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Wildlife Conservation

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A hive for anyone interested in Wildlife Conservation, endangered animals, pictures, and any other relevant wildlife topics.
Any unrelated articles will be re submitted to the appropriate Hive.
  1. Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

    Louise Smith
  2. Maria Merino Oslara
    Amor para siempre.. Maria Merino Oslara


    Moi Kliniger
    03/08/2017 #10 Anonymous
    @Milos Djukic thanks for share.
    Moi Kliniger
    03/08/2017 #9 Anonymous
    #3 Thank you.
    Moi Kliniger
    03/08/2017 #8 Anonymous
    #6 You're very welcome Maria!
    Antonio RiobΓ³ Conde
    02/08/2017 #7 Antonio RiobΓ³ Conde
    Maria Merino Oslara
    02/08/2017 #6 Maria Merino Oslara
    #4 thank you very much ..
    Luis Piriz
    01/08/2017 #5 Luis Piriz
    Moi Kliniger
    01/08/2017 #4 Anonymous
    Beautiful photo Maria!
    Ignacio Orna
    01/08/2017 #3 Ignacio Orna
    Maria Merino Oslara
    01/08/2017 #2 Maria Merino Oslara
    #1 Beautiful πŸ‘
  3. Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon

    So sad!
    Joyce Redlon
    Fire May Be the Only Remedy for a Plague Killing Deer and Elk
    www.nytimes.com Deer and elk are dying from chronic wasting disease in growing numbers. Burning the land may be the only way to turn back the...
  4. Omar 🐝 Rich-Lemos 🐝
    I'm not sure when humans decided animals were inferior. But that must be stopped. #care #earth #animals #conservation #ocean #wildlife Omar 🐝 Rich-Lemos 🐝
  5. Dennis Hoaglund

    Dennis Hoaglund

    For me Art has always been a great source of enjoyment that began in my youth.
    I would certainly like the opportunity to discuss your graphics needs and see if we cant come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. I'm not adverse to a barter arrangement. Lets see what we can do together.
    Dennis Hoaglund
  6. Dennis Hoaglund

    Dennis Hoaglund

    I'll design graphics for your product, poster, event, business , groups and causes. Lets chat and see if we can benefit each other. Dennis Hoaglund
  7. Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    New pictures have emerged to show that the tiger was attacked using jcb which hit it on the head.
    The tiger wasnt the attacker. Maybe in a day or two this news too will get published.
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    Tiger dies of septicaemia and asphyxiation
    m.hindustantimes.com Abhinav Madhwal & Nihi Sharma htdehradun@htlive.comHALDWANI/DEHRADUNThe tiger that killed two people in Ramnagar near Corbett on Thursday died the same night in captivity due...
  8. Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    Lowered water table, encroachment of forests and migration paths, the noise of air traffic, the unchecked footfall of tourists within the sanctuary.

    No wonder the tigers are aggressive now. This is the third incident in the last 5 months. With every incident a bigger tiger comes out to get caged.

    The Govt numbers are false. The indian demand for land, the Arabic demand for tiger skin and Chinese demand for tiger based medicines. There is really no hope for the big cats.
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    Killer tiger caged to end terror in Ramnagar
    www.thestatesman.com ” We have recovered both the bodies and are sending the tiger to the Nainital...


    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    17/03/2017 #2 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    #1 India has a huge population pressure and yet it can be managed with proper landuse.
    Unfortunately the havenots are left to struggle with nature and encroach on reserves and the tussle is ignored in the name of poverty, the haves still eat the major share of these illegal activities.
    Joyce Redlon
    17/03/2017 #1 Joyce Redlon
    So sad for both the tiger and the families of the people killed. It makes me wonder if wild animals will become extinct in the future as a result of human expansion and increasing population. Will we end up with a created showcase of robotic examples of what used to be here and how they roamed the earth once similar to the way we view the dinosaurs in this age?
  9. laurent jacquet

    laurent jacquet

    Wild Welva . Spanish street artist involved in wildlife protection . Read more on my blog blog
    laurent jacquet
    Wild Welva Artwork
    streetart360.net Wild Welva is a street artist based in Huelva, Spain.Β  Seba Ventana, the guy behind Wild Welva creates big hand made drawings on paper that are pasted up on wallsΒ afterwards.Β He focuses on animals...
  10. ProducerPaul Walters

    Paul Walters

    Monkey Business; The Disappearing Habitat Of Boneo’s Orangutans.
    Monkey Business; The Disappearing Habitat Of Boneo’s Orangutans. The title for this piece is perhaps a little ambiguous as it will revolve around the orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra, rather than the Gibbons or the Proboscis monkeys of that region. The monkey business reference in the title refers to many of...


