• Senior Global Operations Manager

    at Call Centre Manager

    August 2012 - September 2019


    2012-2016(Call Centre Manager) Responsible for the coaching & support of the team leaders, trainers and technical specialist teams in a contact centre environment, 24/7 in a 150 strong team, globally, handling circa 1,000,000 contacts yearly(calls, emails, online channels) Performance management Introduced NPS and CE programs Identify, develop & implement protocols/system enhancements to assist in maximising productivity & improving service quality in order to maintain client retention levels 2016-2019(Senior Operations Manager) Provide leadership, development & coaching of Supervisors & Team Leaders in a 90 plus FTE strong team handling over 600,000 contacts yearly(calls, emails, online channels). Implement the Strategic plan to improve digitisation & automation to enable team to focus on value add activities to the customers Develop the CE programme with focus on NPS feedback/insight across multiple customer engagement channels.


  • Higher Diploma

    at UCC

    2014 - 2016 (2 years) Munster


  • English Native