I posses rich experience in business deliveries to Human resources management., I have the abilities to start working from where people stops thinking. Achieved some unachievable goals in my career & personal life. I believe that our destiny is predetermined but thought & dreams r ours.


  • Head Ops, HRM, PMP, Compliance, Risk/Fraud Mgmt

    at Indian & Overseas

    July 2014 - at Present

    New Delhi - Delhi

    HR and Operations Strategy & Planning consultant


  • Executive MBA in Finance

    at Vinayka Mission University

    2012 - 2013 (1 year)

  • Diploma in System Mgmt (Software)

    at NIIT

    1992 - 1993 (1 year) Bangalore Urban - Karnātaka

Services offered

  • Senior / Top management

    Expertise in versatile Business Mgmt, from Projects to Operations, Human Resource Mgmt, Compliance & Internal Audit, Risk/Fraud Controls Mgmt and other services (Non Tech)

Knowledge and keywords


  • English Native

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