    Claire L Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #24 Claire L Cardwell
    #22 Thanks @Aurorasa Sima
    Paul Walters
    08/11/2016 #23 Paul Walters
    @Aurorasa Sima Methinks it is almost impossible to find any products these days devoid of palm oil!
    Claire L Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #19 Claire L Cardwell
    #18 Now I am in a quandary, do I throw away these products or do I finish them off and in the meantime source ethical alternatives? Am considering making my own.
    Claire L Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #17 Claire L Cardwell
    #16 @Aurorasa Sima - just lost the bet! V. pissed off, I deliberately chose SA products that were not tested on animals and stupidly assumed that they would not be killing animals and destroying forests in the production phase. Will have to do a search to find products that are ethical and organic.
    Nick Mlatchkov
    08/11/2016 #15 Anonymous
    I guess Borneo ....
    Claire L Cardwell
    08/11/2016 #14 Claire L Cardwell
    #12 Hi @Aurorasa Sima - that's quite a list re Palm Oils - I think my Shampoo is OK and most of my food products as I generally don't eat processed food. I've reposted your link.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    08/11/2016 #11 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #9 I need to pay more attention, just when I think I'm paying attention to all icky ingredients, something new comes my way. I'm not sure what has palm oil in it that I may be purchasing?

    Great idea for an app- App with ingredients on labels to stay away from. It would be beneficial to carry that around on one's smartphone.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    07/11/2016 #10 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    We simply have to start cherishing our whole planet and every single lifeform right now. There will always be some level of give and take and predators and prey; but no natural lifeform stands a chance - us included - if we don't severely curtail the industrialization of the world immediately. Our machines are more advanced than our understanding of the havoc they ensure.

    A nice cuddly reason, @Paul Walters, to really start speaking up about non-sustainable industrial practices.
    Claire L Cardwell
    07/11/2016 #9 Claire L Cardwell
    @Paul Walters thanks for the reminder about how terrible palm oil is and the devastating effect the producers are having on the environment. I have cut out creamers that contain Palm Oil - but from now on will check the labeling on packaging a lot more carefully.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    07/11/2016 #8 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #7 I think I remember seeing that on the news back in 98 @Dean Owen, that had to be scary! Oh if I were younger... it would be fun to volunteer at the Sanctuary.
    Dean Owen
    07/11/2016 #7 Dean Owen
    The recurring haze, almost an annual event since the late 90's, is a travesty. I remember moving to Singapore in 98 when the haze was the worst it had ever been. All passengers on that flight from Japan disembarked with facemasks. Back then we only thought about our own health risks and not about the loss of habitat for numerous endangered species. If anyone has a few spare weeks and are looking for an adventure, you can volunteer for 2 to 12 week stints at an Orangutan sanctuary here:
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    07/11/2016 #6 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    As much as I enjoy being able to see a variety of animals in zoo's, I also get very sad knowing they were taken from their natural habitats. I didn't know about human diseases and they can contract them. Wow, the fires... insane and to have to wear a mask for that long, actually scary. Orangutangs are really cute. They can play video games? I'd say, they are highly intelligent! Thanks for tagging me Paul!! Always enjoy your pieces.
    Don 🐝 Kerr
    07/11/2016 #4 Don 🐝 Kerr
    My eldest son Gabriel, who is nine, inspired his school to ban serving Oreos because they contain palm oil and so Oreos were destroying the habitat of orangutans. Very proud of him and must share your story @Paul Walters View more
    My eldest son Gabriel, who is nine, inspired his school to ban serving Oreos because they contain palm oil and so Oreos were destroying the habitat of orangutans. Very proud of him and must share your story @Paul Walters with him. Close
    Paul Walters
    07/11/2016 #3 Paul Walters
    @Aurorasa Sima Thanks . Ow, punch in the face!!! Sorry for that!
  11. ProducerJose Carlos Robles
    Andean Bear - Endangered - Peru
    Andean Bear - Endangered - PeruOne of the purpuses of my travels and pictures published is to generate awareness about our wilderness, mainly of the endangered species that we have to take special care about.In this case is about the andean bear 🐼, which is a cute little cousin...


