagine you took it easy on them. I'd of shown up in uniform to pay my fine, complete with sidearm.
    Brian McKenzie
    03/07/2016 #13 Brian McKenzie
    #10 The Selective Service folks are severely hamstrung and steeped in their own bureaucracy. I was on deployment when I turned 18, having already served 2 years in uniform - when I returned to the States, I had a notice of fine and warrant for incarceration for failing to Register for the Draft. *Idiots.
    Jim Murray
    03/07/2016 #12 Jim Murray
    Good post, by the way.
    Jim Murray
    03/07/2016 #11 Jim Murray
    In marketing and communications which is my business, there are literally thousands of companies out there who still care about old school methods like business letters and direct mail. They don't consider them old school because they know what works for them. By the same token I don't consider anything you wrote here as expressing old school values. All you were expressing is the sane reality of things. Too many American people listen to Trump and think the world is going to hell on a hand cart. Too many people In Britain listened to Cameron and now they're having voter's remorse and feeling marginalized. The problem isn't with the way things are. The problem is that very few people are being told.
    Randy Keho
    03/07/2016 #10 Randy Keho
    #9 You're sounding a bit bitter, @Brian McKenzie Burn your draft card, you'll feel better.
    Brian McKenzie
    03/07/2016 #9 Brian McKenzie
    I am as far from establishment as one can get, without sailing back around to it from the other side and calling it "New". As for politics, follow the money and weapons - there is where the truth lies, never from the mouth of a politician
    Cory Galbraith
    03/07/2016 #8 Cory Galbraith
    Looks like I'm not the only weirdo around here!
    Randy Keho
    02/07/2016 #7 Randy Keho
    I wonder how many former and current communists are longing for their version of the "Old School?" I guess it depends upon what side of the fence you're on. If Cuba is an example, then their "New School" is in session. "Old School," "New School." Would a school of any color smell as sweet.