• Technical Lead, Digital Enterprise Integration

    at Aer Lingus

    January 2019 - at Present


    Project: Frequent Flyer Program microservices. Languages/Tools: Java 8, Spring Boot microservices, Spring JMS, Spring JPA, Spring Batch, Spring Cloud (Netflix), REST apis, MongoDB, Oracle 11g. Mockito, JSON, XML, Linux, JIRA, git, Confluence. Role and responsibilities: Technical lead on a project to implement a suite of Spring boot micro services to automate and generalise the exchange of details of frequent flyer points and claims with partner airlines. Working with a part onshore and part outsourced overseas team to deliver this project.

  • Design and implementation

    at Satori Ltd./Woggle

    April 2018 - at Present


    Project​ : ​http://woggle.ie​, ad-hoc event planning - “Make fun happen”. Languages and tools​ : Ruby on Rails, jQuery, bootstrap, git, PostgreSQL, AWS, Cloud nine, Heroku. Roles and responsibilities: As a side project, Harry has, with a colleague, been designing and developing a web app for ad-hoc event planning called woggle, see ​http://woggle.ie​, over the past 9 months. The driver for this app’s features and design has been Harry’s volunteer work with Scouting Ireland.

  • Architect, designer, tech lead, implementation

    at Irish Rail/Satori Ltd.

    August 2008 - October 2018


    Project: Leap card and Electronic Ticketing back office system. Languages/Tools: Java 6 to 8, J2EE, jBPM, Ruby, Unix shell tools (cygwin), Hibernate, Struts 2, Spring, Javascript, jQuery, maven, JIRA, git, JUnit, selenium, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Tomcat 6-8, Windows Server. Role and responsibilities: Lead designer & developer​ .Worked with Irish Rail/Iarnród Éireann on the implementation of their Leap Card and electronic ticketing solutions. Working with the NTA (National Transport Authority) and Irish Rail as customers, defined the requirements, the architecture, and with a small development and testing team, documented, designed andimplemented a revenue settlement system for the LEAP card.

  • Senior java contractor

    at Zurich (Eagle Star) Insurances.

    July 2007 - August 2008


    Project: Broker engagement system Languages/Tools: Java 5, J2EE, EJB, Javascript, Struts 2, iBatis, DB/2, MQ messaging, JMS, WebSphere, Subversion, Maven 3, Linux, AS-400, Windows Server. Role and responsibilities:​ ​ Senior Java Engineer​ . Helped with the development and roll-out of a new broker engagement system for Eagle Star Insurance (now Zurich). Tech lead on a project to implement the rebranding of Eagle Star’s website as Zurich.

  • Tech lead, principal developer

    at New Ireland Assurance (Bank of Ireland)

    February 2006 - July 2007


    Project: Payments Receipts and Processing System Languages/Tools:​ Java 1.4, J2EE, Tomcat 3, Struts, Hibernate 3, jBPM 3, CVS, Ant, Maven 2, Linux, Windows, AS-400 Role and responsibility:​ ​ Lead developer​ of a small team defining the requirements, designing and implementing a payment receipts system for New Ireland to satisfy US Sarbanes Oxley requirements. Drawing data from many legacy systems, it provided a business process and UI to track all payments into New Ireland for many different life assurance and investment products, providing an audit trail and ultimately posting to SAP.

  • Principal software engineer

    at Oracle Corporation

    July 2003 - January 2006


    Languages/Tools:​ C/C++, Java 1.4, Perl, Unix shell tools, XSL-T, BPEL, UIX, Unix (HP-UX, Aix, Solaris), Linux. Role and responsibilities:​ ​ Principal Software Engineer.​ Team lead for projects porting the core Oracle products and developing new tools to test installations on new platforms. Also developed prototypes for automated provisioning of resources for Oracle’s then new “cloud” offerings. Mentoring and education of less experienced developers.

  • Lead developer

    at Digiserve Ltd.

    September 1999 - July 2003


    Projects:​ online.ie, irishabroad.com, Dublin Daily Newspaper. Languages/Tools:​ C/C++, TCL, Perl, Java, AOLServer, Oracle, mySQL, CVS. Role and responsibilities:​ Lead developer​ . Digiserve was an Internet start-up that published the online.ie​ and​ irishabroad.com​ news websites and launched the​ Dublin Daily ​ newspaper. Lead developer and designer for the online publishing systems​ used for these ventures leading a small team and working closely with journalists, graphic designers and external customers to define and implement requirements. For the newspaper launch, a new collaborative publishing system was developed with a home-built WebDav Server linking with Adobe InDesign desktop publishing.

  • Senior contract engineer

    at Iona Technologies Ltd

    June 1997 - September 1999


    Projects: Orbix, Orbix trader. Languages/Tools​ : C++, Corba, Java 1.3, Clearcase, Unix (AIX, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, SCO) Role and Responsibilities: ​ Senior software engineer​ (contract). . Team lead responsible for porting the Iona ​ Orbix product suite​ (Corba technology – common object request broker) to a number of new platforms such as SCO Unix, HP-UX and AIX. Developed a cross platform t ​hreading framework​ and library in ​ C and C++ ​ which was used in these porting exercises.

  • Chief programmer/owner

    at Penman Research Ltd

    January 1995 - June 1997


    Project: Mondrian Collaborative Project Management Languages/Tools​ : C++, Java, CVS, Windows, Apple OS9, Linux. Role and responsibilities:​ ​ Joint Chief Programmer. Owner and promoter.​ Negotiated angel finance for this startup, Designed and developed with a small team of developers and graphic designers a cross platform (Windows, MAC, Linux) collaborative peer to peer distributed system based on various Internet protocols​ for small scale project management.

  • Principal software engineer

    at Aldus Corporation

    May 1992 - May 1994


    Projects: Collaborative tools for the publishing and graphic design industry. Languages/Tools: C, C++, CVS, Windows, Apple OS9, Next, Linux. Role and responsibilities: Leading role in designing new groupware applications for the graphics industry, collaborating with industry domain experts in Apple, Microsoft and outside the software industry to define new technologies to support team work in the graphics and publishing industries.

  • CTO/Chief programmer

    at Workhorse Systems Ltd

    June 1984 - May 1992


    Projects: The Workhorse System - a pioneering workflow and business process management system. S2 programming language. Languages/Tools​ : C, C++, Unix shell programming tools, Perl, Eiffel, Smalltalk-80, SCCS, Unix (Xenix, AT&T System V, Solaris etc.) Roles and responsibilities: Chief programmer and CTO​ . Shortly after graduation from TCD, having worked for a short while with a small systems integrator called Mallory Systems, I co-founded Workhorse Systems Limited. Chief Programmer and CTO, ​ programming extensively in C and C++ on Unix ​ and latterly on Windows​ platforms. Designed and built a bytecode compiled programming language called “​ S2”​ that much of Workhorse software was built with. Led a design and development team that numbered up to 16 developers and a QA team of 8 to deliver innovative complex software to discerning customers, such as AT&T, Siemens Nixdorf, Sun microsystems and others.


  • Scrum master

    at scrum.org

    2018 - 2018 (1 year)

  • Batchelor of Computer Science

    at Trinity College

    1980 - 1984 (4 years)


  • English Native