    Jose Carlos Robles
    04/09/2016 #18 Jose Carlos Robles
    @Irene Hackett I'm glad you like it! I loved this experience. How I managed to get that close, even though they are not as dangerous as the other bears, they are still bears. But I felt like a special connection, there are some things hard to describe in words...
    I didn't know there were black bears in florida, I just hope they can stick there...
    Is hard for the wildlife to get by with people. I just hope we can reach sometime a balance. 😊
    Jose Carlos Robles
    04/09/2016 #17 Jose Carlos Robles
    @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher thank you for the comments and following me. 😊 I want these stories to be noticed, and my travels also. I also want to let more people to know about Peru, through my travels, in short stories and easy to read.
    Jose Carlos Robles
    04/09/2016 #16 Jose Carlos Robles
    #7 @Dean Owen That sucks! I remember when I was younger and lived with my grandparents, somtimes we bought animals for sale on flea markets because of how painful it was to see them in that condition. Then I had to deal with my family and the animals... haha... but after a time I just free them.
    Jose Carlos Robles
    04/09/2016 #15 Jose Carlos Robles
    Yes @Andrew Porter I think that if we all just contribute a little bit, can make a difference. From my point of view, is better that a lot of people make small things than one make a big thing. Creating conscience and just each of us doing their part. πŸ˜‰ And, makes you feel better. Good to hear you liked it, I have created a hive called bike travels. Feel free to join. 😊
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    03/09/2016 #13 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #12 @Irene Hackett, yes people are the problem. Hmm a legal open hunt? Do they ever come into the area and tranquilize bears and bring them back to their natural habitats? There are other areas with similar issues and they will only kill a bear if it's aggressive. I would have turned around too if I saw a bear, especially a Momma bear- they are very protective. Good thing you heard a dog barking and you were alerted to it.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    03/09/2016 #10 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #6 Are people feeding the black bears @Irene Hackett? We have black bears in Pa and they do come down into our neighborhood from late May-June each year. People were leaving out bird feeders and yes, food for them. They were warned there would be stiff fines. It seems the problem hasn't been as bad the past few years. They come into the city when berries aren't in full bloom scavaging garbage cans. 3 years ago I saw a mother and her 2 cubs in my neighbors driveway and the mother weighed about 500 lbs. Glad I didn't run into her with my dog that night!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    03/09/2016 #9 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #2 @Jose Carlos Robles, Sounds like fun, riding your bike to document, looking forward to seeing more of your travels and information you collect. Last night I saw the photos on my phone and they were awesome, today on my computer- wow.. just amazing!! I'm glad you like beBee, I'm just a part of the network like you, and I love it too!!
    Jose Carlos Robles
    03/09/2016 #8 Jose Carlos Robles
    #3@Dean Owen Thanks for your comments. We (as all the human specie) have to build more concience about preserving the wildlife and give little by little a support to it, of any kind, big or small, but contribute. And this is my way to start doing this. 😊
    Dean Owen
    03/09/2016 #7 Dean Owen
    #5 It's a good way to start! I recently exploded in an airport in a small Chinese city when I saw a stuffed Green Sea Turtle on display for sale in the airport shop! I tried to get a picture but was forcefully removed by airport security.
    Dean Owen
    03/09/2016 #3 Dean Owen
    Really enjoyed this trip through your writing and lens. It appears they face the usual threats of deforestation and poaching (for their gall bladders which apparently are presumed to have medicinal qualities).
    Jose Carlos Robles
    03/09/2016 #2 Jose Carlos Robles
    Hi @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher, I,m glad you liked it.
    I like to travel a lot (if it's riding a bike, better) and my hobbie is taking pictures, so will use the opportunities to document and make awareness about the taken care of the wild life and sustainability. I still need to read and learn a lot so I can provide better conclussions and articles, but still working on it. 😊 I am an amateur who is doing this for passion, but will start doing anytime soon tours by bike on our routes. By the way, really like your network, beBee.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    03/09/2016 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Hi @Jose Carlos Robles, what an interesting perspective about the bear. Most people fear getting too close, yet you were able to touch him! His eye have the mask similar to that of a racoon, but much cuter. I've never seen this species of bear before. It is vital to our ecosystem that animals live in their natural habitat. Thanks for sharing, and wonderful photos too! Welcome to beBee also!