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Women in Business

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  1. ProducerJane Anderson

    Jane Anderson

    Top 6 Social Media and Branding Trends for Business Growth in 2018
    Top 6 Social Media and Branding Trends for Business Growth in 2018Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with people around what’s going to happen in 2018.Businesses are changing.We’re facing massive disruption.The amount of resources of time and money are changing businesses dramatically. The...
  2. ProducerCharlene Burke

    Charlene Burke

    A Woman Walks Into a Group and…
    A Woman Walks Into a Group and…If she is an introvert, the first thing she will do is look around to see who is there, what they’re doing, what they’re talking about. Why? Because she only speaks when she has something to say and she is looking for the people who want to...


    Maria Mustapha
    04/10/2017 #6 Maria Mustapha
    I have to admit, I like the sound of mastermind groups, but not totally sold on them, just because I need to know if my time is going to be spent well with the group I'm with, i hate feeling like I just wasted my time - thinks its also my introvert nature, lol!
    Chuck Bartok
    31/08/2017 #5 Chuck Bartok
    As always some real food for thought...not just for women! ~~smile
    Thanks Charlene.
    Charlene Burke
    28/08/2017 #4 Charlene Burke
    #2 Ah, Lyon, we introverts have thoughts that run deep and occasionally we decide to share them. So glad to know you're there. It's quite an experience being an introvert, isn't it?
    Charlene Burke
    28/08/2017 #3 Charlene Burke
    #1 Oh thank you, Kevin! What a lovely thing to say about my writing and that you understood my "yell". Much appreciated.
    Lyon Brave
    27/08/2017 #2 Lyon Brave
    i am An introvert
    Kevin Baker
    27/08/2017 #1 Kevin Baker
    Love it, enjoyable prose of true courage, being vulnerable. This line I applaud " I yell because I just described myself " and everyone should yell out and purge of the fear of acceptance. The fear of not being understood. Keep yelling @Charlene Burke
  3. ProducerCharlene Burke

    Charlene Burke

    Let's Solve Problems - Together
    Let's Solve Problems - TogetherThat is the core purpose of a mastermind group.Solving problems.In a mastermind group for business owners, the problems presented range from personal to business and can include:1. mindset - getting past insecurities, learning how to think a bit...
  4. ProducerJavier 🐝 beBee
    The Mother. The Sister. The Daughter. The Life-Partner. The Grand-Mother...
    The Mother. The Sister. The Daughter. The Life-Partner. The Grand-Mother...The Mother. The Sister. The Daughter. The Life-Partner. The Grand-Mother...Women according to me are the most respectable entities in our society and our lifes. The Mother. The Sister. The Daughter. The Life-partner. The Grand-Mother....they are our...


    Ivette K. Caballero
    09/03/2017 #8 Ivette K. Caballero
    Lovely tribute to us! Thank you @Javier 🐝 beBee. We live in such a competitive world that the workplace has become like a jungle. Lack of respect is big problem everywhere, that's why I like to promote the power of values. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/best-advice-respect-people-ivette-k-caballero
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    09/03/2017 #7 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    I appreciate your support, Javier. Sharing.
    Brian McKenzie
    09/03/2017 #6 Brian McKenzie
    I am just another Fish out riding my bicycle.
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    09/03/2017 #5 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    Inspiring buzz. I just hope that people also respect women outside the circle of friends and family. It would be great if we get there in this lifetime.

    India has a long way to go in women rights and America seems more inspiring to Urban India than those women who work and toil in the shadows for the betterment of Indian society.
    Warren Kellam
    09/03/2017 #4 Warren Kellam
    David B. Grinberg
    09/03/2017 #3 David B. Grinberg
    Nice buzz, Javier, and very timely. I echo your sentiments. Thank goodness for the women in our lives and God Bless them all. Where would we be without them?
    Maria Merino
    08/03/2017 #2 Maria Merino
    Muchas gracias por el apoyo.
    Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    08/03/2017 #1 Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
  5. ProducerSonal Bhadane

    Sonal Bhadane

    The Vicious Circle, mid-level manager's dilemma
    The Vicious Circle, mid-level manager's dilemmaRegardless of your personalities, outgoing or shy, have you ever been in a situation at work where you are left with dilemma whether to express your views or to shut them down? I am sure some of you may have experienced this at some point, but I...


