• Senior Data Analyst

    at Barclays

    August 2017 - March 2018

    Pune - Mahārāshtra

    I worked for 8 months in BI operations as Data Analyst for Barclay’s legal department - Coordinated with different legal teams worldwide to understand their requirements and translate their requirements into practical BI reporting solutions. - I designed and automated a template dashboard for a legal department related to cost and expense analysis and produced visual reports. - Performed UAT testing to validate ETL design & BI reports and dashboards. - Also deployed this BI dashboard contents in an online operational environment with a daily refresh. - Worked on managing highly sensitive legal data and managed row-level security conditions. - Handled responsibility for addressing, diagnosing and resolving issues of data discrepancies. - Also responsible for documenting the causes, analysis, and cost-related issues. - Tools used: SQL Server, R programming Tableau, Excel, Informatica basics, Ticketing tools.

  • Senior Data Analyst

    at HSBC

    May 2015 - July 2017

    Pune - Mahārāshtra

    I worked as a data analyst for leading investment bank HSBC for client brokers. My task was including delivering brokerage financial data insights, publishing daily online dashboards, recording trends, publishing critical financial reports and finding data discrepancies solutions for any issue raised by international brokers located in the UK and China offices. - Designed BI reports and extracts on SQL Server for brokers to research, for market data utility systems and regulatory systems. - Created Scripts and procedures for cross-data validations, reconciliation and trends analysis. - Responsible for analyzing operational data using advanced analytics, modeling like classifications, clustering, and regression, etc and produced insights and strategies for business organizations. - Performed UAT testing to validate ETL design & BI reports and dashboards. - Tools used: AWS Redshift, SQL Server, Microsoft SSIS, Micro strategy reporting, Qlikview.

  • Data Analyst CRM/BI

    at AMDOCS

    August 2013 - April 2015

    Pune - Mahārāshtra

    Amdocs CRM data analyst team delivered Business reports and insights to understand campaigns, post campaigns consumer actions and supported business decisions. I worked as an operational data analyst in CRM. - I was responsible for delivering insights to support campaign decisions, post-campaign customer response analysis and business reporting including board level analysis for the online responses. - Delivered daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports summarizing CRM performance related to key KPIs including Acquisition, Churn, Revenue, and Gross Profit. - Perform data exploration on disparate data (structured and unstructured) sources. - Supported members of the marketing team in establishing analytical frameworks and tracking for campaigns, trials, and delivery of streamlined reporting. - I worked as a bridge between Marketing/CRM, Data Warehouse and Central Analytics team. - Tools: SQL scripting Oracle 11, R Programming, Excel reporting, Linux scripting, Automation.


  • Data Analytics

    at Dublin Business School

    2018 - 2019 (1 year) Leinster


  • English Native