I am a statistician from Italy with 13 years of experience in Europe and South America. I have worked for international corporations, including banks and telecommunications companies. I have also worked as a senior Analytics Manager for GetNet Santander.


  • Senior Analytics Manager

    at Santander

    October 2017 - October 2018

    São Paulo

    10/2017 – 10/2018: Senior Fraud and Risk Analytics Manager Getnet (Santander) https://site.getnet.com.br/ – São Paulo – Brazil. A leading company in credit and debit card transactions (acquirer). I reported to the Fraud Director. Duties:  Responsible for Fraud Modelling, intelligence and KPIs / MIS;  Team creation and people management (data scientist analysts);  Developed financial forecasts and scenarios.

  • Credit and Fraud Risk Consultant

    at Itaú-Unibanco

    October 2010 - October 2017

    São Paulo

    08/2010 –10/2017 Credit and Fraud Risk Consultant Itaú-Unibanco & Redecard https://www.itau.com.br/ and https://www.userede.com.br – São Paulo – Brazil. Itaù is a leading bank in Latin America and Redecard is a leading company in credit and debit card transactions (acquirer). I reported to the Treasury, Credit Risk and Fraud Director. Duties: • Responsible for Credit Risk and Fraud Modelling (Credit Score for Legal and Physical entities); • Analysing performance to improve collection policies (Risk and Fraud); • Team leader of strategic projects involving analytics, marketing and financial data; • Supporting the Modelling and Concession / Credit Policy departments of Itaú Bank. 01/

  • Statistical Credit Consultant

    at Nextel

    January 2009 - August 2010

    São Paulo

    01/2009 - 08/2010 Statistical Credit Consultant Nextel (NII Holdings Inc.) https://www.nextel.com.br – São Paulo – Brazil. One of the leading American telecommunications companies. I reported to the Senior Manager of Credit, Accounts Receivable / Payable. Duties: • Responsible for credit Modelling for Legal and Physical entities at Nextel (Credit and Behavior Score); • Calculating the credit limits of Legal and Physical entities (equipment quantities) and determining the credit policy; • Predicting the outcomes of financial decisions and marketing plans(for long-term strategic planning); • Leading a team of credit analysts.

  • Coordinator Marketing Statistician

    at Sunset Communication

    April 2008 - January 2009

    São Paulo

    04/2008 – 01/2009 Coordinator Marketing Statistician Sunset Communication (ABC Group) https://www.sunsetcom.com.br – São Paulo – Brazil. A leading company in the advertising sector that manages databases and relationships of FCA (Fiat-Chrysler automotive) customers in Brazil. I reported to the Director of Marketing. Duties: • Responsible for FCA CRM model; • Responsible for choosing the target audience for advertising campaigns; • Studying survey results and performance analysis related to customer profiles; • Leading a team of statistics analysts.

  • Business Analyst

    at Giordano Vini

    January 2006 - February 2008

    Regione Piemonte

    01/2006 - 02/2008 Business Analyst Giordano Vini https://www.giordanovini.it – Alba – Italy. A leading Italian wine sales company selling online in American and European markets. I reported to the CRM and Commercial Planning Manager. Duties: • Helped choose the best profile and target audience to maximize profitability and evaluation of online campaign results; • Development of new customer segmentations (cluster) based on demographics and customer history; • Development of forecast models for sales campaigns.


  • Postgraduate in Economic Sciences

    at University of Torino

    2002 - 2005 (3 years) Regione Piemonte

  • Degree in Statistical Sciences

    at Universitá degli studi di Torino

    1997 - 2001 (4 years) Regione Piemonte


  • Italian Native

  • Portuguese Native

  • English Negotiation

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