    Randy Keho
    01/03/2017 #8 Randy Keho
    Mid-level managers walk a fine line, especially when directing union employees. Their success greatly depends upon keeping those employees on board and motivated while remaining compliant in regard to the union contract. Top management is usually only involved when it's time to negotiate a new contract.
    Oftentimes, mid-level managers are measured by how well they meet specific company objectives while the union contract deals in generalities.
    For example, a mid-level manager may be directed to achieve a specific quota while the union contract only stipulates that the employees display an effort to achieve that quota. It's much easier to measure specifics than efforts, which is where the insecurities arise. The employees can make or break you.
    Adam Weedy
    01/03/2017 #7 Adam Weedy
    It's difficult to "feel sorry" for mid-level management. I find many of them to be people who are untrustworthy, especially to their peers. Typically, they have controlling temperaments which are exemplified by their "body issues" (ie. overweight, constantly exercising, ect.). I would like to see more articles about this, especially on LinkedIn, however it is rare because of a "culture of fear" in corporate America.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    01/03/2017 #6 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    @Sonal Bhadane- you remind me of the Middle Boy Dilemma as it shares many perspectives on the middle management dilemma. Middle management is the bridge between the line employees and top management. If the bridge is weak, the systems falls. Your background image is as impressive as your buzz is.
    Sonal Bhadane
    10/02/2017 #5 Sonal Bhadane
    #2 @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher absolutely , all this talent at Mid level is crucial and yet a so many organizations it's over looked.
    Sonal Bhadane
    10/02/2017 #4 Sonal Bhadane
    @Alan Culler #3 Meat in the Sandwich , excellent analogy Alan.
    Alan Culler
    10/02/2017 #3 Alan Culler
    Excellent post, @Sonal Bhadane
    Middle managers are often called the meat in the sandwich squeezed from above to deliver the vision and just "get it done" and squeezed from below -asked to "represent" the workforce to senior management, which can be a career shaking move.
    Turns out that 80% of the people in most organizations report to these folks.
    I like your solution "steer only when they are off track. If the scope is set, don’t make decisions for them, let them lead the way. Don't let them be stagnant instead learn to empower them."
    Thanks again.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    10/02/2017 #2 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Hi @Sonal Bhadane, great buzz and this line summed it up well for me, "If these mid-level employees are the leaders of tomorrow, give them the reigns now. Steer only when they are off track. " So much talent gets ignored at the mid-level.
    Robin Barton
    10/02/2017 #1 Robin Barton
    Sonal, excellent insights on middle management. It has always frustrated me when companies don't take the time and money and invest in their people, or a few chosen.
  6. ProducerJohn Whitehead

    John Whitehead

    Is Influence The Soul of Leadership?
    Is Influence The Soul of Leadership?As long as there have been leaders, there have been those who tried to determine how and why they were successful. Although I don’t believe leadership itself has changed, our understanding and learning of it has. I believe it is important to...


    John Whitehead
    12/09/2016 #8 John Whitehead
    #7 great to meet you Ben
    Ben Pinto
    12/09/2016 #7 Ben Pinto
    'Visionary leaders seek the visionaries hidden within the organization.' - Ben Pinto. I am pollinating this over to a leadership hive....
    John Whitehead
    10/09/2016 #6 John Whitehead
    #5 Thank you @Aurorasa Sima
    John Whitehead
    10/09/2016 #4 John Whitehead
    #1 @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD - great to meet you as well - thank you for your kind words - I am in Pacific Standard Time and yes, feel free to take me up on the offer - happy to give back.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    10/09/2016 #2 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    @Charlene Burke - Please Share with our Hives. I'm all out of my 3 Shares.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    10/09/2016 #1 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Hi @John Whitehead! Glad to meet you! Your article is just grand! I love the flow from the time of childbirth and yes, that sure puts the show on the road to responsibility and self-awareness. Sweet offer - the Coaching / Honesty true / Is it for anyone? What Time Zone are you? @Michele Williams, @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher, @Renée 🐝 Cormier, @Charlene Burke, @Aurorasa Sima, @Deann M. Harrity, @Mamen 🐝 Delgado (nice Profile Pic!) @Donald 🐝 Grandy, @debasish majumder, @Manish Nair | Research Postgrad,
  7. Charlene Burke

    Charlene Burke

    Grow Your Business - Today!

    I host a weekly virtual networking meeting for professionals. Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, sales rep, or company executive, you can benefit from attending because:

    You will grow your network - which can bring you new customers, new information you can use in your business
    You will grow yourself - which will only bring positive things to your business, your customers, your team

    We meet from 9 am ET - 10 am ET. Attendance is free. Registration is required.

    Today's presenter is Jill Lublin - a publicity powerhouse. She is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity
    Networking and referrals. She is the author of 3 Best Selling books including GeNoticed...Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. Her latest book Profit of Kindness will be released later this year.

    Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for
    more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace. She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 20 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. Jill teaches Publicity Crash Course as both live events and live webinars and consults and speaks all over the world.

    I encourage you to do all you can to join us. She will speak for about 30 minutes, there will be Q&A from attendees, then introductions of everyone present with sharing of contact information. Whether you want to learn about publicity or not - she is a valuable connection to add to your network.
    Charlene Burke
    How do you get publicity or do you?
    networklivevirtually.com Guerrilla Publicity equals More Sales Join Charlene Burke and Jill Luben as they talk about Guerilla Publicity. Yes you will get to meet everyone there and exchange contact information. Don't forget to bring your best...
  8. ProducerCharlene Burke

    Charlene Burke

    Hey, New Business Owner! I Was There - Where Were You?
    Hey, New Business Owner! I Was There - Where Were You? To the new entrepreneur and the new business owner,You contacted me and said you were interested in growing your business, so I:invited you to attend a virtual networking meetingsent messages to you via email and social media to have a 1:1 video...