CEO OF Technolaoder , Exp. 8+ Years , B.Tech (C.S)


  • Co-founder and CEO

    at Technoloader

    February 2016 - at Present

    Jaipur - Rājasthān

    I run a company called "Technoloader" which offers all types of IT solutions and services. It provides solutions such as website and mobile app development, digital marketing, blockchain, supply chain, IOT and POC development. It was begun as a startup a couple of years back and has now grown as a full-fledged IT company. I have a dedicated and experienced team with whom I share our combined success and journey.

Services offered

  • Website Development

    Technoloader provides superior website development services. The websites that we have developed are not only eye-catching but give each and every detail a user wants. We envisage the web pages with the perspective of a user and then prepare the layout. We believe that the user's convenience should be placed at the top on priority list, however, we design the websites as per our clients' requirement and deliver exactly what they want from us. Our highly skilled team take care of the tiniest subtleties and do not provide room for errors.

  • Website Designing

    Technoloader is a top website designing service provider. Website designing is integral to its development and it gives a website the finish it wants. A skilled designer doesn't let your eye skip the web page unless you thoroughly check its content. That's exactly what our designers aim for and we have achieved the feat in all our projects done by far. Technoloader has a team of designers who have mastered the art of beautifying web pages. And it is not only making objects look good, we believe in delivering the message you want to convey. Our designers have got the know-how to make the best and appropriate thing for your website.

  • Software Development

    Technoloader offers a wide range of software development services which includes ERP, CRM and Nidhi Banking softwares. We developed industry specific softwares for different enterprises and our clients have never complained a single glitch, which is a very common thing in softwares. Our engineers have developed softwares with the most complex mechanism required for performing highly analytical jobs. Software development is already a complex job and specific requirements make it an uphill task. Instead of all these odds we have delivered projects which met all requirements within deadline.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Technoloader provides mobile application development services which are above par and we have mastered every aspect of this technology. Our variegated services include apps for Android, IOS, Cross-platform, Hybrid and Native platforms. Developing a mobile app is not a very difficult task these days, however, taking it to a level where it becomes user-friendly and promptly responsive is the main job. You may even see many apps with poor reviews by the users regarding interface or any odd issue. With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile apps have now become a part of our lifestyle and making a perfect app adds convenience and zest to your life.

  • Game Development

    Technoloader is the largest best game development company in India, which are providing different service in game development or global game industry and content making services over various platforms and kinds. It concentrates on serious game making which is based on “casino game development, action game and board game. technoloader attracts and grasps the greatest expertise in hire game development from all over in India. It is managed by a seasoned administration team that involves expats from all around the world in anywhere.


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